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School Gloryhole
By: Date: 2023.03.14. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , ,

The bell rang for lunch, finally. Mr. Cartwinder’s math
lessons were the worst of them all. I always struggled
to pay attention to him as he droned on and on about
algebraic equations and matrices and whatnot.

It wasn’t like I was a horrible student, I got pretty
good marks, it’s just Mr. Cartwinder was so damn boring.
And old. …

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Glory Hole
By: Date: 2021.05.22. Categories: Sex Stories Tags: , , , ,

I was away on business, to a place I had been several
times before. I always tried to get a hotel not far
from an adult book store I know about. I had been there
several times and had always gotten a good cock
sucking. Once I had even fucked a guy in the ass.

I am married but since …

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