Girly Friday
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“Well, I’m happy to see that your shorthand and typing skills are up to snuff, Miss Egan, now how are you on a computer,” asked the interviewer!?! “Very good,” Melanie replied, “I’ve had extensive training on all of the major business soft wear products and am familiar with all types of pc’s!!!” Dee Waller drummed her fingers on her desk while studying Melanie Knox’s file, set it down, and began slowly, “You realize that the position you are applying for is that of executive secretary for Stanton Ingalls, the chief operating officer of this firm?!?” Melanie nodded her head and replied, “Yes, I feel that I have all of the qualifications necessary to do a excellent job for Mr. Ingalls, I’ve been in the business for twelve years now, and feel I’m ready for the big time!!!” Leaning back in her chair with her fingers interlaced behind her head, Miss Waller continued carefully, “This is a delicate position, and one that requires the utmost in discretion, Mr. Ingalls will be entrusting you with many confidential details of the inner workings of our company!!!” I understand perfectly,” Melanire replied, “my behavior at my previous employment has been above reproach, so I feel Mr. Ingalls can hire me with the utmost confidence!!!” “I’m sure of that,” Dee went on, “but the job also requires, ah, how should I put it, a more hands on and personal relationship with Mr. Ingalls!!!” “I-I’m not sure what you mean,” Melanie stammered, a little confused at the direction the conversation had taken!!! “Now, Miss Egan, you’re a bright young woman,” Dee Waller replied smoothly, “just how much does a top flight executive secretary make these days!?!” “I don’t know exactly,” Melanie replied slowly, “I’d say between forty and sixty thousand per year, depending on length of service and all!!!” “I’d say you’re about right,” Dee replied quickly, “so haven’t you wondered why this position carried a salary of over one hundred thousand dollars per year plus benefits, that’s nearly double what the position normally pays!?!” “Well, I guess I haven’t really given it much thought,” Melanie replied slowly, “so I take it these “personal duties” are what makes the job worth so much!!!” “Now you’re getting the picture,” Dee Waller answered, “are you still interested, if not, you may get up and leave with no hard feelings what so ever from our side!?!” “No,” she replied, “I’m still interested, but I would like to hear exactly what I’d be getting myself into!!!” A small smile spread over Dee Waller’s face and opined, “That’s a very sensible reaction, so here’s the deal!!!”

“I don’t know what you’ve heard about Stanton Ingalls,” Miss Waller went on, “but let me tell you this, from personal experience he is one of the most dynamic individuals you will ever have the pleasure of meeting, but along with his overwhelming personality and drive, also comes his penchant for over indulgence!!!” “His needs in these instances can be almost ravenous,” she intoned, “and you must always be willing and able to do what ever is necessary to fill those particular needs, am I making myself clear on the subject!?!” “Melanie sat back in her chair a little stunned, she HAD wondered why the salary had been so high, but it had never even crossed her mind that she might have to be sexually involved with her boss, so she asked for a little clarification, “You mean I’ll have to sleep with him!?!” “And more,” Dee replied softly, “much, much, more!!!” “W-what more could he ask of me,” she asked quizzically?!? Now leaning forward in her chair, Dee looked Melanie in the eye and said, “Honey, Mr. Ingalls is going to be traveling the world, and taking you everywhere he goes, it’s the chance of a lifetime, you’ll go places and see thing you never even dreamed about, but if you want this job, you’ll have to do what he says and when he says it!!!” “I’m afraid,” she continued on, “that at times Mr. Ingalls will ask you to be with other people, both male and female, but I promise you, most women would kill for this opportunity, and by the way, the last secretary he had lasted almost five years and retired with million dollar severance package!!!” Melanie sat still, not moving a muscle as she tried to comprehend all that had been dumped in her lap in the last fifteen minutes, it was one thing to fuck the boss, but a whole other kettle of fish to sleep with other woman!!!

“Tell me what you’re thinking, Melanie,” Dee Waller asked softly, “is there anything else you’d like to ask me?!?” After taking a deep breath, Melanie replied, “I-I’ll have to admit I’m a little leery of the whole thing, but I’ve never had sex with another woman, I’m totally heterosexual so I’d hate to get hired and then fail to keep up my end of the bargain, if you know what I mean!!!” “Of course I do, dear,” Dee said in a voice just above a whisper, “we would never send anyone to meet Mr. Ingalls personally without being completely sure that that person could handle every aspect of the job, including the one you are worried about!!!” “But how……….,” Melanie said as her voice trailed off!?! Again, looking Melanie straight in the eye, Dee Waller replied evenly, “We would have to find out right here and now if you’re the right woman for the job, if you don’t think you can handle it, there’s the door!!!”

“No,” Melanie answered quickly, “I’ll try, but how…………….?!?” Now returning to her soft understanding tone of voice, Dee said softly, “Okay, hon, stand up, lift your skirt, and show me your panties, please!!!” “Right here,” Melanie said incredulously, “w-what if somebody walks in!?!” “I’ve already taken the liberty of locking the door,” Dee replied, “so it you’re ready, show me, please!!!” Slowly Melanie stood up and with a quickly turning red face, she lifted her skirt by the hem and pulled it high over her waist, exposing her panty clad pussy to this complete stranger! “Mmmmmmm,” Dee hummed, “you wear very pretty under things, and from the looks of it, you’re a true redhead!!!” Her cheeks already were matching her hair, but she still managed to reply, “I am a true redhead, do you think Mr. Ingalls would like that?!?” “Honey,” she answered softly, “Stanton Ingalls loves them red, blonde, black and brunette, but I can assure you that he’ll positively adore your panty cover vagina, now come over here and let me feel your warmth!!!”

“Oh my,” Melanie gasped as Dee Waller leaned over and kissed her vagina through her while lace panties, “t-that feels very nice, I can’t believe I like it!!!” Dee just chuckles a little while she tugged the flimsy under garment off of Melanie’s hips and said, “If you like that, you’re gonna love this,” as she sat Melanie down on the desk in front of her and buried her mouth in the carrot colored bush between her thighs!!!” “God help me,” Melanie moaned, “you do that better than any man I’ve ever had, and you know just where to put your tongue, ohhhhhhhhhhh, myyyyyy!!!” She felt like a total tramp, but she didn’t even care, the only thing that mattered now was making sure that this cunt lapping interviewer sucked her to an orgasm!!! While her mind was racing at light speed, she realized that this woman to woman thing wouldn’t be a problem at all, and that even if she didn’t get the job, she was going to have to find herself a little pussy licker just like Dee!!! At first she had been a little reticent about letting another woman tongue her, but incredibly, now she was overtly shoving her dripping cunt forward so that Dee Waller could put the most pressure possible on her hot clit!!!

As the muscles in her cuant began to contract wildly, it crossed Melanie’s mind that she wouldn’t mind getting a job as Dee Waller’s private secretary, as there were certainly a few fringe benefits that immediately sprang to mind!!! “I-I’m cumming,” Melanie stammered, as her pussy drenched the lips and cheeks of the hot cunt lapper, “you’re sucking me to a hot, hard, fucking cum, my clit is so fucking hard, oh yes, do it for me, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” The it was over, just like that, and now her cunt was twitching like crazy as it attempted to relax after the crushing orgasm had just totally ripped it to shreds!!! “So,” Dee said softly, “you like having a girl suck you off, you think it’s really nice, huh!?!” “Oh, yes,” Melanie said softly, “it was the next best thing to heaven!!!” “So you think you can handle it,” Dee asked, “it was no problem, right?!?” “I’m sure I’m ready,” Melanie replied, “bring him on!!!” “You’re getting closer,” Dee Waller answered back, “but there is one more hurdle for you to clear!!!” “What else is there,” Mealnie asked, “I had sex with a woman and actually I loved it!?!” “No,” Dee corrected her, “I had sex with you, you just sat back and let me eat your pussy, it could have been anybody doing it, but the real test is when you eat this,” as she raised her own dress and exposed a very hairy brown snatch that was already gaping open in excitement!!!

“Y-you want me to suck you off,” Melanie asked doubtfully?!? “Honey, think about it,” Dee chided her gently, “it’s gotta be a prerequisite, and you know it, so let’s get to it if you think you can!!!” Melanie gulped once and said, “Let’s trade places!!!” Melanie had seen some hair pies in her day, but Dee Waller had the hairiest pussy she had ever seen, but for some reason, as she moved her mouth towards the furry target, she didn’t feel any revulsion at all, in fact, she took a deep breath and her nostrils flared as the aroma of fresh hot pussy filled her lungs!!! “My god, girl,” Melanie whispered, “you have a fucking forest growing down here!!!” “D-do you like it,” Dee asked hopefully, “the men all love it!?!” No answer was forthcoming as Melanie’s mouth made contact which muffled any sound she may have even thought about making!!! Soon the loud slurping sounds of Melanie’s tongue on Dee Waller’s cunt were the only ones audible in the small office, which was soon followed by the soft insistent moans of the hairy pussied cunt lapper!!! “Are you sure you haven’t done this before,” Dee gasped, “you know just where my clit is!?!” Lifting her face to reply, Melanie said sweetly, “You have a lovely vagina, Dee, and I must say, I just adore putting my mouth on your sex organs!!!” “Jesus,” Dee moaned loudly, “I-I just love hearing you talk like that!!!” After giving her a few more hard sucks, Melanie looked back up and asked in a little girl’s voice, “Like how, you mean like when I talk about how pretty your crotch is and how cute it looks when it’s all bulged out and wet?!?” “Oh, yes,” Dee fairly gasped, “j-just like that, you make me feel like such a pussy!!!” After a few more licks, Melanie whispered, I think this big hairy cunt qualifies you as a pussy, would you like to cum now, dear, should Melanie finish off your pussy with her tongue?!?” It was a rhetorical question really, one that Dee Waller never even tried to answer, as she was too busy having one of the best and longest lasting climaxes she had ever experienced!!! Melanie’s entire face was smeared with sweet cunt juice from Dee’s drooling pussy, but it was her tongue that was doing all of the damage as it bored in hard and fast on the erect little clit that was straining like mad to bring it’s owner a mind numbing orgasm!!!

When it was over, Melanie kept her mouth attached to Dee’s pussy, luxuriating in the taste and smell that the female orgasm had created!!! “You really do like it, don’t you,” Dee asked while running her hand through Melanie’s long soft hair?!? “Reluctantly pulling her mouth form the still shaky cunt, Melanie replied softly, “Yeah, I guess I do, I really do!!!” “Well now is as good a time as any to tell you,” Dee said!!! “What,” Melanie asked, “tell me what!?!” “I left out one minor detail in our interview,” Dee explained softly, “Stanton Ingalls has two executive secretaries, I’m one, and if you’ll take the job, you’re number two!!!” Melanie just stared at Dee Waller for a moment or two, letting what she had just heard sink in, “You mean we get to stay together,” she asked excitedly!?! Nodding her head and flashing a huge smile, Dee replied happily, “I’m the “other female” you might have to sleep with, is that okay with you!?!” Again, no sound came out of Melanie’s mouth, because it was already filled with the hot wet pussy of Dee Waller, and that was the answer to that!!!

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