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Al Lambert had gone to a party with her older brother JT
Lambert. The party was at the house of his girlfriend, Sara.
All the others from school were there and everyone was having
a good time. Sara’s parents were away for the weekend and
the girl had decided to throw the party.

There was plenty of booze and drugs floating around the house
and Al was drinking heavily. She’d intended to have a good time
But she drank too much alcohol and had become ill.

Al stripped off hr shirt and bra, leaving her topless from the
waist up. Her youthful tits bounced free of their confinement.
She sighed and got comfortable on the bed. She was in Sara’s

Yeah, that was much better. She’d been so hot and the cool
air on her tits felt so good. It made her nipples hard. It made
her feel sexy.

It was so nice of Sara to find somewhere nice and dark for her to
rest and lie down. Al Lambert wasn’t used to drinking so much. Hell,
she wasn’t used to drinking at all. She was glad Sara had turned off
the lights, because watching the room spin made her dizzy.

For a brief moment she wondered where her bra was. Then she
moaned as her nipple was carresed by a pair of lips. “Mmmm,” Al
said as her hips trembled. “Mmm,” she mumbled, even though
she didn’t want it to stop. No one had ever kissed her tits
before and it felt wonderful, especially when the hands lifted
her up, pressing her sensitive flesh against his nipping lips as
he pulled her blouse off her shoulders.

Al felt the snap of her tight jeans being undone and she panted and
sighed at the sudden freedom as the pressure on her stomach was
releived. Her sigh grew as his hand carressed her belly. As she
felt her jeans being pulled down over her hips she vaguely
thought she ought to protest, but she couldn’t understand why,
since the fondling fingers on her body felt so good, especially
when they pressed into the soft globes of her ass, lifting her
off the bed, her jeans sliding down her legs and away.

As the insistant fingers slid under the waistband of her
panties and burrowed into her pubic hair, she began to think
that, as nice as the fondling hands felt on her quivering body,
it probably wasn’t something she should let go on. “Y’shudunh
haf y’han–oooh!” His finger slipped into her pussy lips,
pressing onto her clit. It felt good. It felt really good.

Her pelvis fluttered as his fingers delved into her pussy.
Al didn’t want him to stop, but she really had to try to make
him stop. When his other hand began to slide her panties down,
she tried to grab his hand and push him away, but her body
wouldn’t do what she wanted it do. Her hips just kept pushing
her pulsing pussy into his caressing hand. “N-no,” she moaned,
“don’ do tha’, don–mmmm, ooh, ooh, ooohh!” His fingers stroked
her clit and she felt herself growing wet and hot. His lips
returned to her tits, sucking her nipple forcefully into his
mouth. “Oooh, good,” the girl sighed as her back arched, thrusting
her plump breast up to his active tongue.

Then Al felt his naked body pressing onto hers, gasping
when his stiff cock touched her leg. Through her alcoholic
stupor, she began to realize he was going to fuck her. “Wohh, no,
don’,” she slurred as his knees slid between hers and pushed them
apart, positioning himself between her legs. “No, l.., don’t, don’t,”
she mumbled as she felt his naked hips pressing against her thighs,
spreading them wide apart.

Al tried to think of what to do to stop this, but all her aroused
body would do is rub lewdly against the warm, bare skin pressing
down onto her. “I don’, I don’ wann’, don’t– Oh!” She cried
out at the pressure as his hard dick slid between her pussy lips
and began to force itself up into her narrow virgin cunt. “Oh!
Oh! Oh!” She tried to pull herself up and away from the thick
spike piercing into her, but he held her by the shoulders, pinned
under him as he drilled his hot prick deeper into her tight pussy.

“Ohh! Ohh!” Al moaned over and over, feeling her pussy lips
wrapping snugly around his thick shaft, feeling his fat cockhead
wedging in, prying open her quivering tunnel. Her head rocked
back and forth even as her pelivs threw her cunt up at the
invading flesh. The pressure against her clit ignited her
passion and her moans intensified.

“Unggh!” She grunted when the broad head pressed onto her
hymen. The Lanbert daughter suddenly realized she was about
to lose her cherished virginity, but before she could make any
protest, the thin membrane ruptured and split around the broad
head of his penetrating prick and she yelped at the sharp stab
of pain deep inside her. His huge cock drove in deeper, faster,
and quickly she felt the crush of his belly against hers, his balls
on her butt.

“Whuh! Nghh! Gnhh!” she grunted incoherently as his dick
rapidly began thrusting sharply in and out of her pussy. The
thick flesh grating harshly on the newly-opened wound inside her
and she cried out at each harsh invasion. The fog of drunkenness
began to lift. Al was being fucked. A boy’s cock was deep in
her pussy and she was being fucked and she was too drunk to do
anything about it. Terror overhelmed her as she suddenly
realized he wasn’t wearing a comdom and she wasn’t on any kind
of birth control. And it was the very worst possible time in her

The ache between her legs became pleasure and her stark fear
faded, replaced with ecstacy. Each sharp jab of his cock into
her sent a shiver of delight through her. The sweet friction on
her clit enflamed and excited her, and she began to respond to
his plunging prick by rolling her own hip up to meet each of his
piercings. Al began to moan passionately, each stroke of his
huge cock bringing her closer to orgasm. Her legs came up and
wrapped around his, pulling his deeper into her, even though she
knew the consequences of his bare cock pounding deep into her
unprotected pussy, especially now when she was ovulating.

Suddenly her body shuddered under him as the wave broke,
inundating her being with utter rapture. Her pussy spasmed on
the immense fullness inside her. It responded to the rapid,
rhythmic contractions by abruptly swelling and spearing tight and
deep into her narrow passage. Through the alcohol-enhanced
orgasmic rushes that shot through her body like delicious
wildfire, she hoped the bloating didn’t mean he was about to come
inside her. Al desparately didn’t want him to cum inside her.

The teenager saw the sharp grimace seize his face. Al heard his
loud roar as his back arched. She felt the upward jerk of his
cock and and the rippling pulse along the shaft. She moaned in
passion and despair as she felt the thick spurt of cum burst from
the tip of his cock and invade her pussy, spattering forcefully
against her cervix. She felt her pussy suck and pull at his cock
as it bulged again and then pumped another long jet of his semen
deep into her womb.

Al knew her cycle. It was like clockwork. She knew one of
her eggs was ready inside her, waiting to be fertilized. As his
dick throbbed over and over inside her, flooding her with his
seed, she knew one of the millions of tiny sperm now swimming
within her would find its mark.

His cock jerked and pumped inside her sucking pussy, driving
spurt after spurt of his thick creamy cum deep into her. She
cried out as her rutting cunt bucked at each wrenching thump. Al
felt her pussy go slick as it was filled to overflowing, felt
their cum squishing out from between the tight seal of his slick
dick slicing wetly into her sodden cunt, felt the velvety beads
spatter onto her thighs and roll down her legs. The liquid
sounds of their coupling filled her ears as he continued to pound
into her, his cum spurting again and again out of his cockhead,
her pussy sucking up every hot, rich drop, devouring it greedily
and pulling at him for more.

The young girl yelped over and over, in ecstacy and in fear. Each
powerful stab of his prick pounded stingingly into her cervix.
Each sharp spasm of her pussy squeezed another great gush of cum
out of his dick. Each searing torrent shot right into her womb,
straight to the fertile egg hidden deep in her belly. She knew
he was making her pregnant, she knew it, she knew it. She didn’t
want a baby inside her, didn’t want her belly to bulge out with
his child, didn’t want her breasts to swell with milk, but his
cum was in her now and there was no way to stop it, to keep it
from impregnating hte egg deep inside her.

Al screamed. Even as his balls finshed draining into her,
even after he collapsed onto her heaving breasts, even after her
sitll-sucking pussy squeezed his soft penis out of her cum drenched
pussy, even after he lifted himself up off her and silently dressed
and left, she screamed. Then she whimpered. Then she cried.

Sobbing, she slowly and carefully collected her clothes.
Between the alcohol and the soreness, just standing was a
major accomplishment. The only thing she couldn’t find
was her panties.

Al put her jeans on without them and immediately noticed
that the cum streaming out of her dripping pussy was now
making a growing dark stain on her crotch. She just couldn’t
stay in this room any longer. She hoped no one would notice.

When she went back into the living room, she found JT’s
friend Josh, necking with his girlfriend on the couch.
She asked, “W-where’s JTl?”

“Christ,” Josh grunted, “where the hell have you been? JT
left hours ago after you hooked up with that black guy?”
“B-black guy? What b-black guy?” Al asked confused.

“Yeah, right,” said Josh sarcastically. “The one with his
tongue down your throat most of the night. JT’s pretty pissed
with you just picking him up off the street, you know.”

Al tried not to hyperventilate. “Huh-have–have you seen
him?” “I told you, he went home.” “N-no,” she cried, “the
black guy!” “I think he just took off,” Josh said, motioning
to the door before going back to suck face with his girlfriend.

Al raced to the door and ran out into the dark. The street was
empty. She had been fucked while she was drunk and she had
lost her virginity to a black guy. The worst thing was, Al couldn’t
remeber anything prior to being fucked. She had no idea of what
he looked like or what his name was.

When her period was late and the test kit showed positive,
she thought it was the end of the world. Al had been knocked
up by a black guy and she didn’t even know who he was or where
to find him. Her parents were pissed when she told them she
was pregnant.

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