Amy’s Afternoon Fantasy
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One afternoon, Amy was working away in her home office
at the computer. Or, at least she was at the computer.
Instead of working, she was in a chat room, talking with
strangers about all sorts of naughty things.

She was chatting with a man who described himself as
tall, dark and handsome, and the talk steadily got
steamier and steamier. Amy felt her arousal as he told
her about his own, and she became hotter, warmer, and

The stranger began to ask about her body, about her
breasts, about what she was wearing. Amy told him about
her simple outfit, and the sexy lingerie she had on
underneath. The man told her she should undress, but she
already had started. Her top was pulled up so she could
fondle her bra-clad breasts, while her other hand was
digging inside her pants.

She told the man what she was doing. He told her to do
more. So her top came off, quickly, while her pants
slipped down her legs. She was a fully aroused woman,
needing satisfaction. She knew she had to go further –
she had to get naked for this man and for herself. So
her fingers hurriedly undid her bra, letting her
beautiful firm breasts go free. She wanted to tear off
her panties, but her legs were too wide apart, with her
hand too busily stroking her wet pussy inside the
panties. She couldn’t stop for a second, even to take
them off. It just felt so good…

Suddenly she heard a noise, right behind her! She
whirled around, nearly naked in only those wet panties
with her fingers still inside. There was the man, just
as he had described himself. He stood there in real
life, naked, including his erect penis standing straight
up in front of him, pointing right at her own scantily
clad body.

Amy nearly melted to the floor. He walked to her and
took her firmly in his arms. “Time to take off those
panties,” he said, and with a hand on either side he
firmly unrolled them down her legs. She stepped out of
them, naked.

“Let’s have some fun with each other,” he said. And with
that he slowly lifted her in his arms, and carried her
out of the room, to the bathroom, to the shower. He
started the water and they squeezed inside, breathing
the warm steam.

“Your breasts need my touch,” he said. And he began to
soap her bare breasts, slowly fondling and massaging
every square inch. His hands slipped down over her body,
the soap gliding over her back, her shoulders and her
tummy. Finally the hands went down further, to her
naked, dripping pussy. He began more gentle soaping, but
soon dropped the bar, and concentrated on fingering her
bare pussy.

She felt his hardness press into her, and soon she
reached down for the bar of soap. Her hands glided over
his hard, erect cock, standing up valiantly against the
heat and steam. She began to massage him, soaping his
penis and balls, and soon the pretense of washing was
gone as she too dropped the soap and concentrated on
his masculinity.

They stood there, kissing, fingering and playing with
each other for what seemed like an eternity. But
eventually he drew his hand away and hers from him, and
reached to turn off the water. “It’s time to make love,”
he said. And with that he reached down and lifted her
again, carrying her dripping, wet, naked body over to
the bedroom.

She said, “let’s 69,” and so he lay down on the bed, his
cock standing straight up. She lay down on top, putting
her pussy to his mouth and her own to his beautiful
penis. They placed their tongues on each other, and he
tasted her sweet pussy while she wrapped her lips around
his hard cock.

Then she lifted up and rearranged herself, letting her
pussy hover over his cock. She slowly sank down on it,
letting it penetrate her and fill her up. She felt his
hardness inside him, and began to grind. He moaned as
she pleasured herself on his cock and lifted herself up
and back down on it, to feel the pleasure of its reentry
into herself.

Finally he lifted himself up and laid her down. “Now
it’s time to cum,” he said softly. And with that he lay
between her spread legs and let his penis penetrate
fully, completely into her. She felt it sink inside her,
only to feel him pull out and enter again, this time
harder. He pulled out and in again, building up to a
slow, careful ramming of his hard cock into her lovely
body. He repeated it again and again, while she cried
out to cum.

Would he ever cum? He just kept fucking her, while she
began to build up to the biggest climax she had ever
felt. Finally his groaning grew louder, and she felt his
body tense. Her own body tensed and she began to cum,
just as she felt his own spurts begin inside her. He
tensed and groaned more, as his hot cum ran out of him
into her body, while she cried out in her own pleasure.
She closed her eyes as her body shook with her enormous

She lay there with her eyes still closed for a long
time, panting and relishing every second of what had
just happened. Finally, she opened her eyes. He was
gone! There was no one in the room, just herself, still
sitting at the computer, her clothes strewn on the floor
all around her. She looked at the computer. He had
logged off.

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