A Skater’s Fantasy
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Katerina Bronislow was a picture of beauty and grace.
The young champion glided to an abrupt stop, sparkles
cascading from her silver blades as they bit into the
ice. A moment of silence, then the music came back to
life in a burst of joy, as the young woman flexed at
the knees to push herself into another change-double-

Katerina concentrated on nothing but her routine and
the sound of her skates slicing through the fine layer
of liquid crystal that glazed the surface of the ice.
Her next movement took her into the air as she spun
three full revolutions counter-clockwise, landing on
the left back outside edge of the blade. Her heart
swelled with pride as she completed the difficult jump
perfectly. In the distance, as if coming from another
world, she heard the audience roar of approval. Now
that the difficult triple-axel was done, the rest of
her performance would be a piece of cake, she thought.

Katerina went through the remaining portion of the
program almost without thinking, as she had done a
hundred times before. Spiral, lutz…spreadeagle, a
small-axel…change-to-double-three, change-loop…
loop, bracket, double-three…

She began to hear the audience again, as she neared
the end of her program the world began to come back
into focus, her mind relaxed its complete concentra-
tion on each coming motion. It was like waking up, or
breaking the surface after a deep dive into water…

Then she was done, she struck the final pose and froze,
body held perfectly still, arms flung above her head as
if reaching for the heavens.

A split-second of silence (it seemed an eternity to
Katerina), then the audience started to applaud, then
one-by-one they stood, screaming their approval, throw-
ing flowers, cheering. The young woman was stunned by
the sudden deafening noise; faltered for a moment, then
began to cry and laugh at the same time as she began
the four corner bow required by tradition.

Kasha Malinov stood by the score box waiting for Kater-
ina to skate her way there. As she finally approached;
they hugged and kissed briefly as he added his praise
to the general audience. “Kat, you were wonderful! I
think I’ve never seen you skate better! I’m so proud
of you.”

Katerina could barely hear her friend over the crowd’s
acclaim, but she knew he was congratulating her, she
knew that she had done well.

Coach came to sit beside the young skater, hugging her
and yelling almost louder than anyone else. They sat
side-by-side as the scores popped up one by one.

5.9 – 5.9 – 5.9 – 5.9 . . . Katerina couldn’t believe
it, as 5.9 after 5.9 lit up on the judges score board.

She had won the women’s singles!

She had won, and the pressure was over. The adrenaline
had already begun to drain from her veins at the moment
the music had stopped. And now with the competition
over, she felt tired, almost lethargic, as Coach helped
her to stand, and they left the score box.

Katerina knew that Kasha would be the last of the men
to skate, but now that the strain of competition was
over, she wanted to see all the men perform. She
certainly wanted to be in the audience to cheer on her
team-mate, she couldn’t miss watching him in action.

After helping the young woman remove her skates, Coach
left Katerina with security in the competitor’s area
and went back down to the rink to be there during the
final moments that every skater needed with their coach
prior to taking the ice.

Davis Mandalay was on the ice as Katerina took her
place in the stands, still breathing hard after her
workout. She noticed Davis perform a perfect triple-
lutz, then a double loop. Her gaze went to Kasha
Malinov, she knew exactly what he was going through
down there. She had just come though it herself. She
knew that he, like her, would be saying to himself,
‘Why am I doing this? I hate this more than anything
in the world’.

But, both of them knew that when a performance went
well, there was almost nothing better. She smiled,
remembering Kasha’s saying,. “A good skating perfor-
mance is the most fun a person can have with their
clothes on.”Coach always got upset when Kasha said
that, but Katerina liked the saying, and always
imagined her friend at those moments without his
clothes on, ‘having fun.’

They had both come to Portland, Oregon from their
native Poland to train with Coach Kalaman. There was
no place like America to train. If one wished to
attain a world-class reputation, training in America
was almost a necessity these days. Coach had found
Kasha Malinov shortly after he had won the European
Championship. Katerina had competed there also, but at
15, she knew she was too immature to make a real
impression on the stodgy judges.

But now at 18, and with much help from Coach, plus
the rigorous 60 hours of practice each week, Katerina
had felt ready. She felt good. Perfect, in fact! The
results had proven her correct.

Kasha was limbering up now. Between performances, the
men were doing minor jumps and spirals, trying to work
the nerves out. Katerina knew it wouldn’t help, but
they all did it anyway. Kasha was wearing his black
satin dancer’s costume. Katerina loved that outfit, it
made him look so manly, she thought.

His body was so fine to look at. Suddenly she felt
guilty; Kasha was married and Katerina knew it was a
sin to dream about a married man in such a way. Kasha
and Diana Malinov had been married for almost five
years. Katerina felt herself flush in a familiar
feeling of jealousy. At times she almost hated Diana
for her good fortune. Katerina was in love with her
team-mate, and hated the thought of another woman
pawing Kasha’s perfect body.

Katerina was brought back to the present when she heard
the familiar strains of ‘A Prelude To Love’ by Brahm’s.
That was Kasha’s music!!

The young woman leaned forward watching her team-mate
take the ice. She sat with every nerve on-end, every
muscle stretched tight, as if she were the one ready
to perform.

He looked beautiful, his midnight-black hair glowed
almost blue-black in the purplish spotlights shining
down from high in the ceiling. He stood proud and
erect, his legs spread in a heroic stance. Then the
music took off, and so did Kasha Malinov.

She watched as he moved effortlessly into his first
triple-triple-loop… Katerina was in love… every
time Kasha performed she fell in love with him a
little more. The young skater watched intently –
wishing that she could be inside his strong male
body. She wanted to feel his muscles move under his
smooth skin, she wanted to touch him as he moved over
the ice so confidently.

Another huge jump brought a soft whimper from her lips;
yes, she was truly in love. Kasha jumped again, this
time he seemed to fly into the air to an impossible
height making more that three revolutions before land-
ing his perfect salchow. Katerina wished she could ‘be’
him if only for a few moments, he was so powerful, so

She would know what to do with his body, if she had it
for even one evening, she thought. Yes – she would
bring that wonderful body to her dormitory room after
dark and make it please her. Oh yes – if only Kasha
were single… She would know how to please him too,
she squirmed a little in her seat at that thought.


Katerina could almost feel his skin under her hand. She
imagined the texture of it on her fingertips. She would
kiss him like he’d never been kissed before. She would
press her body against his, then reach down to hold his
powerful manhood in her fist. Oh that would be the most
wonderful feeling, to actually touch his lovely tool,
to undress him, to expose his body to her sight. Yes…
to unzip him, to reach inside his clothes.

Katerina could feel her own arousal as the arousal of
his hardening man-shaft forced her fingers wider as his
wonderful, beautiful erection grew impossibly big with-
in her grip. His arousal was so wonderful to see, his
sexual organ so soft, yet hard and so warm.

She couldn’t help herself! She grasped it harder and
began to pull and then push on the sensitive skin of
his cock-shaft. She had never actually done anything
like that before, but at the same time she knew that
she was ‘jacking’ him off. And it made her even more
excited to know that this beautiful man was ‘letting’
her do this to him.

The palm of her hand rubbed at his now slick sex, the
feeling made Katerina almost faint. Her breath was
coming in gasps, matching his, as he thrashed under her
manipulation, muscles rippling. She thought that he was
the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

Katerina watched with intense interest as Kasha’s
wonderful member seemed to grow even stiffer, straining
for release as her small hand worked up and down his
shiny veined column. Then, almost without warning, his
golden cock began to spurt golden sperm, gushing like
a fountain; splattering all over the front of
Katerina’s costume. Her eyes half-closed as she felt
his hot spurts hit her chest. She could almost hear
the splats, and most certainly feel the molten liquid
seeping through the thin material of her skater’s
costume to touch her skin.

She continued to jack him off in slow motion, leaning
over him, taking his huge golden cock in both hands,
caressing it against her neck. She moved her whole body
with each thrusting movement, forcing more and more hot
seed from his straining body. Katerina could feel his
sperm on the back of her neck now, she knew it was in
her hair too. She wondered how much sperm Kasha could
produce; he seemed to go on and on. Katerina was almost
out of her head with need for him. Her young body was
on fire, the hot, sticky smell of him was everywhere.

It was the most natural thing that Katerina had ever
done when she leaned forward and place her lips on the
tip of Kasha’s beautiful cock, taking him into her
mouth as far as possible. Her first sensation was the
wonderful feeling of smooth delicate skin against her
tongue, then almost Immediately she felt a gush of hot
liquid splatting against the back of her throat, then
another, and another. Katerina began to swallow, and
kept swallowing.

It was all so wonderful. She knew she was pleasing
Kasha. His orgasm was having a direct effect on her
body too. Every time Kasha’s hot sperm shot down her
throat, a wonderful spasm went straight to her pussy.
Each time he spurted, her strong, athletic body
experienced another sexual quake.

In a moment, his orgasm became hers. The feelings were
so overpowering that Katerina couldn’t hold back any
longer. Her body convulsed mightily; as her orgasm hit
her full strength. She abruptly pulled her lips from
Kasha’s still rigid manhood and screamed in pure
ecstasy, still tasting his hot essence on her tongue.

Her voice – as she screamed in her orgasm – was
super-human. It echoed from the rafters of the arena,
multiplied a thousand times, ten thousand times…
Katerina’s body convulsed once more, thrashing, and
filling every hollow, every nerve with the most
wonderful of feelings… she loved Kasha, she loved


The young skater sat back breathing as if she’d just
finished a rigorous practice, exhausted. She could
still hear the echoes of her ecstasy, she opened her
eyes…. Her face went bright red in instant
embarrassment. What had she just done? Looking around,
expecting ridicule, disgrace.

Everyone was shouting and cheering. Katerina was
bewildered for a moment. Were they congratulating her
on her public orgasm?

Then her young mind cleared and she realized that Kasha
had just finished his program… the realization that
she had been fantasizing about her team-mate hit home
in a rush.

Kasha Malinov was standing taking his bows at center
rink. Katerina looked at the young man with new under-
standing… and new plans running though her mind.

‘Sorry Diana,’ she thought with a new determined look
in her eyes…

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