The neighbors daughter comes home from college and seeks a relationship
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Richard and Clarice had a wild couple of sensual interactions leaving Richard physically and emotionally worn out, Clarice satisfied beyond her dreams and the neighborhood changed forever. After the weekend adventure things began returning to normal; Richard was quiet at home with few interruptions, Clarice found a job and was figuring out her duties. Richard missed Clarice during the week and was still uncertain about their relationship. When the next weekend came, Clarice showed up.

After a quick hello and a kiss and hug she said, “We would like to invite you to dinner at our house. Tonight. My dad said to be there at 5 for drinks.” and as soon as she had arrived, she was gone. Richard was puzzled and a little frightened. She hadn’t give him much information and he couldn’t read her expression. Back in the day he and his wife used to have the occasional block party and the neighbors would also. Alcoholic drinks for those that imbibed and sodas for others. Because there were different families joining in, the food would vary. But, generally everyone got along and had a good time.

It’s been a while since those days. A lot has changed around the neighborhood; kids have grown, a couple got divorced and two families have moved. Still, Richard remembered those days and the wonderful times, hanging out with Pierce and Jacolin or Jacky, Clarice’s parents. Once he quelled his own fears he thought about what to bring. What could he bring to share with them. What did he have… then he remembered. Opening the booze cupboard he located a half full bottle of Irish Whiskey, Pierce’s favorite. Richard smiled, it brought back fond memories. Feeling better now he cleaned and dressed in comfy-casual and headed around the corner just as 5pm rolled around.

Clarice answered the door and smiled with a broad grin, her shining eyes winking as she invited him in. Richard’s stomach took a quick jump at seeing her expression. Pierce came up to greet him and when the bottle of Whiskey appeared Pierce was all smiles, his thick accent booming, “Oh sure, I remember that bottle. I presented it to you at our last party if my memory serves me.” Richard smiled, it felt just like old times and this put him further at ease. Jacky came in from the kitchen with her apron on and gave Richard a warm hug. They walked in to the living room and Pierce poured drinks for the three of them. A small glass was set aside for Clarice. In this family the children always got a taste.

The drinks went down smoothly and after dinner another round was set up. Jacky and Clarice had graciously served the dinner and were now clearing the table and organizing the kitchen, putting food away and washing up. Pierce looked at Richard over their glasses, “A toast to our friend, Dick.” Jacky could be heard from the kitchen, “To Dick.” Clarice’s voice followed, “To Dick.” They both giggled. Richard hadn’t been called that in a while and was suddenly embarrassed when it was said by Jacky and Clarice. He raised his glass, “Cheers.” They took a sip and Pierce motioned Richard to a chair. Pierce sat across from him, leaned in and whispered, “Clarice said you are still alone in that great house of yours. Alright are ya?” Richard looked down at his drink and nodded. Pierce continued, “She’s fond of ya, ya know?” His Irish accent was always charming and Richard felt at ease although uncertain where this line of conversation was going.

Richard just smiled and nodded again. Pierce patted him on the knee and got up. Jacky was calling him from the kitchen and they wandered down the hall out of earshot. Clarice was standing at the doorway between the kitchen and living room, “My parents like you Richard. They want you to be happy again. Just like me.” Richard felt his stomach drop. The thoughts of what he had done to their daughter. How much they liked him, trusted him. If they knew he was doing their daughter… it made him freeze. Suddenly he felt a touch on the top of his head which made him jump. Clarice was kissing him on the head, “What’s the matter Richard? I thought you would be happy.” “Oh, I am! I just can’t help but think about everything that’s happened lately as well as the past. It just feels a little overwhelming at the moment.” Clarice cooed and brushed his cheek.

They heard the door to the den open and soft voices. Clarice turned and returned to the kitchen to finish buttoning things up. Pierce returned from the den and addressed Richard, “Jacky would like a word. If you would. In the den.” Richard hadn’t completely recovered from the earlier feeling of dread and uncertainty. He climbed to his feet and with glass in hand he headed down the hall still a bit unsorted. Turning to look at Clarice as he went, noticed that she was smiling with that Irish grin, her eyes twinkling. The door to the den was a few steps down the hall, it was ajar. The soft lights didn’t hide Jacky standing next to a home alter. Religious artifacts lined a small table with a kneeling bar. She was dabbing a handkerchief around her eyes and the sides of her mouth. Richard thought, ‘Oh my god. Did she just receive an offering from Pierce? That was quick.’ Jacky’s hair was mussed slightly and her mascara smeared a little but obvious. She must have, Richard thought to himself. The worm jumping in his pants remembering how adept Clarice was at sucking. Like mother, like daughter?

Jacky swallowed hard and welcoming him into the room offered him a chair. Richard sat with his glass and looked up at Jacky as she paced across the floor, “You know, Clarice has a job now? She’ll be wanting to move out, be on her own she will. And rightfully so, she’ll be twenty soon.” She seemed to be rambling, afraid to say something. Richard took a sip of whiskey and said, “Jacky dear. What is it? Is everything OK?” She turned to look at him with that strong Irish stare that she and Clarice share. “We are going to miss our little girl, when she’s gone. Like you must miss Diane, God rest her soul.” Richard nodded and raised his glass. She continued, “Perhaps there’s a fix. Something to help us all be less lonely.” Now Richard really felt lost. This evening was all over the place. First it felt normal, natural. Now, it seems uncertain and unpredictable. The middle had been filled with hidden innuendo.

“We don’t want her to be a burden and we’re not forcing her on you…” Jacky covered her mouth with her handkerchief, “Maybe she could rent a spare room from you.” Richard must have turned eight shades of red. He gulped down his last sip. What? Did Clarice arrange this? His mixed emotions made him weak and sick. Jacky continued, “If she will accept your offer.” Richard was snapped back to reality. ‘If she will accept my offer?’ he thought to himself, his trousers suddenly tight. “She mentioned that her job will pay her enough to have her own apartment. A small place of her own, so she said.” Again Richard batted his eyes and looked at Jacky. She was looking at the alter, the handkerchief still against her mouth. He could see there was something more, something serious in her mind. She wasn’t revealing it yet. His mind was gray with information, no white, no black, just gray. He didn’t know how to respond.

Jacky knelt down at the altar. She lowered her head, “Clarice is a lot like me, you know? I’ve done my best to protect her. Keep her safe. From this world, from men.” Richard felt the shoe drop. Safe from men? He got up and walked over to her at the alter. Her hands were clasped in prayer. Richard thought of how to reassure her, “Jacky, what’s this all about? You seem distressed. Please just tell me what I can do?” She looked up at him with the same eyes as Clarice had. Oh my god he thought. Jacky put her hands on Richards hips and pulled him closer, resting her face against his belly. He took a deep breath and placed a hand on the back of Jacky’s head. She squeezed him tighter and sighed. Her face was warm against him, her breath hot. Richard thought about Clarice and her story about seeing her mother and father. Is this what Jacky was talking about? About her daughter? His dick was starting to itch and for the first time he noticed it was gorging and obvious in his pants.

Jacky rubbed her chin down to bump into his hardening member, “I can see you’re both kind and generous. Pierce is OK with it, you know? As long as he gets his and I’m happy.” Now Richard was thrown back to last weekend, Clarice and her confession regarding her mother and father. Time stood still as Richard’s mind spun off on a dirt road in his fantasies. Two women wanting to suck his cock in a week, the sudden discovery of a long time neighbor and their daughter’s religious fixation around sex. How far is this crazy road going to go, he thought. Suddenly Richard was thrown back to his body as he felt his cock being pinched. The blood surged to his groin and he was suddenly flush. When he looked down at Jacky she was wrestling his meat from partly opened pants, “You don’t mind, do you? Just a little? I’ve always liked how your… I mean, well… let’s just say, I know it was taken care of before and now needs some admiration… appreciation…”

Her words trailed off as she kissed the shaft when it had escaped his clothes. The dick still soft but thick from arousal. When she finally worked the entire length from his pants, Jacky wasted no time. She put the head in her mouth, shuffled her tongue around it like a snake and Richard’s entire length disappeared. Just as quickly she slid it all the way out, “Yes, very generous.” She took a deep breath and slid it back down her throat. “Incredible.” escaped Richard’s lips. His dick was still filling with blood and he could feel the surges as it pumped through his waist. He shook as Jacky slowly began caressing his organ from shaft to tip with her talented style. The pumping of his muscular reflexes were matched by Jacky gorging herself on his meat. He was going to cum. Quick! “Jacky, dear. I’m cumming.”

Jacky’s hand shot down between her legs, clamping down on her pussy over her clothes and she began to orgasm. Richard’s first blast caused him to pull her head against his pubic hair, his hand was originally there for comfort, now for desire. They both trembled there precariously. Neither in control of balance, or time for that matter. Their mutual orgasm was polished and dramatic, like well timed dancers. Suddenly Jacky snorted, the dick blocking her airway. Richard let go of his death grip on her head saying, “Sorry..” She only pulled him out to breath and then she pulled him in with her own suction. “Oh Jacky..” Richard said lustfully. His mind, not thinking of Clarice, neighbors or time. This was crazy. Crazy good.

Quick as it began, it was done. Jacky had his pants together and was touching up her eyes and chin with her handkerchief. Richard was still wondering what was going to happen next. Things have been so sudden, so different. After all these years to suddenly have such sexual revelations. He was stunned. Jacky cleared her throat, “Pierce and I would appreciate your support, if you could offer Clarice a room for rent. Nothing for free. She needs that reinforced, but a fair price mind you.” Richard’s head rolled back to that dusty, dirty road. Clarice living with me? This hot MILF around the corner. Pierce and who knows who. Jacky handed Richard his glass which had fallen to the floor. Then she turned him towards the door and gave him a little nudge, “Go on now. Pierce and Clarice are waiting for you. I’ll be along in a moment.” Richard looked at the glass and wobbled towards the door. He saw the bathroom on his way down the hall and made the left turn. Always need a pee after a drink, and a suck.

Richard looked at himself in the mirror. What’s happening?, he said staring at the reflection. This is all happening too fast. I’m almost seventy for God’s sake. His heart pounded in his chest, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. First, pee! That done he washed his hands, his cock and splashed a little water in his face. Things seemed strange, he shook himself and looked around. He knows this room, he’s seen it many times. He knows this house, the good times and the bad. He loved these people. He took a last look in the mirror. Right is what works for everyone. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but he knew it would work out. Somehow.

He stepped into the living room. Pierce was standing over Jacky who look perfect in her big chair, Clarice was on the couch laughing about something Pierce must have said. Richard cleared his throat, “Clarice. Your parents say you are looking for an apartment?” Clarice jumped out of her seat and ran over to hug Richard, “Oh, thank you Richard. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Pierce and Jacky clapped their hands together. Pierce spoke, “I guess this calls for a drink!?” Richard started laughing and hugged Clarice back. He looked at Jacky, handed his glass to Pierce and said, “Well. I guess I have a guestroom to clear out.” Clarice kissed him on the cheek, “I’ll help.” Jacky looked at her with a stern look, “Right you are young lady. Richard’s to give you no special treatment.” Clarice turned to look at Richard’s expression and winked, “Right. No special treatment.”

Clarice settled down and excused herself, Pierce handed Richard and Jacky a fresh glass. “To family!” he said raising his glass. Richard followed, “To family.” Jacky smiled, wiped away a tear and taking her husband’s hand, “To family.” Richard was trying to accept this whole thing. He thought of Pierce’s toast, family. Things you would do for family. Things you’ve done for family. Family was always there. When you get family together, it just gets done. It just seemed surreal. Everyone was happy. He was so happy, it was so crazy.

Pierce appeared out of Richard’s dream, “Clarice is going to bed and would like to wish you goodnight.” He took Richard’s empty glass and pointed down the hall, again. Richard floated toward the hallway. He knows this house. He knows which room was Clarice’s. She used to always want me and my wife to say goodnight after a party. She would always kiss me on the cheek.. and say.. she loved me! Richard got a silly grin on his face, I love her. He opened her door. Clarice was knelt down next to her bed saying her prayers, but her hands were between her legs. He quietly stepped in and closed the door. She was mumbling, “.. about to receive. Amen.” Seeing her there in her night dress and now knowing that he loved her made him calm, at peace.

“Richard?” she said without looking around. “Yes, sweetie.” “Will you join me in prayer? Do you have an offering for me?” Oh God! Richard thought to himself. Without thinking he was stumbling towards her. His penis gorging again, “Yes.” His legs were still a little weak from Jacky’s prayers. He made it to her bedside, Clarice turned and gently unhooked his belt and pants so that they fell to the floor. She slid down his briefs and moaned softly as the object of her desire stuck out and pointed right at her. “It’s just so beautiful.” she said kissing the tip and washing the head. “Thank you.” responded Richard. Clarice slid his hardening member into her mouth and she grabbed his hips. She pumped herself onto his rod a couple times. It was still not completely stiff and she was able to push the head past her throat opening to her own surprise. Her eyes looking up at him with the expression of success.

Using her grip on his hips she pulled herself smoothly down his full length and held it there, just like her mother. She loved that snake. Clarice slowly turned her head from side to side like she was kissing his base and the cock was frenching her throat good. She pulled it back out and taking a deep breath she swallowed it whole again. She frenched it again slowly rolling and twisting her mouth around the base, his tip gently massaging her throat. Richard was stunned but was so enjoying the moment. He started pumping his hips forcing his cock head to pull up her throat and then back down as far as it would go. Clarice started to twitch, she pulled out for another breath. Richard put a hand on the back of her head and urged her all the way down. She willingly accepted instruction and sucked him down her throat, much like her mother but not as experienced.

Clarice’s hands dropped to her waist and were working furiously in her crotch as she began slowly working the entire length of Richards cock out until the tip was the only thing in her mouth. Richard pulled on her head so she allowed it to slowly slid all the way back in. Then she began pumping quicker as she began to climb to her own orgasm. Richard didn’t know if it was her first tonight but knew she was close. He held her head and took over pumping as she lost herself in her orgasm. He pumped at a rhythm that seemed to fit hers. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. A little watery and dilated she had earnest desire deep in them. She pushed herself against him, sucking him all the way down again. This time she started working her throat and tongue, more like her mother’s style.

Richard felt himself close to cumming, “Clarice dear? I’m ready soon.” Clarice snorted at his words and she held herself down and worked her mother’s style on his full ready offering. “OH yeah! Here it comes.” he grunted as his juicy offering jetted down her throat. Clarice shot herself into another orgasm as if the first one hadn’t stopped. She snorted and gagged as she jerked and twitched from her orgasm. Richard watched her; the look of bliss on her face, his cock stretching her lips, the drool on the side of her mouth, her watering eyes rolled back in her head. He pumped his last and pulled out far enough for Clarice to breathe. She was limp and suckling on the head. Richard leaned down to pick her up and put her to bed. She smiled, “Thank you Richard.” He kissed her cheek and pulling on his pants as he headed out her door.

Pierce and Jacky were still up talking as Richard joined them. “One more for the road?” asked the gracious host. Richard thought to himself, yeah one more. They toasted the evening and new day ahead. Richard headed home in a daze. Been a long time since he’s had that exciting a night.

Getting home after the party and in bed was a dream that ended with a loud knock at the door. His head throbbed and he wasn’t sure if it was a knock at all. He turned on his back and listened. There it was again. Must be a knock. He got to his feet and checked his clothes. He was wearing his pajama. That was good. He grabbed a robe and headed to the front door. There with a smile was Clarice. She was carrying a bucket and broom. Her hair was tied back with a rag tied around her head. Richard invited her in and she stood there as he admired her. Her light frame wearing one of her old Spring dresses that was a little small for her now. The hemline was up to her knees and the top squeezed her chest accentuating her waist and breasts. Her shoes were the only sensible things she had on.

“Well, I’m ready. Tell me what to do” Clarice smiled and appeared happy as ever. Richard thought back. The night before, wasn’t it some crazy dream? Hadn’t he dreamt the whole thing. His head was till throbbing, “So, the room… ” “Yes.” she said waiting for directions. “The bedroom.. ” he clarified with a questioning tone. “Yes.” she nodded affirmative. Nope. Not a dream. He shook his head and rubbed the sore spots. He motioned her down the hallway. There he pointed out a dusty room with some old clothes and boxes on an old bed, “I can give you a hand in a few minutes. I just need some coffee.” She reached into the bucket and pulled out a mug of coffee which read Jacky, “This is from my parents. They said you might need it.” Richard smiled and laughed, took the cup and sipped.

Clarice set down her tools and asked where to put the boxes and clothes. She was ready to get her room cleaned and prepped for her moving in. He was still getting over the sudden realization that this wasn’t a dream. Numbly he pointed to the office when she started coming to him with each item in turn until the bed was cleared of stuff. She got right to work stripping the bed, washing the floor and window, straightening up the closet and dresser. Richard had mostly abandoned the room for lack of use. He was simple and didn’t have much need for the extra room anyway. He wandered off to brush his teeth and change to his day clothes. When he returned, the room smelled damp but clean. Clarice was making the bed and he watched the short dress ride up her legs as her ass swung around in the air. She was bent over tucking in the sheets when it came to him. She had a small ass but it still looked good in her old Spring dress.

Richard’s groin started to swell with the thought of her taste and her desires. He had tasted her juicy treasure the first day they met. He remembered his mistake thinking she wanted to be eaten out by him. Instead she wanted to swallow his cock whole. Watching her ass bobbing around like this made him wonder if she would enjoy having that ample cock filling her other holes. Suddenly she stopped and looked over her shoulder. Richard felt red as he was caught with impure thoughts and feelings. Clarice just smiled and returned to making the bed. Richard rubbed his groin and headed down to the kitchen to make.. what time is it? Brunch. To make brunch. He set down the cup of coffee and read the name again, Jacky. He picked up the phone to invite them over for some after party brunch. The phone kept ringing. No answer.

Clarice was back with her cleaning tools, a sweaty brow and a smile, “I’m going to get some things and be right back.” Richard barely nodded as she quickly headed out the door. So, he cooked himself some food and sat down for a look at the newspaper. The room was quiet. His mind was foggy. A filmstrip played back events from the previous night. The newspaper was just something he was fiddling with as he watched himself star in the movie. It seemed like a fantasy. He thought about Clarice moving in and what that might bring. The headline on the newspaper read, “Changing Events Bring Calamity” His heart leaped as there was a knock at the door.

When he opened it, there was Clarice with an overstuffed suitcase, “When do I get a key?” His mouth must have fallen open when she had said it, as he got the strangest look from Clarice. She looked saddened for a moment, “You do want me to move in don’t you?” Richard had to snap himself back into reality, “Yes sweetie. Of course. It’s just happening so fast.” Clarice got a confident look on her face, “I’m sorry. I’m just so excited to be here with you… Sit down and relax. I’ll unpack, then I’ll make sure you’re comfortable.” With that she disappeared down the hall. Richard went back to his chair at the table and the newspaper. He turned the page and the next headline he saw read, “Family Survives Fire” Trial by fire? Richard thought to himself.

He faded into the newspaper stories as time passed. Clarice suddenly appeared with a tray of sweets and fresh coffee. She knelt down next to him and kissed his cheek. Richard closed his eyes and remembered that mouth, her tongue and breath on his face. She slowly reached her arms around him and rubbed herself against him with a squeeze. He turned to kiss her forehead. This is what felt good. Thinking about what might happen was scary. But, this. This felt so good. Clarice leaned up and met his lips. Her tongue probing his lips for entry. He wanted her, she wanted him. He gave in to his desires and grabbing the nape of her neck kissed with all his passion. His lips grinding against hers, his tongue pushing into her mouth. She was breathing heavy and weakened in his arms.

Clarice’s hand slid down between his legs to find his penis full but pliable. After last night, it was no wonder. Richard groaned and shifted his legs. As they kissed Clarice found access to his glorious appendage. She pulled away from his lips and bent over into his lap kissing and licking the head of his engorging meat. He slid back to give her room and spread his legs. She in turn, sucked his cock into her mouth as far as it would go, her way blocked by his legs. Still, she did her best to show her affection and appreciation. Richard arched and held her head down with the hold he still had on her neck. Clarice worked her tongue slowly around the shaft as the head poked through the opening to her throat just a little. It kind of rolled over the opening like a speed bump and Richard took joy in thumping across it repeatedly. God was it good. Richard pulled her up by her neck and gave her another strong kiss, his tongue forcing it’s way around in her mouth.

With his hand still on her neck he forced her mouth back onto his thick shaft. She moaned until the head pushed into her throat and she gagged. She sucked him in all the more. He moved his hand down her back to her little ass. Richard pulled up her dress to spy her white cotton panties jumping under their own power. He rolled to the side a little and pushed his cock deeper into Clarice’s throat while he looked to see her hand cupping her pussy. Her middle finger rubbing her cotton panties into the opening of her asshole. The thought of her possibly enjoying having her pussy and ass fucked with his cock nearly caused him to cum right away. He was reaching his hand down her crack when suddenly there came another knock at the door. Richard went flush thinking they had been caught, Clarice still struggling to get his hot rod deeper.

“Clarice! There’s someone at the door! Clarice!” he said repeatedly. Clarice pulled herself off with a sigh and said, “You straighten up. I’ll get it.” Richard quickly pulled his pants together and picking up a sweet off the tray, sipped some coffee from the mug Clarice had brought. Pierce and Jacky walked into the dinning room smiling. Clarice had a basket in her hands, “They got me a house warming gift. Oh, I love you mom. Dad.” Jacky noticed the cup with her name on it, “Clarice made me that cup when she was at prayer camp after graduating high school.” Richard felt guilty; he’s using the cup that Clarice made for her mother, Clarice was just sucking his cock, he’s taking her away from them. It was all a little surreal. Jacky silently mouthed, ‘Thank You.’

“We got you something too. Don’t get up.” said Pierce handing an envelope over. “It’s a room for let contract. Make sure she reads and signs it. You can fill in the holes.” Richard laughed, “Thanks. I’m going to do just that.” How ironic his words were, ‘fill in the holes,’ just after he had thought the same thing about his daughter. Clarice took them back to show off the room she cleaned and moved some of her stuff into. They talked as Richard sat and sipped his coffee having another sweet to restore his strength. After a couple of long stern comments from her mother and father, Clarice returned, “I’m going over to my house… I mean, my parent’s house for a little while. I’ll be back soon.” Richard felt a wave of relief as they exited the house. He took a deep breath and thought, ‘What will happen next?’

After getting up from the table and walking around the back yard he went in to look at Clarice’s room. She did a wonderful job straightening up and arranging her mementos on the dresser. There was a long cotton evening gown laid out on the bed. Richard wondered if it was going to actually get used. Dirty old man, he repeated in his mind. He walked back into his own room and looked at the clock, 3:30 in the afternoon. Time for a nap. Laying on the bed he became restless. His dick was hard then soft then hard again. It was difficult to get comfortable as he lay there wondering, thinking about Clarice, his new youthfulness, the neighbors and how things were going to work out. He grabbed at his cock every time it got hard. Finally he faded off to sleep.

Richard felt it was dark. He stretched and tried to look around in the dark. There was a lump in the bed next to him. It was Clarice. She had come home while he was asleep. He got up to change and pee before returning to bed and gently sliding in next to her. He could feel her heat and her body lift and collapse with each breath. God he missed having someone in the bed next to him. It’s been so lonely for so many years. He just laid there quietly enjoying her just being there. Soon he was fading off again.

Soon Richard was awoken by rustling and rubbing against his body. He wondered if he was still sleeping. Is this a dream, he thought. As he slowly woke he found Clarice had pushed herself against him so he was spooning her. His dick was hard and she was gently rubbing her butt against it. Did she know what she was doing, he thought. Slowly he slid a hand up to her shoulder and gently brushed her arm. There was a quiet ‘mmm’ coming from her side of the bed. The stiff rod between them ached as her cute little ass rubbed and rubbed. Richard couldn’t stop himself and arching his hips pushed the hot poker between her small cheeks. That’s when he felt her fingernails scratch his pajamas and his dick. Her body shook a little when she realized what it was she touched.

Rolling her head she spoke, “Richard. I need you.” Richard slid his hand around to her neck and kissing her cheek gave it a squeeze. Clarice shook again arching her back searching for his lips with hers. He held her tight and kissed her lips teasing her mouth with his tongue. She quickly spun around to face him, one hand on his shoulder and one on his stiff cock. Richard let go of her neck and slid his hand down to her ass. She was wearing her small nightgown and the usual cotton panties. His big hand covered her crack and his fingers found the wet spot. He ground his hand in holding her tight as they kissed, their tongues holding a battle royal in their mouths. Her hand stoked his meat as he continued to rub and squeeze her holes. Again her body shook under his wise moves, she groaned into his mouth.

Richard let go of her cheeks and he rolled onto his back. Clarice took no time in shifting down to his waiting cock. She pulled it free from his pajamas and frantically licked and kissed it. He was hard but after the last couple bouts of exercise, he wasn’t sure if he would cum very soon. Still, Clarice didn’t know that. Her youth left her needy but inexperienced. She soon had his stiff rod against the back of her throat while she serviced all she could get into her mouth. Richard could tell she was trying, “Move your legs closer to me, this way.” He instructed her to lay parallel to him. When she did it made getting the angle much easier and she was able to slide herself right down his shaft to the root. Her hand shot down between her legs as usual. Richard could smell her fragrance. Sliding his hand under her hips and beneath her panties he said, “Let me help you with that.” She reluctantly let go of her hold but kept feeling his hand as it took place of hers.

Richard’s big hand cupped her hot wet pussy lips and his fingers were positioned right to the opening of her asshole. The slick juices got rubbed around until she was wet from crack to crease. Clarice enjoyed the sensations and was pumping herself up and down on the full length of his glorious shaft. He poked a slippery finger into her asshole as he rubbed. Clarice’s body began to tremble. He slid it in and out mimicking her rhythm. Her body jumped into a small orgasm. Then he slid his thumb into her love canal. His middle finger sliding all the way into her hot asshole. It tightened and released as if it was milking his finger. Her body began to spasm and her actions caused Richard to squeeze his fingers together touching his thumb and middle fingers inside her canals. This seemed to throw Clarice into a huge orgasm and she choked and gagged through waves of pleasure.

As she began to recede from her mind numbing orgasm Richard gently slid her panties off, lifted her leg over him so she was on top straddling his face. Her mouth still blindly suckling his thick meat down her throat. Richard pulled her hips toward his mouth so he could lick her sweet treasure. Clarice groaned and gasped for breath as his cock pulled out of her throat. However, when Richard began rubbing his tongue around her pussy lips she squealed and jumped. He poked his tongue deep between her folds and she shot into another huge spasm. Pushing his dick into her mouth Clarice numbly returned to suckling. He slid one hand down to the back of her head and using his hips plunged his man meat back into her throat. The waves of the orgasm just kept coming. Clarice kept jerking and shuttering as wave after wave crashed over her. Her body turning limp under his control. Richard was the dirty old man now.

He put both hands on her ass cheeks and inserted the middle finger from each hand into her asshole and stroked them in and out. His strong hands stretching her asshole, his tongue deep in her pussy and his cock driving deep into her throat. Clarice’s body was limp but still jumping and twitching with her now constant orgasms. The only sound she made was a ‘huh-ggg, huh-ggg, huh-ggg as she caught a breath between each deep thrust of his glorious appendage into her throat. He thought to himself, ‘Well Pierce, you said, fill in the holes.’

Richard was feeling the wonderful sensations of exploring a young woman’s sexual potency when something brushed his side. He wondered what it could be. Clarice’s leg wouldn’t have done it. The more he thought about it the more things became unclear. His body was tingling but he had stopped thrusting. A voice sounded, “Richard?” His mind was starting to clear, the feeling of Clarice’s body on him started to fade. How could she talk with his cock down her throat. He felt another brush against his side. He heard the voice again, “Richard? Are you OK?” Richard found he was laying in the dark, on the bed. He mumbled, “Hmm?” It must have been a dream. But, how much of it was a dream? Clarice’s voice was close, “Richard. I need you.”

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