Hooked on the Ceiling
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The marionette set-up with Ginger was hot.

Six spring-retractable lines came down from the ceiling and attached
to her wrists, ankles, a collar and pelvic harness. Ginger moved
around the bed a bit stiffly to pretend she was being controlled by
the strings. I piled some pillows up at the head of the bed and leaned
back, naked, into them. She lowered her head to my cock and began
sucking it. Just a simple up and down, and without using her hands, a
novel sensation that. Her ass was lifted high up and the string from
it looked a bit like a thin tail.

As she bobbed her head upon me I alternated watching her lips burrow
into my pubic hair and watching her creamy ass sway back and forth as
if the puppeteer’s hand wobbled while directing the head.

I began lusting for more and gently lifted her shoulder. She sat up
with her arms sticking straight out, a very nice touch. I leaned
forward and took left nipple into my mouth. I felt it swell and
stiffen under the touch of my tongue. She bent her her arms at the
elbows to move her hands to her chest. With the left hand she pushed
my head further onto her breast, with her right she palmed her other
nipple. She didn’t really grip her breast, but slid her flat hand up
down and around. I watched that other nipple harden, it looked so much
like a hazelnut.

I slipped my hand in her cleft and cupped her cunt, feeling it’s
warmth. Then, keeping a finger on each labia, I pushed my middle
finger in a bit. She was starting to get slick down there, but had a
way to go. I circled her clit with my finger and she let out an
involuntary purr. Very quickly she was sopping wet between the legs
and I was thrusting two fingers deep into her cunt and mashing her
clit with my thumb. Now she was having trouble keeping up her puppet
role and getting more involved in squeezing her nipples and breasts.

Abruptly I stopped. I didn’t want Ginger getting so carried away that
she forgot the act. So I pulled out my fingers and leaned back against
the pillows again. I licked my wet fingers and commented, “My aren’t
we a juicy marionette.” She stifled a laugh and stiffened up again.
I began stroking my cock.

I watched her eyes follow my masturbation then pulled her hands to my
shoulders. Ginger understood me and lowered her cunt to my prick. It
felt so smooth sliding inside of her, there was no resistance at all.

Like that we fucked. I squeezed her ass and breasts in turn and she
looked straight ahead and kept her hands on my shoulders. But her
little noises and the look on her face gave away the excitement she was
suppressing from her posture. When she started to come, then she
closed her eyes and tilted her head back, mouth open. I came with her,
calling her name. I felt three spurts of cum from my cock. She slowed
her pace and then stopped, cunt still enveloping my now half-erect
cock. We stayed like that, breathing hard, smelling the sweat and cum,
lingering in the fuck for at least a full minute.

Then she spoke for the first time since we attached the lines. “Help
me get these off, I need to relax now.”

Presently we were side by side in bed, the puppet strings fully
retracted to the ceiling spools. “You know what?” I asked.


“If your nipples were pierced we could add two more lines.”

“Is that so?” she replied in a knowing voice and gave my flaccid cock a

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