Auntie’s home tuition
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Vigorously it was a while before feeling comfortable then she hit a spot and l became very aroused my erection was spontaneous, and what an erection it was l gulped in air pushing myself on to Silvia and shouted ‘mummy l’m going’, she stopped fucking me and warned l was not to shoot my sticky load then gripped my balls tight causing me to lose my erection quickly, Silvia began fucking me again just as fast, she hit my g-spot ‘Bam!’ my cock was rock hard the sensation was electric it ran from the head of my cock to my balls, l wasn’t going to be able to stop from shooting my spunk this time and Silvia knew it, when she felt my pre-cum dribbling from my urethral l was rolled onto my back, Silvia took my cock to the back of her throat so the tip of my shaft slid a little further, she didn’t have to suck me hard as my floodgates opened and the whole contents of my balls shot straight into her throat l could feel her throat muscles tighten around the head of my shaft then release me, Silvia swallowed the full load of thick creamy fluid which seemed to put Silvia into a good mood then kissed me to slowly begin wanking me as we watch telly, it was about 15 minutes later she had brought my cock back to life and announced it was time l pump my first sticky creamy load into her womb. Silvia led me to the bedroom we lay on the bed kissing then she got onto her back spread her legs and told me to put my cock into her wet juicy pussy, her hole was so warm and wet l thought my cock would melt. When my shaft was fully inserted in her body, l held back from shooting my spunk too quickly, Silvia whispered ‘don’t rush’ and kissed me, l slowly eased my cock partway out then back inside her again 7 or 8 times, she told me to increase my rhythm which l did even though my balls were ready to burst, but l knew Silvia wouldn’t be happy if l didn’t shoot my load on her commanded. Her moans and sighs were becoming loud with every thrust of my cock into her she gulped in air her panting grew deeper and louder, Silvia rapped her legs around me then ordered l thrust my cock harder when l re-entered her dripping pussy, l couldn’t hold on any longer and without any warning l gave a hard thrust into her hole and just emptied my balls with such force into her womb Silvia screamed and bit my shoulder as if to stop herself from screaming again. I was numb from the experience of actually feeling what Silvia felt like on my cock, when she finely caught her breath she rolled onto her side kissed me and whispered ‘mummy is very full’ took hold of my head and guided me down between her legs to clean her spunk filled pussy, once l had cleaned her hole we went to sleep.

We had been at the site for 6 days and become friendly with the old couple who one evening invited Silvia and me to the village pub, she gave me a make-over and did a good job, because Silvia had me wearing shorts l had to wear my tightest knickers to hide my shaft imprisoned in the cock cage, but l still had a bit of a budge, my top was a loose T-shirt so anyone looking at me would think l was slightly flat chested. We all sat in the pub garden, l got the odd glance from some people, but l didn’t feel uncomfortable l even got a few smiles from boys which earnt me a slap on the legs from Silvia. The old couple’s names were Maurice and Brenda they took it l was Silvia’s daughter and we didn’t tell them anything different. We had been at the pub quite a while and it was getting dark everyone was enjoying themselves when Silvia gave me a strange stare and smiled, l needed to pee and informed Silvia, but Brenda said she needed the ladies, so would take me. When guys piss they stand next to each other talking, well it’s the same for woman except they are seated with their legs spread to piss, Brenda was sat in the cubical with the door open talking, l couldn’t take my eyes off the golden stream of piss squirting from her gingery grey pussy hairs, she finished then wiped herself, l would have licked her clean all she had to do was ask, l went into the cubical to pee and managed to hide the fact that my erect cock was trying to burst from the cock cage. We left the toilets, Brenda went to the bar for crisps, l sat down just as Maurice lent towards Silvia and whispered something l couldn’t hear, she laughed and answered ‘no, thank you’, Brenda came back and every so often Silvia grinned then gave a little wriggle on the bench seat beside me. The evening came to an end and we walked back to the caravans everyone was in high spirits, later Silvia informed me why she was grinning, it seemed Maurice had been running his hand up her legs, she confessed that she was going to let him fuck her then have me lick her clean before l fucked her. At first l felt betrayed, but in the next second wondered what her spunk dribbling pussy would taste like and remarked she should have a bit of fun as she was on holiday.

Silvia got me washed and ready for bed then l had a feed of her fresh warm breast milk while she drank a large glass of wine. There was a knock on the caravan door l stopped suckling and Silvia went to answer the door, l heard a man mumbling and she turned to look at me, l leapt from the settee and ran to the bed room leaving the door slightly ajar, next l saw Maurice enter the caravan they sat down and began kissing he didn’t hang about Maurice had her dress up and her knickers ripped off, she lay on the floor and opened her legs, he knelt between them pulled his trousers and pants down to his knees and lay on top, Maurice must have stuffed his cock into Silvia’s pussy because she let out ‘oh yes’ and straight away his arse was up and down between her legs, she raised her legs to embrace him, Maurice realised that his chest was becoming wet and saw Silvia’s breast milk oozing from her nipples, he began sucking her tits his moans became louder as he sucked, she held his head pressed against her tit, her breathing became short pants then Maurice asked if it was alright to shoot his load inside her, Silvia answered ‘yes if he wanted to get her pregnant’ and held him in place between her legs, so he couldn’t pull out and had to fill her womb, but l don’t think Maurice minded because by the loud groan of pleasure he let out he didn’t give a shit if she got pregnant or not he just wanted to shoot his load. He didn’t give Silvia a bun in the oven, but he did leave a full creamy load inside her. When he was dressed, she ushered him out then came into the bedroom and flopped onto the bed, l sheepishly asked if l could clean her, Silvia kissed me and said ‘l was a good boy to clean his mummy, and opened her legs, l dived straight in between them. Her pussy hole was warm l spread her lips and slid my tongue from the bottom right up to her clit, she tasted very salty, but l didn’t stop licking, l sucked harder a thick load of Maurice’s spunk shot into my mouth causing me to cough, l couldn’t get enough of her spunk filled hole l was more than happy to suck and lick Silvia’s pussy all night, but she put her hands either side of my head and guided me up to her tits then ordered l had a feed before fucking her, l wasn’t going to argue and sucked her tits like l was going to suck them dry, Silvia softly told me to put my seed in her womb as my spunk was what she really needed. Her pussy was still soaking wet when l slid my shaft inside her, she insisted l fuck her hard and fast, Silvia was eager to be filled with another hot sticky load and she was going to get all l had stored in my balls, l was soon giving a deep thrust of my shaft inside her and releasing my seed into her hot wet womb, it was as if we were stuck together then she eased her hold on me and lay flat on her back, Silvia softly said ‘feed baby’ l began sucking her nipples while she drifted off to sleep, once she slept l gave her pussy another clean before l went to sleep.

The old guy Maurice turned up the next day looking for a repeat of the night before, but Silvia made it clear she got what she wanted from him and wasn’t interested in a re-run, later in the day Brenda came around as Maurice had gone to golf or a few hours. Silvia and Brenda opened one bottle of wine then another both getting quite merry (drunk), Brenda mentioned her and Maurice were going home the next day then she went back to her caravan for a lay down before he returned. Silvia was in a wicked playful mood and told me to take my knickers off and unlocked my cock cage, next she shortened my skirt so the head of my cock could just be seen, l thought we were going to have some fun, but she ordered me to go to see Brenda and wank myself as we chatted. I knocked a few times before Brenda opened the door she was a bit confused why l was at her door considering she had just left our caravan, l said Silvia had gone to bed so l came to see her for something to do, Brenda invited me in and l sat on the settee with my legs parted, she got a good view up my skirt to see my erect cock positioned between my legs and stated ‘you’re a boy’, l nodded and explained my mummy liked dressing me as a girl. I could see Brenda was nervous because she didn’t know where to look, l began wanking my cock, when she saw what l was doing Brenda ordered me to stop, l informed her it was alright because my mummy lets me then l asked if she wanted to see my cock spit, but said l would need a pair of her knickers, Brenda gave me a new pair for me to put on and go home, her knickers were very baggy, but l put them on and went back to Silvia. When l showed Silvia the knickers l was wearing she ordered me to wear them for the rest of the day and that night when l fucked her smooth hot pussy, l left her with another full sticky load inside her womb, Silvia was having me fuck and fill her first thing in the morning because she said that was when my spunk was more concentrated and had me eating what she thought would increase my sperm. Brenda and Maurice didn’t say good bye when they left, but now l had flashed my cock at Brenda Silvia wanted me to flash other’s, we got the bus into town l was dressed in my own clothes, first she took me to get both ears pierced like a girls and wear a matching necklace, next Silvia wanted to buy me a bra which was awkward because we did get some very strange looks both going into a changing room, but l got a loving cock sucking from her in the changing room, l wasn’t sure if anyone heard us, but she was loud when she swallowing my hot load, after the bra fitting we got burgers and sat in the park. There were some girls having a crafty cigarette. Silvia ordered l flash my cock at them, l was nervous, but if it made her happy then l would do as she asked, just before walking over to the girls l hung my cock from my zipper then stood beside them wanking, 2 of the girls ran off, but 2 sat watching me, l got really excited and shot my spunk onto the ground, afterwards the girls just carried on talking, l re-join Silvia and we went to catch the bus back to the caravan where she redressed me into a girl outfit.

We had been at the caravan for almost 2 and a half weeks, l was feeling like l was connected to Silvia by my cock or she was connected to me with her rubber cock which enabled her to fuck herself and me at the same time. Silvia got me into a routine of fucking and filling her as soon as l woke then at 2pm l would fuck her again even if we were out she would find somewhere quiet for me to ram my shaft into her warm pussy, we would normally find a ladies toilets as it seems quite common for 2 girls to go into the same cubical then at night l would give her the last sticky load of the day, Silvia was determined l was going to get her pregnant after each load l shot into her womb l was complemented by her telling me l was a good boy.

One morning while having breakfast Silvia noticed in the third caravan from us a man was unpacking his car. Later a fat girl and boy came by the girl was called Kylie, she was about 5 years younger than me and her brother Neal 2 years younger than her the girl explained they were with their father for a short break, Silvia poked her head out to say ‘hello’ just as their father came to tell them they were going shopping then man introduced himself to Silvia as Martin and asked if the pub did food and where was the supermarket, she gave him directions and informed him the pub did nice food also we might see them there later, when l went into our caravan Silvia interrogated me on what had l said to the girl, accusing me of arranging to meet her. She was drinking a lot of wine and would often have a sleep in the afternoon and before she went to the bedroom l got a good bum slapping as a warning and to stop me sneaking out or entertaining myself l was stripped naked only left wearing my cock cage.

We did go to the pub that night after Silvia put a little makeup on for me and did my hair, we sat in the garden the man Martin was on another table with Kylie and Neal then we joined them, after a while Martin and Silvia went into the pub leaving me, Kylie and Neal in the garden as Neal wanted to play on the swings and slide. As Kylie and l chatted she remarked her father and my mother, she didn’t know Silvia was my aunt would be doing it later as her father commented that Silvia was very attractive that’s when our conversation got onto sex and Kylie bragged a boy put his willy (cock) into her hole, she asked if l had gone all the way, Kylie still thought l was a girl which made me laughed and without saying too much replied l couldn’t she gave me a strange look, so l confessed to having a willy (cock), Kylie thought l was joking and asked me to show her which l couldn’t do in the pub garden, we went to the ladies and l took my cock from my knickers and put Kylie’s hand under my skirt, she lifted my skirt for a better view and laughed before asking why was my cock in a cage, l whispered could l put my willy into her hole, Kylie replied ‘no’ so l said she was lying about a boy putting his willy into her hole, she smugly declared l couldn’t because my willy was in a cage, we left the ladies.

When we got to the caravans Martin and Silvia went for a drink in his caravan, Silvia told me, Kylie and Neal to go to our caravan, Neal put on the telly, l went to unlock my cock cage then went back into the lounge Kylie was in the kitchen area, l lifted my skirt to reveal my cock was now free and put her hand onto my hard shaft and asked her to come into the bedroom she pulled her hand away saying ‘no’, l called her a liar again for telling me she had a willy in her hole, so asked her to just lay on the bed with me, Kylie declared she would lay on the bed, but that was all. Neal didn’t notice we wasn’t even in the room; l knew me and Kylie wouldn’t have long because if Martin did fuck Silvia then once he shot his load up her she will return. Me and Kylie began kissing, l put her hand onto my shaft and she awkwardly began wanking me, l started fingering her bald pussy then she let me take her knickers off and lay on top of her, so l could rub my cock against her hole then as my pre-cum dribbled from the tip of my cock l started to gently slide the head of my cock between her pussy which parted her warm lips, Kylie didn’t stop me and each time l push the head of my cock a little further inside her then l thrust downwards and my whole shaft slid right into her tight fitting hole, Kylie let out ‘oi’ but lay still under me then just told me to ‘hurry up’ as l started fucking her warm pussy love box. It didn’t take long for me to start shooting my sticky spunk into her teen womb and as soon as l emptied my pay load l slid my shaft from her very tight spunk trickling hole and put my cock cage onto my cock, Kylie put on her knickers she didn’t wipe her spunk dribbling pussy and we went to sit with Neal, about 15 minutes later Silvia came into the caravan and told Kylie and Neal their father was waiting outside to take them home.

While Silvia got me ready for bed l asked if Martin fucked her and she said he did, but she made him wear a condom because Silvia only wanted me to get her pregnant which made me feel better. When we went into the lounge l began feeding on her tits, she took out a condom and said it was full of Martin’s spunk then as l sucked her nipples Silvia poured the spunk filled condom over her tits, Martin’s spunk went into my mouth as l fed and what spunk didn’t go into my mouth she made me lick off her tits and belly when l had licked her clean we went to bed and she gave me one of mummy’s special kisses taking me to the point of near shooting my load then straddled my shaft and impaled herself to ride me till l was raising my hips to fill her with a fresh load of spunk from my balls which put Silvia into a good mood, so l asked if l could have a day without my cock cage, l told her it was making my shaft sore, Silvia slid her way down to my cock to kiss it better then before we went to sleep she said l could have one day without my cock cage. I had plans of fucking Kylie as many times as l could the next day because l think she was the local bike for the boys of her area.

The next day started like the other’s Silvia woke so l fucked and filled her, next she washed and dressed me in red knickers, tartan skirt, blouse and cardigan, we were about to have breakfast when Neal knocked on the door and said his father wanted to know if we would have breakfast with them, Silvia accepted, but l didn’t, Neal stayed with me then Kylie turned up, l dragged her into the bedroom took off her knickers while Neal stood at the doorway watching when l slid my knickers off he declared ‘you’re a boy and girl’, Kylie knew what l wanted and spread her legs for me, l got between them and eased my shaft into her warm hole to begin fucking her, l said it wasn’t one boy that fucked her it was lots of boys, she stated that it was only her boyfriends which l bet were many. I had given Kylie my second spunk filled womb then licked my sticky load that dribbled out between her bald smooth pussy lips all the time watched by Neal, we both put our knickers on and went to tell Silvia and Martin we were going to the swing park then the lake, we were given some money and said we’ll get something from the shop so won’t be back to early afternoon they didn’t seemed to mind as l think they had their own plans for the morning.

At the park we played a game called true or dare someone would ask a question and if the person got it wrong, they would be told to remove clothing or have to complete a task. Neal was the first to lose his top then l was told to remove my knickers then Kylie lost hers, next the game got more interesting, me and Neal had to kiss then he kissed his sister Kylie that was when we decided to take our game to the lake as it was more secluded, l lost to Kylie and was told to suck Neal’s cock which wasn’t too bad l got him quite hard then Kylie lost to me, so l told her she had to let her brother Neal fuck her, but she refused so me and Neal held her down, he got between her legs slid his cock into his sisters sticky spunk filled pussy to start fucking her, Kylie was telling him to get off, l told her that when he had spunked up inside her l was next, but she wasn’t really listening to me as she was telling Neal she was his sister and brother and sisters don’t have sex, he just carried on fucking Kylie then gave a groan and shot his load up into his sister’s womb as soon as he got from between her legs l took his place fucking Kylie’s wet sticky hole which felt fantastic on my cock then she got my creamy load to fill her womb to the brim. I was going to lick her leaking hole, but she sat up shouting at Neal and me then stomped off, but came back a short time later still pissed at her brother Neal for fucking her when she calmed down we went to the shops to get something to eat then as we were going back to the park we bumped into Silvia who had been looking for us and she seemed slightly upset, Silvia took me back to our caravan for a breast feed as l suckled on her nipples she began telling me that Martin tried to fuck her without a condom so she walked out to find me after my feed we went to bed and Silvia gave me a fantastic bum licking then when she felt my pre-cum oozing from urethral she lay on her back for me to fuck and fill her.

We lay on the bed and l gently sucked her nipples there was a knock at the door, it was Martin he asked if Silvia could look after Neal as Kylie may have broken her arm and he had to take her to hospital. Silvia came to tell me Neal was in the lounge and left the bedroom, l slipped on a pair of knickers and top then went to ask Neal what happened to Kylie as he explained, Silvia was tidying up, when she bent down me and Neal could see her bum and puffy pussy lips, she reached up to get something from a top cupboard l got behind her took my cock out lifted her skirt to put the head of my cock between her bum cheeks, Silvia didn’t stop me, but said ‘no baby Neal is here’ l asked him if he minded me fucking my mummy, Neal shook his head unable to speak, Silvia lent onto the work top and pulled her bum cheeks apart and l rammed my shaft into her arse hole to begin fucking her. Having Neal watch me fucking Silvia was more exciting than when he watched me fuck his sister Kylie, Neal came over to get a better view of my cock sliding in and out of Silvia’s arse hole, he blurted out if her hole felt the same as Kylie’s, Silvia stopped me fucking her and told Neal she won’t be a moment took me into the bedroom to give me one almighty slap across the face then slapped my cock and put the cock cage on me and before leaving the bedroom l got another slap across the face and told to stand in the corner with nothing on. A few moments later Silvia was leading Neal into the bedroom she sat on the bed pulled down his shorts and pants to start sucking his cock then she stopped to ask him what l did with his sister, next Silvia stripped naked and lay on the bed her legs open and asked Neal if he would like to put his cock into her hole like l did with Kylie and of course he jumped at the offer, l was ordered to help him get his cock into Silvia’s pussy, he didn’t fuck her for long, but Silvia was moaning and sighing telling Neal he had a lovely cock that filled her whole pussy and she had never been filled with so much spunk which was of course all for my benefit then l was told to suck his cock clean and once that was done l had to lick Silvia’s dripping pussy clean. Martin came to collect Neal, Kylie had her arm in plaster, Silvia later remarked wickedly she hoped it hurt the whore, l was allowed to dress after dinner, but not before a few more slaps on my cock which became red and throbbing.

It was a nice evening, me and Silvia went for a walk to the lake to sit and watch the sunset l took her hand and said ‘sorry mummy’, she told me l had been very naughty as we sat by the lake Silvia gave me a feed and she let me finger her warm pussy. Her tits were so full of milk l only had to put my mouth to her nipple and it was like turning on a tap, once l fed, we went back to the caravan and Silvia said she had been bitten on the wrist. In the morning her hand was twice the size and she had a high temperature, l phoned Robert who drove to the caravan we packed, Silvia slept all the way home Robert commented on how l looked nice in my little girl outfit when he arrived, but to travel home l dressed in my own clothes. After dropping me at home Robert took Silvia straight to the hospital.

When he came home, Robert was on his own as it seemed Silvia had allergic reaction to whatever bit her and would be staying in hospital for 2 or 3 days. Me and Robert had dinner then he went out, l had a bath and went to bed, but was woken by Robert and his friend Davey, Robert wanted me to show Davey what l looked like dressed in my girl outfit.

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