Best SexFriends (MF) by Memory’s Grace
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1. Air Conditioner





One more time.


One more time.


“Yeah…yeah, you like that.”




One more time.


She takes another swing.


It’s not really that I like


being fucked up the ass.

Not really.




One more time.


It’s just that that’s all we do.

“Yeah, lemme show you some more love. Yeah.”


You see, she doesn’t want to have sex with me.


So we just do anal.

She got the strapon…well, I don’t know where she got the strap on. She
might tell me, if I asked.


But then that might show that I care a bit more than I should. And then we
wouldn’t do it.

One more time.


“Here, lemme switch up real quick. This is how James likes to do it to

“Huk. Kuh…. Unh!”

This is a bit more of a rocking rhythm, rather than her previous hammering.
It slides up toward the end to smash her public mound against my ass.


It’s interesting. I’ll give it that.


But I wish she wouldn’t tell me from whom she learnt it.

“Yeah. Yeah, that’s a bit different. Man, he seems to like doing that.”

More information I could do without.

“Ok, you gonna come soon?”

She’s getting bored. Really, this does nothing for her. More of a nov

“Unh! Unh! Unh!”

elty, really. Wow, she’s speeding up. She wants to finish me off quickly

“C’mon…come. C’mon….”

2. Smokey Rooms

“So, yeah, I’m seeing this new guy.”


“Yeah, I met him at the bar a few days ago. Says he’s been lusting after me
for weeks now.”

“Heh, they all do that.”

“But of course. Seriously, he really seems to be in to me. He’s so
intense, too. Dark. I really like him.”

“Sounds like a great guy.”

“Yeah, he — you got a light?” She draws on her cigarette and leans
against the apartment breezeway’s balcony. “Thanks. Yeah, he reminds me
a lot of…hmmm” that look of furious concentration as she sucks on the
cigarette. Her face glistens in the night, the only fruits of her previous
exertion, and, well, she always gets a shiny face whenever she drinks. An
eyebrow twist of surprise as she says, “well, a lot of you, really.”

Unfortunately, she mistakes the acid eating away at my stomach, and the
self-loathing for a request to keep going.

“Yeah. Odd, hunh?”


The open door to my apartment reeks of ass, but it also contains her scent.
Very strongly in her sweat. Last time she got turned on while fucking me
(the position and tempo reminded her of a really good fuck she’d had a few
years ago), and the place had smelled like her musk for days afterwords.

3. Lipstick Breakups

“I don’t know what it is. I can’t keep these guys. I just want to have a
platonic relationship for a little while. Every time I throw in sex, it
just messes things up.”

She holds out her arms, and grabs me, nuzzling into my shoulder which
presses her breasts against me and her ear into my nose. Odd that that
would be so romantic. Her eyebrow twitches: a sign of grief. She won’t
cry anymore. Sometimes she will with me, but not most of the time.

“Then why do you keep having sex with them?”

“Because I like sex, dummy.” She smiles.

Is she going to do it? Is she going to cry? She always smiles right before
she loses it.

“Let’s go inside. I want to show you how he fucked.”

This won’t be pretty.

“I got a dick that looks just like his. I’ll use that.”


When she slaps my ass to get me moving, she begins to snuffle a little bit.

4. Maybe in Passing

“So, yeah, I made out with this girl at the club for like, I dunno, an
hour. She had these beautiful breasts.”

“And I take it she’s a good kisser?”

I’ve never kissed anyone. I’ve come close to kissing her a few times, but
I know it would be a mistake. She gets that look in her eyes.

“Oh yeah. Girls kiss differently from guys. It’s fun. I always get the
feeling you’d be a really good kisser. You’re so gentle, yet firm.

I give her an inquirious look.

She picks up on my wavelength and there’s a flash of anger and a tightening
in her left eye.

I drop it.

5. Again

She collapses covered in sweat. She always unbuckles the strap-on and
leaves it in my ass. My semen is mixing with my sweat beneath me.

She pushes me a bit. “Go clean up.”

“Why is it that you get to lay here and enjoy it, while I have to go clean

“What’s this `enjoy it?’ I’m exhausted. What, do you not want me to help
you out anymore?”

“If you don’t enjoy it, why do you do it?”

“I’m just playing along. You seem to be so interested.”

“Fuck you.”

“Not a chance.”

6. One More Time

“So I guess this is goodbye.”


“I wish you could come along. There’s three of us, I’m sure a fourth
wouldn’t be such a big deal.”

“I wouldn’t want to be a burden.”

No, I wouldn’t want to stick around while the three of you fuck your brains
out in the next motel room over. Nor would I want to be given a plane
ticket when my welcome had worn out. It’s easy to be the outsider when
you’re the only one not screwing everyone else.




“Why didn’t you ever want to go out with me?”

“We’re friends. Not to mention I don’t find you attractive.”



“…Ok, so I did. I did when we met and for a while afterwords. You’re
very handsome, and you’re everything a girl could want.”


“But you never kissed me.”


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