Angie Loses Control
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Steve smiled as he opened the UPS package. He had ordered it online just a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised at the quick delivery. Ordering it was easy enough. Now he had to work it in such a way that Angie would agree to do what he wanted in order for his plan to really work!

It was a Saturday and he had promised to take Angie out for a nice dinner followed by drinks after. Steve, however, had more than just dinner and drinks on his mind. The contents of the package would be the key in ensuring his plan came to fruition. Steve showered and got himself dressed as he waited for Angie to return from dropping the kids off at her mothers.

He removed the two items from the package – a snug leather thong and a tiny remote control. The black leather thong was thicker than average, especially around the crotch area. The thickness concealed a miniature vibrator, built into the panty! Steve held the panties and turned on the remote control. The panties buzzed to life with a low hum. There were three speed selectors on the control and he tried them out. Even on the highest speed, there was nothing louder than an almost inconceivable hum. The vibrating effects however, were quite spectacular! Steve slipped the control into his pocket and hid the panties just as he heard Angie’s coming in through the front door.

“I’m home!” She announced.

“Come up and get dressed, we’re running late” Steve responded

Angie walked in to see Steve dressed in a nice short sleeved shirt and dark pants. “Mmm, you look nice” Angie said. “Just gimme a minute to shower”

“Take your time. I want you to look real good tonight. In fact, I’d like to dress you” Steve said.

“Ohhh. I don’t know if that’s such a good idea” Angie giggled nervously.

“Don’t you worry. I’ll make sure you look good” Steve replied as he watched Angie undress.

He loved how she peeled off her tight jeans, exposing her slightly padded hips. Then reaching behind her back, she unclasped he bra, freeing her creamy breasts. Steve felt a slight stirring in his loins as he watched her. Seeing her naked never failed to awake his manhood. He sat on the bed as she showered then came out with a towel wrapped around her.

“Wait!” Steve called out as she opened a drawer to get her underwear. “I’m dressing you.”

Angie looked at him and sighed. “Even my underwear?” she asked somewhat dearily.

Steve walked over to her and placed the leather thong in her hand. “I got this especially for tonight”

He then picked out a black lacy bra and passed that to her as well. Angie eyed the thong.

“Leather! Cant be very comfortable!” She complained.

She dropped the towel and slipped the panties on. They were surprisingly comfortable. “Feels a little thick, like I’m wearing two pairs of panties!” she remarked. “Not great material to let my pussy breathe either!!”

Steve sniggered at her last comment. The last thing that pussy was going to be doing tonight was breathing!

He finished choosing her outfit and watched her dress. Inside she wore the black leather thong and a black lace bra. She wore a low-cut, wide fronted blouse that was smocked at the breast area and then tapered in to her waist – much like a gypsy blouse, or a peasant’s outfit from days of yore. Loose fitting linen pants finished off her outfit. Overall it gave her a very casual yet sexy look. The top accentuated her full breasts and in fact, half the globes could be seen swelling out of the blouse. Steve admired his choice of clothes as Angie made herself up. Dark eyeliner and mascara made her eyes sparkle while a tasteful shade of red made her usually full lips into something of a pout. Angie liked the reflection looking back at her. Not really her choice of clothing but she had to admit she looked really good. Not too slutty – which is what she had anticipated Steve to do.

The two of them went for dinner at a fancy Italian joint. While enjoying their dinner, Steve remarked, “I thought you’d have ordered the ‘Italian Sausage Special’!”

“I much prefer my sausage whole rather than cut into pieces.” She replied with a grin.

They had a few drinks with dinner that relaxed Angie considerably.

“Let’s get going, there’s a nice pub nearby where we can relax and have a few more drinks.” Steve suggested.

In the car, on their way to the pub, Steve decided to start moving his plan into action.

“You look real hot babe.” Steve remarked. “Want to tease me a bit?”

“How? Like this?” She giggled as she laid a hand on his crotch and lightly tickled his cock through the fabric.

“Nah. I mean everyone was checking you out at the restaurant, lets give the people something in the pub to really see”

“What do you mean?” asked Angie

“Take off your bra. I’ll bet your tits look really nice in the blouse without a bra.”

“Aww Steve! That would be almost indecent.” She retorted.

“Oh come on! Tell you what. Lets play a game too. I’ll drop you off and let you go inside first. I’ll come in a little later and we can pretend we don’t know each other.”

“So I sorta pick you up then?” Angie giggled

“Yeah! Or you can pick someone else up while you wait for me!” Steve replied, hoping this remark wouldn’t put her off the whole idea of playing.

“What the hell,” Angie said. “Its not as in anyone in there knows us!”

She reached behind her back and undid her bra, pulling the straps through her sleeves and removing the bra completely.

“Where shall I put this then lover?” she asked in a sultry tone as she dangled her bra up and down.

“Just leave it in the glove compartment or on the back seat!” Steve replied, noticing how her boobs didn’t sag at all even without a bra.

In the dark, you couldn’t see that she wasn’t wearing a bra but Steve reckoned that it would be pretty obvious in a brightly lit area. Steve had in fact been to that pub quite a few times – without Angie of course – and although it wasn’t very bright inside, he knew that there was a spotlight at the entrance that lit up every time the door opened.

Steve dropped her at the entrance and then went to park the car. Angie walked in to the pub and as the door opened, a bright light shown down on her. Those who turned too look were rewarded by the sight of almost naked tits and long glorious legs as the light shown through her the thin material of her clothes. It was a good thing she was wearing leather panties or the light may have displayed a shadow of the fuzz covering her pussy. She quickly made her way to the bar, aware that she had probably given half the pub a nice view of her body.

“Gin and Tonic please.” She ordered her drink from the waiter behind the bar. She couldn’t help but notice that he gave her an appreciative look as he fixed the drink for her. She took the drink, sipping it slowly and looked around. The pub really wasn’t crowded with maybe only about 10 people in it.

Steve walked in through the rear entrance and sat behind Angie, to her right. She didn’t notice him coming in. He smiled appreciatively at how she looked. There were only two other women in the pub and she was by far the best looking.

Angie looked around and noticed Steve sitting in the corner. She smiled at him sensually and mouthed a ‘hi’. Steve reached his hand into his pocket and turned on the remote control. Angie’s smile suddenly turned into a startled look. A spasm shook her pussy, causing her to jerk involuntarily. The pulsing throb excited the folds of her vagina. What was happening to her? It felt like her panties were vibrating. Vibrating Panties! That’s what Steve had made her wear! The throbbing was creating a warm buzz in the pit of her stomach now. Just as suddenly as it had started, it stopped.

Angie took a gulp of her drink. “What was Steve doing to her?” She thought to herself.

Her pussy was tingling and felt warm, partly the effects of the alcohol and partly the heat trapped by the leather panties. Angie suddenly grabbed the bar counter. The vibrator had been switched on again, this time to high speed. The effect was that it not only excited her pussy lips but spread right up to her clitoris. The stimulation was almost direct and caused tingles of delight to shoot right through her.

“Oh God, Oh God.” Angie mumbled as her stomach contracted from the tingles shooting in her pussy. It was pleasure almost to the point of pain with the direct stimulus on her clitoris. The bartender looked at her and said something but she couldn’t hear him. All she could feel was the high-speed vibration buzzing her pussy. She squeezed her legs together as her pussy throbbed violently.

“Uhhhh!” She bit down onto he lower lip as an orgasm shook through her. But still the vibrator kept on humming! Her thighs clenched and she turned to look at Steve. Her eye’s pleaded with him to turn it off. Her hands were on her crotch, trying to surpress the buzzing. Steve smiled and reduced the speed to low.

Angie inhaled deeply with relief. The low speed was far less intense. In fact it was pleasurable as she felt her pussy respond to the milder stimulus. She could feel her thighs wet with her juices. The leather panties didn’t absorb like the cotton ones did and instead just dispersed the juices. She looked down and saw that the white material of her linen pants was wet with her juices.

Angie wanted to walk over to Steve but the buzzing in her panties was driving her crazy. She was afraid that he would switch the vibrator speed to high and then she would lose control. She also didn’t want to stand up and reveal the damp patches on her pants! She decided the best thing for her was to just stay seated. She looked at Steve again and mouthed “What are you doing to me?”

Steve turned away from her and made a quick call on his cell phone. He walked up to the bar and sat a couple of seats away from her. He placed the remote control on the bar top and turned it on to medium. “Oohhhh.” Angie hissed, unable to control the sound that escaped from her lips. She was so turned on but she wanted the vibrator to stop. She was so engrossed in her pussy twitching and spasming that she didn’t notice the bartender locking the main door and flipping the closed sign before turning on all the lights. There were now only 4 people in the pub – the bartender, another guy, Steve and Angie

“You ever seen such a wild one, guys?” Steve asked loudly.

“Nope!” replied the bartender. “wonder if she’s married?”.

“Why don’t you ask her Tom?” Steve replied in an off hand manner before reaching for the remote and turning it on to high.

“Look at those breasts!” Called out the guy

Angie’s body convulsed with the increased speed of the vibrator. The pulsing was intense and her pussy was leaking more and more of her juices. Her nipples we hard and erect and pushed out at her blouse. With the lights on, the sheer material hardly covered her breasts! She felt Tom, the bartender, come up behind her. He leaned into her.

“So, are you married honey?” He asked lecherously.

She looked sharply across at Steve who quickly shook his head.

“N-No” she replied. Her body was responding completely to the intense feelings in her pussy and she could no longer think rationally.

She felt Tom’s hands on her shoulders and she looked up at him. Her eyes were ablaze with lust. He bent down and kissed her. Angie couldn’t help but respond. She didn’t want to kiss Tom but the raging fire in her pussy was now controlling her mind. Her tongue snaked around his and she pulled his hands up to her breasts. She needed to cum, and she needed to cum now. Tom needed no further prompting, one hand slid down the front of her blouse and teased a nipple. Her already erect nipple sent another jolt to her pussy and she felt the first onslaught of an orgasm hit her. She bit down on Tom’s lip as his hands continued to ravage her breasts. She thrust her hips against him, rubbing them up and down ever so slightly. Her pants were soaking now as she felt someone tugging at her pant strings.

Meanwhile, Tom was busy removing her blouse off her shoulders. The buzzing still continued in her pussy although it had been turned to low again. She pulled away from kissing Tom and looked at Steve again, almost for approval. Steve got up from his seat saying “Leave some for me boys!” as he turned off the remote and replace it in his pocket.

Angie felt relieved as the vibrator stopped but also felt a little emptiness. Suddenly, Tom lifted her off the bar stool and carried her over to a nearby table. “Move those glasses Rick” he said. He positioned her on the table, and pulled her legs wide. Her head was hanging off one end of the table while her legs hung off the other end. She felt Tom pulling her panties off her and the cool draft that hit her pussy made her realise how wet she was. Rick had made his way behind her and she could see him approaching her. He pulled his cock out of his pants and offered it to her.

With her head hanging off the table, she stuck out her tongue and sucked on his balls. She ran her tongue up his shaft to his head. Tom spread her legs and looked down at her hairy pussy. The hair was matted with her juices and her thighs had dried cum juice on them as well. He contemplated diving down to lick her steamy puss but he needed to bury his cock into her gaping crevice.

With one thrust, he pushed deep into her.”Urrgghhh” She moaned as she felt Tom fill her juicy pussy with his prick. She was so lubed up that it slipped right into her. He must have been big because she could feel her pussy walls stretch around his cock. He mouth filled with Rick’s prick and she could taste the salty pre-cum. She sucked hard on Rick’s cock as she felt Tom start pumping wildly inside her. Her pussy clamped on the hard cock and a hard orgasm shook her.

She sucked wildly on the cock in her mouth as she suddenly felt hands on her breasts, tweaking her nipples and heightening the sensations in her pussy. It had to be Steve! Only Steve knew how to tease her nipples so expertly. Harder and faster Tom’s cock plunged into her. The faster it fucked her, the harder she sucked on Rick’s cock. Both her holes were making loud slurping noises now as her body climaxed again. She was in complete joy having her mouth and pussy fucked while her tits were being mauled and teased.

She wrapped her legs around Tom, urging him even deeper into her as she used her fingers on Rick’s cock as well. She was getting exhausted by this fuck fest but by golly, it was the best fucking she had ever had. Her stomach started to tremble as yet another orgasm built up, she raised her hips and thrust hard against Tom. She started to cum again as she felt his cock swell within her.

Tom felt his cock trembling and knew he was going to cum. He quickly pulled out and sprayed his seed into a glass, milking every last drop out. Rick was about to explode too and although he would have loved to cum in this sluts mouth, he was part of the plan. He grabbed a glass and just as he was about to cum in her mouth, he pulled out and jacked himself off into the glass.

Angie was a mass of cumming flesh. Her hips were still thrusting and her thighs were quivering. She lay on the table, looking quite like the little slut she had become, allowing her orgasms to subside. She finally raised herself up to a seating position and looked at Steve.

“You planned all this?” She asked

“Yes I did!” He replied. “I knew you wouldn’t fuck someone else no matter how much I wanted you too. So I figured once I got the vibrating panties working, you’d be so worked up you couldn’t control yourself.”

“God! If I’d know it would be so exciting, I’d have done it before!”

“Incidentally, meet two friends of mine. Tom and Rick. They both work here.” Steve smiled.

“Hi!” Angie giggled and pulled her knees up and covered her breasts. “Can someone get me a drink please?”

Tom reached for the two cum filled glasses and poured a measure of Vodka into each glass. “Here you go Ange!”

Steve chuckled as he remarked, “A cum cocktail for my slutty wife!”

Angie smiled as she gulped one drink down and said, “A perfect drink to end the perfect night!”

“Not so fast love,” replied Steve. “Get dressed and finish up. I haven’t fucked you yet!”

“Lets go home darling!” Angie said as she kissed Steve and her pussy started to tingle again.

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