Teacher’s Pet (MF)
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It had been a long day of teaching and he was tired and ready for a
beer when he arrived at his house. There was a strange car parked in
front of it as he arrived. As he parked he saw that it was one of his
students, a young woman who had been struggling in his accounting
class. He groaned inwardly as he considered having to go over that
day’s class again. She had not been in attendance.
She smiled at him as he got out.
“Hello, Marta, how can I help you?” he asked.
“Uh, well, I was hoping to talk to you about my status in the class.”
“Well, I have office hours in the morning.”
“It really cannot wait for that,” she said, sighing. She certainly
was attractive in her dress, her firm, well formed tits barely held in
by the bodice of the thing. It was obvious she wore no bra. She had
big, blue eyes, had a light, flawless complexion and long, blond hair.
To put it mildly, she was a knockout and seemed downright dangerous at
that moment.
“Uh, I guess, come on in,” he said.
He unlocked the door and led her into the dim interior of the house.
The place was a man’s house, with few ornaments and somewhat cluttered.
His study at the back of the house and kitchen were where he spent
most of his time.
“Come back to my study,” he said, leading her through the house to the
large, airy room with windows facing his back yard. He put down his
backpack and went to the refrigerator, where he got a beer, offering
one to here, which she accepted quickly.
He sat in one of the overstuffed chairs and she sat near him as he
settled and opened his beer. He took hers and opened it too, handing
it back, touching her hand as he did. She grinned and held up the beer
in a mock toast as he sipped it.
She seemed to respect his silence as he relaxed for a moment.
“Now, what can I help you with?” he asked.
“Well, I just found out that my mom needs me at home. My grandmother
had a stroke and she can’t take care of her alone.”
“You will have to drop out, then,” he said.
“But then I would have to pay back all of my loans,” she said.
“I guess so.”
“I can do the others long distance, but I can’t do yours that way.”
“No, that would be difficult. As it is you are barely getting by.”
“I would do anything,” she said.
“There really are no options, Marta. My hands are tied.”
“Oh, I think there are options,” she said, putting down her beer and
with a single motion stripped off her light dress, leaving her naked
before him, except for her sandals. She stood there, looking at him
with those big blue eyes, but he could only see the perfect, firm tits,
with small, pink nipples on them.
He was sure he had turned beet red.
“Uh, please, uh, get dressed. If you are going to blackmail me, just
do it.”
“Oh, no, I would never to that! I want to come back to school and I
have to take more classes from you. No, teacher, I want to give you
whatever you want, anything at all. In return I just want a passing
Involuntarily his eyes wandered to her downy pussy, with just a light
coating of blond hair, her long, firm legs, then back to those tits.
His cock was already as hard as a rock.
“It’s not right…”
With that she moved closer, pushing her tits into his face as he
groaned. She took his face in her hands and leaned down to kiss him.
“you see, teach, I want you. I have wanted you since the first day of
class. I like big, strong, confident men who know what they are
talking about. You are lonely and I need my grade. Take me… please.”
He kissed her left tit then, sucking the nipple into his mouth as she
sighed. His hands ran up her legs to her ass, then her back, touching
her perfect, smooth skin. She whimpered as he sucked the other nipple
into his mouth.
“Take me into the bedroom,” she said. “Make love to me.”
He stood and picked her up, carrying her through the open double doors
into his bedroom. She helped him strip, enjoying the touch of his
hairy chest, his strong arms and stroking his hard cock.
“It’s a nice cock,” she said, kissing it, her tongue running over and
around it. She pushed him back on the bed then, climbing on top of him
and giving him her tit as she rubbed her pussy on his hard dick,
shuddering at the attention.
“It has been a long time, hasn’t it?” she asked.
“Yes, it has,” he said, switching tits.
“Me too, over a year,” she sighed.
She was now quite wet and let the head of his cock slip into her; just
the head at first, quivering with excitement as he cupped her full
breasts and pinched both pink nipples. With a single movement she took
him in all the way, making him hit bottom, a small cry coming from her
lips as his cock buried itself in her.
“Oh, god, I knew it would be this nice,” she said.
“You are amazing,” he said, as she stared riding him slowly, her pussy
sucking at his large, thick cock.
“You are too. I have thought of this for weeks.”
For a while they said nothing, her hips slowly rocking back and forth
as she fucked his cock, her cunt tightening on him as he caressed her
tits and body, his hands exploring her, her hands running over his
chest, teasing his nipples.
“I, I’m close,” she gasped, “but I need you on top.”
She rolled off then and he followed, her legs spreading and wrapping
around his as he positioned himself. He entered her then, his cock
spreading her pussy as he reentered her, driving in all the way as she
arched her back and cried out.
“Fuck my pussy!” she said, meeting his hungry strokes with strokes of
her own, her body shuddering as he fucked her, his hands gripping the
headboard as she grabbed his hips and pulled him in as far as he could
go. She was tight and getting tighter. He looked into her eyes then,
meeting her lustful gaze as she neared her peak. She smiled as she
started to cum, her eyes rolling up into her head as the cry shattered
the silence in the room, her body going ridged, arching and drawing him
in as she came and came, another cry coming from her lips as she came.

He rode her until she was spent, her body almost limp under him.
“Anything?” he asked her.
She nodded, still quivering.
“Get on you hands and knees,” he said.
Groaning as he pulled our she obeyed and he positioned his hard dick
at the opening to her pink, swollen cunt, slipping it into her as she
moaned and whimpered. He fucked her slowly, very slowly at first,
savoring the feeling of having her. He knew he could not last long
now, but extended it as long as he could. In the meantime she was
quivering from him attentions still, the remnants of her orgasm still
making her shake as he fucked her, a little faster with each stroke.
After a time he could feel his orgasm coming, filling the base of his
cock as he fucked her. He quickened his pace then, pounding her pussy,
stretching her walls as he fucked her, finally cumming into her, his
cock swelling and quivering as he came and came, filling her with his
hot, white cum, making her cry out and whimper at the feeling of being
filled with it.
She fell forward onto the bed then, and he followed, rolling onto his
side and holding her as she shivered and quaked from his attentions.
“Oh, god, that was such a good fuck,” she said.
“Yes, yes, it was,” he said.
“So, what’s my grade?”
“Oh, that was just the mid-term,” he said.
She laughed as he kissed the back of her neck. She could hardly wait
for the final exam.

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