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It has been a long day. Your neck and back are a
little sore from being
on the computer all day, and you attempt to reach back and
rub them. But I
gently push your hands away. Then I begin to knead the
muscles of your
upper back,my fingers pushing in and around, up and down,
until gradually
you feel the aching begin to soothe and the muslces start to
“How’s that feel?” I inquire.
“Mmm,” you reply. “Feels heavenly.”
I grin, spin you around in your swivel-chair, bend
down to yor
upraised face and kiss your lips. Even as our tongues
entwine, I feel your
fingers tugging impatiently at the zipper of my pants, then
your hands reach
inside and retrieve my limp cock, pulling it out.
We break from kissing, and as I stand in front of
you, your mouth
engulfs the purple head, sucking it in and out, feeling it
become engorged
and hard. Your fingers grip the shaft, squeeze it, move the
skin back and
forth, covering, then uncovering the head, a drop of
transparent pre-cum
oozing from the tip as you press it.
“How’s that feel?” you ask.
“Mmm,” I respond. “Feels heavenly.”
We both laugh at the obvious repetition of our
previous conversation.
Then you rise and we kiss again.
My hands undo the buttons of your blouse, then reach
inside to find
your bra missing. At the same time, you’ve undone my pants
and they drop
to my ankles. You tug my shorts down.
Now I turn us and I sit down in the swivel-chair.
You move forward and
I bury my face between your breasts, licking the salty
taste, then meandering
over and around your hardening nipples.
I run my hands up your legs, beneath your skirt,
pushing up the fabric
until my fingers slip into your panties and feel the hot
wetness of your
crotch. I find the kob of your clitoris and begin to rub
it, then slide my
fingers down further into the hot depths of your pussy. You
moan and grind
your hips forward, pushing against my hand.
I pull your panties down. You step out of them, then
lower yourself to
your knees between my legs. Once again your mouth gobbles my
cock, your
hands cupping and squeezing my balls gently. Once again my
cock hardens
in your mouth and you hungrily run your lips up and down the
A few moments later, I lift you from my pulsing
member, lay you back
on the nearby table. I spread your legs, bend forward and
bury my face in
yor cunt, my tongue stabbing into your sex, thrusting
within, then sliding
firmly across your clitoris. I feel your thighs against the
sides of my head,
your heels on my back. I suck on your clitoris, pushing and
sliding over it
with my tongue until your body shakes with its orgasmic
Then I stand, pull your hips forward and thrust my
hardened cock
deep into your cunt again and again, my balls slapping
noisily against your
bum. You reach beneath my shirt, rub my nipples with your
fingers, your
voice huskily urging me to cum.
And I do, my hot load exploding into the hidden
recesses of your
vagina as I pump again and again, sliding back and forth
against the walls of
your cunt.
Spent, I lie down on top of you, feeling the wetness
of your bodies as
we embrace and kiss and nuzzle, gradually letting our
breathing return to

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