Tobi Loves To Showoff
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“I think he probably won’t see many more of either one, I just know I am
horny as hell, let’s hurry up and eat so we can get down to the real fun!!”

“I don’t feel like eating, I feel like fucking, you’re rich we can order
more food later!!”

“Lady, I like the way you think, come to Papa!!”

Foreplay was unnecessary, J.D.’s dick was hard as a rock, and tobi’s pussy
was well lubricated as he entered her with a savage thrust.

“Ohhh… do it to me harder.. I love it when you get worked up!!”

“Watching you parade around in the buff turns me on every time. i just
love our little games, and I love you Tobi Lynn McCall.”

“The feeling is mutual J.D. McCall, fuck me!! Fuck me all night long!!”

“I plan to sweetheart, I plan to.”

As was their habit, they reminisced about some of their favorite games
after their sex marathon and compared notes on their respective favorites.

Having worked in a convenience store for many years before being
“discovered,” by J.D., tobi’s favorite game evolved around a convenience
store. It went something lik this: J.D. would scout locations for several
weeks, looking for the perfect store, and the perfect clerk to particiapte
in their game. Ideally it would be a store in a secluded neighborhood,
with only one clerk on duty, one male clerk. Once he had found the perfect
location, they would pay a visit to the store late at night when there were
few, if any customers. tobi Lynn would enter wearing only white panties
and a chemise. the clerks reaction was usally immediate, but varied,
according to how brave the clerk was. Some would turn away and make
themselves busy elesewhere, some would openly stare, and still others would
fall all over themselves trying to “help”. Usually J.D.’s only
participation was to film the activity from the motor home, but
occassionally, when a clerk totally ignored me, he would come in the store
and heat things up. He would wait until I was at the check out and then
walk up behind me. He would then proceed to play with my clothes, pulling
up my chemise to bare my breasts, or if he was really in a horny mood, pull
down my panties to reveal my perfectly groomed pussy. This would always
get a reaction from the clerk, and I’m sure many of them closed the doors
after we left, to ummmm, take care of business, and I DON’T MEAN STORE

J.D.’s favorite game is the laundromat game. Again he would scount
locations, looking for a place patronized mostly by men. We have a
favorite in this category, located close to a manufacturing plant that has
a third shift. We discovered that a lot of men come in at three or four in
the morning to do their laundry, and are almost never accompanied by women.
In this game I come in dressed in a simple dress like you might wear to
work, or a job interview. I put all of my other clothes in the machines
and then feign suprise, and say something like, “Oh, I forgot!! I simply
must have this dress for a meeting tomorrow!!”, Of course one of the guys
always says, “Go ahead and take it off and put it in the washer, we don’t
mind,” Which, to there shock, is exactly what I do!! So there I am, in a
room full of men, dressed only in my usual chemise, and white panties. We
always pick the hottest of days for this game, so I end up using my chemise
to wipe the sweat from my body, the better to show off my perfect tits. So
far none of the men have made a pass, but J.D. and I have talked about it,
and if any of them ever get agressive, I will play along, we figure it’s
better to play along, than take a chance on getting hurt..after all when
you play the kinds of games we play, there is always risk, right?? take
the game we play on the highways and byways of this great country.

For this game, we go to a used car lot and buy the most disreputable piece
of junk we can find. then we go on the freeway and find a spot where the
dividers, or trees, block the view from the ohther side. We will then park
the car on the shoulder of the road, and J.D. sets up in the trees, or
behind a sign, at which point I get out the car in only the top to my short
nightie with nothing under them but a pair of panties. then I raise the
hood, and disconnect a spark plug wire or something equally simple. Before
venturing out on the freeway, I have set up a stash of what appear to be
old rags, but are actually a collection of my old panties and other
unmentionalbes, in a cubbyhole under the hood. Once we get set up, we sit
back and wait for our next victim. If it turns out to be a squad car, or
obvious police car, the game ends there, I feign embarrassment at my
predicament, the nice officer will find the loose wire, possibly caution me
on my attire, and be on his way. If it is NOT a police officer, then the
fun really begins!! J.D. will signal me, and I will take off my panties
and stuff them in the cubbyhole, leaving me only in the top to a shortie
pajama set. You can imagine the shock on my “victims,” face when he
discovers a near naked woman on the other side of that hood!! When they
walk up, I shyly explain that I was taking my husband to work and broke
down on the way back. Of course he gets dirty working on the car, so I
offer him a “rag,” to clean up with, which is actually the panties I just
took off. Of course they are still warm and the poor guy is wondering if
they are warm from being under the hood, or from being on me…and he would
love to give them a good sniff…but of course he can’t, after all he is
“sir Gallahad,” rescuing a lady in distress!!

Well, those are our favorite games. Don’t they sound fun?? Maybe we’ll
think up some new ones, meanwhile, I will see you one of these days in a
mall near you, or maybe on the side of the road and you will have the guts
to sniff my panties……

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