My high School Tryst With a Midget
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It was mid December in Wyoming, 1970 something, and a friend and I were out cruising main. It was snowing hard, with visibility about 2 blocks. We had just picked up some beer and talking about going to the Hot Pool, about 45 minutes away on a decent night, when we spotted them. It was the shortest 2 girls from our school. Linda a freshman was about 4’ tall, and Patti was 3’6” maybe, and a senior she was a true midget. They were walking down main, fighting the snow, as we pulled up along side of them and asked if they wanted a ride. They quickly accepted and I jumped out and let them into the 2 door Maverick. We started with some chitchat, and asked if they wanted to go with us to the Hot Pool. Of course they informed us they didn’t have their swimsuits, which we said that is ok, neither do we. We knew the Police probably wouldn’t be out that night checking on the pool as you would have to be crazy to go out in this. We were
So off we went heading down the interstate. After we got out of town, we got each of us a beer which was good and cold. We chatted and drove a while just talking about everything, yet nothing when we noticed a High Way Patrol car ahead. We all panicked and decided to get rid of the beer. We slowed down and slid it out onto the shoulder of the road, then sped up. The HP was after someone else, but we couldn’t go back for the beer.
At the pool in those days, the dressing room might as well been one room as there were holes in between them so you could see what was going on in them so my friend and I just stripped to our shorts at the pool while the girls went in and came out in their bras and panties. We had taken some frozen oranges in with us, and they swelled up like grapefruits when they thawed out in the hot water. We had discussed which one we would pair off with and I got Patti. We splashed and through the oranges around for a while. The more we splashed the less the visibility was. After a while the oranges burst and we just paired up. I walked up behind Patti and reached down and cupped her breasts. Now I didn’t think she was an easy girl, but I thought I could get away with it and I was right. I looked over and caught a glimpse of my friend doing a lip lock with Linda. I settled down on my knees behind Patti and pulled her back toward me. Patti didn’t resist, but just followed my lead. Of course by now I was hard as a rock and as she came back, she sat on my lap, she reached between us and freed my member from my shorts, and pulled her panties to the side making herself available to me. In one fell swoop she sat on my cock and it was in her to the hilt.
I couldn’t see my friend but I could hear things that made me think he was doing something similar to what I was doing. After a few minutes of this, I turned her around to face me so I could kiss her and suck on her tits. The only thing different about her was the length of her arms and legs. Her torso was about the same as mine, and she had breasts, 36 or 38 I would guess. After I got her around she enjoyed the penetration, and I asked if she was on the pill to which she answered affirmative. We were getting after it and she was throwing her head back. I was about over the edge and I sucked her nipple into my mouth and bit down slightly on it and to that she started bucking and coming, which sent me over the edge so I filled her with what seemed like a gallon of teenage cum. She milked me dry and from the sounds of our companions they were just finishing too.
After they came back to earth we noticed the snow had gotten worse and we decided to head home, with Patti and me in the back seat for the first 25 miles and them in the back seat for the last.
I will have to finish this at a later time, as things just continued on from there.

The Hot Pool we went to is exactly that Hot; it now has a disclaimer that states it exceeds the maximum temperature of a hot tub, which is 104 degrees F. So when you get out even in the snow, you aren’t cold. We got out of the pool, slipped out of our wet under things into our Levis and shirts and went to the car carrying our coats. My friend and I decided he would drive the first half of the way, and I would finish off the trip. So Patti and I got in the back seat with a bunch of coats, and he and Linda got up front in this Maverick. I guess you should know at this point I am probably only about 5’4” tall myself, but my friend is pushing 6’.

Any way as we leave this small town, Patti and I are snuggled in together, and we continue from the pool. I have easy access to her breasts under her sweatshirt, and in no time it is off, it was quite exciting knowing my friend could and was watching in the mirror. I sucked on her nipples and nibbled as I had learned she liked it so much, and as I did, I unfastened her jeans and slid them off. I was young and had only heard about oral sex, but I gave it a try, but with the cramped space didn’t have much luck, so I did what came natural to me, I dropped my pants and proceeded to slowly make love to her this time. I once again asked her if she was on the pill and she reassured me she was. We started a slow pace with me on top, and her bucking in time with me.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Linda kind of leaning toward my friend, and her hand looked to be in his lap, but her head was turned towards us. I thought about being watched and got very excited. We had been at it awhile when my friend told me we are about 5 minutes until we switch so you two need to finish this. That was enough to send us both over the edge, with a final push down she started coming and squeezing my cock with her pussy. I filled her with my second load, which her pussy couldn’t hold in and we spilled some out on our coats. About the time we got our clothes on again, we were stopped and they were necking getting ready for us to switch places.

To be continued my friend and Linda in the back seat, what I saw and heard.

Their turn now, as I get behind the wheel and pull the seat forward, I readjust my mirror, not so I can see the traffic behind me, there wasn’t any by now, but so I can see the back seat.

We were hardly off the on ramp when Linda’s top was off and I could see my friend cupping her breasts, probably 38 to 40 for such a short gal, she had some big breasts. He, being so tall, had leaned against the pile of coats, and she was kind of sitting and lying on top of him with her hands on his abdomen. I couldn’t see below the seat, so I figured she was undoing his pants to expose his cock. He had a cock I envied and I knew he was going to stretch her, but I figured he already had. I watched as much as I could and noticed her head go below the seat and started bobbing, I also noticed Patti was watching intently.

I got Patti’s attention by reaching out and tweaking her left breast, and when she looked at me I got her to slip her jeans down and start playing with herself while she watched. When I returned my attention to the couple in the back seat, I saw him slowly slide her up his body and lowered her onto his raging cock. They started a pace that said we know we are getting close to our destination, and I don’t care if there are others in the car, we are just going to fuck. Her breasts bounced up and down and from time to time he would lift his head up and nip her nipples. We all knew when she had her orgasm as she let out a groan, I found out later from Patti, that she does that when she comes, and my friend started trying to plant her head through the roof of the car. I also noticed Patti’s eyes were rolled to the back of her head, just then I reached over and pinched her nipple to help send her over the edge. It worked, and I watched her quiver as wave after wave of orgasm rushed through her body. I told everyone we would go to the truck stop just West of town so they had about 5 minutes to get dressed, and it took them all of that. We helped them gather up their things, and dropped them off at Patti’s house just short of 1am, what a night.

That was a night I will never forget.

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