My mom new girlfriend
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I wish he would just go the fuck away somewhere, I said to myself as I cleaned up assorted beer cans, and candy rappers off the living room floor. I regarded the face of the sleeping giant sprawled out on the well worn couch that was the focus of my rage .

Drunk again, I had just came in from school and my mom had already left for work. There was shit everywhere , it never use to be like this before I thought loosing myself in pleasant memories of when I t was just she, and I.

He grumbled something crazy and turned over on his side, his big foot knocking over another can that happen to be still half full. Beer foamed and dripped down onto the brown carpet below Shit! That’s it I’m out of here, You could have fried and egg on my forehead as I stepped onto the dirt and gravel covered path leading to the main road, letting the door to the trailer slam loudly, not that it would wake the fucker up I thought.

This situation brought a whole new meaning to “Be more careful who you pick up at the grocery store next time”. Well it was actually a liquor store. Hello ! red light, didn’t she hear the whistle blowing! Shit she probably heard weeding bells . See my mom gets used a lot, she just saw the good in everyone, as she put it. Whatever Show me any good in Ronnie and I’ll show you a leprechaun with a pot of gold. Cause let’s face it if, he moved in a month ago and still hadn’t got a job, he wasn’t looking for one.

After walking to the post office ,( more to clear my mind than being responsible,) picking up the mail, I stopped at the corner store and bought a popsicle and headed back for home. When I arrived walking into the living room it was pretty quiet, and the spilled beer and the rest of the debris had been cleaned up. It was getting dark out and I could see strobing lights caused by the TV in my moms room.

When I stuck my head in the door to see what was going on there was Ronnie standing in front of the Television with his pants around his ankles steadily pulling on his tool , starring intently at the flashing screen. On the bed by his weather beaten backpack was a small pile of dvds’, porn I guessed . His dick looked just like mine only much larger. What cha looking at faggot spat Tommy? Never seen a grown man’s dick before. You must want to do this for me.

Yup, he was still drunk , in his worst moods he had never talked to me like that. I quickly left the scene and hurried to the bathroom at the end of the hall. I closed the door pulled down my shorts and sat on the toilet, I didn’t have to shit, I just needed an excuse to get out of the way. See my room was directly across the hallway from my moms and…. I had no door, another story.

I looked down and my dick was hard as a rock jumping and throbbing , I didn’t give a thought as to why, I just figured why waste a good opportunity to bust a nut, hell Ronnie was getting one. As I laid my head back and began to stroke my organ, the door slammed open against the bathroom wall. Shit I hadn’t locked it.

Ronnie just stood there for a minute with a big shit eatin grin on his face , his big dick still hard drizziling strings of cum on the floor , He then pick up a used washcloth from of the counter top. And wiped a generous amount of goop from his hands, his dinga ling jumping in my face dripping spots of cum on my knee and thigh, as he started to clean his dick off he paused , as if he just had an idea or something . He dropped the rag he was holding and grabbed the back of my head , with his other hand he gripped his softening penis and stuck it in my mouth. I was so shocked I let him do it . he pushed it back and forth in my jaws a few times. Then just laughed and released the hold on my neck, letting his now flaccid dick fall from my lips. He then turned and closed the door behind him.

What the hell was that. My throat burned, I guessed from the cum left on his cock head. I didn’t hesitate, I grabbed my dick and went back to pumping it like nothing had happened and spewed ball juice all over my shirt. Man I had never came that hard in my life. I cautiously craked the bathroom door and peeked out like there may be a monster on the other side. Nope no one was there in fact my moms bedroom door was closed; I relaxed and settled in to do my homework.

The next day after school I walked in and it was the exact same scene when I arrived ;(sleep, drunk, stuff everywhere, no mom. ) I didn’t even attempt to clean up this time, instead just headed for my room. As I passed the couch Ronnie woke up with a start , and said hey , how was your day. He was still drunk but a lot nicer today, cool I said and continued on to my room.
I hadn’t been laying across the bed watching TV for long, when Ronnie appeared in my door way naked from the waist down, and fully erect. He had a half smile on his face as he fondled himself mindlessly tugging on his stiff cock, waving it up and down in my direction like he was offering a dog a bone. What tha fuck?

After that he didn’t waste any time he walked quickly over to the bed , flipped me flat on my back, and straddled my neck; his hairy thighs pinning down my shoulders. Get the fuck off me I yelled ,as his nut sack brushed against my chin. Then he arched his hips and guided his big pecker past my lips, all the way to my tonsils . I gagged at first but then relaxed my throat, I stooped struggling and just let him fuck my mouth. I looked up to his face as I lay there gagging and his eyes were closed, lost somewhere far away. I managed to pull down my own pants a little enough to get my dick free and began beating my own cock.

As he grunted loudly his pubic hair brushing against my nose he blew a wad of spunk down my throat. I obliged by shooting a stream of sperm up the back of his shirt. I didn’t choke but coughed a little as he pulled his penis from my mouth and rubbed the fat head on my chin. Patting me lightly on the cheek with a smile. He lifted his weight off me, and left the room; man I loved that shit!

Needless to say I’ve been cool with Ronnie lately, we don’t get along any better , just have something in common now . I run, not walk from school now, hell my dick gets hard when the bell rings, and when I get home he’s always on the couch rubbing his big dick through his pants as `he watches me come through the door, and I just go to my room and wait.

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