First Time Fuck
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t started when we were 18. Kirsten had been my best friend since kindergarden. We had spent years together, we saw each other almost 7 days a week. When we hit puberty, things started to change. Her schedule got busy, mine too. My parents got a divorce, and a whole lot of other things happened.
Between 6th and 7th grade, we grew apart. She went to one school, while i switched around. Finally in 8th grade, i went to her school. That’s when I noticed that she’d changed.
With me being the horny teen i was, I of course checked her out. Except for her acne, she had become quite beautiful. Her body had slimmed, she had gotten a little taller too. The best part was that her tits were growing. This girl had gone from nothing to a C-cup! And that ass was just so nice. Round, and big, the way i like em’!
Well, she had a boyfriend. Harrison was his name, and he was the ugliest kid you ever did see. I thought to myself “Damn that kid is scrawney.” I coulda beat him to a pulp in 1 punch. For some reason, Kirsten saw something in him. I had to stop things now before they got out of hand.
To let Kirsten know that I had noticed her “enhancments”, i started teasing her. A little tap on her butt did the trick. She acted like she hated it, but underneath she was glowing. This happened like this all through the year.
The summer after 9th grade, Harrison dumped her. She was very unhappy and cried alot. I, being the nice person I was, went and conforted her any way I could. She was too sad to think of dating again, so I just bid my time.
Finally, the my day came. I went to her house, and her parents were gone. She let me in as usual, and sat and cried some more. I started digging into her mind.
“Kirsten,” I said, “did you and Harrison ever do it?”
She gave me a look of shock and shook her head.
I knew what was going to happen, I could tell from the way she was looking me over that she was horny. I took it in happily.
“Why do you want to know?” she asked, still looking at my crotch.
“Well, you are crying so much I thought maybe you gave Harrison your cherry, and now he doesn’t want you. Now that would be something to cry over.”
She dabbed her eyes and came and sat next to me.
“This was my first love. I didn’t want it to stop,” she moaned.
This was my time!
“That looser only wanted you to say that he had a girlfriend. You don’t need him, you’ve got me,” I yelled.
The look of shock on her face cannot be explained. I knew that the cranks in her head were turning so fast we could have given California all the energy they needed.
“I have you?” she asked. “What do you mean by that?”
“Well, you could date me. I’m alot nicer than Harry.”
“And a lot sexier too,” she added, again looking at my crotch.
“Look,” I said. “We have been friends for years. We have changed so much,” I said as I sat next to her and slid my hand down her back. “Why don’t you and make make a little something ourselves.”
By this time, my dick was harded than metal, and I could smell the scent of Kirsten’s pussy. There was a little wet spot on the front of her shorts. This was too much for me. I had to have her, right at that moment! She leaned towards me and looked me in the eye.
“I know that you want me,” she started slowly. “I want you more than ever.”
Got her! She was mine now. I leaned over and smothered her into the couch as we kissed ever so passionately. She was the best kisser I had ever known! I took in her tongue as it wriggled its way into my mouth. She had rapped legs around my waist as I layed on top of her.
Then she pushed me away and wispered into my ear, “Lets go into my room.”
I followed her into her room, watching that beautiful ass sway all the way. She opened her door, and I stepped in. It was a mess, but oh well, who gives a fuck. She told me to stay standing there, as she went into her parents room.
A few seconds later, she came back with a box of condoms. “You will need these,” was her only response. I set them down, and then Kirsten shoved me onto her bed. Pressing her body against mine, she kissed my lips, then ripped my shirt off me. As she was kissing my chest, she put a hand on the fly of my shorts. She licked my stomach, and pulled my pants down off my ankles. I could see down her low cut shirt, and the view was fantastic!
She grapped my dick through my boxers and said lovingly, “This is mine now!”
Just then she sat on top of my dick, and started stripping. Off with the shirt and the shorts, and then the bra! I slid my hands around her waist and slowing moved up to those tits. I gave them a little squeeze, which made Kirsten moan.
“Oh Scott, do that more!” she sighed.
As I did, her hand slid into her panties and started working. She ripped them off and her little muff was showing. She didn’t shave, but there wasn’t much to shave. I of course just stared, it was the first time I had seen a girl naked. She was so proud of herself.
“You are so gorgeous,” I sighed.
She smiled and kissed me. Then she took hold of my boxers and ripped them down my legs, exposing my hard 6 inch dick. The cold air sent a shiver up my back. Kirsten took hold of my dick.
“Do you know what a blowjob is?” I asked.
“No,” she said, “what is it?”
So I went through the whole process of what she should do. Most other girls would be discusted, but she seemed excited. She kissed the head, and then licked the shaft from top to bottom, then finally taking in the whole thing. I felt it touch the back of her warm throat.
She licked the head around in her mouth, then oral fucked my dick. Talk about the best feeling in the world! Just then I started feeling the slight tinglings of climax. I let out a moan and said I was going to cum. I thought that she would spit my dick and run to brush her teeth, but instead she sucked even harder. I burst into her mouth at that moment. She drank all of my cum up like a little kitten drinking milk!
At this point, we switched places. I kissed her lips, then licked her tits. When I started nibbling, she almost had an orgasm. Then I moved down to her pussy. I licked the inside of her thighs and right above her opening. She grabbed my head and shoved it into her muff. I licked up all of her delicious juices, before eating her out. When I found her clit, I gently licked it, then sucked on it like a lollypop. She let out a scream of pleasure and started bucking my face as she hit climax.
While she recovered, I put on a condom.
“Ready?” I asked.
She nodded and made me promise I would take it slow. so I did. Placing my dick on the beginning of her slit, I rubbed every so gently to get her started. I found her clit amd rubbed it with the head of my dick. She moaned and started massaging her tits. I slowly inserted my dick into her vagina, taking it an inch at atime. Finally, she screamed in pain, and I stopped.
“Should I pull out?” I said.
“No, no,” she said, “I’ll be fine, just wait a second.”
So I waited. After about two minutes she said to go in again. All of her pain was gone, so I went all of the way in. I hit bottom, and asked her if I should go slow or fast. Whatever you like was her response. So I started slow and then sped up. All I could here was the rythmic ‘clap, clap’ of my body hitting hers. We moved in unison, back and forth, until I burst. Kirsten hadn’t hit her climax yet, so I pushed myself to keep going.
She hit climax shortly after, so when she was done we took a break. I laid next to her and rubbed her tits.
“What did you think?” she asked.
“You have the tightest pussy ever,” I sighed.
She giggled and said, “I LOVE the taste of your cum!”
“Oh you do huh?” I asked.
“Ya, it tastes sooooo good!” she half yelled as she licked her lips.
“Wanna go to 5th base?” I asked.
“Anal sex.”
“You mean…….”
“Up the ass,” I smiled.
She said she didn’t know. I said that if she couldn’t let me take her ass cherry, then she shouldn’t have let me take her other one. She was still holding back.
“Ok,” I said, “turn over and sit on your hands and knees with your ass in the air.”
“I don’t know if I want you to fuck my ass yet,” she said.
“I won’t, but I’ll do something better.”
She gave me alook of reluctance, but I grabbed her waist and turned her over anyway. she stuck her ass high in the air. I got right behind her. Boy, that ass loooked awesome right there in front of me.
I licked both of her cheeks, then I started licking her asshole. She sqweeled in pleasure and shoved backwards. I took my finger and went in and out a few times. She loved that too.
“Ok,” she said, “I have to have your dick in my ass now!!”
“Gimme that vaseline next to your bed,” I said, pointing to the jar. She handed it to me and I took some and rubbed it around her asshole. Then I washed my dick with it.
“What’s that for?” she asked.
“To make it so that I can get in your tight ass without causing you pain,” I stated.
She shrugged and waited for me to finish.
At last, I was going to ass fuck a girl! I took my dick and worked it in slowly. She winched in pain, but then relaxed. I started my forward/backward motion, and she yelled to go harder.
After 3 minutes of hard fucking, I blew up in her. She screamed with joy and lay down on her stomach, completely worn out. I was too. We had covered alot of ground.
I laid down next to her, and stroked her ass.
“That was the best thing I have ever done in my entire life,” I said enthusiastically.
“I agree,” she said. We both sat for a second, admiring each other’s bodies.”
“Well I had better get going, your mom and dad may get here soon.”
“Ya,” was her response. At that, we got up and dressed ourselves. I went to the bathroom and washed my dick. When I came out, we kissed at the front door. But after 5 minutes of kissing, we were both naked and going again.
This went on for years. Today, we still do this occasionally, but only when we get dumped!

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