After-School Activities with Catherine
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Another day of school has passed, and I find myself walking home alone looking at the girl on the other side of the road. I have never summed up the courage to talk to her. Sadly enough, everyday ended with me wanting her more. I secretly loved her and watched her move toward her house as gracefully as usual.

She was about my height and had beautiful bleach blonde hair and wore a small plaid skirt down to her thighs, smiling cheerfully. I couldn’t get over how amazing she was, and then she caught me staring at her for the first time.

I froze looking directly at her; I felt my heart stop then she began, “Hey you’re that kid that sits behind me in Biology”. I stood there for awhile wondering what to say. Then without thinking I said, “Umm yeah, I … my name is Troy…” She said, “Oh well my name is Catherine, it’s nice to meet you!” I didn’t know what to say next; so there began an awkward silence until she asked me, “So Troy, where in the neighborhood do you live?” I pointed to a small brick house. “There”, I said still stunned.
She looked at the house and smiled, “That’s awesome! I live right next door in the white one, you should come over today!” she said happily. I paused in front of her house as we where passing and nervously said, “Oh-okay”.

She led me into the house which was filled with nice furniture and hardwood floors; she then led me upstairs to her room. The door opened to a light blue room which smelled of perfume. She sat on her bed and looked at me and said, “Come and sit with me.” I walked over and sat next to her, her leg rubbed against mine which made me really horny. She wrapped her arm around my back then placed her hand on my hard cock. I reacted a bit by moving over a bit and blushing. She looked at me and said, “Don’t be shy”, as she got on top of me, taking off her top to show her breasts only now covered by her bra. She leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips and I felt as if I was sedated.

She straddled over me and began undoing her bra and showing her smooth breasts. I unzipped my pants and slid them off showing my hard cock. She cupped her mouth around it and began sucking; I began to cum as she went on. I looked at her leg which trickled with juices down the side of it and that’s when I reached an orgasm. I breathed harder and harder and finally sprayed it into her mouth. She looked up and began spitting it on my cock then sucking it back up.
When she finished we put our cloths back on, she placed her hand on my shoulder and said “I’ll see you around Troy”

From that day forth I always went over to Catherine’s house after-school.

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