Double Your Pleasure
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Ann and I have been married for over four years and we
continue to have an electrifying relationship. However, we have
had one difference in our sexual thinking. Ann believes in
marital fidelity while I’m an advocate of sexual freedom,
believing that sex between two or more consenting adults is
beautiful regardless of their marital status. I had often
encouraged Ann to make love to another man so she could see how
beautiful sex can be, but she had always resisted. However, four
months ago Ann finally fulfilled my fantasy by making love with
another man.

One night I returned home from work and Ann greeted me at the
door wearing nothing except a short, sexy blue robe that hung just
below her ass and revealed her assets beautifully. She was in a
very happy mood as she placed her arms around neck and gave me a
long French kiss. Ann looked me in the eye and told me she wanted
to fulfill one of my fantasies by screwing my best friend John.
Ann had always found John to be attractive and, since she
approached me with the idea, I immediately called John; I didn’t
want this rare opportunity to slip by. John was hesitant at first
because of the late hour. However, when I explained that this
would probably be his only chance to make it with my wife, he said
that he would be right over.

When I rejoined Ann in the living room, she was on the couch
smiling at me as she revealed her pussy. I began to play with Ann
a bit as I told her John was on his way over. However, as time
passed, Ann was becoming edgy and wanted to call the whole deal
off. I reassured her of my love and told her I didn’t want her to
back out this far along the line.

When John arrived, we all stripped. Ann sat between us,
stiff as a board, on the couch. I gently spread her legs to lick
and suck her pussy. After a few minutes of eating Ann out, her
inhibitions disappeared and she began to wildly French kiss John
as she stroked his cock and allowed him to suck and kiss her firm
breasts. I continued to enjoy Ann’s pussy as she made her way
down to John’s cock and began to deep throat him. She continued
to suck John as she clamped her legs around my neck and pulled my
face tightly against her wet pussy as she came. After I licked up
her cunt juices, John and I switched places. John began to lick
Ann’s cunt as she placed her legs over his shoulders and began to
sigh as she sucked my cock with fervor. When John commented on
how sweet her pussy tasted, Ann acknowledged the compliment by
sucking my cock harder and faster as she ground her pussy into
John’s face. Soon Ann’s body began to shake from the power of an
intense orgasm.

We moved Ann to the carpet, where she knelt on the floor so
that she could continue to suck my cock while John fucked her. As
Ann was working her mouth over my penis, John lined his cock up
with my wife’s slick cunt and thrust it deeply into her. John
agreed that Ann had a tight pussy as she cooed with his every
stroke. Ann was in complete ecstasy and began panting as she
sucked and fucked us in rhythm and enjoyed multiple orgasms. I
could tell by the look on John’s face that he was about to come as
Ann continued to stroke his cock with her pussy. Sweat began to
drip off of John’s body as he buried his cock deep into Ann. Then
he held her tight and shot his juices deep into her love tunnel.
Ann then lay back so I could take my turn in her cum drenched
cunt. I kissed her and asked her how she liked John; she replied
that she loved having his cock in her. Then she looked at John
and took his spent cock in her mouth and began to lick him clean.
Watching Ann give John a blowjob gave me so much pleasure that I
picked up the tempo until I emptied my load in her slick channel.

The night finally came to a close after we all showered.
After John left, Ann admitted that she loved the experience, but
that from then on she only wanted me to fill her cunt. Oh, well,
I guess sacrifices have to be made.

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