After a few minutes he was spent, and his balls drained
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Sean felt a bit guilty of what he did. Both from
masturbating, and from spying on Sandra and Petra making
love, for which he appolgised the next morning to Sandra.
To get his mind of things, that weekend he bought himself a
car, and spent the weekend driving around in his
convertible, sight seeing. He drove up the coast on Sunday,
and found a secluded stretch of beach. He parked the car and
went for a swim.

Sean loved to swim naked, especial in hot weather like this.
He striped and ran in to the water, loving the feeling of
the water caressing his body. The water felt so relaxing,
and he floated on his back letting his cares and worries
drift away.

Monday morning he felt fresh, and better than he did in a
long time. The girls also seemed to look more beautiful than
ever. Cathy looked as sexy as ever, as did they all. Today
was a normal lecture class, no PCs. Sean was at the board
explaining more principles and concepts to them. Finally he
gave them a problem to think about. Sean walked down
through the class, checking on them, helping them through
the problem.

Cathy like most of the other girls, thought Sean was good
looking, and after his performance the week before with
Cathy, they were out to impress Sean with their bodies. Some
of them were dressed more provocatively than usual. Cathy
for one, was dressed in a short loose mini skirt. She had a
halter top on, and it was obvious she was wearing no bra.
Her smallish breasts, and hard nipples were clearly outlined
by the top for Sean to see.

Cindy was wearing colored leggings and a tight tee shirt.
Cindy was tall with long legs, and very large breasts. Cindy
measured 38DD 26 37, about 5′ 10″. A very attractive blonde.

“Mr More !” Cindy called.

“Yes Cindy.” Sean replied.

Sean approached Cindy, admiring her body, taking in those
huge globes bursting through her shirt. As Cindy asked the
question, Seans cock stiffened as he admired her body. She
turned to face Sean as he explained. Her long legs were
spread as she sat, and the leggings were riding up the crack
of her pussy, clearly outlining her already swollen libia.
Sean stared at her body, fumbling and stuttering as he
answered. Cindys nipples began to swell and harden, as they
became more and more apparent.

Sean managed to break free and went to the board. He called
the classes attention as he wanted to explain Cindys point
to everyone. He wrote, and then faced the class, his cock
was still rock hard, and remained hard as he looked at the
girls, both Cindy and Cathy were exchanging glances at each
other giggling, as were most of the others. They set Sean
up, and he knew it, but didn’t care. If they wanted to see
his cock, then so what. He didn’t care now, but started to
relax and enjoy the attention. His pants were a bit tighter
than usual, and he still wore no under ware, so his hard
cock was clearly outlined by his pants for them all to see.

He could see the girls staring at his hard cock and swollen
cock knob. They seemed to gasp and admire his cock, as he
did their beautiful bodies. By the end of the class a small
wet patch appeared at the top of his knob where the precum
was oozing out his flared piss hole. Finally the class
ended, and Sean waited behind before leaving, waiting for
his erection to subside, but it didn’t drop much.

When he left the class Sandra was talking to Cindy and
Cathy down the corridor and Sean was walking their way.

“Mr. More !” Sandra called. “This sort of attire is not
allowed in school. Are you aware of that ?”

“Er .. no, no I wasn’t Miss Redwood.” Sean replied looking

“Well it’s my job to teach these girls as I see fit. This is
what their parents send them here for !” Sandra replied. “I
want you two in my office at 4:30 this afternoon. You will
also attend Mr More.”

With that Sandra marched off. The girls looked at each
other, then at Sean. They knew what was instore for them, Sean
didn’t. Sean was bewildered by it all. He never saw Sandra
like that before, in such a defiant mood.

Sean went to his office, and logged on to his PC. He was
preparing for his next class, but started to brouse the net
instead. He found lots of erotic pictures, and got hard
looking at them. Sean then got up and took off his pants,
and sat back at his desk with only a shirt on. He started to
stroke his cock as he flicked through the pictures.

Knock Knock !

Sean was startled and kicked his pants under the desk, he
pulled his chair in closer to the desk to hide his bottom

“Come in !” he answered.

Jenny Carter walked in. She was one of Seans students, a
very bright and very interested girl in Seans material. She
was also very beautiful. Jenny was dressed in a short light
material skirt, that just went a few inches past the cheeks
of her ass. She also wore a white blouse, standard dress in
the school. She had a beautiful figure, 36C 24 34. She had
long blond hair that went right down her back, she was
constantly flicking it back over her ears.

“Sorry Sir.” Jenny said. “I have this problem with my
program, do you have the time to help me ?”

“Sure !” Sean said.

Sean closed the window with the erotic pictures, and cleared
a space on his desk for Jennys program. Jenny had a computer
printout tucked under her arm, with her books. She was
generally a very nervous girl, and the fact she fancied Sean
so much, made her even more nervous.

Sean leaned over the desk to hide himself more, as Jenny
approached the side of his desk. Just as she reached to get
the program listing under her arm, it all fell over the
floor as she fumbled for it.

“Oh NO !” Jenny almost screamed. “I’m sorry Mr More, I’ll
only be a minute.”

Sean was just about to help her, as he usually would do,
but remembered his predicament. Jenny bent over at the waist
to pick up all the loose pages. As she did, her skirt rose.
As she picked up more and more papers, the skirt rose more
and more, until her ass was completely exposed. Sean penis
stiffened once more, hitting the wood under his desk.

Jenny wore only a whispy pair of panties, and they were
bunched up into the crack of her ass, exposing her beautiful
ass for Sean to admire. She continued to appologise as she
went. Jenny had a wonderful shaped ass, nice and full, but
not too big. The cheeks of her ass were firm. How Sean
wished he could sink his cock between the cheeks of her ass,
but he knew he must never do any thing like that. As he
studied her ass, he noticed her skin wasn’t as clear as her
legs were. He could swear he saw red streaks across her
ass. He wanted to ask, but soon she was finished and
presented the problem to Sean.

As she leaned over the table Sean could see her ample bosom
down her blouse. His cock was aching at this stage, it felt
like it would boor a hole in the desk it was so hard. After
20 minutes they struggled through the problem, and Sean
solved it. All though it, Sean noticed how her hands shook
so much.

“Jenny do you mind if I asked you a personal question ?”
Sean finally asked.

“No Sir, no not at all.” Jenny replied.

“I know you are nervous, but you are trembling with more
than just nerves. I couldn’t help but notice the red streaks
on your … bottom. Are you allright ? Has someone hurt
you ?” Sean asked.

Jenny blushed crimson, and went silent.

“It’s OK Jenny,” Sean said, “you don’t have to answer. I was
just worried, I wouldn’t tell a soul, I promise.”

“Miss Redwood.” Jenny began. “She spanked me.”

“Sandra Redwood spanked you ? Why ?” Sean asked.

“If ever we step out of line or anything we get spanked.”
Jenny said looking down.

“It looks very sore Jenny. Are you all right ? Did you put
anything on it ? Is she allowed to do this ?” Sean had a
line of questions, his penis had now gone limp.

“Our parents sign a paper allowing her to do it. The main
reason for this school is for dissapline.” Jenny began. “We
get spanked all the time, for the slightest thing, always by
Miss Redwood. We are not allowed to put anything on it
either. We are ment to remember it.”

Jenny look mad now.

“Is it sore now Jenny ?” Sean asked.

“Yes very sore Sir.” Jenny was almost crying at this stage.

“Here, I have some ointment in the drawer.” Sean said reaching
back and opening the drawer. “To hell with her stupid rules !”

Sean was now mad, but didn’t realise he had exposed himself
to Jenny.

“Oh ! Mr More !” Jenny gasped.

“Oh never mind that … it’s the heat.” Sean said. “Come
around her and lift your skirt, I’ll rub some of this into

Jenny came around and lifted her skirt with both hands,
sticking her beautiful ass out to give Sean better access.

“I’ll just take these down first.” Sean said as he pulled
Jennys panties down her long legs.

Jenny had to spread her legs slightly to let Sean take her
panties down. He noticed how damp her panties were. Sean then
opened his jar of cream and dabbed a blob of it on Jennys
left cheek, then her right. Then using both hands, one on
each cheeks, he gently rubbed the cream into Jennys cheeks.

“Oh thank you Mr More … that feels so good … ooohhh yes,
lovely … so cool.” Jenny said.

Jenny hoped Sean didn’t see the damp patch in her panties.
Hoping he wouldn’t know it was from him in the class that
she got so turned by, and the dampness was the wetness from
her tight pussy. A pussy no other man had ever entered.

Seans penis had hardened again. Her skin felt so smooth, so
sensuous. He wanted to kiss her ass so bad, to suck her ass
and pussy, and to sink his cock into her pussy. He worked
the cream down to he tops of her legs also.

“There that should do it.” Sean said.

“No No don’t stop !” Jenny pleaded. “It’s still a bit sore
.. you didn’t get it all yet !”

Sean happily returned his right hand to Jennys ass.

“Where did I miss you … here” Sean said trying to find the

“No left a bit … left a bit more … yes right there …
right in there … oooooohhh yes Mr More, your fingers are
sooo good … mimmmmm yes.” Jenny moaned, guiding Seans hand
between the cheeks of her ass.

Sean was feeling as horny as Jenny now, as his fingers slid
up and down between the cheeks of Jennys sweaty ass. Rubbing
over her puckered ass hole.

“Jenny I’m not sure if I should ….”

“Oh Mr More, please, don’t stop.” Jenny interrupted him.
“Just down a little more, it feels so good, please !”

Sean couldn’t resist this sweet sticky girl. He slid his
finders down lower, between her legs as Jenny instructed
him, towards Jennys pussy.

Neither could speak now, Jenny could only moan, as Sean slid
his fingers across her pussy lips. Jenny had little hair on
her pussy. What little hair she had was as blonde as the
hair flowing down her back. Jenny arched her back and sucked
in air, bucking against Seans hand.

Sean had his other hand on his cock, as he stroked it with
the same pace as he stroked Jennys pussy. The friction of
the cream on his hand felt wonderful on his cock.

“Please Mr More, stick your finger into me … oh oh oh yes
yes yes !!” Jenny moaned as Sean slid his middle finger into
her pussy.

He couldn’t believe how tight she was until he probed deeper
and touched her still intact hymen. Then he realised she was
still a virgin. So he removed his finger and started to rub
her clit.

“Oh god Sir, oh god oh my god, I think I going to ….. YES
YES Ohhhhhh fuck YES !” Jenny moaned as she came like she
never did before, pouring cum all over Seans hand. he had to
take his other hand off his cock to steady her as she bucked
furiously against his other hand. Soon she finished and Sean
quickly removed his hands. Jenny turned and faced him.

“Oh Sir I sorry, I was just so …” she could finish.

“Horny ?” Sean finished her sentence.

“Yes sir.” she said looking down at Seans cock. “Oh my Sir !
It’s soo big, I’ve never really seen one this close
before, so big ! Can I … touch it ?”

Sean was in no mood to argue, he felt so horny himself.
Before he could answer, Jenny was on her knees with Seans
thick cock in her hands pumping it.

“God Sir, I can hardly get my hand around it ! Am I doing it
right ?” Jenny asked.

Sean was stretched back in the chair, eyes rolling in his

“Oh you’re doing fine, just fine Jenny, just concentrate on
that big shiny knob at the top.” Sean said.

“Wow !” Jenny said. “Like this ?”

“Oh yes like that Jenny … oh fuck yes !”

Jenny continued to pump Seans big fat cock.

“I think maybe it would be better if I used some of that
cream.” Jenny said.

Jenny took a dab of cream from the jar and applied it to
Seans cock, massaging it in to the skin.

“Gee Mr More your cock is really shiny now.” Jenny said.
“Look at how the veins bulge. Look at how shiny the top of
your cock is. Are you ready to cum yet ?”

Just as she said it Sean moaned and let loose, sending
spurts of white spunk into the air hitting Jenny in the
face. After the first few shots of cum hit Jennys face, she
pulled back, and continued to pump and milk Seans cock for
well over a minute. Jenny held on with both hands, and the
cum flowed down Seans shaft, onto Jennys hands, covering her
with spunk.

When Sean stopped cuming, he opened his eyes and looked at
Jenny. She was smiling up at him, and liked the cum off her
red lips, tasting Seans spunk.

“Mimmmm” Jenny said. “It tastes lovely Mr More !”

Jenny licked her lips, then looked at her cum covered hands
and liked them clean also, finally sucking each finger in
turn, just like it was honey. She then statred at Seans
delfating cock, smiled and looked at Sean. Sean knew what
she was about to do, and she took his entire cock in her
mouth. Sucking Seans cock clean of cum. She sucked it,
kissed it, liked it, until not a trace of cum was left

“That was nice.” Jenny said as she stood up. “We must do
this again some time sir ! And look it all big and hard

Sean came to, and realised what happened. He sprang to his

“No Jenny No ! Never ! Do you understand.” Sean suddenly
panicked. “We can never do this. I could loose my job over
this. Please, you must tell no one, and we can never repeat
this, OK !”

“That’s OK Mr More.” Jenny replied reassuring him. “I
promise, no one will ever know. It will be our secret.”

With that she Kissed Sean on the lips, grabbed her stuff and
left. Sean noticed how all her nervousness had gone. She was
cured !


At the end of the day, Sean was recover from his ‘little’
experience with Jenny Carter. He walked down the corridor
to Sandras office. She had a large office, with a secretary.
Both girls were already waiting in the secretaries office.
At 4:30 exactly Sandra Redwood buzzed her secretary:

“Send them in !”

The two girls entered followed by Sean. he closed the door
after him.

“OK you two, you know the rules ! You must be dressed
decently at all times ! Prepare yourselves now !”

Then looking at Sean she said: “As for you Mr More, anything
of this nature must be reported to me at all times. I shall
explain out code of conduct to you later. Stand over there !”

Sean stood by and watched Cindy and Cathy strip. Cathy was
punished for wearing no bra, and when she removed her mini
skirt, it was apparent she wore no panties either. Cindy was
punished for wearing leggings that exposed her vagina too
much, and it was also apparent she also wore no underware.
Sean watched as both girls stood with just their tops on.
Cathy was first as Cindy stood by Sean.

Cathy was bent at the waist, exposing her beautifully large
bottom to Sandra. Sandra had a leather strap, about 2″ thick
in her hand, and proceeded to spank Cathy. Cathys large
bottom rippled with each slap. The leather strap left a red
mark with each blow. Her ass was a really beautiful sight,
one Sean had dreamed about. He felt his penis stiffen as
Sandra continued to spank Cathy. Sandra spanked Cathy all
over. The large cheeks of her ass were red, as were the tops
of her legs. Sandra seemed to be enjoying it all, and Sean
had to admit to himself that he too was enjoying the
beautiful sight. The spanking wasn’t too hard. Just enough to
sting Cathys bottom. Cathy didn’t flinch or cry, but seemed
to take it all quite well.

After about 25 slaps, Sandra finished, and Cathy
automatically swapped places with Cindy. As Cindy leaned
forwarded her large tits seemed huge as they strained against
her shirt.

“OK Mr More, I don’t usually allow this, but just so you
will take all this serious, you will apply the punishment
just as I did.” Sandra ordered Sean.

Sean was shocked, and couldn’t speak as Sandra handed the
strap to Sean. He wanted to protest, but deep inside he
wanted to try this.


“A bit harder than that Mr More !” Sandra ordered.


“Yes that’s better, 25 of those will do.” Sandra said.

Sean continued to spank Cindy, but at a slower pace than
Sandra. Cindy was also enjoying being spanked, especially by
Mr More. She rotated her hips slightly at each spank. Sean
noticed how she had spread her legs more than Cathy, and he
saw a glimpse of wetness forming between Cindys legs. Sean
spanked Cindy just below her ass. Cindy bit her lip, trying
not to make a sound, and stuck her pussy out as far as
possible, bending more. Her pussy came into view quite
plainly, and indeed Cindy was dripping wet.

Seans cock was bursting in his tight pants, and sweat was
pouring out of him, he spanked her a little harder, enjoying
every second of it now. He lost count, but just continued
spanking Cindys bottom, watching it wiggle and turn redder.
Watching her pussy drip, wishing he could fuck her right
her, right now, infront of everyone.

“Stop stop Sean, that’s more than enough !” Sandra call out.

Sean came to, realising what he was doing.

“Sorry … I … I lost count.” he said.

All three women were looking at him. The two girls stared at
his ragging hard on. Sandra noticed it a little later.

“OK you two, get dressed and get out !” Sandra ordered.
“and I don’t want to see you dressed like that again !”

Cathy and Cindy got dressed quickly and left giggling.
Sandra turned to Sean.

“Are you OK Sean ?” She asked. “You got a bit carried away.
I know, it happens me too. But you have to control yourself.”

“Sorry.” was all Sean could say.

“By the looks of things you really enjoyed it, and I think
they did too.” Sandra said. “Come on, lets get home. I’ll
drive you.”

On the short drive home, Sandra started a heart to heart
talk with Sean and they decided to go for a drink.

Sean was drinking double whiskeys.

“I know you find these girls attractive, I do, but you must
resist from doing anything stupid.”

“It’s not that easy.” Sean replied.

“You’ll have to get laid Sean, it’s the only solution. Find
yourself a woman !”

As Sandra continued her little lecture to Sean, Sean noticed
how her skirt rose as she sat on the stool, giving him a wonderful view
of her thighs. Her skirt rose up exposing the tops of her
stockings. Seans cock was rock hard again, he couldn’t take
much more. His head was spinning, he felt so confused,
couldn’t concentrate anymore. Never before had he felt this
bad. Sandra babbled on and Sean didn’t hear a word she said.

” ….. so you see Sean, we all need a little love, you have
to get over your wifes death and get on with your new life.
She would have wanted that.”

These last words echoed in Seans mind, “she would have
wanted that”. Despite Sandras babbelings, she never spoke a
truer word. He thought back to a time when he and his wife
actually talked about this. Although it was in a half joking
mood, there was never the less, truth and seriousness when
they agreed that if ever the other should die, they would
continue on living and neither would want the other to be
alone for the rest of their lives.

Sean started into space as he sat at the bar. Sandra got up
to leave.

“Are you coming up of what ?” she asked.

“Yea, I’m coming.” Sean finally said, and they left.

That evening it was Sandras turn to do the cooking. All
through dinner he just stared into space. Thinking.

“Come on cheer up !” Sandra said. “We’ll watch a few videos
to cheer you up, drink a few bears. Petra is gone for a few
days. She’s visiting an ex-girl friend of hers called Kelly.
She went straight on Petra, that’s the main reason she hates
all men. Come on, help me clean up.”

Sean finally spoke and gradually came to.

“I guess you’re right, I need a woman.” he smiled.

After cleaning up Sandra went to take a bath. She was
babbling to Sean. Sean entered the bathroom, and sat on the
edge of the bath as they continued talking, about school,
women, men, sex. Sandra and Sean had become close and
confided in each other like a brother and sister.

Sean looked Sandra over as she lay back in the bath. Her wet
blonde hair floated in the water. Her large breasts were
sticking out of the water, partly covered with bubble bath.
She had one leg lifted out of the water as she rubbed the
sponge up and down her long leg. She had a beautiful light
tan all over her body. Needless to say Seans cock was stiff
as usual.

“…even though Petra still fancies this girl Kelly, I still
love her. She’s getting over it gradually, and I know she
loves me to and wouldn’t leave me for another woman.”

The water just barely covered her flat stomach, and as she
lay in the bath with her legs spread, Sean could see her
smooth bare pussy. She was now sponging down her breasts,
rubbing the sponge over her tits and nipples. Sean cold see
her nipples harden and the water gently flow down the sides
of her tits, gently clearing the soap and bubbles away.

“Do you, or did you ever fancy men ?” Sean asked.

“Nah, not really. I went out with some, had sex with some,
but I never enjoyed it. I never had an orgasam with a man.
They are quick and to the point. Most don’t even know what
foreplay is !” Sandra said. “Here, do my back please.”

Sandra handed Sean the sponge and turned over, keeping her
head out of the water and exposing her back and glorious
ass completely. She was resting on her elbows, and her legs
were bent at the knees, sticking up in the air. Sean came
around and knelt on the floor. He gently brushed her wet
hair over her shoulder and sponged her back. Sandras ass was
exposed to her air. The water formed in to a narrow stream
between the cheeks of her ass, gradually disappearing to
emerge between Sandras slightly spread legs.

“Maybe you just haven’t met the right man ?” Sean said.

“So did you have anyone in mind ?” Sandra asked in a
sarcastic tone, seeing Seans come on a mile away.
“You just continue doing my back and forget about that !
… a bit lower please … ah yes, that’s the spot !”

Sean moved down her back, rubbing her in a slow deliberate
manner. After a few minutes, he moved the sponge over the
cheeks of her ass, down the backs of her thighs, and back
up, in long slow strokes. Sandra didn’t seem to mind. So Sean
slowly concentrated on her ass more and more, till her
formed small circular strokes around her ass, from cheek to
cheek. Finally he went for it, and slid the sponge slowly
between the cheeks of Sandras ass. Down the valley, between
her legs a bit. He dared not move under to her pussy.

“Ohhh yes … mimmmm that’s nice.” Sandra moaned softly.

Sean got a bit more bolder when he found Sandra enjoyed his
administrations. Letting go of the sponge, he used just his
hand. Sandras smooth skin was such a turn on. Her ass felt
so good as Sean ran his hand all over Sandras ass, and down
the backs of her thighs, along the insides which were so
sensitive. Sandra unknowingly, spread her legs more. Sean
traced his hand back up towards her ass, only a fraction
from Sandras pussy. He then slid his fingers into the crack
of her ass, teasing her anus with his finger tips. Sandra
was bucking back against Seans fingers, moaning.

Slowly Sean slid the top of his middle finger into Sandras
ass hole.

“No No Sean, we can’t do this.” Sandra said as she suddenly
realised what was happening.

Sandra stood up in the bath and smiled at Sean.

“Hand me the towel please.” She said to Sean.

“Sorry,” Sean said, “I got carried away.”

“Mimm, you certainly did. So did I.” Kelly responded.
“You also got very carried away in my office too !
I think you enjoyed spanking young Cindy a bit too much !”

Sean watched Sandra dry herself. She looked to erotic as the
water dripped off her body. Drips formed on the ends of her
nipples and on the protruding lips of her pussy.

“You got a bit carried away too !” Sean said.

“Yes I know. As I said, it gets difficult to control.”
Sandra said.

“Do you and Petra like spanking each other ?” Sean probed.

“No, she’s not into that. Pity !” Sandra said.

Kelly put her robe on and left the bathroom.

“I’ll get the video and the bear ready while you have a
bath.” Sandra ordered Sean.

Sean had only a quick shower. His cock stayed hard for so
long now, he was committed to have some sort sexual
encounter with Sandra. He had a cold shower to finish off,
to try and cool things down a little.

Soon both were on the couch in their dressing gowns,
drinking bear, and watching a video. It was a porn video.
Sean was surprised.

“Where did you get this ?” Sean asked.

“Oh me and Petra have a little collection, helps get us in
the mood !” Sandra told him. “I thought you might like it
also. It’s a sort of a little reminder of today !”

Sean didn’t know what she ment until he saw the video. It
was a lesbian video. It also showed them spanking each

After a few hours of videos, they were drunk, and it was
dark. Sean looked over at Sandra. Her gown was open, and she
was rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples with one
hand, while fingering herself with the other. Sean then took
his gown off, and started to stroke his rock hard cock. It
was already oozing pre-cum.

Sandra saw Sean masturbating naked, so she got naked also.
Soon the video was over, and Sean turned on one of the lamps
so they could see each other. Sandra became dominant and
turned on so much by it. Suddenly she stood up infront of
Sean, put her hands on her hips and said:

“I’ll have to teach you a lesson young man !”

She went to her room and returned quickly with a paddle.

“Now bend over the couch and be punished !” she ordered.

Sean was so turned on by her, that he submitted to her, and
got up to bend over the couch.


“Take that !”


“And that !”

Sandra spanked Sean hard. Soon his bottom was red, and he
love it so much. After 30 spanks she stopped. Sean rose and
faced her, feeling his bottom stinging. Sandra looked at his
rock hard cock and frowned at him.

“What are we going to do about you, I just don’t know !”

Sandra chest was heaving, beads of sweat were forming on her
body, she looked so beautiful. Sean felt is ass turn to a
very warm sensation.

Suddenly he grabbed her, sat down and put her across his
knees. He took the paddle from her hand and started to spank

“Hey !” Sandra shouted. “No way … stop … let me up …
don’t you dare !”

Sandra wriggled and squirmed on Seans lap, but he was too
strong for her. He held her down with his left hand,
pressing on her back. He could feel her tits draped over his
left thigh. His hard cock was pressing into her stomach.
Sandra kicked her legs like she was swimming, trying to get
off him.



“Oh you fucking bastard ! Stop !!” She cried.


Sean continued to spank her as hard as she did him. After
much protest and abuse at Sean, Sandra began to enjoy it,
never being on the receiving end before.


“This is for Jenny !”



“And for Cathy !”



“And for Cindy !”



“And for all the others !” Sean shouted.

Sean was in his element, all his frustration and anger and
any other excess energies were released. He landed over 30
slaps on Sandras large bottom. She glowed red when he was

Sandra was panting, not crying, and enjoyed it all, much to
her surprise. She never felt so turned on before. He let her
up and dropped the paddle. She knelt in front of him and
they kissed for a long time. Sean knelt in front of her
also, and they rubbed each other ass as they kissed.

Sean lifted her up on the couch and layed on top of her,
Kissing her all over. Sandras ass stung. He sucked her tits,
kissed every inch of her body before ending on her pussy.
Sandra spread her legs, and Sean buried his head in her
pussy. He kissed her bald pussy, licked all around her
libia, before sticking his tongue deep within her.

He pumped her pussy for a long time, almost burying all four
finger in her pussy. Sean sucked her clit and flicked it
with his tongue, making Sandra cum several times. He was
just about to bury his cock in her dripping pussy, finally
getting to fuck a beautiful woman in the pussy:

“No No Stop !” Sandra shouted.

“What ??” Sean replied. “I’ve been missing this for years,
and you want me to stop !”

“No stupid !” Sandra replied, “Fuck me in the ass !”

Sandra got up, turned around, and with one leg kneeling on
the couch, the other standing on the floor, she bent down,
grabbing a cushion, and presented her red ass for Sean to
fuck. Sean couldn’t believe this. He never met a girl in
Ireland who wanted to do this. It was all a dream come true.

Sandras ass hole was already wet with her cum. She was
dripping wet, and lying back made it all flow down the crack
of her ass. She had a terrible itching sensation in her ass
after the spanking and cuming so much, she needed to be
satisfied, and Sean had just the thing !

Sean placed the head of his cock at the entrance of Sandras
ass hole, and slowly slid it into her tight ass. Despite it
being tight, he found it surprisingly easy to insert his
cock. Sandra relaxed her ass, being used to it by Petra
fucking her so often, and all the dildos and vibrators that
had been inserted in her over the years.

Sean gradually got into a rhythm and fucked Sandras tight
ass, holding on to her hips as he pumped his cock into her.
Sandra had one hand buried in her pussy, flicking and
rubbing her clit. She was surprised at Seans stamina. He was
sweating furiously, trying to make it last as long as
possible. The sensation of Sandras tight ass hole, and the
sight of her beautiful ass was beautiful.

Sandras tits swayed back and forth as Sean fucked her. She
came many times. It was the best sex she ever had. The
feeling of a real hot thick cock in her ass was better than
and rubber or plastic fake cock. The sensation of it sliding
in and out with such vigor and determination was better than
any vibrator. She wanted it to last forever.

“Yes Yes Sean … keep fucking me … I love that cock of
yours … oh fuck YES ! YES ! I’m cummmming …. Oh Oh Oh !”

But Sean couldn’t last much longer, and he came with her,
filling her ass with spunk, as spurt after spurt of cum
filled her tight ass. Sandra felt him cum, and it sent her
on one of the longest orgasams she ever had. She clenched
the mussels in her ass as she came, milking all the fuck
juice out of Sean balls.

After a few minutes he was spent, and his balls drained. He
plopped his shrinking cock out of Sandras ass hole, and fell
back on the couch panting. Sandra got up and turned around
and lay on top of him. The feeling of her warm body was
beautiful, as each experienced the after glow.

Soon both fell into a deep sleep, the feeling of Sandras
tits and nipples on Seans chest was beautiful, and the
warmth of her pussy on his cock was so soothing.

They slept till morning in each other arms. Sean woke up
feeling great. He never felt so good in years, but he felt
the mixed emotions coming from Sandra.

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