Lyla and Shelby find out that Adam has been sleeping around
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“You’ve been screwing both of us?!” Lyla spoke first. My eyes widened in terror, and my mouth opened as if I had a response that didn’t exist yet. “Well?” My eyes shifted between the two of them, Lyla was clearly mad, but Shelby looked hurt.

“Yes.” Was all I could utter. They both stared at me, expecting me to elaborate.

“That’s all you have to say?” Lyla said.

“How did this even start? You had me so you figured that you’d fuck my mom too!” Shelby finally spoke up.

“No!… It wasn’t like that.”

“Then what was it like?”

“Your mom” I motioned to Lyla “actually took my virginity.” Shelby’s eyes widened and she turned to look at Lyla .

“So those rumors were true! You were going around sleeping with boys after dad!” Shelby yelled at her mother.

“No!” I interjected before Lyla said anything. The rumors WERE true, but I didn’t want Lyla to either admit to it, or have to lie to her daughter. “That’s not how it happened. I was still a virgin and my girlfriend… EX girlfriend… wanted to take things further, but I was nervous that I’d make a fool of myself, so my mom talked to Lyla and asked if she’d be willing to help me out by getting my first time out of the way, and showing me how to be a good lover.”

“Your mom? You talked to your mom about wanting to lose your virginity?” Shelby was shocked.

“My mom and I are… close…” I made eye contact with Lyla, the image of her and my mother sharing the taste of my cock flashed through my mind. “We talk about stuff.”

“And you did it?!” Shelby turned back to her mom.

“It wasn’t some tawdry or filthy affair!” Lyla defended. I thought back, remembering fucking her while she ate out my mom… so some of it was filthy. I laughed to myself. “I didn’t come on to him or try to seduce him, it was a favor.”

“And we didn’t do it again, after that.” I interjected. “Not until recently, when I broke up with Danielle. I was heartbroken and emotional, and I turned to her, and she comforted me.” Shelby seemed to understand that a bit.

“Then when did things start with Shelby?” Lyla asked. Shelby suddenly realized that I might tell her mother about the incestuous three way I walked in on. She looked at me pleading.

“Well… I was really mad about Danielle, and was looking for a way to get over her, and I was talking to Shelby and found out that she wanted a way to get over her asshole ex, so it just happened.” I looked at the two of them. Shelby looked relieved that I didn’t say anything, and Lyla seemed ok with my story. “Listen, I wasn’t trying to betray anybody, or use either of you… Its just that I liked it. Lyla is the first woman I ever slept with and she was being kind by sleeping with a loser like me” I was laying it on thick, hoping for sympathy, “and I really like Shelby, it started to feel like we were sorta dating, it was nice. And once it happened I knew that if I said anything, then you would both be hurt and mad at each other, and I didn’t want that.” I sincerely didn’t like to lie, but it was the only way I was getting out of this alive.

The two of them sat there, obviously mulling over the story I’d given, deciding what to do. I knew they both liked the sexual relationships they had with me, they just needed to decide if they liked it enough to forgive me. That’s the best I could hope for now, was forgiveness, because even if they did, they’d still never have sex with me again.

“You and I weren’t in any type of relationship, so we definitely weren’t exclusive..” Lyla spoke first, “so I’m not upset that you slept with someone else, I was upset that it was my daughter, it felt like you were using us both, but if that’s not what it was, then I forgive you.”

“I guess I feel the same way.” Said Shelby.

“I’m not saying I did nothing wrong, I was just nervous and wasn’t sure what to do, so I just avoided doing anything.. I’m sorry, really, I care about you both, I didn’t want to hurt you.”

“I forgive you.”

“Me too.”

“Thank you.” I smiled weakly, but in my mind I was ecstatic, this went way better than it should have. “Can I ask something? How did it even come up? How did you guys find out about the other one?” They looked at each other with sort of an embedded expression.

“Well… I came into your room, to surprise you when you got home, and…” Shelby started, and looked at her mom, “.. And mom was laying in your bed naked.”

“It seems I had the same idea.” Lyla said, smirking a little.

“Oh… I’m really sorry about that.” I said.

“Who was better?” Lyla blurted out.

“What ?!” I was dumbfounded.

“You heard me.”

I just stared at her, looking for some sign that she was joking, there wasn’t any. I looked at Shelby, hoping she would say something, but she just looked back at me, awaiting my answer.

“You’re different, not better or worse.” Was all I could come up with quickly, but it was the truth. “If one of you was better, then I wouldn’t have kept sleeping with the other, right? You’re both very different types of women, the experience was unique each time, I never compared you to one another.” Once again they just looked at me, pondering my answer.

“OK.” Said Lyla, Shelby nodded in agreement. “I think Shelby and I need to go talk.” Shelby again nodded. And they both got up and walked out of the room. They turned and headed downstairs to Lyla’s room.

I just stood in my room for a moment then let out a big breath ‘whew’, I can’t believe I made it through that without getting slapped, or hit with something, or kicked out of the house. I finally realized I was still standing in a towel, and put on some boxers and got in bed. I laid there in the dark for several minutes, wondering what they were talking about. Maybe they were still deciding on if they SHOULD hit me or throw me out. Then my phone rang, it was Lyla. I answered “Hello?”

“Come down to my room, we still want to talk to you.”

“K.” I knew I had gotten off too easily! This conversation wasn’t over yet, dammit, and I was tired! I threw on a tee shirt, went down to Lyla’s room, and knocked on the door. ‘Come in’, I entered.

The room was dimly lit with the familiar glow of candles, which Lyla liked to use to set the mood. There, sitting on the bed were Lyla and Shelby, naked. I stood in the open doorway, unmoving. My penis quickly went from flaccid to fully erect, and pushed through the opening in the front of my boxers. I paid no attention to it. Why should I? Both of them have seen it before, plus I was more afraid to look away and risk this potential mother-daughter mirage disappearing. Both ladies laughed a little at my dumbstruck appearance.

“So we talked” Lyla started, “and we enjoyed having sex with you, and decided that your relationship with each of us never affected the other. So we are OK with you continuing to sleep with both of us. As long as the boys never find out” I shot a quick glance at Shelby, “and you continue to be respectful of the two of us and never give one more attention than the other, since somebody’s feelings would be hurt. Sound good?”

What was happening? Were they seriously saying that I could have a no strings attached – sexual relationship with both of them, a mother and her daughter, in the same house, with both of their blessings?! Was I dreaming? Had I gone to sleep after they left my room and was now imagining all of this?

“Well?” Lyla snapped at me. I suddenly realized that I was still standing in the door way with my dick out, staring blankly at them, while they waited for my response.

“Ya! That sounds great!” I finally answered. And grinned goofily. They smiled back at me. I had been taking in the image of the two of them naked, side by side, but had only finally realized what I was looking at. They had said I could sleep with each of them as long as it didn’t affect the other, but they were naked TOGETHER. “So what’s all this about then?” I motioned towards them.

“Well we were both horny, and expecting to get laid tonight, that’s why we both ended up in your room.” Shelby spoke this time. “And we’re both still horny, but there’s only one of you, so you’ll have to take care of both of us.”

“Seriously?! We’re going to have a threesome?!”

I’m not sure why I was so excited, I’d had threesomes before, hell I had just fucked a grandmother and her granddaughter in their asses only a couple hours ago. And the first time I had sex with Lyla my mother was involved. But with Mariola and Kelly, they didn’t really do anything with each other; and with Lyla and my mom, I couldn’t have sex with my mom. So neither one of those examples felt like a REAL threesome, but this wound be different!

“No, not really.” Said Lyla. Dammit!! I thought to myself. “You’re going to Fuck us both, but we aren’t doing anything to each other.”

“But you enjoy doing things with other women” I was thinking of her eating out my mom.

“You do!?” Shelby turned to her mother, looking very surprised.

“Yes, I do” Lyla looked at me, annoyed I’d said that, “but not with my daughter.”

“Wait , how did YOU know that she goes both ways?” Shelby now turned to me. Lyla looked at me with nervous eyes.

“When we first had sex, she taught me how to go down on women. She admitted to me that she’s done it before.” I quickly responded, Shelby looked satisfied with that answer.

“Well close the door and get undressed!” Lyla urged, changing the subject.

I obeyed, shutting the door. I turned back around, pulling my shirt over my head and throwing it across the room. I yanked my boxers down over my still hard prick and kicked them off in the same direction. I stood there completely naked in front of them.

“What now?”

“Well get over here. Don’t act like you haven’t done this before.” Lyla said, sliding off of the bed and on to her knees. She slapped Shelby on the leg, “you too.” Shelby realized what was going on and followed suit.

I walked forward and stood in front of them. Lyla kneeling slightly to my left, Shelby to my right. Lyla took charge, naturally, and grabbed ahold of my penis. She stroked it a couple of times and then opened her mouth and leaned forward, taking me to the back of her throat with the first Bob of her head. I looked at Shelby, she was watching intently. I let out a groan as Lyla’s mouth slid back up my shaft, Shelby looked up at me. She had a slightly concerned look on her face, jealous maybe? I knew my facial expressions were giving away how good her mom was at sucking cock. Shelby laughed a little, I must’ve looked funny. Lyla must’ve heard Shelby Giggle and took my prick out of her mouth and turned to her.

“Here.” Still holding it, she offered my dick to her daughter. Now Shelby was no stranger to giving me head, but she was certainly not the pro her mother was. Shelby leaned in and opened her mouth, sliding me in until her nose reached her mother’s hand. Lyla let go. “Use your hands too sweetie, he likes that.” Still keeping me in her mouth, she shot her mom a sideways glance, clearly annoyed at the orders, but she did as she was told and grasped the base of my rod with her right hand and proceeded to move it back and forth with the same pace as her head.

I stood there looking down at them as they passed my tool back and forth for several minutes. The most arousing part was watching as they took the head into their mouths, still covered in the other’s saliva. Lyla even rubbed her daughter’s back softly, while saying very motherly things like ‘that’s a good girl’ and ‘you’re doing a great job’ whenever Shelby was taking her turn slurping on my dick. Now you’d have thought that I’d have cum already, I mean when Lyla gave me my morning BJs she was usually swallowing my load by now. But I was more preoccupied watching what was happening rather than enjoying how it felt.

“That’s probably enough” Lyla looked up at my face and tapped Shelby on the shoulder to stop, “we don’t want to finish him before he’s fucked us.”

They both stood up, Shelby looked hesitant waiting for her mother’s lead. Lyla crawled on to the bed, presenting her snatch to me doggy-style. I didn’t need any more of an invitation, I stepped behind her and took ahold of my prick. I moved it up and down, rubbing the tip against her pussy lips, they were already heavily lubricated with her juices. I grabbed each of her ass cheeks and pulled her back to me, She let out a long ‘cooing’ sound as I glided in. Without hesitation I began thrusting. I wasn’t going fast because I didn’t want to cum too quickly, but I was slamming into her pretty hard, my balls slapping her clit.

She was moaning like crazy, shooting off a slew of curse words and profanity for how good it felt.
“Oh Fuck yes! God damn it’s so good!”
“Slam that big cock in me!”
“Keep fucking me you son of a bitch!”
The last one was a little surprising, too be honest I couldn’t believe she was talking like that in front of her daughter…

“Shelby!” I almost yelled. I had totally forgotten about her! I looked to my right, she was just standing there, she hadn’t moved since she’d stood up.

“Baby, what are you doing? Get on the bed!” Lyla scolded her daughter. Shelby moved toward the bed a little, but still unsure what to do. “Get on the bed like me sweetheart, that way he can take turns.”

Shelby got on all fours right next to her mother, so close the sides of their legs were touching. I admired her young athletic ass as I continued slamming my hips into her mom’s. Without any kind of announcement, I pulled out of Lyla took a half a step to my right, grabbed Shelby’s waist and slammed into her full force, all in one motion. She let out a half- gasp half-cry that was a combination or surprise, pain and pleasure.

I immediately picked up where I left off fucking her mom, not too fast, but deep and hard. Shelby made different sounds than her mother. Lyla made softer noises, lots of ‘oohs’, moans, hums, and cooing, no matter how hard I fucked her she still sounded like she was getting a back massage. Whereas Shelby sounded like she was in pain with every thrust. She made a loud grunting ‘AHH’ every time I slammed into her pussy. If it weren’t for her occasionally saying ‘God YES!’ I wouldn’t have thought she was enjoying herself.

I looked over at Lyla, she wasn’t moving, or even looking at me, she was just on her hands and knees patiently waiting for her turn again. I decided that should be now. I withdrew my prick from Shelby and moved back over behind Lyla and started at it. She quickly got going again, and I could tell she was working towards her orgasm. Her increased sounds and sexual-profanity caused me to pick up the pace.

I looked back at Shelby, she was looking over her shoulder at me. She gave me a shy smile and I blew her a flirtatious little kiss. She smiled bigger and wiggled her butt at me. I reached with my right hand and grabbed her closest butt cheek. I moved my hand around, sliding it along her Smooth shapely curves. I came to the crack of her ass and slid my finger tips down to her snatch, and then inside it. She closed her eyes and lowered her head.

There I was, a mother and daughter bent over in front of me side by side. One hand on Lyla’s ass, pounding my meat in and out of her, while I simultaneously had my other hand reached over on her daughter’s, plunging my fingers into her tight cunt. Seconds later Lyla buried her face in the covers and yelled in ecstasy, her body writhing as she came. I didn’t have much left in me, so I wasted no time. I jumped back over to Shelby and shoved my cock in.

“I don’t know how much longer I can go, I’m gonna cum soon.” I warned her. Lyla lifted her head and looked over.

“Concentrate baby, you need to cum before he does.” She warned her daughter.

Lyla stood up, turned toward me and pulled my face to hers. Running one of her hands through my hair, and the other across my sweaty chest, she kissed me like a long lost love, all while I steadily pumped her daughter from behind. It was like she was edging me on, teasing me, seeing how much pleasure I could take while trying desperately to hold my impending climax at bay just a little longer. Shelby squealed in the background.

Lyla pulled her lips from mine and looked down at the back of her daughter’s head. Her eyes trailed down her shapely back, glistening slightly from perspiration. She admired her tight heart-shaped ass slamming back against my crotch. Watching the length of my cock disappear and reappear with each thrust. Shelby let out a cry. She was almost there, but so was I, and I don’t think I could last much longer.

Lyla sat down on the bed next to Shelby, facing me. She reached underneath her daughter, Shelby gasped, she had found her clit. Shelby began breathing rapidly, letting out a gasping cry each time. I continued my relentless pounding of her teenage pussy as I watched her mother’s arm shaking as she rubbed the clit to quicken her daughter’s orgasm. Finally it happened. Shelby threw her head back and let out a low groan through her clenched teeth.

I couldn’t take anymore, I came. I felt the first shot erupt into that cunt before I could react. Quickly I yanked my dick out and grabbed ahold of it as the next shot flew through the air, landing between Shelby’s shoulder blades. More shots came as I blew my load, landing all over her back and ass. Lyla even leaned in, with her mouth open she laid her head on the small of her daughter’s back, catching my sperm on her tongue, and licking up spots from her daughter’s skin. My body trembled as I came, my mouth was open, but no audible noise came out.

Our orgasms had ended, but we were too tired or stunned to move. I just stood there watching. Lyla was rubbing Shelby’s back soothingly.

“Oh sweetheart, you are a mess” She told her , “let’s hop on the shower and I’ll wash your back.” Shelby didn’t reply, she just stood up and walked into the bathroom. Lyla followed her. I collapsed into the bed and fell asleep just as I heard the water start.

In the middle of the night I awoke, needing to take a piss. My eyes were still shut as I stumbled into the bathroom. Walking back to the bed they were open slightly. I thought maybe I had dreamt it, but there in Lyla’s massive bed was Lyla sound asleep, on one side was an empty spot where I had been, on the other was Shelby. Both women were lying on their backs, the sheets pulled down to their stomachs, exposing their bare breasts. They were only slightly visible from the outside light through the windows, but you could see the beautiful resemblance of a mother and daughter. I smiled at the sight, crawled back into bed, and drifted off.

The morning light glowing through my eyelids woke me up. I laid there unwilling to move yet. But there was noise. Something familiar, something rhythmic and moist… a blow job? I shifted slightly, but no, my morning wood was not being serviced. I frowned to myself. The sound continued, a squishy-suckling sound, and then a soft moaning. I forced my eyes open, the room was bright, slowly I turned my head to the right. At the other end of the bed was Shelby, she was still laying on her back, her eyes squeezed shut, but her mouth hung open, a hushed cry escaped. She was covered from the waist down and there was movement under the sheets. Was she really masturbating?!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m Horny first thing in the morning too (I glanced down at the tent over my crotch), but why finger yourself when you have a hard cock 3ft away!?

My annoyance subsided as I looked back at the motion under the blanket at her lap. There was someone under there! Had one of her brothers snuck into the room? Did she even realize it wasn’t me? Where was Lyla? Just then Shelby began to climax. She blindly grabbed the pillow from behind her head and flipped it over her face to muffle the squeals of delight. Through what seemed like several minutes of ‘AHHS’, one word was distinguishable, ‘mom’.

“MOM!?” I blurted out. Shelby threw the pillow off of her face and turned to me, shocked. The sheets ripped back, Lyla’s head emerged, her hand wiping what was undoubtedly Shelby’s wetness from her mouth. “Lyla?!”

“Oh my God!” Shelby cried.

“Oh relax, he’s not upset, just surprised.” Lyla insisted.

“What happened to your rule about you two not doing anything with each other?” I asked.

“Well… I haven’t gotten to play with another woman in awhile, so when I woke up I looked next to me and saw her laying there..” Lyla glanced at Shelby, “she so lovely, that before I realized it, I was rubbing her.”

“I woke up and was shocked that it was her” Shelby said shyly, “but it felt so good that I let her keep going. Then she went under the covers and… I was curious to see what it would be like to have a female go down on me… I loved it…I didn’t think of it as my ‘mom’ I just thought of it as another woman pleasing me… you won’t say anything will you?!”

“No of course not.” How could I be a hypocrite when I enjoyed my own mother giving me oral, daily, for months?

“No he definitely won’t.” Lyla said, giving me a knowing look. Shelby’s face softened, relieved.

“But I’m a little jealous.” I gave Lyla a fake pouty face. “You know that I like when you go down on ME in the morning.”

“Oh brother!” She smiled, “I only have one mouth, so you’ll have to learn to share.” I stuck out my bottom lip. “But since she’s done, it’s your turn!” She said, crawling across the bed on all fours.

She positioned herself between my legs like she had with Shelby. Her head hovering over my completely stiffened erection. A drip of precum was oozing out, she licked it off with the tip of her tongue. She pushed a bit of saliva out between her lips, letting it drip down to the head of my cock, then cutting it off. The spit ran down. She reached out and grabbed it at the top, I shuddered. Morning wood was always especially hard and sensitive. She kept a firm grip and pushed her hand down my shaft. She went up and down two or three times, I clawed at the bed because it hurt so good. Then from the top she slid her hand down again, lowering her head at the same time, taking me into her mouth, and I closed my eyes as she proceeded to suck and stroke me.

Shelby scooted up next to me. She sat up and leaned over, putting a hand down on either side of my body, so her face hung above me. She lowered her lips to mine and kissed me, softly at first, then more passionately. I reached up with my right hand and slid my fingers into her hair and pulled her down, kissing harder. My left hand crawled down my side toward where Lyla was bobbing my cock in and out of her mouth. I lifted it and lightly placed it on the back of her head, not pushing down, simply enjoying the feeling of the up and down motion.

I laid there, Lyla’s lips around my dick, Shelby’s lips against mine, and my hands on each of their heads. The build up to my orgasm wasn’t long, and soon I was pumping a fresh warm load of semen down Lyla’s throat. I had to pull Shelby away so I could breathe as I came. Shelby laid back down on the bed, as Lyla cleaned my cock.

“So” Lyla sat up, “what’s your plan for today?” She looked at me.

“Well I have to go to my house today and finish cleaning it”

“OK.. Well you both should probably get out of here, the boys will be getting up soon.”

Shelby and I both rolled out of the bed and dressed. It was actually still pretty early, so the twins hadn’t gotten up yet, we snuck quietly up to our rooms. I laid down and slept another hour before finally getting up and heading across town. As I pulled into the driveway I noticed Mariola’s car was gone, they must’ve gone out. ‘Thank God’ I thought to myself, maybe now I could get something done without the distraction. I laughed a little.

I went in and got right to work. The cleaning wasn’t hard or anything, just time consuming. After more than 2 hours I had only finished the upstairs. I walked down the stairs just as the front door opened, and in walked my mom.

“Hey sweetie!”

“Mom!?” I ran up and hugged her, I hadn’t seen her in months, and barely talked to her. “What are you doing here?”

“Papers to sign, and wanted to make sure the house was all set for when I turn over the keys.” She looked around, “looks good.”

“Ya, I only have this floor left to clean.”

“Want some help?”

“Ya, definitely.” And we got to work.

She was wearing a pair of old khaki shorts and a tank top that she used to wear when doing house work, they fit her great. I couldn’t help myself, I kept checking her out. Every time she bent over I was looking, if her back was to me then it was her ass, if she was facing me then it was her cleavage. I was being sly about it, but she caught me.

She was on her hands and knees wiping the base boards and I was cleaning a window looking down at her ass. The shorts hugged her perfectly. She glanced back and saw me looking at her crack, trying to see some semblance of a camel toe. I quickly looked away, not smoothly I might add. Her face didn’t show, but she was flattered and chuckling in her head.

“So… Lacy says you broke up with Danielle?” She stood up and tried to act like she hadn’t caught me.

“Oh.. Ya.”


The image of me catching my ex girlfriend riding her step father’s dick flashed through my mind.

“She…” I thought about telling her the truth, but decided against the details… “it just wasn’t working out, maybe it was the distance or something, I dunno.”

“Oh, I’m sorry sweetie.” She obviously knew that wasn’t the whole story, but didn’t pry. “Well have you been seeing anyone new?” What she really meant was ‘who have you been sticking your dick in now that Danielle was our of the picture?’

Let’s see… should I tell her that our older neighbor, Mariola, has been letting me cum in her ass? Or that I’ve also taken her disabled granddaughter, Kelly’s, oral vaginal and anal virginity? With Mariola’s blessing of course. Maybe I could tell my mom that I caught her best friend, Lyla’s, daughter having a three way with her two younger brothers, and used that to blackmail her into letting me do whatever I wanted with her. Granted we’ve moved past the blackmail part and have started a mutually enjoyable sexual relationship. But I think the safe answer here is to simply say that in addition to the daily blow jobs my mother assigned to Lyla while I’ve been staying with her, she has also been screwing my brains out nightly.

“No, not really. I’ve just been sleeping with Lyla.”

“Oh…Really ?” My mother actually seemed surprised by that.

Why would she be surprised? She knows I’ve fucked Lyla before (she was there), and had even suggested that I do it again. And with me being single and living with her, it wouldn’t exactly take much to switch from just BJs to regular intercourse.

“Is that OK?” I asked.

“Oh ya, of course.” She was lying. “So she’s not giving you blow jobs?”

“No, she is, but not as often I guess. But she did give me one this morning.”

“Do you prefer that? Having sex instead of the blow jobs?” It’s funny, if the topic of discussion wasn’t a mother asking her son about blow jobs, you wouldn’t think anything was weird, her tone was completely natural and motherly.

“It’s nice I suppose. Since I’m not seeing anyone, it’s good to be able to have sex regularly too. But I have always loved getting blow jobs, even if she’s not as good at it as you are…. Maybe when you guys move back here and we get our new place, you could start doing them again?” I already knew what her answer was going to be.

“No, I still don’t want to risk your sister catching us.”

“ok…” I was visibly sad.

“But… I didn’t bring her to town with me, so there’s no way she could catch us right now..” My mom said flirtatiously. My ears perked up.

Without waiting for my response, She walked over to me and knelt down on the carpet. My dick flinched inside my shorts. She unzipped them, then undid the button and tugged them down a few inches. She reached into the opening in my boxers and pulled out my prick, the feeling of being in her hands again caused me to swell up instantly. She dripped some saliva into one of her hands and smeared it gently around the head of my cock. I gasped from the sensation. She looked up at me.

Staring into my eyes, her fingers wrapped around my shaft and she began to stroke slowly back and forth. My bottom lip quivered. She slid her hand up and down the length of my meat for several minutes, still looking up at me. She opened her lips. Holding it just below the helmet, she leaned forward, aiming my dick instinctually at her mouth, never breaking eye contact with me. As the tip made contact with her lips I gasped again. I watched inch by inch of me disappear down her throat as she fed herself my cock meat. Her mouth and hand sliding down it, slowly and in unison. Her hand reached the end, and she gagged a little and closed her eyes. The gagging tickled the head of my dick. Then I began to reappear as she slid her head and hand back up together. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as she started bobbing hers back and forth on my throbbing tool.

No one gave head like my mother. I came only a couple minutes later. She took pride in sucking my dick. Maybe it was because I was her son, and the motherly part of her wanted to take care of me. When she’d made me cum and swallowed my load, she KNEW she’d made her little boy happy like nothing else could. That’s why she’d started doing it, I was already jerking off all the time, and she knew she could do it better. Now that I’d gotten head from other women and had started having sex, she knew there was competition and she put in the effort to make HER blow jobs the best. And they were. So good in fact, that I wanted another one right now!

“I can go again!” I exclaimed, opening my eyes and looking back down at her.

“Really?” She asked, pulling my dick out of her mouth and wiping her lips on the back of her hand.

“Yes! I want another one! Please mom!” I was begging my mom for a blow job only seconds after she just gave me one. Her throat was still warm from my last load.

“Well alright.” She smiled. “Take off your clothes and lay down.”

I stripped and laid on my back on the carpet. I spread my legs a bit to give her room to kneel between them, then put my hands behind my head and closed my eyes. She crawled between my legs and took my semi-hard cock in her hand. She jerked it a few times, waking it up. As it started to fully harden she dripped a long string of spit on, still jerking my prick, she rubbed her saliva up and down the shaft. I made little noises, then she started sucking. She wastes no time, she’s aggressive, moving faster, sucking harder, she probably figures that since I’d gotten head this morning, and just minutes ago, that this time will take more effort to make me cum. She’s partly right, I wasn’t going to cum in two minutes this time, but she underestimates how much my dick loves her mouth.

“Slow down mom, I don’t want to cum just yet, I want to enjoy it longer.” I raised my head and looked down at her. She lifted her head out of my lap, pulling the head of my cock out of her mouth with a pop.

“Really , you’re that horny huh?” She was still slowly stroking me.

“I wasn’t, but your blow jobs have always been my favorite mom.” (you won’t find the on a mother’s day card!) She smiled.

“Say have you been getting to practice going down on Lyla?”

“A little.” But when you factor in that I’ve also been eating out Mariola, Kelly and Shelby too… I’ve actually been getting a LOT of practice.

“Let’s see.”

My mother stood up and started undoing her shorts. She pulled them down revealing an incredibly cute black and pink thong! She never wore thongs I thought. She pulled her tank top over her head and dropped it. She was wearing a matching bra!

“Matching bra and thong?! Did you have a date planned for later today or something?” I said it playfully, but I was genuinely curious.

“What makes you think THIS wasn’t the date I was planning on?” She grinned at me as she undid the bra and let it fall. She quickly bent over, sliding the thong down to her ankles, then standing up straight and kicking it off.

I laid there staring at her, she was a sight. I don’t care how many young toned girls my own age, or cougars full of plastic like Lyla, I banged, no one would ever arouse me the way my mother did. My expression and lack of blinking must’ve said all there was to say, because she just smiled and giggled a bit, then said ‘thank you’.

She walked around and stood above me, facing my feet. She knelt down, putting a knee on either side of my head, then leaned forward, putting her hands on each side of my waist. My dick was already rock hard and pointing straight up, so she simply opened her mouth and dipped down.

I reached up and grabbed an ass cheek with each hand and spread them. I just admired her pussy for a bit. I hadn’t seen it in quite some time. I smelled her, she was fresh, she must’ve washed and shaved just before she headed over here. I was going to enjoy this, and I was going to make sure she enjoyed it too! I dove into my mother’s snatch, licking her from clit to anus. I could hear her muffled moans of enjoyment. She came as quickly as I had earlier, her body shook and squirmed, she screamed with my cock still stuffed in her mouth. I worked quickly to lap up every drip of her orgasmic juices, but when she had finished I just kept going.

I licked her to two more orgasms. She was cumming easily, I hadn’t thought about it, but while I’ve been here sticking my dick in every hole I bump into, she’s been single; dealing with the divorce, selling the house, taking care of Lacy, looking for a place for us to rent. It’s not like she’s been dating, so other than the occasional chance to masturbate in my aunt’s cramped home, she hasn’t been getting any. This must have been a huge release for her.

After her third orgasm I knew that was it. It’s not that she was done, or that I didn’t WANT to make my mom cum again, but I knew I was close to cumming myself, and I couldn’t focus on what I was doing to her. I kept licking but it was just to show I was trying. She must’ve known because she picked up her pace, and pressure. I didn’t give her any warning, it wasn’t really necessary for her, 1. She knew I was close, and 2. She was a champ at swallowing. So she managed just fine.

My mother gulped down my warm load, then slurped up and down the shaft to make sure she’d gotten it all. I flicked my tongue at her clit and lips playfully, she shook her butt back at me. She got to her feet and wiped her mouth and stretched. I put my hands back behind my head and relaxed, watching her redress.

“Um, I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but we still need to finish cleaning this place!” She scolded with a smile.

I jumped up and got dressed, then we finished our chores without any more distractions. She told me that she had narrowed down the list of places to rent, and that they were all near Lyla. She said she wanted to make sure I could stay in the new school I had just gotten used to, and also wanted to make sure that I could go see Lyla (and Shelby) for sex and head, since my mom insisted that once Lacy was here there would be no more of this with her. She said the plan was to move back the weekend after school finished for the summer, which was a month away exactly. We finished and hugged goodbye and headed our separate ways, knowing we’d see each other soon.

I got back to Lyla’s house and walked in. It was quite, and seemed empty. I went up to my room and put my stuff away and changed clothes. I looked in Shelby and the two boys rooms, all empty. I headed down stairs, kitchen and living rooms also empty. I figured I should check Lyla’s room too, just to be sure. I walked in and saw a pleasant sight. It was a recap of what I’d seen first thing this morning, only this time Shelby was going down on her mother. Both girls were naked, Lyla was laying on the bed, legs spread, hands holding the back of Shelby’s head as her daughter eagerly ate her mom’s pussy.

“Ahem.” I sarcastically cleared my throat. Both of them turned their heads, startled.

“Oh hey Adam!” Said Shelby with a smile.

“Have you girls been in bed all day?!”

“Actually yes.” Lyla answered, both started laughing. “The boys are staying with friends, and You’ve been away all day, so we’ve been having some mother – daughter time. They Giggled again. “But if you don’t mind, she was just about to make me cum again…” and she pushed her daughters head back down to her snatch.

I started undressing, I needed a shower and had homework. I got naked and walked towards the master bathroom. ‘Ahhhh!’ Lyla moaned, she was close. I turned and caught sight of Shelby’s round-upturned ass. My dick twitched and shot up straight. No way was I going to waste this. I climbed onto the bed behind Shelby and sat up on my knees. Lyla moaned again, louder, neither of them seemed to noticed me. I looked down in front of me at Shelby’s athletic ass. The cheeks were firm and naturally spread apart when she bent over.

My eyes trailed down the rest of her body. She was tan and muscular, a cheerleaders body. Her head was buried in her mother’s crotch, Lyla’s hands were tangled in Shelby’s hair as she pulled her young mouth deeper into her muff. I wonder how many times they’d made each other cum today? Lyla’s eyes were squeezed shut, and she was biting her bottom lip. I gripped my dick and grinned as I admired the scene playing out before me. I aimed the head at Shelby’s cunt and shoved it in. We all moaned loudly. Lyla, from Shelby’s mouth; Shelby, from my cock; and I from her twat… ya, my homework was going to have to wait a minute.

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