The Purple Candle #4 (M/F, Fetish)
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Detective Lansing removed his black hat and lightly knocked on the
apartment door. A few moments later, the door slowly opened.

“Can I help you,” a girl behind the door asked, suspiciously.

The detective noticed that she had a cute face. She looked to be a
woman of about twenty years old with shoulder length brown hair and
stylish eyeglasses.

“Hi, I’m a private detective and I wondered if I could ask you a few
questions. I won’t take much of your time, I promise.”

The young woman paused and then apathetically nodded her head. “Come
in,” she said.

Lansing walked inside the apartment. It was sparsely decorated with
some generic paintings and aging brown furniture. A television was
blaring some random daytime programming and a dirty plate sat on the
living room coffee table. Inside, he got a better look at the girl.
She was Hispanic and fairly petite. She wore a plain light brown skirt
with no shoes.

“You’re not selling anything?”, she asked.

“No,” laughed the detective, “Definitely not. I just want to ask you a
few questions.”

“Sit down,” she said, “Would you like something to drink?”

“I’m fine, thanks.”

“Well, then, let’s get started then. This is my day off.”

She sat down next to him on the small brown couch. He couldn’t quite
help but notice that he had an incredible body. Although her face was
plain, she had a devilish twinkle in her eyes and he suspected that
this vixen was less innocence than she would pretend. She wiped her
nose and he noticed that the dark hair on her arms. When she sat down,
she crossed her legs and her red painted toe nails dangled in the air
only inches from him.

“Have you recently expected any packages? Any deliverys?”, he asked.

“No, why do you ask?”

“Well, your next door neighbor found a package yesterday and she
thought that it might have been intended for you.”

“That’s very interesting,” she said. “How do you know her?”

“Well,” Lansing stuttered, “We’re friends and also, she’s part of this

“What are you investigating?”, the brunette laughed.

“That’s confidential, unfortunately,” he replied.

As they chatted, she would occasionally glance at the television and
he used every such opportunity to sneak a quick glance at her gorgeous
legs. Her skirt was short and it was worth asking further questions
just for the incredible panoramic hint of her upper thighs.

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” she said suddenly and to his surprise.


“No. I live here all alone.”

There was a moment of awkward silence, because Lansing was unsure how
to respond. The room was not totally silence, because the t.v. was
still blaring loudly across the room.

Slowly, the girl rose from the couch and walked over to the detective.
Now, she was standing directly in front of him and his face was at
perfect crotch level.

“Do you want to see my breasts,” she whispered.

The gentleman was practically speechless and did not have time to
answer before she dove on the couch, resting her body on top of his.

She reached back to remove the top of her one piece dress and unhook
her bra. Quickly, she lowered her right breast to his face. “Kiss it,”
she ordered.

The detective gently kissed her small breast. He could smell her skin
now and her dress. The material smelled like she had taken a nap in
it. She grabbed his head and pulled at his hair as she forced her
breast into his face. “Suck it,” she said.

He begin gently sucking her erect nipple and then, with wild abandon,
sucked it with great force as if he expected lactation to come out of
it. The girl moaned in pleasure and pulled harder on his hair. Slowly,
he moved his hand down under her dress and started to slide his
fingers under her panties. He could feel the hairs of her thick bush.

“No,” she said and pulled his hand away. “I’m on my period.”

“Oh, sorry,” he said, slightly embarrassed. He deduced that maybe that
was why her nipples were so tender and sensitive.

He sucked and sucked until his lips were sore, but it seemed that the
girl could not get enough. Finally, she eased up the tension on his
cranium and said, “My left boobie is sad. It needs attention too.”

Although he was tired now and his blood of his erection had already
drained, he so loved the smell of her skin and being pressed against
her chest that he leaned over and licked her other small tit. She
obviously loved the licking because she rocked her body against his
and suddenly, his erection made a second surprise appearance.

As he began sucking this breast, he felt her small hand reach down and
grab his boner through his slacks. He couldn’t resist anything she
did, but he was a little worried about the mess that it would make if
he came in his pants.

Nonetheless, she kept rubbing and stroking. Rubbing and stroking until
he finally climaxed, her little nipple still in his mouth.

“I wish I could feel your penis inside me,” she whispered.

Finally, after what seemed like hours of sucking her tits, she lifted
her body from atop his and rolled over to the side of the couch. The
edges of her face were now sweaty and you could see the perspiration
in her hair. She stood there looking at him and smiled.

“Kiss them goodbye,” she commanded.

He crained his neck over to delicately and lovingly kiss both breasts.

She then recovered them and pulled up her top and got off the couch.
She then stared at the huge wet spot on the detective’s pants.

“Looks like somebody had an accident.”

“Yep,” he nervously chuckled and then got up from the couch.

Nothing was said as he picked up his hat from the coffee table and
then walked to the door.

As the girl opened the door, he said, “Well, thanks for your help.
I’ll let you know if I have any further questions.

“Tuesday is my day off. I’m a virgin,” she said.

He was not sure exactly how to respond except, so he just smiled and
exited the apartment.

Outside the door, he noticed a car drive up. The bright sunlight of
the day was a stark contrast to the darkened apartment. The car door
opened and there was Ginger, the chubby blonde. He was nervous that
she would notice the wet spot on his pants.

“Hi there,” she smiled, “How’s the case going?”.

“Oh, I’m working on it.”

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