Farewell School Life
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When we finished high school, myself and a group of friends rented a huge house in a small coastal town on the east coast of Australia. The place was decked out with pool table, bar area, huge yard and kitchen, it was just plain fantastic. What was also fantastic was that Kate, a girl I’d had a crush on all the last 2 years of school was coming along as well. She wasn’t staying at our house, but at a camping site that was a 5 minute walk away with her friend and another certifiable hotty Keira.

We had a 2 day head start on them, and on the third morning I was feeling a little hung over, which a few pulls on a bong seemed to level out pretty nicely. I headed down to the beach to lay on the sand and watch the girls in their bikinis. After laying around for half an hour and with a raging boner from the other school finishers partying in the area, I got a text from Kate to say they had arrived, had gotten set up, and I should come and get them to take them to the house to meet up with everyone. They told me the tent number, and said I should head over soon. The camp site was very close to the beach so I walked over, and spotted Keira’s car next to a tent near the beach access path that snaked through the campsite. Hearing their voices inside I thought I’d bust in and give them a fright, but when I ripped the zipper up quickly and jumped inside I was shocked (pleasently) to find the two of them completely naked, frightened somewhat by my entry but also in position for what liked a passionate embrace. I apologised profusely and turned on my heels to head back out and find somewhere to beat off to the image of the girls naked together, their lovely firm tits shaking within inches of each other like the nipples of one girl were waiting to kiss the nipples of the other, when Kate called me back. “Well there’s no need to leave you know…you are a bit overdressed but” and turned back to Keira, their mouths locking in a passionate kiss as Kate’s left hand fell between Keira’s legs and found her wet pussy. Keira let out a moan as Kate’s fingers massaged her cunt. I didn’t need to be asked again, so I started to strip as they continued to kiss passionately, Keira’s hand now zoning on Kate’s sweet box.

Once I was naked, I lay back on the large inflatable matress they had brought to share and watched the girls kiss and explore each other for a little bit. Kate was stunning, slim and brunette with lovely breasts, almost perfect handfuls. Where Kate was slim and petite, Keira had curves that killed, great big D boobs and a lovely hairy bush that sat dark and stark against her porcelain skin. I let them kiss and finger each other a little longer and then cleared my throat, my cock straining and pointing up to the roof of the tent. “Do you girls know to do with one of these? I found it at the beach” I said and before I could blink both girls were struggling to get their hands and mouths onto my dick. Keira’s mouth won the race and she licked the head softly and slowly as she locked her eyes into mine, her hands gripping my shaft. As my cock finally went into her mouth (that first moment where you can feel the warmth of their breath on your dick never fails to make me harder again), Kate sat back and pouted, looking up at me, then back at my dick. “Why don’t you get on all fours while you do that Keira, get up under her Kate and maybe eat her out a little”. Without hesitating or taking me out of her mouth Keira shifted her body from sitting next to me to kneeling between my legs, her arse in the air and I could see Kate’s head immediatly appear at her crotch and begin licking at the big lips that hung thick at the honeypot of Keira’s 18 year old cunt. After Keira had a quick, grinding orgam during which I nearly blew in her mouth, the girls swapped position, and as Kate began her own orgasm (from somewhere Keira had produced a small vibrator she applied with expert skill to her wet friends clit) I let them know I was about to cum. I shot my huge first load into Kate’s mouth, and by the second spurt Keira had her face next to Kate’s and they both took a hot blast across their faces. I poked my head out of the tent, saw nobody around, and we wrapped our bodies with towels, the girls faces still covered in my jizz, and went down to the water to wash ourselves. Needless to say, the real fun was just beginning.

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