Natalie at the gloryhole
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Natalie Bradshaw was a juvenile delinquent. At least,
that’s what her mother called her all the time. She
didn’t mean to get into trouble; it just seemed to
happen to her. Maybe it was the friends she hung out
with, like her Mom kept saying.

But she liked Livia and Brad, and she wasn’t going to
stop seeing them just because her mother wanted her to.

As the 17 year-old stood looking out the window, pout-
ing over her confinement, she thought about her friends
and wondered what they were doing. Being grounded again
was beginning to annoy her. It seemed to Natalie that
she was always in trouble. So why fight it? Why not
ignore the consequences and have some fun? she thought.

Her eyes shone with a defiant inner fire as she looked
over her shoulder at the bedroom door. An idea just
seemed to pop into her head. She knew it was wrong, but
she didn’t really care; she wanted to have some fun.

Turning thought into action, the young girl slipped
through the bedroom door, quietly descended the stairs
and snuck out the front door. On the way out, she
stopped in the hall and rifled her Mother’s purse,
taking $40 and change as “expense” money. She wondered
whether, if she left a $20 behind, it might cover up
the theft, but then she realized it wouldn’t. What the
hell! She might as well take it all and enjoy herself
while she could!

Natalie was a pretty girl. She had natural grace and a
beautiful face. Her long brown hair seemed always to
take a perfect cut, and her body had all the right
curves. She knew she could get her way with guys
because they wanted her, and in the past she hadn’t
hesitated to use her body to get things she wanted from
them. Besides, she liked having sex. It felt wonderful,
and why shouldn’t she use her natural assets to get

She smiled at the thought, and wondered what her Mom
would think if she knew some of the things her daughter
had done.

A short walk down the block, and around the corner, and
she was standing in front of Livia’s house. Livia was
in trouble too, and just as grounded as Natalie.

She cautiously crept up to her friend’s house and,
standing under the tree which grew outside Livia’s
bedroom, threw a handful of gravel at the window.

A moment later the familiar face of her friend peered
down at her.

Natalie liked her friend’s face; it was always smiling
a secret smile. Livia was nice to look at too. She had
flame-red, fly-away hair, and an Irish country girl’s
looks. Her best features, Natalie thought, were her
beautiful, clear, green eyes. That had been what she
first noticed about Livia when they met at school.
Now they were best friends and shared everything.

Natalie jumped as she was brought back to the present
by the scraping noise the window made as Livia pulled
it open.

“What are you doing here?” Livia asked in a loud
whisper. “Aren’t you grounded too?”

“Yes, I am, but I’m tired of being cooped up and I’ve
decided to go into town and have some fun. If I’m
already grounded, what more can they do to me if they
catch me?”

Natalie smiled up at her friend, mischief in her eyes.
Livia knew what Natalie wanted; a partner in crime. She
quickly calculated the extra punishment she might
receive for ignoring her “grounded” status, and decided
to join her friend.

The decision made, Livia reached out for the overhang-
ing branch that nearly touched her window and grasped
it. She carefully climbed out onto it, then down the

Brushing herself off, she giggled at the excitement of
escaping her punishment, even if for just a little
while. The girls ran away from the house and, skipping
and laughing, made their way to the Cartwald Street
subway entrance.

The beauty of living in Queens Borough was that they
were only thirty minutes away from downtown New York
by subway, and they usually made it into town at least
once a week. They liked to cut school and go in on a
week day; it made them feel grownup to go into the city
on their own.

“Should we call Bradley, do you think?” Livia asked.

Natalie knew that Brad and Livia had become lovers, and
it irritated her a little. It wasn’t that she was
really jealous or anything. After all, she’d had sex
with Bradley when they were in the sixth grade, and had
done other things with him too. It was just that their
involvement with each other tended to exclude her, and
that Natalie didn’t like at all.

“If you want to, give him a call,” Natalie said, with-
out enthusiasm.

Livia ran over to the phone on the wall and called her
boyfriend, giggling all the while she was speaking to
him. Natalie looked on, patent disgust written all over
her pretty face that her friend was making such a fool
of herself over this boy.

Bradley showed up on the station platform about two
minutes before the train pulled in. Natalie was disap-
pointed that he’d made it in time, but resigned herself
to the fact that he would be coming with them.

Watching Livia and Brad snuggle in the seat across the
aisle from her, Natalie got to thinking that it might
be fun having him along after all, and she began to
make plans for a fun afternoon. ‘We’ll see how much the
little man can take,’ she thought, glancing at the

She made them alight at the 44th Street station, one of
the seedier parts of town. Livia asked: “Nat, are you
sure this is where we want to get off? It’s a pretty
rough part of town.”

Natalie smiled confidently at her friend, saying:
“Sure! I have some fun in mind, and this is the best
place for it. I wanta check out some of these adult
stores before they close ’em all up. This could be our
last chance to see them, you know. They passed some
laws to close them up pretty soon. I’ve always wanted
to know what they’re all about. Haven’t you?”

Brad looked interested, but Livia at first seemed a
little doubtful. Then she smiled at Natalie, a little
excited at the opportunities this little escapade might
throw up. She’d heard about these sex shops, and was
curious to find out more about the “adult toys” they
offered. ‘It might be fun at that,’ she thought.

The three teenagers walked down the gloomy street, tall
buildings either side blotting out the sky and giving
an impression of perpetual twilight. Glittering signs-
of-sin shone out of darkened windows, promising all
kinds of sexual experience.

The young girls skipped and laughed as they pulled
Bradley between them into one of the stores. A huge red
sign over the door announced “XXX SEX XXX”, and there
were paintings of women wearing little or no clothing.

They quieted down once they were in the dark, dank
interior. There was a hush about the place, and a smell
of mold – and something else too. Natalie sniffed the
air, trying to identify the odor. She was excited to be
entering the adult world of sex and sin; it made her
heart race, and a fine sheen of sweat appeared on her

Livia and Natalie held hands as they cautiously probed
the depths of the huge old store. Bradley, meanwhile,
walked nervously behind the girls.

“Can I help you!?” The teenagers started at the un-
expected voice. Until then, the only sounds in the
store had been undefined murmuring and other muffled

Suddenly a wizened little man was standing behind them,
an accusing look on his wrinkled face.

Natalie screwed up her nerve and said: “No thanks,
mister. We’re just looking.”

She was a little disconcerted to hear her voice sound-
ing so small and childlike when she had intended it
to resonate with adult confidence.

“Let me see I.D., ’cause you don’t look old enough,”
he growled, glaring at them.

“Give us a break, will yah? They’re gonna close your
place up in a few weeks anyway. Here’s 20 bucks! Just
let us look around a bit. That’s all we want; just to
see what all the fuss is about.” Natalie spoke much
louder this time.

The little man looked at the kids for a moment, then
at the $20, then shrugged and walked away.

Livia and Natalie gave the cheerleader jump, giving
each other the high-five and squealing with delight.
They now had access to this private adult world, and
they were excited! What would happen next?

What was in this dirty old store, anyway? they wondered.
They walked down the entrance aisle, looking into each

The first contained sex videos on racks, lining the
walls. The next was full of books. Livia shouted
gleefully when she found the area containing adult
toys, and they examined the various objects used by
adults to get themselves off. That was quite interest-
ing, but Natalie quickly became bored with the sex toy
tour and wandered deeper into the building, leaving
Livia and Brad in the “toy room”.

Walking hesitantly into the farthest region of the
store, she noticed a line of doors on the back wall,
and heard muffled noses coming from behind some of

Curiosity won out over caution, and she crept up to one
of the doors and put her ear to it. A man’s voice was
speaking, but she couldn’t make out what he was saying.
Whatever it was, she also heard a grunting sound.

The teenager moved to another door and listened again,
but heard nothing this time. Looking up, she noticed a
little sliding sign that said “Empty”; when she pulled
it to the left the word “Full” was exposed. Being a
bright girl, she quickly figured out which booths were
full and which empty.

After listening at all the doors showing a “full” sign,
she realized that each of these rooms was occupied by
a man. She wondered what was going on behind those
doors. She realized that she had to know, and that she
was finding the situation sexually arousing. ‘How odd,’
she thought.

Natalie opened the door, marked “Empty”, to the end
booth and stepped in.

The first thing she noticed was the smell. It was like
unwashed bodies; more accurately, unwashed male bodies.
It reminded her of boys’ basketball practice after a
couple of hours of hard court time. Having been a cheer-
leader for her high school team, she’d been around her
share of sweaty jocks.

But there was also another smell, which excited her; a
male smell. More specifically, it was the smell of men’s

She reached out and touched the wall in front of her,
trying to gauge, in the dim light coming from the hole
cut in the ceiling, the amount of space available to
her. She jerked her hand back when her fingers met
something cold and sticky.

As there was insufficient light for her to see what was
on her fingers, she brought them gingerly to her nose
and sniffed, pulling a face when she realized what it

Natalie had already guessed that men came into these
booths to ‘get off’, but until now, faced with the
evidence, she hadn’t realized how it was done. She
stood there, holding her sticky fingers in the air, and
wondered what had gone on in this dark booth only a
little while ago. Unconsciously, she rubbed her fingers
together, mashing the slime of a strange male’s cum
between her fingertips.

She was wondering if it was safe to sit down when she
noticed that there were panels in the walls, one on the
side where the seat was, and one in the back wall. They
seemed to be coin slots, with built-in locks holding
each door closed.

Steeling herself, Natalie wiped the sticky fluid off
her fingers by rubbing them on the hem of her dress.
When her fingers were fairly dry she reached into her
purse and, pulling out the four quarters that the
little sign above the booth had said would be needed,
dropped them into the slot above the door on the back

The door opened upward, revealing behind it an opening
about 10 inches across, through which bright light

Natalie blinked at the sudden glare, then lowered her-
self onto the seat and looked through the hole in the
wall. She was shocked by what she saw!

On the other side of the wall was a good-sized room,
in which were women, wearing hardly anything at all.
Every now and then one would walk over to one of the
holes in the wall and, after taking money, they would
either bend over and put their bottoms against the hole
or kneel down and take a waiting man’s erect cock into
their mouths.

Natalie hadn’t known what to expect, but this was way
beyond her imaginings. She was even more surprised when
a young, good-looking man entered the room and went
over to a hole. After taking some money he knelt down.

For a moment Natalie saw some man’s cock protruding
through the hole; then it disappeared as the young man
sank his mouth over the waiting shaft.

Such unexpected scenes were having their effect on
Natalie. She felt intense sexual excitement, already
badly needing a release; it was almost an animalistic
thing. She glanced back at the door to make sure it
was securely closed, then pulled her dress up and her
panties off, with one object in mind: to “get herself
off”, and quickly.

At that moment, a little bell sounded in Natalie’s
booth. The side panel dropped beside her, making her
jump. Her eyes widened when a cock suddenly poked its
full length through the hole. It was erect, and much
larger than any she’d seen before.

She heard a harsh whisper: “Hey man, how about it?”

Natalie was disconcerted by this intrusion into her
dark little world; obviously this person wanted a man
to give him a blowjob.

She sat quite still, her underwear at her feet, staring
at the thick, veiny shaft and at the hole through which
it had appeared. She couldn’t see through to the other
side, but heard ragged breathing as the man waited for
an answer… She hesitated only a few moments before,
in true “Natalie fashion,” throwing caution to the
winds… She realized that what she was about to do was
totally stupid, but she went ahead anyway.

Bending over, she backed her young bottom up to the
cock, hearing a groan when she grasped the shaft in her
hand. Placing the cock-head at her pussy’s opening, she
pushed backward.

The cock slipped easily into her pussy, and Natalie
heard a surprised gasp from the next booth as it sank
up to the hilt.

‘This guy’s getting quite a bit more than he bargained
for,’ she thought, smiling to herself.

Her new sex partner didn’t waste any time; straightway
he began pounding frantically against the wall of the

Natalie was surprised at the violence of the man’s
thrusts. ‘He can’t have had sex in a long time,’ she
thought. Bending at the waist, she pressed herself
tight against the hole. ‘This is great!’ she thought.
She was looking forward to fingering her clit while
this man stimulated her insides.

Suddenly, however, there was a loud groan, and the man
in the next booth jammed himself as hard as he could
into Natalie’s soaked pussy-cave.

She was sufficiently experienced with males to know
what was about to happen, so even though she wanted
more she pulled herself off the pumping cock and
watched as the first string of white cum shot across
the booth to ‘splat’ against the opposite wall.

Two more jets of semen, in diminishing amounts, spurted
into her booth before the slime-coated cock disappeared
and Natalie was left alone with the smell of sex.

She was so worked up by now, she just knew she would
explode if she couldn’t soon have her own orgasm. She
sat back down on the booth seat and started rubbing her
swollen clit once more. All she wanted now was an
orgasm. It would be intense, and she felt it rising
fast. She thought about the cock that had just been
using her, and her massaging grew faster.

“Natalie, where are you….? Nat!”

It was Bradley. Damn it! There was a scraping noise
against her door, and Natalie was thrown off her
rhythm. She heard her neighbor leave his booth, saying,
in a gruff voice: “She’s in there, kid.” Then the door
swung open and Natalie was looking at Brad’s inquiring

He appeared nervous, and scared, and wrinkled his nose
at the booth smell. Natalie continued sitting, her legs
still spread and her hand over her pussy as if frozen
in the act. But what was really running through her
mind was what would happen if she followed her urge and
screwed her best friend’s boyfriend.

‘Hell,’ she thought, ‘I’ve fucked him before, even if
it was years ago. Why not again?’ She reached up and
pulled Brad into the booth with her by the front of his
T-shirt, then shut the door behind him.

“Hey Nat, what the hell are you do…?”

She yanked his fly open and reached into his underpants
in one movement. The boy’s words choked in his throat
as he felt Natalie’s fingers exploring his instant

He could hardly breathe; every move she made sent
thrills through his entire body.

The door now opened again and the outside light shone
on Bradley’s half-naked body. Natalie looked up dis-
tractedly, and realized that she’d been caught in the
act by Livia.

However, the punishing storm of hurtful and hateful
words she expected never materialized. Instead, Livia
stepped into the booth and shut the door behind her.

Natalie accepted her good fortune and continued working
on Bradley’s rigid pole. Soon she felt Livia sink down
into the adjacent seat. She could hear her friend’s
shallow breathing as she pulled Bradley towards her by
his prick, guiding him to her aching pussy.

He knew what was expected of him and bent at the waist,
pushing his face between Natalie’s thighs and beginning
to lap at the cunt of his girlfriend’s girlfriend. He’d
long wanted another session with Natalie, remembering
the uninhibited sex they’d had that one time in the
sixth grade. Natalie had been his first, and he’d often
fantasized about her when alone with his hand; some-
times, even, while he and Livia were actually doing it.
And here he was, sucking Natalie’s juicy cunt while
Livia watched approvingly!

Livia had decided that it would be fun to watch Nat and
Brad. She wasn’t the jealous type and, anyway, she
preferred Nat to Brad, and it was exciting to watch her
friend’s almost naked body in the throes of passion.

She reached under Brad’s chest and grabbed his nuts,
lightly squeezing them. Brad groaned into Natalie’s
pussy as his girlfriend tugged at and gently squeezed
his tightening balls.

Natalie felt her orgasm rising again; it sprang to the
surface when Livia pulled down the top of her blouse
and placed her soft wet lips over a nipple. Natalie’s
hips jerked, her body as responsive as a live wire.
Currents of euphoria surged through her, somehow link-
ing her cunt, her incredibly sensitive nipple and the
face between her legs.

Bradley’s face suddenly pushed even harder into her
crotch as someone from the other side of the wall
shoved something fleshy, yet hard, into his exposed

Brad had been bracing himself against the back wall
because of the lack of room, unaware that his butt was
protruding through the hole connecting the booth and
the big room.

The young man on the other side of the wall had seen
Brad’s ass against the hole and assumed it to be an
invitation. He did what he’d been wanting to do for
days. Heck, he didn’t even want payment; just the
chance to fuck a tight gay ass for a change.

Brad’s eyes came out on stalks when he felt himself
penetrated from behind. He couldn’t move, what with his
face being jammed into Natalie’s pussy and Livia
holding on tight to his nuts. He couldn’t believe the
pain. It was so intense it was almost sexual. In fact,
the combination of the invading cock and Livia’s ball
massage pushed Bradley over his orgasmic edge and he
began spurting cum over Natalie’s smooth tan legs.

He was temporarily immobilized. His cum was just too
strong, just too intense; he couldn’t breathe right.
However, as the man behind him emptied his seed into
Brad’s anal canal, he sprang to life, pulling himself
off and away from the gay blade. He stood up straight,
stepping to one side, and Livia immediately pulled him
towards her and engulfed his still-rigid shaft in her
mouth, eagerly bobbing over his prick and sucking out
whatever there was left inside, pleased that she was
giving her friends a show.

Unfortunately for Natalie, the young man who had
invaded Brad’s nether parts hadn’t done cumming when
Brad stood up, so poor Natalie could do nothing in the
confined space but watch as shot after shot of his hot,
white semen squirted onto her dress.

Looking down at herself, she saw that she was a sticky
mess; man-cum all over her legs, hands and, now, her
dress. ‘Boy,’ she smiled to herself, ‘It sure is a
shame they’re closing these sex stores down! Then
another thought struck her and she gave a resigned
sigh. It hardly mattered to her if they did, since
she’d be grounded for the rest of her life anyway.

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