Story of a girl’s birthday
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My name is Hannah and it was January and I was planning to go on holidays
with my Mum, her name is Sue, and Mark, the new man in her life. I was going
to be 16 at Easter and as part of my birthday celebration we planned a
holiday in one of the Greek Islands, Rhodes. We all live in west London.

My mum is 34 and has a superb body. She had me when she was 18, got married
my dad when she was 20 but they split up when I was 12. My mum had met
different guys but was seeing Mark, who is 33, for about 6 months. They seem
to get on very well and Mark would stay over at the weekend. Occasionally I
would hear them making love, although I felt it was constrained because I
was about. But you could see the way they behaved with each other that they
had a good thing going.
I was very close to my mum and often thought about her making love to Mark
and that, to a certain extent, I felt left out. I also found Mark very
attractive but would never attempt a one-to-one with Mark as it would
destroy two relationships; Mum and me and mum and Mark.

I’d been out with a good number of boys, did some heavy petting, usually
sort of thing with their hands all over me. I’d let them unclip my bra and
play with my breasts and sometimes I’d let them put their hand up my skirt
and pull my knickers down and finger my pussy. There was a lot of poking
about and I though it’s got to be better than this. Occasionally I feel they
had an erection and I would rub it through their trousers. On two occasions
I took out and jerk him off into a handkerchief, I often wondered what it
would be like to take a cock in my mouth and allow a guy to cum and what it
would taste like.

I didn’t have a steady boyfriend at the moment but my body was crying out
for more sexual satisfaction. At night, when mark was around and probably
making love to my mum, I lay there fingering my clit wishing I could be
there with them. Then I thought my on holidays, just may be, an opportunity
might arise where we can share an experience. Equally if nothing happens I
was hoping to meet a boy on holidays and after a few drinks and on a nice
warm evening I was determined to feel a cock in my mouth and even better
between my legs. I also wanted to experience a guy coming in my mouth, I may
not like it but I had to know what it tasted like. Some of my friends who
had done it said it tasted a bit salty but the feeling of a guy jerking and
shooting his load was supposed to be a wonderful sensation having a hot
trobbing cock between your lips. I often thought about asking my mum what
it was like – assuming she had do it may times but I thought that was a bit
personal. We’d talked about sex and that it can be wonderful with the right
guy. I guess, right now, Mark was the right guy.

I used to lie in bed thinking about mark taking my mums clothes off: taking
off her bra and sucking her nipples. Easing off her tong panties, I’d seen
them in the wash, and using his tongue on his clit. Then my mum unzipping
his pants and easing his cock out of his shorts. Having jerked his cock a
few time knee down and take it in her mouth. Would she suck him off and
swallow all his cum or would she lay back or climb on her hands and knees
and let him take her from behind? The more I thought about it the more I
wanted to see/experience the situation.

As it got closer to the holidays I got more excited about what might happen.
Even if I say it myself, I had a wonderful pair of breasts that came jutting
straight out of my chest, with beautiful pink nipples.

I went shopping for some holiday clothes with my mum. We both wanted new
swim suits. We first looked at one-piece swimsuits, and then we looked at
some bikinis. I went for something small, to get maximum exposure. My mum
thought it was a bit too revealing but agrees if it was what I wanted and I
was going to be 16 she would go along with it. She must have then thought if
I can wear something small she had the body that could also look good in a
small bikini.

We went home and decided to try them on. Mum looked superb and fitted like a
glove. I tried on mine but the bikini bottoms were so small some of my pubic
hair was showing at the sides. I asked my mum why see didn’t have the same
problem and she said that Mark liked a shaved pussy and that one weekend
when they were away, they had had a few drinks and she agreed to let Mark
shave her pussy. I had never heard my mum talking like this but I could see
she was enjoying telling me. Since then she kept her pussy hairless. Whit
that she pulled her bikini bottoms to one side to show me her bare pussy. I
this stage my own pussy was ‘on fire’ and I had to fight the desire to go
and touch her. I’ve always shave under my arms but shaving my pussy is
something I wasn’t sure about – may be I’ll just shave the sides, which I
did. It was temping to take it all off and I fingered myself just thinking
about it but I wasn’t sure how guys would feel about it. In time I felt as
part of my own sexual feeling regular shaving my pussy would be another good

We had a one-bed apartment, where mum and Mark used the bedroom and I slept
in a ‘put-me-up’ in the lounge area.
The first few days we stayed around the pool and I could see Mark looking at
me thinking …. At night I would to bed and I could hear, although they were
trying not to make much noise, the odd ‘yeah, good, harder etc.’. It took a
lot of self-control not to go and try and peep in the door or even worse ask
could I join in the fun!

We arrived on Monday and Friday was my birthday. Friday night came and we
decided we would go into town, have a meal and probably go to a disco. My
mum got ready and I could see she was wearing very little. A tong panties
and I could see, and she was wearing no bra. Every contour of her body could
be see through her white cotton dress that was 6 to 8 inches above her knee.
Mark also looked good as he now was quite tanned.

I could already feel hot between my legs so I went off for a quick wash and
some relief in the shower. Got into the shower and my hands went straight
between my legs – my god I was on fire! If anything was even going to happen
it must be tonight…
I thought what am I going to wear – I need a good pair of knickers to soak
up the love juices that I knew would be flowing. To match my mum I also
decided not to wear a bra but with my nipples permanently hard they showed
through my loose fitting dress.
At that point in time I was ready for anything – I just could get men’s
cocks off my mind but how well my mum looked also turned me on.

We went into town and had a meal watched some Greek dancing, although I’ve
had drink before; this is the first time I had a few glasses of wine with my
meal. I was trying to pace myself and stay sober enough to, hopefully,
manipulate the situation later.
As we left the restaurant I gave my mum and Mark a hug and said what a
wonderful night we were having and hat we should go to a disco. All three of
us danced together and then had a dance with some Swedish guy and I could
see he was keen. But this night I was holding back for something special and
said to the Swedish guy that I hoped we could meet up on the second week and
have a drink.

As the night went on I had a slow dance with Mark and as he held me close I
could feel he had an erection. I guess I encouraged him by grinding my pussy
into his erection – I felt so hot I could have dropped to my knees, got his
cock out and suck him until he exploded into my mouth. As we danced I
fanaticised about sucking off Mark and being fucked by this Swedish guy with
my mum laying under me sucking my tits, rubbing my clit and making sure the
guys give me a good seeing to.

Having had a few more drinks and wanting to make thinks happen I said to my
mum and Mark let’s get back. We walked back up to the apartment and when we
got back Mark suggest we have a little nightcap. I said I’d go and change
into my dressing gown. I grabbed my dressing gown and went to the bathroom
to change. I stripped off my dress and standing in front of the mirror like
a Greek goddess I eased my knickers down my thighs. I put one leg on the
toilet and teased my clit and I was rearing to go, but how was I going to
make it happen.

I put my dressing gown back on and headed back to the lounge. As I walked in
I could see my mum and Mark really getting stuck into each other. My mum
short skirt was up around her waist and Mark had his hand down her panties.
I could see my mum rubbing Mark through his trousers. I walked in and they
suddenly stopped with my mum pulling down her skirt.
I said don’t stop lets carry on partying. My mum said we can’t carry on like
this in front of you and I said I’ve often heard you and now it’s time to
see a bit of action. My mum was still not keen but Mark said I’ve got no
problem with having a bit of fun, Hannah is a big girl now.

My mum asked me what I want to do and I said I would set back and watch you
two do your thing. I sat on the other sofa and My mum and Mark got back into
a passionate embrace I could see my mum was a bit tense so I got up and went
around the back of the sofa and gentle stroked my mum’s hair. Mark continued
to rub her tits and ease her skirt up to her waist. Mark moved around and
knelt between her. He pulled down the top of her dress exposing her breasts.
While playing with her tits he bent down and kissed her pussy through her
panties. I left my dressing gown fall open and my mum looked up to see my
tits pointing out above her. She reached up to stroke them and being another
woman her touch gave maximum pleasure.

She said to come around and sit next to her. She put her arm around me and
first we had a light kiss followed by something more deep and passionate.
Mark eased my mum’s panties down her legs exposing a beautiful hairless
pussy. Mark gentle fingered her pussy and licked her clit. At this stage my
dressing gown had fallen away exposing my pubes to my mum and Mark. My mum
said let’s get Mark’s out of his clothes. Mark took off his tee shirt and my
mum went for his belt. She undid his trousers and dropped them to the
ground. His cock was already erect as she pulled down his shorts. Without
hesitation she took it in her mouth and sucked on it with heightened

I sat up and my mum could see I wanted some of that. She said would you like
to suck and offered Mark cock to me. I didn’t wait to say yes and took his
cock in my mouth – god it felt good as I wrapped my lips around it. My mum
continued to lick his balls and Mark must have felt he had won the lottery.

My mum said this is an extra present and if you want I’ll let Mark make love
to you. A good hard fuck came into my mind. I told Mark he could get a
condom out of my bag as I bought some just in case for holidays. As Mark
went to get the condom my mum said let me make you ready and she sat me down
and knelt between my legs. I though this is going to blow my mind as she
separated my pussy lips and lapped at my clit. She probed my pussy with her
tongue and I could feel myself reaching an orgasm. I held her head tight
against my pussy and cried out “this is fantastic”. Mark not to interrupt
got behind my mum and eased his cock into her pussy this made her go wild.
Picture the seen my mum licking my pussy and Mark behind her pumping his
7-inch cock into her. I thought Mark don’t cum I need some of that and just
then my mum said she’s ready. Mark pulled his cock out of my mum and she
rolled a condom onto it sucked it ready for my surprise present. She held my
legs apart as Mark presented his cock to my pussy. She then held is cock and
gentle eased it into my pussy. Mark pumped slowly but deeper with every
stroke. I wanted to try it doggy style, like my mum, so I said let me get on
my hands and knees. I turned around and Mark got his cock back into me
pumping deeper and quicker. This was sheer heaven. Not to let my mum out of
the fun I said this time I’ll be the one in the middle and asked her to sit
down, as I wanted to know what it was like to lick a woman’s pussy. She sat
down and opened her legs and I was straight in flicking her clit with my

Was Mark going to come in the condom and that would be the end; I thought
not. I looked up at my mum and said there are two more things I’d like to do
on my sixteenth birthday. One is for Mark to fuck me in the ass, and for
this he won’t need a condom and secondly when he is ready to cum I want him
to cum in my mouth. My mum was shocked but at this stage we were at a point
of no return. She said are you sure and looked up at Mark. I said, with this
wonderful situation I want to do it all. We need some oil or something to
help Mark penetrate you ass. She went to the bathroom and came back with
some massage oil and gentle massaged my anus ring, inserting one finger to
lubricate it ready for a large cock. Mark took off the condom and mum took
time to give him some head before offering it up to my ass. I tried to relax
but equally braced myself for the pain and hopefully the pleasure it would
bring. He pushed the head of his cock in my ass and my mum holding n to his
cock eased it further in. I didn’t know whether to scream with pain or
pleasure. This was going to set the scene for my sexual experience for the
rest of my life.
This was getting all too much for Mark and had to stop several time to
prevent himself exploding in my ass. I going to come he said and pulled his
cock from my ass. I whipped around and with my mum offered our open mouths
to Mark’s cock. Mum pumped his cock into my mouth and as Mark became ridged
I knew it was time and he shot straight into my mouth. I swallowed and
sucked his cock for more and he shot another load. Not to be outdone my mum
pulled his cock from my mouth and sucked the last drops out of him. She
released his cock and kissed me full on the mouth exchanging cum covered
This was the best possible present I could have ever imagined. I just hoped
my mum wouldn’t feel guilt in any way. I turned to her and said thanks and
that it was wonderful and highlighted the close relationship between us. She
nodded and said I got to keeping asking myself if it is a dream.

All three of us collapsed on the sofa and hugged each other. Now how was
the rest of the holiday going to go?

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