Private School Lesbian Girlfriends
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High on the hill, the stately old buildings stood like
ancient monuments to tradition. The clouds moved
quickly across the mid-western sky shielding the Roman
stone faces only momentarily from the late summer sun.
There was no hint of the coming autumn except for the
laughter of girls who greeted each other after their
summer vacation. Even though it was still sweltering of
August heat, the girls knew that summer was over and
there would be precious few moments remaining of the
freedom they had enjoyed since mid May.

It was Sunday before the first day of private school.
Today was arrival day and parents brought their teenage
girls, loaded down with bags and boxes. Some brought in
their computers and all brought stories of what they
had done with their summers. For the returning
students, it was a time to get reacquainted. For new
students, it was the beginning of a new life and for
the uninitiated, the beginning of a tough academic
regimen. And other rites as well.

Thirteen year old Karen would be able to handle the
academics. She was prepared for that in any case. The
rites of this girls’ school… well she was unprepared
and unexpecting. But she would do fine. Karen did not
arrive with her parents… for her father was not able
to be there to settle the girl into her new
surroundings. Instead, Karen arrived in a taxi after a
long ride from the airport to the nearby city.

Thirteen is a little young to handle the first day of
school alone, but she could handle a lot of things. The
red haired, freckled face was younger than most high-
schoolers but she knew how to handle herself. She
strode into the school’s office, presented herself,
found where she was to put her things and she took them
to the dorm herself.

There, she met Diane… her roommate for this year.
After the formalities, and after Karen had taken the
remaining bed, desk, and closet left by Diane, the
girls explored the campus. Right away, they learned
they had two things in common. Neither arrived with a
parent and both had never gone to a religious boarding
school before.

St Ignatius is a small Catholic high school located in
a rural town of a mid-western state. Of the 160
students, most commute to school but there are about 35
residential girls who live in the school’s last
remaining dormitory. Economic times are tight and
enrollment in the residential program is less than half
what it once was. Only Roberts Hall, the one modern
building on the half-century old campus, remains open.
The other two dorms, cold and drafty are closed and
have been converted to other uses.

Of the 35 residents, nearly half are foreign students
and the rest are upper class girls whose parents didn’t
want them to interfere with their lives or middle class
girls whose parents live and work overseas. In all
cases, the high school dormers live an institutional
life and their real families are not their blood
families, but rather other girls similarly situated.

The brochures that St Ignatius sends to parents portray
the campus as one of rich tradition, discipline, and
heritage. The stately buildings play prominently among
the color photos which parents see and those who send
their children here expect the school to ingrain those
values in the students. But despite the traditional
promotion, St Ignatius is no longer a bastion of values
now past. For no matter what the structure, the
students form the makeup of any school in the nineties.

Times have become more liberal. The students of St
Ignatius tend to party hard, to sneak out, attend local
keg parties and some are heavily involved in drugs–at
least the older ones. Only scholarship, under the
guidance of mostly middle aged clerics, remains as it
has always been.


By the third week of school, the students were deeply
immersed into their studies and they had learned their
place in the social strata of the student body. The two
new girls were becoming fast friends–not that they
have all that much in common but because becoming
friends with each other was better than having no
friends. Karen and Diane were ninth graders –freshmen-
– in a segregated world where underclass students had
no class at all. This being their first year at St
Ignatius, they were put together in a room at the end
of the hallway.

Only two other freshmen were dormers, both middle
eastern students whose parents supplied them well with
oil money. The upper-class dormers tended, at first, to
shun freshmen or else to harass them. Clearly, the
American newcomers were not welcomed into the group and
they were pretty much on their own since the overseas
students on study visas tended to stick together in
their own clique. That made Karen and Diane fast
friends as well as roommates even though their
backgrounds were quite different.

Karen’s father was a career naval submariner, an
officer who then raised his daughter alone since the
girl’s mother had died last winter. St Ignatius solved
the executive officer’s problem. Diane, on the other
hand, was the only child of an old moneyed couple from
Baltimore who spent most of their time spending their
inheritance abroad. The Catholic school’s boarding
program likewise solved a problem for them as well.
Neither of the girls were prepared for institutional
life but they had no choice in the matter.

Adolescence is a time of a great deal of change in a
girl’s life. Not only does she cope with the loss of
family but also the loss of childhood innocence.
Innocence is replaced with growing up, growing into
maturity and when girls do it alone, they find their
way as best they can.

At St Ignatius, there was little talk about
homosexuality other than adolescent lesbian jokes. The
Americans laughed at them and took great care to put
forth the most conservative image at the school. Social
ways of the overseas students, being what they were,
probably tended to ostracize the foreigners. For Asian
girls felt quite comfortable hanging on each other,
even hugging much like American schoolgirls do. Whether
the overseas students were sexually involved with each
other, no one else knew. Or much cared.

For the local students who lived at home with families,
social outlets were easier. Their lives and friends
were well established long before they entered the
girls’ high school. But for the American boarding
students, there were no such roots and that’s the way
it often is at private schools, especially religious
ones which tend to isolate them from normal
heterosexual relationships. The segregation does not
necessarily mean girls will turn to each other for many
girls will experiment with each other anyway. But the
isolation tends to encourage it. And Diane and Karen
were no exception.

Freshman year was the first time Karen and Diane had
ever lived with other girls for they had lived at home
before… Karen with her mother and Diane who had lived
in an upper-class mansion until her parents decided
they wanted to travel. The girls were literally thrown
together in that room at the end of Roberts Hall and
pretty much ignored by the rest of the students.

The bravado of the others bothered Diane who had
learned more than a year before in Baltimore that sex
with girls was far better than no sex at all. She’d
learned from a close friend back east all about mutual
masturbation. But she was very careful at St Ignatius
and for more than a month, she even waited quietly for
Karen to go to sleep before she silently stroked her
own pussy in her bed. Diane was an average looking girl
of 15. Her shoulders were slight, and her breasts were
developing well for her age.

About the only tradition from childhood that she
retained was her music. She held onto her piano because
she was successful, even quite accomplished, having had
an excellent Baltimore teacher. Here, she practiced on
a piano donated by her father and it was of much better
quality than the ever-untuned school upright. She
wouldn’t make much progress this year because already,
she was better than anyone in the town, including the
school’s music teacher whose qualifications, St
Ignatius had misled Diane’s parents about.

No longer into the classics, Diane spent time now
learning contemporary music. Now away from her parents,
she was growing her brown hair as long as the school
would allow.

Karen, raised in Norfolk’s dependent family quarters,
was much more disciplined than most of the students.
She was young, still not yet 14, and bright for her
father had driven her to excel in studies. She was not
very good at sports, even though her Navy father had
driven her to succeed in that as well but Karen was not
large enough or physical enough.

She took more after her mother — mental, sensitive,
and more slender in size. And her breasts had only
barely begun to grow. She was sensitive about her
breasts, self-conscious even, especially around Diane.
She really admired Diane’s body, especially her breasts
and now for the first time, she began to wonder about
the strange sensations she had begun to feel in those
secret areas of her blooming body.

Karen was glad in many ways to be far away from Norfolk
though she missed her mother a great deal and was only
now getting over her failing health and resulting
death. She was an attractive girl but still had a
childlike appearance for she was only beginning to
enter puberty… a classic late bloomer and had not yet
even touched her pussy, sexually, for the first time.
Her face and breasts were even more girlish than her
age would tell.

Her green, sparkling eyes, freckled upturned nose and
quiet demeanor wrote innocence all over her. Karen was
younger by more than a year than most freshmen because
she was so bright. She had skipped two grades– one in
grade school and one in junior high. While Karen could
easily compete academically, socially she was left

During the third week of school, Diane, as was her
ritual, patiently waited until her new roommate had
settled to sleep. As Diane waited, she fantasized about
having sex with her friend in Baltimore during the
summer. Diane recounted every detail about her sex play
with her best friend as they’d done so many times on
sleepovers and she could wait no longer.

She raised her knees upwards under her covers, lifted
her hips up from the mattress and slipped her cotton
underpants over her ass and slid them up towards her
knees. This night, her finger slipped and the elastic
slapped against Diane’s thighs. It was the familiar
sound that Karen knew. Karen was not asleep and
recognizing what she had heard, her girlish curiosity
made her stone quiet–but well awake.

The room was such that Karen was closest to the window.
Diane glanced over to see if her roommate was asleep
but she couldn’t really see Karen’s face at all. The
window light was behind Karen, leaving the younger
girl’s face in total darkness. The 15-year-old Diane
could only see the outside light play across the top of
Karen’s blanket. She assumed Karen was dug in, under
them and probably turned away. But in fact, the 13-
year-old was facing Diane and could see her quite well.
Diane was reasonably well lit by the distant glow of an
outside yard light.

Again, Diane looked towards the other bed after making
the elastic noise. Not seeing the younger girl move,
Diane slipped one leg out of her panties and began
fingering herself. Karen was but four feet away in a
bed next to Diane’s and she watched and listened as
Diane worked to control her breathing and stroke her
15-year-old pussy with one hand while rubbing her
breasts with the other.

Karen could not see the other girl’s tits for the
covers kept them away from view. But in the dim light
of the room, the younger girl knew Diane was playing
with herself and she must have really liked it because
her eyes were closed and she was breathing irregularly.
Karen knew that rubbing one’s nipples and little-girl
slit gave pleasure but she had been corrected about
that many years before by her mother who had told her
not to play with herself in the bathtub.

Still, her curiosity was definitely aroused. Yet, at
this point, there was nothing else. After Diane stroked
her teen pussy for several minutes, she slowed her pace
and Karen could hear a wet crackling sound which she
could not identify. Diane’s pussy was now slippery with
her arousal and she loudly fingered it. She ignored the
sounds for, by now, the older girl’s pleasure made her
oblivious to her surroundings including the possibility
that her self-inflicted passion might wake up her new
roommate. And too, she wasn’t sure she even cared. For
Diane, sex was part of life.

Now deep in pleasure and approaching orgasm, Diane paid
no attention even to the covers which had concealed her
finger play. The sheet and blanket slipped over her
knees and now Karen could see Diane naked all the way
to her ankles. Karen was getting her first look at
female masturbation. The dim light revealed Diane’s
tit-rubbing and finger-fucking and Karen could easily
make out the size of Diane’s tits. And to her, they
were beautiful! The younger girl even leaned up for a
better, more level-eyed look and her eyes were well
accustomed to the low light level. She even blinked,
struggling to get a more contrasting view of what was
happening in the next bed.

As Diane continued giving herself pleasure, she thought
about Karen in the next bed. Karen, physically, wasn’t
real great looking but Diane had seen her naked in the
shower and she fantasized back and forth, visualizing
being naked with her nearly flat-chested friend from
back east and having Karen in bed with her, kissing
her. Diane wondered if Karen was really asleep. It
crossed her mind, almost wishfully that Karen was
watching and in fact would crawl out of her bed into
Diane’s. And if she was watching, Diane thought, well
so what?

Finally, Diane entered the final throes of orgasm and
her hips flexed with each spasm. And she relaxed, warm
and spent. Karen tried to be as quiet as she could as
she laid her head back to her own pillow but she
continued watching her new friend as her breath slowed
to a more normal rate. And she watched carefully as
Diane lowered her legs, reached for a T-shirt and
placed it between her steaming legs, then closed her
legs with her hands in her crotch. Diane had finally
realized that in her passion she had uncovered herself.
She pulled the covers quickly over her body and glanced
once again at Karen.

Karen shut her eyes in an instant. She was glad she
witnessed the sexual event but, on the other hand, she
felt somewhat guilty for she knew she had violated her
roommate’s privacy. Karen thought about how much she
hated being watched while sitting in the girls’
bathroom stalls. And how she never could understand why
all schools take the doors off to prevent privacy at
such a personal moment.

But her thoughts returned to what she had seen and she
wondered how it must have felt to make Diane so
oblivious to the fact that she wasn’t alone when she
did it. Karen decided she would remain motionless so as
not to let on that she had been awake. But she couldn’t
help herself. Her left hand found its way to her own
panties and she put her fingers against her own mound –
-only on the outside–and gently stroked herself.

The pleasant feeling that she gave herself was only a
hint of what she would learn later. But now, Karen’s
programmed self-discipline told her she shouldn’t be
doing this and she stopped. Her mind turned then to her
mother, and in the loss of missing her and of her
homesickness for the way things used to be. She drifted
off to sleep.


In the next moment, the room was bathed with morning
light and both girls’ sleep was jarred with the 6:45
buzzer. It was wakeup time. The sounds of Roberts Hall
remained subdued only for a few minutes until the
dormies could steal no more relaxed procrastination.
Karen heard feet paddle to the bathroom, and then a
radio turned on to rock music across the hall. And then
busier sounds as the girls got up to ready themselves
for breakfast and school.

Karen could wait no longer; her discipline forced her
out of bed and she jumped up and reached for her towel
and soap. She made her bed and laid her toiletries
neatly at its foot, adding her toothpaste and brush to
the tidy stack.

Karen glanced at Diane, only beginning to stir.

“Lets go, Diane,” the younger girl cajoled. “We’ll be
late for breakfast!” Karen went through this daily
morning ritual with Diane who always indulged herself
with every last moment of bedtime. Finally Diane kicked
off her covers and rolled over and out of bed. Karen’s
eyes shifted to gaze on Diane’s breasts in a way
different than she had done before.

The older girl had put her panties back on and while
Diane’s back was turned, Karen stared at her smooth
round ass-cheeks. When Diane had fished a fresh pair of
panties and her own shower items, she turned around and
Karen glanced away from the study of her roommate’s
alluring body.

The girls left the room and walked together to the
shower where each morning they bathed together. Other
girls came and went and the ninth graders stripped and
strolled into the tiled room. Karen felt more self
conscious this morning and she couldn’t quite figure
the changed feeling she had for Diane, her only friend
at school. The girls always soaped and showered
together, laughing and talking about all sorts of

But this morning, Karen stole more than a few looks at
Diane’s body as she thought about what she’d seen the
night before. Karen noticed how beautifully shaped
Diane’s breasts were but she was careful not to stare
except when her roommate held her face under the shower
stream and couldn’t see her do it. Karen otherwise
looked elsewhere, or directly into Diane’s face…
making sure her eyes weren’t seen looking downward. But
Karen noticed something else. She noticed that Diane
felt no embarrassment about her own naked body… nor
did she feel that way about looking at Karen’s. In
fact, Karen noticed for the first time that Diane
looked at Karen’s chest and between her legs more than
a few times too.

The girls finished their showers, headed for the
dressing room and got dressed. Karen was preoccupied
with the new thinking she had about Diane and when
Diane talked about something or cracked a joke, Karen
responded appropriately but she was thinking on two
wave lengths — partly about what they were talking
about and partly with viewing Diane as a sexual being.
As the girls sat down to eat breakfast, Karen even
stared at Diane’s fingers as she ate… thinking that
those fingers had played with her wet pussy the night

Diane wondered if Karen was so quiet this morning
because she had seen her play with herself the night
before. But Karen gave few signs of her mental
preoccupation. In fact, Diane’s inane breakfast table
chatter and informality finally distracted Karen from
what she was thinking. As the morning progressed, the
ninth graders labored through first hour algebra,
second hour language arts, and then biology. The class
lectures and expected discipline kept Karen occupied
for she was used to paying attention and pouring
herself into the studies.

Biology was different, though. For the girls did not
sit in rows of desks but rather on stools in a large
freshman- sophomore biology lab-room. They were at
black topped lab tables and the setting was more

Rachael was the dormies’ prefect. At 23, Rachael was
fresh out of school herself. She had just graduated
from college and lived in the dormitory with the
boarding students. He was like a resident counselor, in
charge of keeping order, supervising studies and being
an advisor to the girls. By day, Rachael was expected
to act as a classroom aide where needed. Among her
regular duties was to act as lab assistant in biology.
Today she was leading biology study and the subject
this first part of the semester was about as boring as
it could be. The study of cells. Specifically today,
cellular reproduction. Karen was trying to take
readable and complete notes, like she always did.

Diane, on the other hand, continually whispering jokes
when the prefect wasn’t looking in the girls’
direction. Blobs, he called the blackboard drawings. As
Rachael stood at the front of the class reading her
notes aloud (Rachael hadn’t taught enough to be able to
ad lib a lecture very well,) Diane distracted her with
another soft wisecrack.

The prefect finally had enough from the back of the
room. “Diane… what’s so funny?” Rachael loudly asked.

“Nuthin’s funny… it just seems like cells must have a
pretty boring life… they reproduce but they don’t
have sex.” Diane was loud and confident, expecting a
laugh from his classmates. And she got it.

Rachael one upped her. “Asexual.” Rachael declared.
“It’s like they have sex with themselves.” More

“I’m sure some of you know about THAT!” Rachael smiled,
“DON’T you, Diane?” That one brought the class to an
uproar. All eyes turned to the 15-year-old who was not
about to be made the butt of the joke. Diane took both
her hands and mimed that she was fucking herself with a
large dildo. Only in a girls’ school could a girl get
away with that and only with a prefect like Rachael.
The class went nearly out of control with laughter and
Diane enjoyed the credit for it. Karen laughed as well
but she was not really laughing inside. In fact, for a
few seconds, Karen sort of wished she were sitting at
another table… for she had indeed seen Diane using
her fingers on herself. And she wasn’t sure that it was
a joking matter. But she laughed at the absurdity.

After the class settled down and turned its attention
back to the class, Diane elbowed her young roommate.
Karen smiled back at her friend, but somewhat self-
consciously. Diane was enjoying this.

“Yeah, well YOU know how I really do it.” she whispered
very softly and close to Karen’s ear. Karen was a
little confused by Diane’s comment and her freckled
face flushed. Karen was POSITIVE that Diane had not
realized she was being spied upon.

Not knowing what to say, Karen went back to note taking
as Rachael went off explaining the less humorous points
of nuclear division. Karen was making sketches from the
black- board.

Diane scribbled a note, folded it and in a secretive
manner, slipped it to Karen. Karen thought that was
curious since there was no need to be secretive… no
one was around them to see it. Karen took the note and
in a similar secretive manner slowly opened it, as if
she was looking at a face down card in a poker game.

“I know you watched me last night.” the note read.

Karen was floored. She stared at the piece of notebook
paper for several seconds as she wondered what to say.
Finally she just looked up. She was surprised to see
Diane smiling at her, and it was a pretty arrogant
smile at that. The younger girl wasn’t quite sure WHAT
to say. She did respond with a contagious but self-
conscious grin. And Karen was worried that Diane was
probably offended she’d been spied upon.

“I-I’m sorr…” the girl looked downward and whispered.
But Diane knew exactly what she was doing and she
touched Karen’s arm gently and interrupted.

“Don’t be, Kay.” Diane had never called Karen by her
nickname before. “I did it on PURPOSE… well, sort of.
I was kinda wondering if you were awake. And if you
were, I didn’t mind.”

Karen said nothing. She didn’t know what to say next.
And at that moment, she didn’t HAVE to for the class-
period buzzer sounded and third hour was over.

The girls were off to lunch. The silence between them
was almost painful even though the hallway was filled
with laughter and talking and noisy metallic lockers.
As the girls stood in the short lunch-line, they said
little other than things anticipating what the menu
would be like today.

The girls sat down with their trays and they spent a
silent moment putting ketchup on their corndogs and
picking out fresh fruit.

“I guess I shouldn’t have given you that note, Kay.”
Diane finally broke the ice.

Karen paused. “Well, I don’t know,” she started,
wondering what to say exactly. “I was kinda feeling bad
about watching you but I’ve only heard of it… I’ve
never actually DONE it.”

Diane wanted to make her friend more at ease. Really
what she wanted to do was get Karen to fool around with
her like her friend in Baltimore used to do. So Diane
too was trying to carefully choose her words… even
though she was usually more comfortable talking about
it–and certainly making jokes about it.

“It’s fun… hell… everybody does it. It’s
incredible.” Diane continued eating lunch. As Diane
looked across the table, she saw Karen pressing her
lips around a particularly juicy peach, and it was
dripping down her chin. And she blurted out a comment
that caused Karen to forever look at eating a peach

“Have you ever thought how sucking a peach sounds so
much like something else?” Diane laughed and very
purposely took a bite out of her peach.

Both girls started snickering… and then laughing. And
laughing harder. Karen blushed, partly from the
laughter and partly because she visualized the picture
Diane had quite explicitly wanted her to.

Diane kept it up. “I suppose you won’t be able to
finish that!” They laughed again. Diane was clearly in
control though and she took another bite except she
tongued the soft meat inside her peach before she
did… this dumbfounded the younger girl who started
laughing again. Diane was making Karen more at ease
with the subject.

“I cant believe you did that.” Karen whispered between

“You probably can’t believe I let you watch last night,
either.” Diane was a little more serious now but Karen
had loosened up some. “Look, Kay… we’re tight. I
think it’d be fun to do it together.”

Karen rolled her eyes. “Whew!” she said, “I dunno. I’ve
never even done it MYSELF.”

Diane pressed her. “That would make it even more fun.”
She looked carefully at Karen’s face and seeing that
there was still friendship and not disgust, she went
on. “Let’s not talk about it anymore… just think
about it. If you want to… great. I’ll teach you. If
you don’t, well just don’t look next time.”

Karen nodded and searched for another subject but she
couldn’t think of one. “Rachael was sure funny in
biology… that crack about cells.”

“I know,” Diane said. “She’s cool… she knows what’s
going on. I bet she does it every night cuz she’s got a
private room.”

The girls finished eating. Juicy fruit gone, the
symbolism was gone and so there was no more laughter.
They finished and headed for their afternoon block of
classes. There was no more sex talk for the afternoon.
Diane decided she had gone far enough–if not too far.

Karen tried to concentrate on her studies but at
moments throughout the day, she thought about her
roommate’s proposition. She kicked around what she’d
heard about lesbians, about what her mother had told
her about playing with herself, about the excitement
that Diane had obviously given herself the night before
and that it was apparent that masturbation was, at
least among her peers, socially acceptable. Mostly what
she was, was curious. And she remembered being in the
shower with Diane this morning, both of them bare,
sneaking looks at each other’s bodies, and feeling a
very pleasant tingling in that private part of her

The girls, who spend their entire class days together,
parted after school. Diane went to the Little Theater
to practice her piano. Karen always made an early start
on her homework or she went to the student lounge for
video games or listening to the CD-jukebox.

They rejoined at dinner and conversation was lighter,
and with several other students who joined them at the
table. After dinner, the girls paired up again and
wandered around the campus before watching some TV and
then returning to their room for studies. St.
Ignatius’s academic program kept all the students busy;
Diane and Karen often worked on their class-work
together and, generally, Diane got the best end of the
arrangement because the younger girl was a better

It was nearly ten and the open books on their study
tables were biology. And asexual reproduction. As the
girls answered their questions on their worksheets, the
jokes and side comments from earlier in the day
returned. It was slightly strained in that Karen didn’t
labor on the matter for she had remained undecided
about whether to take Diane’s offer. She realized that
bedtime was very quickly approaching and she knew that,
after last night, things would be different. Once the
worksheets for tomorrow were completed, Diane slammed
the book, put it in her book-bag and threw it on the

“Enough of this shit… I’m crashing,” she said.

Karen exhaled, not knowing what was going to happen
next and she sort of wished that it would be nothing.
Even so, there was a slight bit of anticipation for she
wanted to know more about sex. Diane took off her
shoes, blouse, and skirt, and then after standing for a
moment in her bra and panties, she unsnapped her bra
and slipped it off over her shoulders. Then with a
quick smile to Karen, she bent over and slid her
panties down her legs and off her feet. Then with her
nubile breasts bouncing firmly and pointing upward she
gathered her towel and soap and announced that she was
going to take a shower.

“Tonight?” Karen asked. “You NEVER shower at night.”

“Well, I am tonight.” Diane knew the next few minutes
would be crucial to her plans. “You can too, if you
want.” With that Diane walked out of the room and down
the hall towards the shower room.

Karen remained alone… for a moment or two she
realized that if she didn’t go, Diane would take that
to mean her answer was no. If she DID go take a shower,
Diane would take it as “yes.” And Karen still wasn’t
sure. She really did want to be talked into it and she
also wanted the chance to be able to say “no.” Karen
exhaled, grabbed her towel and headed down the hall.

Diane had wasted no time… she’d shed her towel,
gotten wet, and her jiggling tits and lightly haired
mound were already covered in a rich film of soap foam
when Karen walked in. Diane secretly smiled when she
saw Karen, realizing the significance of Karen’s
presence here.

“Sometimes I do this late at night just to clear my
mind and get a fresh perspective on something,” Diane
uttered, with her face upturned in the shower spray.
Karen was awestruck by Diane’s almost statuesque
beauty, and she stood nearly mesmerized as Diane
continued washing her body with her hands.

Diane’s hands roamed across her breasts, sliding her
erect nipples through her fingers. Then as she began to
rinse off the soap, she seemed to let her fingers
linger longer than necessary in her pussy area. But she
didn’t remain; instead she finished rinsing off, dried
herself and headed back for the room.

Karen too made short work of her shower although she
was distracted by a couple of the foreign students who
likewise bathed in the evening. The 13-year-old found
herself stealing looks at their girlish bodies too.
Their pussies had much less hair than hers — or
Diane’s. Theirs were almost bare! And she did not see
the firm bouncy breasts capped by pink nipples on the
Asian girls that she had seen on her roommate.

For these girls’ breasts were barely noticeable as
breasts at all. But Karen suddenly realized that she
was getting turned on by looking at their budding
bosoms just the same. She noticed her own nipples
getting erect as the two little Asian girls would steal
glances in Karen’s direction and turn and giggle to
themselves. Karen had never really noticed other girls
in this way. But her curiosity was up.

In short order, Karen too was finished and had headed
back for the last door in the hallway. It was already
lights-out time. Diane was in bed and Karen quickly put
away her things and got into bed also. Both girls were
in their clean T-shirts and panties and fresh from
showers. Turning on her night light, Karen started to
read while Diane just lay there quietly.

The girls could hear Rachael stopping by each room,
saying good night, visiting with some of the girls
during the nightly bed-check. It was part of her job.
Halfway through the ritual, Rachael knocked twice on
their door, opened it, counted bodies, said good night,
and shut it. She was on to the last row of rooms and
the girls knew that now, they were alone for the night.

The silence between the girls was, well, anticipatory.
Diane considered how she would approach the subject and
Karen wondered how she might do it and what she might

“So… Kay.” Diane began. “You helped me with biology
tonight… if you want, its time we do some lab-work.”

Both girls started snickering.

“Well, I was wondering how you were gonna bring it up,”
Karen laughed.

“But I didn’t figure you’d say THAT!”

“Hey… we’re studying asexual reproduction… You help
me with the worksheets, and I’ll help you with the

Diane sat up in bed. “C’mon, girl,” she pressed. “It’s
time you learned what your missing. Shit, I’ve been
doing this since I was twelve and you’re almost

“Well… ” Karen was getting ready to chicken out for
she hadn’t been well convinced.

Diane got up out of bed and went over to Karen’s.
“We’ll just call it, um… GIRLology.” Karen smiled but
she didn’t move. Diane took her roommate’s book out of
her hand and put it on the night stand. Then she
reached up and turned out the nightlight. “There,”
Diane went on. “That’s better.” In the darkness, Diane
reached up and pulled the covers off of her roommate.
Karen sat up and slid back for Diane was getting into
Karen’s bed. They sat facing each other but neither
could see the other for their eyes were not yet used to
the dim window-light.

“This is weird,” Karen whispered.

“No,” Diane replied. “Nuthin’s weird if it feels good
and playing with your pussy feels good–and better with
a good friend.”

Karen found some satisfaction that Diane had called her
a good friend, though she still wasn’t sure even good
friends should be so friendly. But she did feel secure
enough for, after all, this wasn’t her idea.

Their eyes were getting accustomed to the light now and
Karen watched as Diane took the lead by sitting up in
the bed and pulling off her T-shirt. Then leaning up on
her knees, she slid her panties down and slipped them
off. Karen felt slightly invaded, having her roommate
sitting naked on her bed but she was rolling with it,
at least for now. Karen could see the dark form of
Diane’s perky breasts… and she could see the nipples
were already stiff, like the night before.

“Your turn, Kay.” Diane whispered. “C’mon lets have
some fun”

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