Cuckold Island
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The breeze that came in from the Atlantic ocean did not do much to quell the baking sun on the beach of Marabogo. The small island was located approximately one hundred miles from the coast of Namibia, Africa.

John Morton and Henry Larsen sat on the beach in their sunbathing chairs looking at all the skimpily clad women and ripped black men. Both men were nude, wearing nothing but chastity belts, something that was customary for white men on the island. John felt his penis strain against the inside of the chastity belt, as he watched his wife Becky make out with a muscular black man, down on the beach.

Being blonde, with a pair of big 32DD breasts and a firm and bubbly butt, Becky was a sight to behold. For most of her adult life, she had been into fitness, and at twenty-four years old, she had the toned body to prove it. She even had close to a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. Becky had even talked to John about posting some of the pictures they had of her, in the arms of the black guys she slept with. In the end, though, Becky felt that it would be a little too humiliating for her husband.

On the beach, John sat there watching his wife, the tip of his penis oozed with precum. Becky, who had the key to his belt, hadn’t unlocked the belt for almost two days now. John knew that it was entirely up to Becky to decide when to release him from his cage. Though he was starting to get a serious case of blue balls.

Last night, John had watched his gorgeous wife in bed with this huge black man, Kwame. For almost an hour John sat there watching Becky moan as Kwame fucked her hard. His thick black cock stretched her tight pussy. John’s penis absolutely dripped with precum as he sat there wishing that he could jerk off and come. After Kwame had emptied his big balls in Becky’s pussy, she motioned John over to the bed. She told John that if he licked her pussy clean, she would unlock his chastity belt and let him come. John, who loved eating his wife’s pussy, didn’t hesitate for a second, as he buried his face between her thighs and went to town.

Lying next to Becky, Kwame caressed Becky’s firm breasts whilst he looked down with a grin on his face at the weak white man who was swallowing his cum from his wife’s pussy.

Kwame’s warm and salty semen poured into John’s mouth as he eagerly licked his wife’s sweet pussy. Hearing his wife moan and tasting her freshly fucked pussy would have been enough to make John come, but with the chastity belt on, he couldn’t. His penis strained so hard against the inside of the chastity belt. There was almost a steady flow of precum oozing down from the tip. After having cleaned her pussy for some time, and making her orgasm in the process, John looked up at his wife, eager for her to let him out of his cage.

Becky however just smiled down at her husband, as she took Kwame’s hand and disappeared into the bathroom for a shower. She had no intention of letting her husband out of his chastity belt.

On the beach, next to John, sat Henry Larsen. A thirty-one-year-old who had just gotten promoted to manager at the car dealership in Bloomington, Minnesota where he had worked since he finished high school. With a rather pudgy body and a big beer belly, it was clear that Henry wasn’t in the best shape of his life. Though, he had never really been in shape a day in his life. Arriving at the resort in Marabogo, Henry was given a small size chastity belt, which fit his three-inch penis rather well. Though after three days of wearing it, his penis had shrunk to almost two inches.

Henry sat there looking over at the pool bar, where his wife Holly was smiling and flirting with this fit black guy.

Holly had always been chubby, with wide hips, a big butt, and even bigger boobs.

She had tried to lose weight many times during high school and college, but it never really worked out. Then on her 22nd birthday, she decided to accept the fact that she was chubby and to be proud of her size. A couple of months later, she met the love of her life, Henry.

Henry had been in love with Holly ever since he laid eyes on her six years ago. Though as with other women he had dated in the past, Henry was rather worried that he wouldn’t be able to satisfy Holly in bed. He had always been very self-conscious about his small penis, as some women had even laughed when he pulled down his pants. Holly, however, had been completely different. When Henry had nervously pulled down his pants, Holly had just looked up at him with a warm smile and took him into her mouth. Even after they got married, Henry still worried that he didn’t satisfy her in bed.

That, however, all changed during a trip abroad when Henry and Holly got talking to Sean Paul, a rather charming black man. After a few drinks, the three of them ended up back at Sean Paul’s apartment, where he seduced Holly and took her to bed. Reluctant at first, Henry sat down next to the bed and watched. Suddenly when Henry saw the sheer look of pleasure on Holly’s face as Sean Paul fucked her with his big ten-inch black cock, Henry knew how to satisfy Holly in bed. She was going to go black.

On the beach, Henry watched his wife and the black guy she was talking to, head over towards him. Henry lustfully watched Holly in her skimpy bikini that didn’t cover much of her beautiful and chubby body. Her large saggy breasts jiggled with each step she took. Henry’s penis strained hard against the inside of his chastity belt as he watched his sexy wife next to a big black guy.

“Jafari, this is my husband, Henry.” Holly introduced the ripped black guy who wore the traditional black male loincloth that most of the black men wore on the island. The loincloths really showed off their huge heavy bulges.

Jafari looked down at the pudgy man in the sunbathing chair and got a small grin on his face when he saw the size of Henry’s chastity belt.

“Hello,” Jafari said with a Namibian accent.

“Hello, Jafari.” Henry lowered his head a bit. As not all African men on the island spoke good English, this was a way for the white men to show respect.

“Henry,” Holly smiled down at her husband. As her husband looked up at her, she could tell that he was ready to burst from seeing her in her tiny bikini. She knew that her husband loved her chubby body, but ever since they arrived on the island, she hadn’t let him touch her body, which she knew was driving him crazy.

“H, honey?” Henry looked up at his curvaceous wife and Jafari who had his arm around her. Henry could feel a drop of precum drip from the tip of his penis as he was so turned on.

“Jafari is my new black master, and I would like for you to show him the proper respect by giving his big manhood a kiss,” Holly told her husband who gulped.

Though Henry had done this once before on the island, it felt a bit more humiliating now that John was sitting right next to him.

“O… okay.” Henry gulped again. As Henry stood up, his beer belly made a small flop. Looking over at Holly, he couldn’t help but feel a bit weak when he kneeled down in front of Jafari.

“Ehm, is it okay?” Henry held his hands up to Jafari’s loincloth as he looked up at Jafari.

Jafari nodded that it was okay. Henry slowly undid his loincloth, revealing his heavy eleven-inch black cock. Henry made sure to keep Jafari’s loincloth in his hand, as it would be disrespectful for him to just lay it on the ground.

Oh, my god… Holly gently ran her teeth over her lower lip, smiling excitedly as she saw the sheer size of his cock. She hadn’t expected him to be that big. Though Jafari was ripped, he had a rather thin build, which made his big cock look even bigger.

Every time Henry saw a black man’s cock, he felt so inferior as a man, knowing that his own penis wasn’t even comparable to Jafari’s. Henry gulped again, as he slowly leaned over and puckered his lips. He felt his lips against the big bulbous cock head, as he kissed it.

“Ehm, thank you for letting me worship your manhood.” Henry wanted to make sure that he didn’t offend Jafari in any way. Henry really wanted to be allowed to go with and watch as Jafari took Holly to bed.

“That was so nice and respectful, Henry.” Holly looked down at her husband, as Henry awkwardly smiled back.

“Ehm, do you want me to put this back on you?” Henry was just about to stand up when he realized that he still had Jafari’s loincloth in his hand.

“Hold onto it for a moment Henry, I want to show my respect to Jafari as well,” Holly said as Henry sat down on the edge of his sunbathing chair.

Holly gave Jafari a sexy look as she looked down at his thick long black cock. Holly’s chubby belly jiggled a bit as she got down on her knees, as did her large saggy breasts. She leaned in and gave his big cock head a passionate kiss. After that she looked up at Jafari and gave him a sexy smile, as she leaned over again, this time, licked his head.

Henry’s penis was aching so much, being locked up in the chastity belt, trying to get hard.

Henry looked with such desire at his voluptuous wife who sat right in front of him. He wanted so badly to reach around and feel her huge soft breasts. Though he would never do anything like that here on Marabogo island, without the express permission of either Holly or her black master.

Whilst Henry was admiring his wife’s body, Holly had wrapped her lips around Jafari’s cockhead and was sucking him.

“Mmm.” Holly sucked his cock, slowly bobbing her head.

Henry exhaled as his penis ached, struggling to get erect, as it leaked pre-cum. Holly could hear her husband’s heavy groans. Looking over at her husband and down at his chastity belt, she could see precum oozing out from the tip of his penis.

Holly smiled, as she reached down with her finger, holding it up to the small pee slit on her husband’s chastity belt. As she felt some of his precum drip onto her finger, Holly smiled up at Henry and held her finger up to his mouth.

Henry gulped whilst slowly reaching out with his tongue, licking his wife’s finger, tasting his own sweet-tasting precum. Wrapping his lips around her finger and sucking it clean.

“Mm.” Holly smiled at her loving husband who she felt had been so sweet and respectful the entire stay on the island.

Holly looked up at Jafari, “Master Jafari, may I give my husband a… very small kiss on his cheek?” Henry’s eyes widened a bit as he heard his wife ask her black master. It had been so many days since he felt his wife’s sweet lips.

“No,” Jafari shook his head. Henry felt so disappointed and almost a bit heartbroken when he heard that his wife wasn’t allowed to give him a small kiss.

“I’m sorry honey.” Holly looked innocently over at her husband. After giving Henry a small and apologetic smile, Holly turned back to Jafari and went back to sucking his big cock.

Chapter 1

The passengers on board the small plane looked out over the Atlantic ocean on their way from Namibia to Marabogo Island. Joshua and Megan were two of the passengers. They were newlyweds on the way to their honeymoon. The young blonde couple from Hamilton, Ohio, were high school sweethearts and were both nineteen. Both of them came from rather conservative families and hadn’t really been out much in the world. At first, they had just planned on going to a resort in Ohio for their honeymoon. Then they decided to do something bold and go abroad, which was very unlike them, as they were both rather shy.

Next to them sat Will and Katie, a couple from Wellington, Florida. The 23-year-old Will worked in a department store. For the past year, he had been saving up and had just bought a diamond ring for Katie. He planned on proposing to her on the trip. The small box he had in his pocket was almost burning a hole in his pants, as he was dying to ask his girlfriend to marry him. The brunette-haired Katie, who had just turned 20, had leaned over and was chatting with Megan.

“And this is the family dog.” Megan showed Katie a few photos on her phone of her home.

The two young couples had sat next to each other on the plane over from the states and had gotten along really well.

“He’s so cute.” Katie picked up her phone.

“We thought about getting a dog a year ago, but it turns out our apartment building doesn’t allow pets.” Katie started flipping through some photos on her phone.

“It’s a really nice apartment…” Megan’s eyes widened when she saw the next photo.

The photo showed a nude and slim Katie with an equally naked black guy. She was leaning up on her toes, her arms wrapped around his neck, her large natural DD breasts pressed against his muscled chest, and she was kissing him.

“Oh my god.” Katie quickly closed her phone as she got really reddish and blushed.

“I’m so sorry.” Katie felt so embarrassed as she looked down a little.

“Ehm, It’s…” Megan felt a bit awkward. She didn’t really know what to think of the photo. Though she was shocked when she saw it, a feeling of arousal rushed over her when she saw that Katie was naked with a… black guy. Megan had never seen a naked black guy before, and Immediately she felt rather ashamed for getting aroused by someone other than Joshua.

Katie, who felt so embarrassed, leaned back over to her seat and to Will.

“You told me that you had deleted these photos.” Katie showed Will the photo.

“Oh.” Will felt a bit awkward when Katie showed him the photos. Though his penis instantly started to grow in his pants when he saw the picture of his beautiful girlfriend with that big black guy.

“I’m sorry Katie… I couldn’t. You look so… hot with him.” Katie could tell that Will was getting turned on by the photo. It was one of the photos that Will loved to jerk off to when Katie was out on a black date.

“Please don’t delete it.” Will looked over at Katie.

“Okay.” Katie knew that she couldn’t stay upset with Will, she loved him too much, and Will was so supportive of her going black.

“But please move it to somewhere where I don’t accidentally show it to other people,” Katie told him as she gave him the phone.

“Thank you.” Will looked over at his loving girlfriend, whom he couldn’t wait to purpose to, and gave her a small kiss.

Katie looked over at the short-haired blonde girl sitting across the small aisle.

“Again, sorry about that, Will is usually a lot more careful of those kinds of photos.” Katie leaned over and told Megan.

“It’s okay.” Megan still felt a bit awkward, but she didn’t want to lose her newfound friendship with Katie, as she didn’t have many friends back home. Though she did find it a bit strange that Will would know about those kinds of photos of his girlfriend.

“I bet Joshua has a few photos like that of you as well?” Katie said since they were both going to Marabogo.

Megan blushed looking at Katie. Joshua had wanted to take a nude photo of her once, but she had been too nervous.

Just in front of the two young couples sat Tom and Milly, a 35-year-old couple from Britain. Unlike the more tempered Tom, Milly was more outspoken and confident. Leaning back over her seat, she looked over at the younger couples behind her.

“Is this your first trip to Marabogo?” Milly asked in her cockney accent.

Joshua, Megan, Katie, and Will looked up at the busty woman, who showed off a generous amount of cleavage in her tight low cut top.

“Eh, yes,” Joshua said as the rest followed suit.

“Is me and my husband’s third trip,” An excited Milly told them.

“We would go more often, but it’s just not in the budget, you see,” Milly said openly.

“Is not that bad, though, there are plenty of black blokes in London.” Milly smiled.

Joshua and Megan wondered a bit what she meant by black guys.

“Oh, where are my manners, I’m Milly.” Milly pulled on her husband who had his headset on and was listening to a football game.

“And this is my husband Tom.” Tom put down his headset and got up.

“Hiya.” Tom, a teacher from the east end introduced himself.

After they all had said hi, Tom looked back down at his headset.

“Sorry, I just got to catch the last part of the match before we land,” Tom said as he got back down.

“Sorry about my husband, he’s really into footie,” Milly said just as the captain’s voice, came onto the speakers.

“This is your captain, we will be setting down on Marabogo in a couple of minutes, please fasten your seatbelts”.

“Well I hope to see you all on the island, I just know you’re going to have a great time,” Milly said smiling as she sat down and fastened her seat belt.

A moment later the plane sat down on the small tarmac, a couple of kilometers from the Marabogo resort.

“Wow.” Joshua and Megan looked out at all the nature as the warm sun hit their skin.

Outside the plane, four large jeeps waited to take the passengers up to the resort. The drivers were all black men in varying amounts of clothing, though most were bare chested and just wearing shorts. As Will was about to get into the front seat of one of the jeeps, the black man halted him and pointed to Katie, who got up in front instead of Will. After Katie got in next to the black drive, Joshua, Megan, and Will got into the backseat of the jeep.

As the caravan of jeeps drove off, the black drivers all unzipped their pants and pulled out their thick black cocks. In one of the rear jeeps, Rachel Hughes, a thin redhead from Texas eagerly leaned over and started sucking her driver’s cock. Her husband Logan and the other couple who sat in the back leaned up a bit and watched her blow the driver.

“I knew I should have gotten into the front,” Luciana, a Hispanic woman in the back told her white husband Thomas, who smiled and nodded.

Katie who sat in the front in her jeep wasn’t sure what to do since it was her first time on Marabogo, so she just reached over and started stroking the driver’s heavy black cock. Will, who sat in the back, looked over and noticed that his wife was stroking the black man. Will felt his penis hardening as he watched. Joshua and Megan, on the other hand, hadn’t noticed what was happening in the front seat as they were admiring the scenic view.

The Jeeps pulled up to one of the three resorts on Marabogo.

Rachel who had been sucking her driver in the rear Jeep felt a bit disappointed that she didn’t have time to finish him.

“Would you like to come up with us to our room?” Rachel, having leaned back, unbuttoned her blouse and showed him her small and perky breasts. The black driver leaned over and sucked her tits whilst fondling them.

“Sorry miss, I have another pickup in half an hour,” He told her as he pulled his thick cock back into his shorts. Rachel sighed as she would have loved to have felt his fat cock up her tight pussy.

In Katie’s Jeep, as Megan was about to get out, she glanced over and saw that Katie was stroking the black driver’s cock. Again she got that aroused feeling when she saw Katie, a white woman stroking a black man’s cock.

“Megan?” Joshua was behind Megan who had apparently stopped.

“Oh, sorry honey.” Megan realized that she had been staring and got out of the Jeep.

As all the arriving couples walked inside the large resort hotel, they were greeted by three white women and two black men. The women all wore very skimpy clothes. Their tight shorts hugged their buttock and showed a bit of camel toe in the front. The revealing low-cut tops that they were wearing did little to hide their breasts, one of the women even had her tits out. The two black men were both physical specimens, muscular, strong arms, and powerful chests. They both only wore small loincloths that did very little to hide their huge manhoods.

Joshua felt a bit shocked at how little the women were wearing, that, however, did not stop him from staring at the beautiful women, especially the blonde woman with her breasts out. He felt his penis strain against the fabric of his pants as he got hard.

The women, on the other hand, had their eyes on the big black men, including Megan. Her jaw had dropped when she saw the dreamy-looking black men and their hard muscled bodies.

The scantily clad women and the two black men walked behind the large front desk and started waving people over.

“Oh Mr. and Mrs. Stafford, remember me, Helen.” A perky blonde smiled at Milly and Tom.

The twenty-year-old Helen was also from Britain and had only started working at the Marabogo resort last year. One of the first couples she greeted was Tom and Milly.

“Of course we do, Helen, right?” Milly smiled as Tom watched one of the big black men walk up behind Helen, and rubbed his huge bulge against her tight butt.

“Yes.” Helen smiled as she moaned the black man’s name out as she felt him run his bulge up in between her buttcheeks.

“Ohhhh Mbasa.” Milly hungrily looked at the sexy black man who had his strong hand on Helen’s hips and was rubbing his huge loinclothed manhood between her butt.

“Mm, I have your room key right here.” Helen gently ran her teeth over her lower lip, loving how she was being handled by Mbasa.

“And here are your spare keys that you can… Ohh… give out to any of the sexy black men… ohh, you are bound to meet here,” Helen told them whilst softly moaning.

“And Mr. Stafford.” Helen looked over at Tom.

“Your… ohh… chastity belt is up in your room… ohh… I think I remembered your size…ahh, if not, just call down and I’ll… ohh, come up with another size,” Helen told him.

In Marabogo it was customary for all husbands and white men to wear chastity belts.

Standing behind Helen, Mbasa slowly pulled her tight shorts down and undid his loincloth. Grabbing his eleven-inch thick black cock, he rubbed it up against Helen’s wet pussy lips.

“Oh and… mm… these are the new… ohh… tokens that you… ohhhh.” Helen moaned out louder as Mbasa crammed his fat cock into her pussy.

“Oh yess.” Helen moaned as Mbasa started moving his hips, slowly sliding his cock in and out of her. Helen had to really focus to tell the Staffords about the new tokens.

“You… ohh, use the tokens… ohhh Mbasa… in our new… ahhh… events… ohh… around the resort… ohhh,” Helen told them as the Staffords took the tokens. Milly watched the young Helen, and couldn’t wait to have the same done to her.

As Helen started leaning forward more and more, wanting Mbasa to take her harder, Mbasa knew that he had to slow down. He wanted to fuck her harder, but he knew that he couldn’t fuck

her so hard that she couldn’t perform her job.

Joshua and Megan who were waiting in the middle line to check into the resort, watched in disbelief as that black man was fucking the blonde girl right there in front of everyone. Though Megan had started to get that horny feeling again from watching that sexy black man.

Wow… Megan took a breath as she looked at his strong muscled chest. She wondered what it would feel like to lay her hand on his chest.

“Megan, it’s our turn,” Joshua told his wife as she didn’t move when the couple in front of them left.

“Oh sorry.” Megan looked away from the strong black man and walked over to the counter.

“Hi, I’m Anya, how may I help you.” The tall, slim, and dark-haired woman in the middle of the front desk, who spoke with a hint of a Russian accent, introduced herself to Joshua and Megan. Both of them looked at the woman who could easily have been a sports illustrated model.

Looking at Anya, Joshua kind of wished that Megan would wear a skimpy outfit like that sometime.

“Hi, we have a reservation, Barnes, Mr., and Mrs,” Joshua looked over at Megan, and she looked back at him, smiling. They were now Mr. and Mrs. Barnes.

“It’s your first time here, yes,” Anya looked at the screen in front of her.

“Yes, we just got married, and we’re here on our honeymoon.” Joshua looked over at Megan, his now beautiful wife.

“Oh, you are newlyweds, congratulations.” Anya smiled excitedly as she checked something on the computer.

“Good, it’s available.” Anya typed something in and looked up with a smile on her face.

“I just upgraded you to the exclusive bridal suite.”

“Oh wow, thank you,” Megan said as she and Joshua got excited.

“Well coming here on your honeymoon has its advantages.” Anya smiled as Joshua and Megan saw the other black man behind the desk come up behind her, and cup her breasts.

“Oh, Tendai.” Anya gently bit her lower lip as Tendai pulled her top up, exposing her perky and firm breasts. Tendai slowly and passionately fondled her soft breasts.

Joshua stood there staring at Anya’s amazing tits as Tendai ran his big black hands all over them and gently squeezed them. Megan, on the other hand, looked up at the sexy Tendai, feeling her nipples getting hard.

“Here is your room key, and your spares, one for each of you, mmm.” Anya moaned as Tendai gently pulled on her sensitive nipples. Megan hadn’t realized it but watching Tendai, she had reached up with her own hand, and she was softly caressing her breast outside of her dress.

“You can give out the spares to any sexy black man that you may want to, see a bit more of.” Anya smiled as she handed Joshua and Megan the keys.

“And this.” Anya held up a golden coin that showed a naked black man with a huge penis, and two white women hugging his legs. Tendai leaned forward and kissed Anya. Joshua and Megan watched as they tongued each other, licking and sucking each other’s tongues.

Joshua could feel that his penis was rock hard in his pants looking at Anya and Tendai, but as he looked over at his wife, his jaw dropped. His otherwise so shy wife had reached up and was fondling her right breast. Joshua could tell that she was looking at Tendai as she was touching herself, which suddenly made his penis even harder in his pants. Though he felt a bit jealous, seeing his wife watch another man like that, Joshua didn’t want to call out his wife. Joshua thought that maybe if she was touching herself in public like this, that she might be up for a few more adventurous things, like wearing sexier clothes.

“This is a very sought-after coin, a golden token.” Anya continued as Tendai reached down into her shorts.

“Ohhhh.” She moaned out as Tendai rubbed her pussy.

“You can use this at any… ohhh… of our events, mmm and you’ll get priority for everything.” Anya moaned as Tendai had one hand on her breasts and one hand in her shorts feeling her pussy.

Anya reached out to give the coin to Megan.

“I can take it,” Joshua said as Megan was still eyeing Tendai.

“Afraid not, Mr. Barnes, only women are allowed to have these coins,” Anya said as she again handed it over to Megan, who suddenly realized what she had been doing.

Megan quickly put her hand down, blushing hard, her face almost turning red.

“Thank you.” She quickly took the coin looking down as she felt so embarrassed.

“Then there is just one last thing we have to do, and that’s to have you fitted for your chastity belt Mr. Barnes,” Anya told Joshua who looked surprised.

“Chastity belt, I don’t…” Joshua wasn’t sure what she meant.

“Tendai.” Anya gave Tendai a passionate kiss.

“Would you give me just a moment?” She asked him as she needed to fit Joshua for his chastity belt.

“Of course.” Tendai gave Anya one last kiss.

“If you would come this way, you can come as well Mrs. Barnes,” Anya told them to follow her to a closed-off room behind the front desk.

They followed the long-legged, and sexy Russian woman into the other room. Anya closed the door behind them and sat down next to a desk that had several strange items on it. Most of them were made out of plastic and almost resembled penis shapes.

“If you would be so kind as to pull down your pants.” Anya looked up at Joshua.

“Excuse me?” Joshua felt a bit shocked.

“Why… do you need him to pull down his pants?” Megan asked.

“We need to see which one of these fits your husband’s genitals,” Anya told them as she looked over the desk.

“I’m… supposed to wear one of those?” Joshua looked at the items on the table.

“Of course, it’s customary here on the island for husbands and white men to wear a chastity belt,” Anya told him.

“I don’t.” Joshua was a bit nervous about this whole thing.

“Honey, why don’t you try it on?” Megan surprised her husband by asking him to try it on.

“Oh… ehm… okay,” Joshua said nervously as Anya turned around in her chair expecting him to pull down his pants.

As he slowly pulled down his pants, his six-inch hard penis flipped out from under his pants.

“And this is why the white men on the island wear these belts, so they don’t get these unfortunate premature erections,” Anya said looking at Joshua’s penis.

“Oh.” Megan nodded in an understanding way as she looked down at her husband’s erection.

“Unfortunately your husband will probably have to ejaculate before we can get a proper fit for him,” Anya said as she picked up a small plastic cup, and handed it to Joshua.

“Ehm, I don’t think I can.” Joshua felt rather nervous as he had never come in front of a woman before. Even with Megan, they had always been under bed sheets when they made love, so she had never seen cum.

“Maybe I can help?” Megan surprised her husband again by offering to possibly stroke his penis.

“Oh no, that’s okay Mrs. Barnes, I know something that always works for white men.” Anya stood up and smiled.

“Though you can hold this in front of your husband’s penis.” Anya handed Megan the cup.

“Okay.” Megan took the cup and held it down in front of Joshua’s penis as she looked up at him, not knowing for sure what was going to happen.

Anya opened the door and called out to Tendai.

“Could you come in here for a moment, Tendai?”

Joshua got a bit nervous as Anya sat back down on the chair and waited for Tendai. As Tendai came in, he saw Megan holding a plastic cup under Joshua’s six-inch penis. Without saying a word, Tendai dropped his loincloth. Out flung his thick and rock-hard eleven-inch black cock.

“Wow,” Megan spoke out without even realizing it, which made Joshua feel rather small and also put a grin on Tendai’s face.

“Oh, I’m sorry honey, I didn’t mean.” Megan felt rather bad for humiliating her husband like that.

Anya looked up at Joshua before she leaned down in front of Tendai. She wrapped her lips around Tendai’s thick cock and started sucking him.

Oh my god… Joshua felt his penis get so hard as he saw this beautiful white woman suck Tendai’s huge black cock.

“Ah… ahhh…. Ahhhhh!” Within seconds, Joshua groaned out, cumming hard into the cup that Megan held up in front of his penis.

“Oh.” Having had her eyes on Tendai’s black cock, Megan noticed that her husband was coming. She held the cup up closer to the tip of his penis as his spurts of cum turned to small drips. As Megan looked up at her husband breathing heavily, she kind of felt embarrassed by how quickly he had come.

“Heh, white men just come so quickly when they see a white woman sucking a black cock.” Anya grinned a little looking over at Joshua and Megan.

“Would you like to taste him?” Anya held Tendai’s big cock up towards Megan.

“Yes,” Megan instinctively spoke out before she knew she had said it.

“Honey?!” Joshua was shocked by Megan.

“Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean.” Megan felt so embarrassed as she apologized to her husband. Though deep inside, she knew that she had told the truth. She had wanted to go down on her knees, just like Anya, and take Tendai’s big cock in her mouth. She had wanted it so badly. If Joshua hadn’t been there, she would be on her knees right now, sucking Tendai’s black cock.

“Okay, thank you Tendai.” Anya gave the tip of his cock another lick, tasting his delicious precum.

“Now we’ll just wait a bit until he’s small again,” Anya said as they waited.

About ten minutes later, Joshua’s penis had shrunk down to its normal smallish size.

“Hmm, about four inches soft.” Anya measured Joshua’s penis as she picked up a chastity belt.

“Can I watch?” Megan asked Anya which again surprised Joshua.

“Of course, You’ll be holding the key,” Anya told her.

Key? Megan thought as she got down on her knees next to Anya.

“First we put his penis and balls through this ring.” Anya put the ring around his penis and balls, which felt a bit uncomfortable to Joshua.

“Next you can help me, Mrs. Barnes, by pushing your husband’s penis downwards,” Anya told Megan who did what she told her and pushed her husband’s penis down. Something that Joshua enjoyed, having Megan touch his penis like that.

“Then we put his penis through another ring with these guiding pins, and lastly we attach the pins to the last ring.”

“Now we put him into his cage.” Anya smiled as she pushed the cage up onto Joshua’s penis as tightly as she could, almost pushing the tip of his penis against the bottom, but still leaving an ? of an inch room for the tip. Anya glanced up at Megan who looked at her husband’s penis in that small cage.

“And now, we lock him up.” Anya put a small steel lock on top of the chastity belt and locked it with a key.

“Now he won’t be able to get an erection no matter what.” Joshua got a bit worried as she heard Anya tell Megan that.

“Here.” Anya gave the key to Megan.

“While on the island, you decide for how long your husband stays in the cage, and when to let him out,” Anyone told Megan who strangely felt aroused by having control of her husband’s manhood.

“But, when we’re making love, we have to take it off,” Joshua asked, a bit worried as Anya looked up at him.

“Oh Mr. Barnes, white men aren’t allowed to have intercourse with their wife on Marabogo island. Only black men are allowed to have sex with women on the island, that’s why married couples come here so that the woman can have sex with black men,” Anya told Joshua who got so shocked.

“Honey, we…” Joshua looked down at Megan who had a knowing look on her face.

“Honey? You knew?” Joshua said a bit confused.

“Well, Laura told me a bit more about the island when you were talking to Ben,” Megan told her husband. It had been their neighbors, Laura and Ben who had suggested the trip to Marabogo.

“Oh.” Joshua felt a bit like a fool.

“Oh, honey.” Megan stood up and gave her husband just a peck on his cheek.

“You know you loved watching that blonde girl out there be taken by that huge black guy. And I know you loved seeing Anya make out with Tendai,” Megan said. Which Joshua wanted to deny, but couldn’t.

“And how quickly you came when you saw Anya sucking that big black cock,” Megan told her husband, smiling. Joshua had never heard his wife talk like that, and it was turning him on.

“Ah.” Joshua felt his penis strain hard against the inside of the cage, which prevented him from getting an erection.

“Oh.” Megan could tell that her husband was trying to get an erection.

“And you know you’re going to love seeing me in bed with a big black guy,” Megan told her husband, softly breathing on him.

“Ah.” Joshua felt his penis ache even more as it tried to get hard, but couldn’t. Thinking about what his wife had just told him, precum had started dripping from the tip of his penis.

“Now let’s go up to our room,” Megan told her husband who reached for his pants.

“Oh no, the chastity belt is all you’re going to be wearing on the island,” Megan told her husband as she started unbuttoning his shirt, and removed it. Joshua now stood there naked, in his scrawny birthday suit, with not even a hint of muscles.

“Let’s go.” Megan took Joshua’s hand as the two of them walked out.

Joshua felt so humiliated as he walked out there, completely naked, wearing a chastity belt. Some of the women giggled a bit as they walked past.

“This is going to be such a nice week,” Megan said as they got into an elevator and headed up to their bridal suite.

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