A Peek into the Future (Mf oral anal)
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Still Mazatlan, Sinaloa

Her eyes flashed open. It was light. For more than a few seconds she was
disorientated. Then it washed over her like a wave. She shivered. Could
feel his warmth. When she couldn’t find him with her feet, she turned to look
for him. The sleeping bag was empty. A shock of fear spread through her like
a forest fire. She looked out at the ocean and her heart stopped. He was on
the forward part of his board, hands at his sides. His hair wasn’t even wet
and flowed behind him, giving an appearance of speed that actually wasn’t
real. The wave was only knee high to him.

She rolled to her back and covered her bare breasts with her hands. Her
nipples hardened. One of her hands roamed down her chest and twisted the hair
between her legs. She was still warm there. She rubbed herself, knowing that
as soon as he got out of the water she’d want him…He’d want her. They’d
fuck…Would it be as good as last night ?

…..Nicole was out of her mind. She was throwing her head back and forth
on the mattress. He was just standing there stroking his dick and rotating
his thumb around in her pussy. She’d cum about a thousand times and was
getting there again. She pulled her legs back further, giving him more access
to her cunt. She could feel his knuckle against her anus.

He was moving between her legs, holding some contraption on the roof of
the van with one hand. His other hand was guiding his hard cock to her pussy.
She felt the head against her opening. He was rubbing the head of his penis
against her. The “Please” was loud, long and drawn out.

I sunk myself into her and felt her come apart. My orgasm followed her by
a second or so and left me on the sand at the side of the van. I’m sure they
could have heard us in Mazatlan. Her legs were dangling over the edge of the
mattress, her thighs spread comfortably. I could see the tunnel into her

She felt empty with him gone and really didn’t know where she was for a
couple of seconds. How the hell was she to know where he’d gone to ? She
heard him calling “Nicole”…A whisper for sure. When she got to a sitting
position he was lying in the middle of the open sleeping bag, stroking his
dick. She smiled and got out of the van.

When she left the van, I knew this was going to be something to remember.
I scrambled to my knees and leaned back on my elbows. It took me a few
moments, ’cause I’m not quite as limber as I used to be. I learned this in
Japan…It drives ’em wild…Just about all of them. I was in position and
she was looking at me strangely.

“Ride me, Nicole.” Her eyes lit up. No Shit !! She climbed right aboard
and guided my hard cock to her warm depths. It took her a while but when she
found the right movement it was exquisite. Her breasts hardly moved but her
nipples were like the sign posts of her desire. She was exerting herself and
sweating freely. It would bead up above her chest and dribble down around her
breasts on the way to her belly button. It was a pool of sweat.

I started flexing my back and now she was riding a live being, not just a
hard dick. I started chanting and she joined me. I said anything that came
into my head and soon the same things were coming out of our mouths. I came
twice and she was cuming constantly when she rolled off of me, into a ball on
the sleeping bag.

I crawled over and whispered in her ear. “It’s not over yet…One more
time, lover…We’re not quite to Jupiter or wherever we’re going ?” I laughed
and bit her neck and shoulder working my way to her ass. She was giggling as
I bit her ass cheeks. She shrieked when I licked across her asshole but by
then she was on her knees and wiggling her butt around.

God ! She was electric again. Oh ! Fuck ! He was licking her asshole !
She could feel him tickling it with the tip of his tongue. She couldn’t stop
moving and shaking, finally turning to him.

“Oh ! Come on, Willy…Fuck me, honey…Fuck me…Please…” She stopped
when he poked his tongue inside her asshole. A second later she started
cuming and then he was fucking her from behind…Just fucking the shit out of
her…Harder than she fucked him. She was cuming again, babbling
incoherently…So was he…..

I woke when it started getting light. I was still lying on top of her and
had to peel myself off her. We were actually stuck together with sweat and
other body fluids. It was light enough to surf so I got my trunks and
retrieved the board from the van. While the little jeep was cool to buzz
around town in, Pablo always insisted on sitting in the front…Riding
shotgun. He learned that from Dale. Dale and Deborah were coming down for
grad week. I was just lucky here, finding Nicole. I was looking forward to
Summer as the waves would be a lot better…Where was I ? Something about the
van ?

She was still masturbating as I approached the sleeping bag. I slowly put
my board down. Her eyes were closed tight. My cock was getting hard as I
dropped my trunks. I wanted her to suck the life out of me. I’d be no where
near like I was last night and had no intention of becoming Superman…Until
tonight, that is – upstairs, watching her sister getting laid down the hall or
maybe in the pool ?

“Hungry ?” I was standing at the end of the sleeping bag, stoking my
cock. It was there. Her eyes flashed open – slits, full of lust. She sprang
to cover herself but then laughed and crawled toward me. “Start right here,
Nicole.” I cupped my balls with my other hand, still stroking my cock. Her
eyes were padlocked on my crotch.

Nicole was turned on. The beach was all white and ran for miles in both
directions. This guy, older than her parents, was standing no more than a
foot away and was stroking his dick. Her pulse quickened. She’d been just
about to have an orgasm. His cock and balls were level with her face and she
had no doubt he wanted her to use her mouth on him. God ! After last night,
she’d do anything he asked.

She’d just licked his ball sack when he told her to start playing with
herself again. She couldn’t get one of her hands to her pussy fast enough.
She was rocking back and forth on her hand when he grabbed her by the hair and
yelled. “Suck it ! Nicole !” The “Nicole” was long and drawn out as her
lips slid almost to the base of his cock. She gagged and then his penis was
quivering in her mouth. It started shrinking almost immediately. She was
disappointed as she wanted to have it inside her again.

Willy Tamarack left her at the breakfast table after paying the bill. He
was in a hurry and said they were late. He smiled across the table at her.
“…but it was worth it.” He looked over her shoulder at her sister and her
friends. They were sitting down the patio. Willy waved. Nicole turned and
waved also. Willy leaned close to her. “Tell them that you got them all
invited to the party of their lives…On the house…Tell them that you’ve
seen the drugged girls.” They laughed and he leaned across and kissed her

At six-fifteen that evening, the eight of them were in the lobby. Dressed
in their best. They wouldn’t stop asking Nicole about the drugged
girls…Nicole told them it was a private joke. Her sister pestered her all
day as to whether she slept with him. ? Nicole asked if she’d been sleeping
with Clark Edwards ? That shut the bimbo up !

He walked in about five minutes early, came right over to her and kissed
her on the cheek. “Nicole how about introducing me to your friends ?” He was
charming and kissed everyone’s hand. One of the girls said she heard that
Nicole and he backed down from the match today. Not quite correct but a
little false information often goes a long way. He was thinking about how to
put it to his and Nicole’s advantage.

The night was tremendous…Dinner, dancing, drinking. They got to the
mansion at midnight. And a mansion it was. The main room, as Willy liked to
call it, was huge and filled with sofas and then there was an indoor pool
right next to the main room and it was filled with all kinds of plants. Many
of the girls were drunk by then. The blonde woman showed up at the first
place they went drinking and by the end of the evening, everyone had a
partner. Nicole was green with envy. Terribly disappointed that she couldn’t
be with Willy but was some what afraid of what the wife might say…And where
was Lucy, his mexican wife ?

They danced. They drank. Some of the girls even disappeared for a while
and Nicole wondered if they got stoned or got fucked ? Maybe both ? She was
dancing with a very attractive hispanic guy about her age. She belatedly
recognized him as a life guard at the hotel pool. Someone tapped her on the
shoulder. “Mind if I cut in, Nicole.” She’d never had anyone do that while
she was dancing…Thought it was strange but then saw Willy staring at her
from across the room.

As she moved to join him, the blonde woman gently touched her arm. “Don’t
kill him, Nicole…I haven’t seen him like this in years. He means a lot to
us down here. He’s a big part of our life.”

“Yes…He is, isn’t he…He’s a big part of all of our lives…isn’t he !”
Erin O’Connel Tamarack leaned over and kissed the young girl on the lips.
Nicole Taylor felt the energy…No where near as strong as his but there just
the same.

He was like a magnet drawing her across the room and then through a door.
They climbed up stairs and sat in his study while they smoked. He talked
about a lot of things but all she remembered was. “…bring a friend…A
young lady would be best but a guy is cool, too. Just sometimes they don’t
work out…Young ladies almost always work…Well, almost.”

She was laughing like a fool and didn’t have any idea what he was talking
about, other than he wanted her to come back in June. She opened her mouth to
say something about how she probably couldn’t afford it and he filled her head
with e-mail addresses and aliases and the internet…Well, of course she was
familiar with the internet. He was guiding her to the door and then some of
the young guys were driving them to the hotel.

She was so high it was like she was still with him. He kissed her
paternally on the cheek when she got in the car…Hardly noticed who was in
the car. She was in the hotel room and in bed before she realized that
Meridith wasn’t with them when they left.

Willy wandered up stairs. He torched up a joint as he entered the study.
The wall came back and there she was in all her naked glory. Meridith Taylor
was on her knees and Juan was behind her feeding her a very fat, long cock.
Willy turned up the volume. He was talking to her in Spanish. It sounded so
cool. When he started fucking her she went wild. Her breasts were bigger
than Nicole’s but she didn’t have as much hair between her legs. He perfered
the hair and was getting hard watching them.

Back in Las Vegas, Nevada

The only chair Toby could find was next to Nicole Taylor. The library was
small and there weren’t places to sit. Lots of kids studied between
classes…The place was pretty paranoid in that aspect. They expected you to
do the work, do your best and it worked. Shit ! The school grade point was
well above three-two.

He greeted her and took the seat next to her. She appeared to be half
asleep reading some shit for american literature. Toby thought Nicole was a
pretty shit hot person. He kind of thought of her like that. She was always
nice to him and he’d shared several projects with her over the years. He knew
she was going to UNLV and maybe…Just maybe, he might ask her out when they
were at UNLV, that is.

Oh ! Toby was a pretty BMOC kind of guy in the neighborhood, going to the
magnet school and all. He’d had his share of the “local talent” as they
called it but had never done it with a chick from school. He chuckled a bit
thinking of what the young lady next to him would look like naked. He
wondered if she had a lot of hair down there ? Would she suck his cock ?
Shit ! He was getting a semi, thinking about it.

When her thighs fell open and her knee came in contact with his…Jesus !
He was getting a boner. He moved his leg a bit but hers came with him…..

…..Nicole was a thousand miles away. It was a good game. The blonde
woman…She’d have to start thinking of her as Erin…warmed them up. There
was quite a crowd and lots of applause for each side with just about every
point. In the end Nicole and Willy lost but only by three points.

Erin came up and threw her arms around each of them, pulling their sweaty
bodies together. Nicole had an arm around Willy and an arm around Erin.
Willy was kissing Erin. Then Willy was kissing Nicole. Then she was kissing
Erin. Oh ! God…She was in lust…Wanted to grind her body against both of
them. They were so close…The game, that is. Just a couple of breaks.

They were all sitting on the lounger. Willy was in the middle. The three
of them body surfed for half an hour or so. The old woman had a pretty good
body but was wearing a one piece. Nicole noticed her sister flirting with the
life guard. She laughed…So that’s who it was. She was envious but more
than that, horny. She wanted more of what her and Willy did the other night.
She wished Erin would leave…Maybe a shower up in his room ? She squeezed
her legs together and drank deeply from the cold Pacifico.

“Want to go up stairs and get high ?” She jerked around. Erin was
crawling over Willy to get to her ear. She was giggling. Willy was shrugging
his shoulders.

He had his arm around each of them. They were in the elevator. Willy was
kissing Erin and then her…Opened mouth, all tongue. Nicole was
dizzy…Didn’t care his wife was a foot away, watching. She had both of her
arms around his neck, frenching with him like mad.

The elevator stopped. They sprang apart but Willy kept his arms around
them. Nicole noticed he had a hardon in his trunks. Some people inquired as
to whether they were going up or down. Willy almost shouted out. “We’re on a
mission to mars…Up we must go !” The three of them cracked up when the
people looked at them like they were nuts. The door closed but there was no
more kissing.

They sat on the couch, just like on the lounger, with Willy in the middle.
The bowl went back and forth a couple of times. Nobody talked. Some old
fashion music was playing in the background. Willy said it was Three Dog
Night. Nicole thought it was a strange name for a band.

He was standing in front of them, moving with the music. The bowl was
dead. Nicole noticed the time. It was just a little after three. “Would you
two like to join me in the shower ?” He was looking at Erin and then Erin
turned to look at her. She looked at Willy and found him smiling at her. She
held out her hand and the three of them moved off to the bathroom. The shower
was huge and then Erin was naked and Willy was naked and her suit was coming
off and their hands were all over her.

I had my tongue buried in her mouth, her tongue actively fencing with me.
I could feel Erin’s hands roaming up and down her body. The power was almost
instantaneous. I was like a cannon. I knew Nicole could feel me against her
belly. Erin was kissing her shoulders and back. The young thing was
trembling. I pushed them both into the shower. It was a washing orgy and the
shower stall was filled with frothy soap as were our bodies. I used the
ladies as sponges and we worked up quite a lather with me between them.

The three of us were animals when we got back to the bedroom. Erin and I
feasted on Nicole’s young body until she was begging to get fucked. And fuck
we did. Her, then Erin, then back to Nicole, then back to Erin. Erin was on
her knees and I was behind her just fucking the living shit out of her.
Nicole was masturbating like a fool, just watching us.

I motioned her over and told her to take my dick in her hand. “Now…In
her ass.” I had Erin’s compact ass spread grotesquely. Her anus puckered
waiting for the invasion. “Wait.” I bent and reamed my tongue into Erin’s
asshole. When I finished there was a ring of saliva around her nether hole
but Nicole was hesitant.

Erin whined. “Please, Nicole. Come on, honey…Put it in me and get that
sweet pussy of yours up here so I can eat it while Willy fucks my brains out.”
My dick was yanked down to Erin’s hole and I was in her. Nicole was already
moving to Erin’s head. I bottomed out in Erin’s ass and was off to the races.
Nicole threw her head back and let out a little scream when Erin licked her
twat the first time.

“Get the hair out of the way, Nicole. I want to lick your cunt.” I was
like steel…A marathon runner. Nicole was spreading her cunt lips apart so
Erin could slather her pussy with saliva. My orgasm was swift but my cock was
still rock hard. The grand prize was just ahead. I pulled out of Erin and
almost immediately they were at each other…Nicole as eager as Erin. They
were sixty-nine and rolling around. Nicole’s butt was up in the air and her
head was buried between Erin’s legs.

I was behind her. Erin had a finger in her anus and was reaming out her
cunt with her tongue. I could tell Nicole was just about ready to go into
orbit and stepped forward. I removed Erin’s finger and replaced it with my
tongue. Now the young thing had two tongues between her legs. She was wild.

Erin had her ass spread and her anus was surrounded by a ring of dark
curly hair. I guided the head of my cock to her asshole and put a little
pressure on it. The head of my cock popped right in and Nicole’s head came
out of Erin’s crotch. A low growl roared out of her mouth and I was feeding
her more cock. I was buried in her and off to the races. Her head was back
in Erin’s crotch and I could feel Erin’s tongue teasing my dangling testicles.

Let me tell you I didn’t last long. Erin rode for a while and Nicole
wanted to ride the pony, as she called it but I was done for the afternoon.
Nap time, ladies. Tonight was the big one and although I didn’t need to be at
top form…Well, that’s like volleyball…..

Nicole jerked awake and realized she’d been sleeping. Shit ! Her head
was cradled in her arms, drool running out of her mouth. She jerked up when
she realized that her leg was laying against Toby’s. He must think she was
coming on to him ?

“Sorry…Sorry, Toby. I must have nodded off for a bit.”

“More like a half hour. I was afraid I might wake you if I moved. Fuck !
Girl…You were out there.” She knew she was blushing and for some reason
looked down at his crotch. He had a hardon and it was a big one…Maybe not
too thick…Not like Fredrico’s…God ! It was like a thick sausage. She
quickly looked away and turned beet red. God ! She’d been staring at his
cock !

Toby was sure there was a look of interest in her face and it made his
bone jerk in his pants. She looked away, probably just a coincidence.

Toby’s thinking…This is crazy…No white girl has ever come on to him
but he could still feel the heat of her leg…Even though she had taken it
away several minutes ago. It almost vibrated every once and a while. He’d
have to sit here for a while until it went down. Maybe, she liked big
dicks…Maybe she like them black ? He was turned on thinking about fucking

They were staring into each other’s eyes. Lightning was traveling back
and forth. He reached out to her and… “Hey ! Taylor…You getting your
fat ass to class ?” Toby looked up and across the table from them was Dawn
Jackson. Now, there was a lady Toby’d like to fuck. Big fucking tits and on
such a small frame…Blonde hair and real fair. Visions of her jerking around
as his dick pumped in and out of her belly filled his head. Shit ! He’d
never get out the library at this rate.

Nicole leaned over and put her hand on his forearm. “Again…Sorry,
Toby.” She was away from the table, walking toward the exit when she turned
and rushed back to the table. Her face was close to his ear. He could feel
her breath, smell her. “You want to make some big money this Summer ?” She
looked him in the eye.

“Yea, who doesn’t ?” She straightened up.

“Come to Mexico with us. I’ve got it all set up…Room and board’s free.
So’s the air fare. It’s one big party…No shit ! Toby. You’ll love it.
Probably clear a couple of grand and party every night.”

Toby looked at her like she was crazy but the look on her face told him
she was dead serious. “You’re not just fucking with me are you, girl ?”

She whispered “no” and bent down to kiss his cheek. Backing away from him
she kept whispering. “We need to get together…Work out the details.
Prepare a briefing for our parents…You eighteen ?” He nodded he was. Good,
that would make it easier. She turned and rushed off to class, just catching
Dawn as she entered class room.

“What was that all about ?”

“Tell you later.”

…..The tickets came about a week before school let out. They just
showed up in the mail box one day. Juan Motai’s Excellent Adventures was
printed in the corner of the envelope.

The parties were thick that last week but Nicole seemed listless and
uninterested. Dawn was always bugging her about what really happened in
Mexico but Nicole was afraid to tell her and she couldn’t even begin to tell
Toby. Their briefing was outstanding. Toby’s parents were excited about the
opportunity he was getting. So were her parents and the Jackson’s. She often
wondered why she invited him ? Willy sounded excited that she was bringing so

They were lying on her bed. It was about three in the morning and they
were wrecks. Senior party…Right after the graduation ceremony. They’d been
cooped up in this health club since early evening…Some jerk off’s idea of
fun, keeping the kids out of trouble. There were almost as many chaperons as
students. Dawn wanted to stay. Nicole wanted to leave.

Toby was hanging out with some other black guys over by the drink table.
They were all inquiring about his job in Mexico. He looked across the weight
room and saw her leaning against the wall. Their eyes met and like magic they
were moving toward the jazzercise room. There were several couples dancing.
They arrived at the door about the same time. He a little earlier than she.
He waited and took her hand.

“We’re really doing this ?” He was almost laughing. The beat was
moderate not gyrating but not a slow dance either. She stopped him at the
edge of the dance floor and put her hands on his shoulder. He could feel her
warmth through his jacket.

She leaned toward him and whispered into his ear. “You bet we are,
Toby…And it’s going to be the fucking best time we ever have in our lives.
You’ll thank God and the stars and the moon for that day I fell asleep in the
library.” She stepped away and with her arms still around his neck started
swaying to the music. Toby wasn’t too gifted with dancing talent but the
sight of her swaying before him was probably the most erotic thing he’d ever

She could feel him…From a thousand miles away. She was sure Toby could
feel him, too as they were touching. He was starting to move and she smiled
at him. He smiled back, teeth all white and she was shaking. She moved away
from him and started moving sensuously around him and his arms and legs
limbered up. The next song was faster but they moved at the same rhythm like
they could hold the tempo back. Watching them was surreal…..

“We should have stayed, Nicole. I was just about to hook up with Dennis

“Were you going to sleep with him ?” The package was in her locker when
she cleaned it out Friday. Willy said it would be. A graduation present. It
was an ounce at least. She bought the pipe on Wednesday and wanted to get it
out. Wasn’t sure about Dawn, though ?

She jumped up off the bed…Remembering the night with the six of
them…..They’d just gotten back from eating…Willy, Nicole, Erin and
Fredrico. It was early…About one. They were smoking in the main room.
Meridith and the life guard entered from the pool. The bathing suit Meridith
had on was obscene. She was almost naked. Nicole could see her nipples and
the patch of hair between her sister’s legs through the suit. Their parents
would die if they saw her.

Meridith looked embarrassed. Nicole rushed over and threw her arms around
her sister’s shoulders. She whispered in her ear. “You look positively
delicious…Watch out you might get eaten up.”

Meridith moved away from her. “You’re not going to tell our mother, are
you ?”

“Like Willy says, sister. What goes TDY stays TDY !” Meridith looked at
her sister strangely.

Erin and Fredrico were on their way up stairs. Willy was waiting
patiently over by the bar, the pipe billowing up smoke. There must be just
the six of them here because he only allowed smoking down here with trusted
people…Never just kids off the street. Now up stairs was different. It was
Sunday night and they were leaving tomorrow. She was depressed…Sad to be
leaving. Willy had his hand on the small of her back, just above the swell of
her butt. She backed into him and his arm came around her middle.

The life guard was taking a hit. The sisters stared at each other.
Nicole wondered if her sister smoked dope. If the life guard gave her the
pipe, Nicole’d be positive her sister had smoked before. She thought about
what was waiting for her and Willy up stairs. She never thought of her and
Meridith together…She wondered if Willy had ? She took the pipe from her
sister and took a giant drag. Blast off.

Visions of her sister getting fucked by Willy while she ate Nicole’s pussy
roamed at will through her mind. There were just the six of them. It was
going to happen she was sure of it…Could almost sense it. Willy was hard
behind her. She was itching for a big hard dick between her legs. She
wondered if Meridith was, too ?

The four of them were on the way upstairs. She was clinging to Willy. He
was rubbing her ass and Meridith was behind them. The room had the biggest
bed she’d ever seen. Erin was naked and riding Fredrico. She watched from
the door, thought she heard Meridith suck in her breath.

She turned to Meridith and pulled her sun dress off over her head. She
was naked under it, hadn’t worn underwear since the afternoon with the two of
them in the hotel. Shit ! They didn’t leave until after eight but they slept
a while, too.

Her hands were on Meridith’s breasts and she could feel her hard nipples.
The life guard…She vaguely remembered his name was Tomas…Was pulling down
her bikini bottoms. Willy appeared naked in front of Meridith. They were all
naked and moving toward the bed. Meridith didn’t need to be coaxed and Nicole
saw why. Tomas had a very nice long dick. Not any thicker than Willy’s but a
good two inches more length.

She went to her knees while Tomas was kissing Meridith and started sucking
his cock. He was hard as steel. Willy was pulling Meridith away and she had
Tomas all to herself. When she looked up, Tomas’ dick, a hard slab of muscle,
in her hand, the other three were ravishing her sister. Erin was eating her,
Willy was sucking on her breasts and Fredrico was feeding her his deliciously
thick cock.

Nicole crawled on to the bed and joined them. Tomas started fucking her
when she took Erin’s place between her sister’s legs. Meridith was a

“…you been ? You’ve been staring in your top drawer for five minutes.”
Dawn was leaning back against the head board, her breasts straining against
the “T” shirt she was wearing. Nicole looked over at Dawn and fear crept
through her…Maybe, this wasn’t going to work out ? Willy said sometimes it

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