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I woke up slowly. Before I even opened my eyes, I realized that
something was feeling really good. I opened my eyes to see that Holly
was down at the foot of the bed, licking and kissing my cock. She smiled
up at me with a mischievous look in her green eyes. “Good morning,
Master,” she whispered before giving my cock a long sensuous lick. “I
know I didn’t ask permission…but your cock was so beautiful, all big
and hard…I couldn’t help myself.” She stroked it slowly and ran her
tongue gently around and around the head, like I’d taught her. I could
see her wedding band on her finger. I looked over at Steve, her husband.
He was sitting up, next to the bed. We sometimes let him sleep on a
pallet next to the bed that he and Holly used to share so that he could
get a front row seat as I fucked his pretty wife. His eyes were wide as
he watched Holly licking and kissing the big black cock she had come to
love so much. I looked back down at her.
“I’ll punish you later,” I told her. “Now suck it. Like I taught
“Thank you, Master,” she nearly sobbed in gratitude as she plunged
her hot eager mouth down over my dick. She began sucking and slurping
noisily. I lay back for a few moments and enjoyed the sensation of her
tongue moving against the underside of my shaft. I didn’t have to wonder
if hubby was enjoying the show.I knew he loved the sight of his formerly
innocent young bride worshipping my thick black meat.
Steve and I had once been, I guess you could say, partners in
crime. We both worked for the same consumer electronics company. He was
an executive, I worked in the warehouse. He had come up with a scam
where he would “lose” the records of some of the inventory, mostly TV’s
and stereos. I’d take the stuff that was no longer on the books and sell
it on the streets, then we’d split the profits. Of course, I was the one
who got caught. I did eighteen months in prison. I could have gotten a
lighter sentence if I’d ratted Steve out, but I ain’t no punk. Of
course, he could have helped me out, but he was a punk. So, during my
time in the joint, I had plenty of time to think abut how I was going to
get back at him. I settled on the idea of raping the pretty young blonde
wife he was so proud of. But when I got out and showed up at his house
late one night to take my revenge, something happened that I didn’t
expect. I had started by tying Steve to a chair by the bed. Then I
started in on Holly. I was pretty rough with her.I had eighteen months
of anger built up and only one night to take it out…or so I thought.
How was I to know that rough brutal fucking from a big black cock was
exactly what she had been craving? Hell, according to her, she didn’t
even know it. But before long, she was fucking me back, screaming in
orgasm and begging for more. After eighteen months, I was ready, willing
and able to give her all she wanted and then some. What was most
surprising is how much Steve got into it. His little white dick was
stiff as a board as he watched me fuck his wife over and over. I made
her do all the things she had previously denied her hubby.I fucked her
in every position, forced her to suck cock, and finally topped it all
off by letting him jack off while I took Holly’s tight asshole for the
first time in her life. She really loved that. She came so hard, she
tore up the sheets clawing at them, screaming that she was mine now, she
was my bitch, my slut, my slave.
The next morning, I moved into their nice suburban house. After
all, I figured, I’d helped pay for it. Holly let Steve know that she was
mine now, and if he didn’t like it, she’d kick his white ass to the curb
and blow the whistle on his involvement in the scam. I promised him that
if he went to prison, I’d contact some of the friends I’d made inside
and make sure he got turned out to pull the punk train every night. He
was screwed and he knew it. And so was Holly…and they were both
loving it.
I opened my eyes. Holly was moving her lips up and down my shaft,
nice and slow, just the way I liked it. Her eyes were closed and she was
moaning deep in her throat. I had taught her to love giving head, and
she’d suck my cock for hours if I ordered her to. I ran a hand through
her hair, telling her what a good little white fuckbitch she was. She
moaned louder and began sucking a little faster. I turned my head
slightly to look at Steve, who was kneeling beside the bed, pumping his
cock with one hand.
“Steve,” I said sternly. “Let go of that pathetic little pecker for a
minute.” He grimaced in frustration, but he followed orders as always.
“Now get up and go call Holly’s job. Tell them she won’t be in
today…she’s laid up in bed.” He staggered a little as he got up, but
left the room. Holly stopped sucking long enough to look up at me with a
look of pure lust on her face. “Thank you Master,” she whispered. “I’m
looking forward to spending the day fucking you.” she went back to
sucking me, taking my cock deep into her throat. When she first started
sucking my dick, she could barely take half of it. But after a couple of
weeks of practice (and a few ass-whippings with my belt when she didn’t
do it just right) she could deep throat like a porn star. I could hear
Steve in the other room on the phone. I grabbed a handful of Holly’s
hair and began forcefucking her mouth. She immediately submitted,
letting me use her mouth like a pussy. At my order, she reached down and
began fingering herself, thrusting two fingers into her dripping pussy
while strumming a thumb against her clit. She writhed and squirmed,
groaning around my prick in her mouth. Steve came back in at that point.
He stopped dead in the doorway, his mouth opening and closing like a
fish’s, as he watched me rape his wife’s mouth. He reached down as if to
begin jacking off again. “Uh-uh,” I said. “You’re gonna be late for
work. Can’t risk you losing all this nice stuff. Get your ass in the
shower. Holly’ll tell you later about her day.” He gave me a look of
hatred, but there was nothing he could do. He dropped his puny dick and
went into the bathroom. I waited till I heard the shower running, then I
reached down and grabbed Holly by the hair again, pulling her up and on
top of me. Smiling, she straddled my cock and began sliding down on it.
“Unnnnh… She groaned as I stretched her pussy with my thick black
dick. “Oh god…master…it’s so good…” She began pumping her hips up
and down, faster and faster. I slapped her ass, hard. “Slow down,
bitch!” I ordered. “I ain’t ready to cum yet.”
She sobbed in frustration. I knew she needed a hard, fast fuck to get
off, but she wasn’t going to get that yet. “Please,” she begged. “I need
to cum…I need it so bad…sucking your beautiful dick got me so
hot…” I teased her further by reaching up and grasping her nipples
between my fingers. I started twisting and tweaking them roughly,
something I knew would drive her wild. “PLEASE!” she cried out. “I’ll do
anything…anything you want just please please please let me cum…” I
smiled as I told her what she was going to be doing that day. “And when
hubby gets out of the shower,” I said. “You’re going to tell him that.
Then..and only then, do you get to cum. Understand, bitch?” She just
moaned. I let go her nipple and slapped her across the face, hard.
“UNDERSTAND, BITCH?” I snapped at her.
“Yes,” she whimpered. “Yes, master…”
“And you’re gonna do what I told you?”
“Yes…oh, yes…Thank you, master, thank you…”
I heard the shower turn off. After a moment, Steve came out. He
saw his wife slowly riding my cock and stopped. I knew he had probably
jacked off in the shower, but his dick was immediately had again at the
sight of Holly slowly grinding on my thick cock. I was getting close to
losing control myself, so I reached up and started playing roughly with
Holly’s nipples again. “Tell him,” I ordered. “Tell him what you gonna
do today.”
She turned and looked him in the eye. “One of Master’s…oh god
master, yes…one of master’s friends just got out of jail,” she
whispered. “Master invited him over…oooh…and a few more friends
besides…” Her hips were moving faster now. “They’re all going to have
me, honey…uuunnh,,,all of them..he promised them all three…oh,
god…all three…holes.please, master, please, I told him, now please
let me cum..” Steve was standing there, wide eyed. I grasped Holly’s
hips and slowed her down again. She was crying now, out of her mind with
the need to cum. “All of it,” I ordered, “tell him all of it.”
“He’s…he’s going to let them fuck me, Steve…but not for
free…he’s going to make them pay for me..he’s going to make…me
….whore…for him…” I began fucking up into her, hard and fast. She
threw her head back and screamed as she neared climax. “Tell him!” I
shouted. “Tell him what you are!”
‘A WHORE!” she screamed.
“Whose whore!?”
loud enough to wake the dead as she came. I couldn’t hold back any more.
Her pussy was contracting and clutching around my big dick, practically
milking the cum out of me. I yelled and exploded inside her.
having convulsions, she was coming so hard. Finally, she gave a last
shattered moan and collapsed over me. Her hair was matted with sweat and
plastered to her face. I gently stroked it away from her face and
whispered to her. “Good whore,” I said. “Good slut…”
Her voice was hoarse form screaming. “Thank you Master,” she
whispered back.
I turned to Steve. “Get dressed and go to work now,” I ordered.
“I’ll have Holly tell you all about it when you come home.” He didn’t
look at us as he got dressed.
Holly began kissing her way down my body. She knew part of her duties
were to clean me up after a fuck. Steve left without a backward look as
Holly took me back into her mouth….

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