Bonnie loves anal sex
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“Scream all you want, Bonnie.” Bob whispered into her ear, as he attempted to
mount her from behind, both on hands and knees in the doggie style position.
Bob had applied a tiny drop of KY on the outside of her rectum. Just enough
lube to work the head of his shaft just inside the anal ring. Not really enough
to allay her fear of the pain that was coming. But he found the anal orgasm
with the most pain gave the deepest, longest, strongest, and most satisfying
climax. Therefore he skimped on the lube. Most people would find more comfort
with half a tube of KY. But BOB was going for quality, not comfort.
Ultimately, she would find her comfort when she got her climax. And that is
what he was going to assure—a totally perfect and complete rectal orgasm,
that wrenched her entire body. With that, he thrust forward viscously, burying
his huge erection in the tight, rubbery confines of the little 5′ 3 brunette’s
bottom. She had earlier asked him to penetrate her anally, without letting up
when she told him to stop.
“Oh GOD.” Bonnie wailed as humiliation began to merge with the pain. He
was moved by her tears. Indeed, seeing her suffering made him love her more
and more and more, as he could comfort and her more. A loving achy feeling was
deep in his heart. An aching need to give her total satisfaction, even though
in the short run, it would be a bit painful. And he had promised to complete
this act even if she took back her request for sodomy.A feeling of total
helplessness washed over Bonnie like a tidal wave as Bob sunk his rod to the
hilt, his big hairy balls slapping luridly against
her lovely butt cheeks.

The black butt plug st, you have to stop. I can’t do anal. I thought I could,
but I can’t. If you take it out, we can do anything else you want. ANYTHING!”
But Bob already had what he wanted most in the world: His thick cock
forcing its way into a tight, virgin ass. One of his hands reached her pussy
and diddled her clit. This helped to relax her and concentrate her focus on
getting hornier. “Pinch your nipple Darling , it will help you bear the pain
til I get inside and make you cum. ” She did as directed. He began to screw
part way in and out of the narrow rectal passage, bringing further cries of
distress to her trembling lips.He added some lube. She cried out loud like a
baby, sobbing hiddeously, but part of the cry, he knew from past sessions, was
the start of a cry for joy, she was in the throws of conversion to orgasm. She
had earlier taken 2 thorough soap suds enemas and a rinse enema to prepare
her back door just for his use, and his alone. He bumped against her over
and over loosening her up. Then He began to brutally lunge into her soft
buns, with his throbbing bone again and again, burried to the hilt in her
rectum. Her arm and leg muscles collapsed, and Bonnie went limp, and fell over
the pillow he had placed beneath her. Much to her delight she found the pain
easing the more she relaxed and collapsed. Soon she was up on all fours,
pushing back to meet the ramrod. Not long after, she was screaming “harder
Bob!!!, youre all the way in, fuck me more. Hurt me more”. All of a sudden
there was the beginning of an orgasm deep within her bowels, and it grew larger
and larger, when it hit, her clitoris was spasming as much as her rectal walls
and uterus. She felt his jism burn her insides. And then they both collapsed in
a heap. Happy. He took a wet towel and lovingly washed her bottom off. Put his
mouth on her clit and teased with his tongue for a minute. Then he gave her a
sip of his drink, for she was very very thristy after that hearty ordeal. With
tears staining her happy face, she took his face in her hands and kissed his
lips tenderly. And for the first time ever, by this strong loving man, Bonnie
was totally and completely sexually satisfied.

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