A wife has to be ‘nice’ to her brother in-law
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To understand my predicament you have to understand one
thing: I love my husband very, very much. I would do
anything to make him happy. We’ve been happily married
for six years. My husband, John, has his own business
and recently he gave his older brother Ian a job.

Ian has been abroad for the past three years. He was
living with his girlfriend in Denmark but they split up
and he decided to come back to England. John has always
worshiped Ian and at once offered him a job and our
spare room. This was the first time I had met Ian and he
seemed pleasant enough.

It’s easy to see the family resemblance but whereas my
husband is as open and honest as daylight, Ian has a
more crueler and secretive cast to his features.
Although they both work together they don’t always go to
work together.

One of their major clients lives in the city about an
hour’s drive away and likes to have either early morning
or late evening meetings. This means that around three
times a week my husband has to either leave at seven in
the morning or come home around eight in the evening.

Yesterday was one of the mornings he had to leave early.
He tried to get up without disturbing me, as usual, but
I was already awake. When he noticed he came back to
kiss me and with very little persuading returned to bed
to make love to me. The only thing in our marriage that
isn’t perfect is our sex life. For some reason my
husband can’t bring me to orgasm.

We’ve tried various different methods but now we just
accept it. Sometimes he helps me use a vibrator or
watches me masturbate but it’s become that we just
accept that he is the only one who will orgasm. I don’t
mind since it feels pleasurable and I love giving him
pleasure. Once John had left I was still turned on so I
got my vibrator and used that to bring myself to climax.
We try to be quiet about our lovemaking as Ian is in the
next room but he has never said anything.

I was almost asleep again when I felt a cool draft as
the covers were lifted. For a moment I thought John had
returned for some reason but when I rolled over I could
see in the dim light creeping under the curtains that it
was Ian lying next to me in the bed. I was still
befuddled with drowsiness and before I could react he
was laying on top of me.

The feel of his naked flesh on mine quickly brought me
to a realization of the situation and I tried to push
him away. He grinned at me and hooked his hands under my
shoulders and let me struggle. His weight was pressing
me down into the mattress and I couldn’t move him. Even
worse, the more I struggled, the more I became aware
that he was aroused.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“That’s a stupid question,” he said. “What do you think
I’m doing. I’m horny and I’m bored with jerking off. I
want a nice juicy cunt so I came in here.”

“B-but I’m your sister-in-law!” I said. “You can’t do
this to me.”

“Who’s going to stop me?” he asked. “There’s no one else
here. You can scream if you want but I don’t see anyone
breaking in to save you. And as you can see I’m much
stronger than you.”

“If you rape me I’ll report you to the police,” I told

“Well you could do that. But how is John going to feel
if you do that?”

“What do you mean?”

“I think if you claim I raped you John would be
devastated. His wife and his brother. And he wouldn’t
know who to believe, especially after I tell him how you
seduced me. Even if he does try to believe you he would
never be sure. I would, of course, describe in great
detail how you came, something you never do with him. Oh
yes, if you tell him I think you might just ruin his
life.” There was nothing I could say. Every word was

“Don’t you care about John?” I asked at last. “You don’t
really want to hurt him like that.”

“I won’t be the one hurting him, you will be. I just
want to fuck. If you don’t say anything, no one will get

“Except me.”

“Oh I’ll make sure you have a good time,” he said, and
then he kissed me.

It wasn’t a nice gentle kiss like John’s kisses are.
Instead he ground his mouth roughly against mine,
forcing his tongue into my mouth. He pushed his tongue
in and out of my mouth while his hips pushed against
mine in a similar rhythm. I tried again to throw him off
and this time I managed to get him half off me. I tried
to scramble out of the bed but he caught me and threw me
back down. He grabbed my knees and forced them apart,
wedging his torso in between my thighs.

I could feel some of the coarse hairs around his belly
button tickling my clit. With my legs splayed his skin
was pressed against my pussy. I was still wet from the
orgasm I had had with the vibrator and I knew he could
feel it. I pushed and thumped him with my fists but he
ignored my struggles and grabbed my breasts. He wasn’t
any more gentle with them than he had been with my
mouth. He squeezed and kneaded them but to my shame my
nipples grew hard. He twisted them between his fingers
and I gave an involuntary moan. He began sucking them
each in turn into his mouth, occasionally blowing across
them first.

The warm heat of his mouth felt so good I soon forgot to
struggle. He would cruelly graze my nipple with his
tongue, then gently swirl his tongue across it. The
sensations he produced were so pleasurable I was moaning
and tugging at his hair to encourage him and I was
instinctively thrusting my hips against him. He paused
and looked triumphantly at me and I realized what I was

“You’ve got great tits, sister-in-law,” he said. “I’ve
been looking at them for ages wondering what they would
be like. They’re not massive but they’re just the right
size. And you’ve got the biggest nipples I’ve ever

I began to fight him again, even shouting and screaming
for help. He just laughed and started squeezing my
breasts again, nipping and biting them and trying to
suck the entire mound into his mouth. He even squeezed
them hard together and tried to get them both in his
mouth at once. Although he was being rough he was still
somehow giving me pleasure and it was difficult to keep
resisting him.

Taking me by surprise he suddenly turned round and knelt
over me. His head was now between my thighs and his cock
was swinging in my face. It looked so different to
John’s Ian’s was noticeably shorter and thicker and a
much darker red in color. At the thought of it plunging
into me I felt a thrill of mingled terror and
anticipation that produced a flood of moisture between
my legs. The next moment I stiffened in shock as Ian’s
mouth dived on my pussy and began sucking and licking.
His hands were on my thighs, forcing them wide apart so
I was completely open and at his mercy.

He didn’t show any mercy though, as he relentlessly used
his tongue, first on my clit, then in my cunt. He
flicked and swirled and jabbed with it, and even used
his teeth on my clit in a similar fashion to the way he
had treated my nipples. I was still shouting and
thrashing around on the bed but I no longer knew if it
was from fear or pleasure. Then the mindlessness of an
orgasm swept through me and my body shook under a
torrent of pleasure such as I had never known. I was
limp when it had gone but Ian hadn’t finished with me

He turned back around and, grabbing my hips, thrust his
cock deep into my cunt. I don’t know how to describe the
sensation. He seemed to fill and stretch me. I could
feel him throbbing deep inside me and it seemed to echo
the tremors still shaking me. He began to relentlessly
thrust into me, seeming to go deeper each time. I could
feel another orgasm beginning as he fucked me harder and
harder. Then I came, my back arching off the mattress. I
was dimly aware that he was coming to, pumping deep
inside me.

He collapsed on top of me, both our bodies trembling and
covered in sweat. At last he stood up and walked out of
the room, leaving me sprawled on the bed.

When he had left to go to the office I had a long shower
and changed the bed. I tried to forget what had happened
but the remaining tremors in my body wouldn’t let me. I
knew I wouldn’t say anything to John, or the police. I
had no proof and I was too afraid that John might ask me
at some point if I had enjoyed it. He can always tell
when I’m lying so I wouldn’t be able to deny the
pleasure I had found in being fucked by his brother. So
I have been pretending that nothing happened. Until
tonight. John has another early morning meeting tomorrow
and Ian just whispered in my ear:

“I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow morning,
bright and early.

I’m getting hard already.”

I wish I could believe he was joking but I don’t think
he is. I’m afraid he’s going to fuck me again tomorrow
and there’s nothing I can do about it.


I lay awake all night, trying to think what to do. I
couldn’t help remembering the last time my brother-in-
law had raped me. I’d tried hard to forget it had ever
happened but it had been difficult. Now he was
threatening to do it again. I had to find some way to
stop him.

The alarm went off at six and my husband rolled out of
bed and went to the bathroom. By the time he returned I
had come up with a plan. He was quietly getting dressed
when I startled him by saying, ‘John, could I come with
you this morning?’

‘I’m sorry, baby, did I wake you up?’ he asked, ‘I was
trying to be as quiet as I could.’

‘No, I was already awake.’

‘Oh, OK. Now what’s this about coming with me? You
couldn’t come to the meeting. What would you do for half
an hour? Just sit in the car?’

‘Yes, or go for a walk or something. I just thought it
would be nice to have some time together with just the
two of us.’

‘It does sound like a nice idea. If you’re sure you want
to I’d love it. You’d best get a move on though, I have
to leave in ten minutes.’

By the time John dropped me back at the house I was
feeling very pleased with myself. I had had a lovely
time with my husband and I had foiled any plans of Ian’s
to rape me. Hopefully he would get the message that I
wouldn’t co-operate with his perverted scheme.

The two men returned home together and I could tell at
once that Ian was furious with me. The first chance he
got to speak to me alone he grabbed my hair and pulled
my face close to his.

‘You are going to regret avoiding me this morning. You
are going to regret it very much.’

‘I’m not scared of you, you bastard.’ I told him.

‘Well that shows what a stupid bitch you are, doesn’t
it.’ he snarled, and he cruelly twisted my nipples
before pushing me away. I tried to tell myself he was
just threatening me because he was annoyed but I soon
found out he meant every word.

About three days later I was just finishing dusting the
sitting room when I heard the front door open and close.
It was about the time the men usually returned home from
work so I headed to the hall to welcome my husband. The
next moment my brother-in-law came through the sitting
room door and grabbed my arms and bent me over the back
of the sofa.

‘What the hell are you doing?’ I cried, trying to
struggle free.

‘Where’s John?’

‘He’s had to go into the city for a meeting. It’s just
you and me, babe.’ Ian told me.

I tried to struggle even harder but it was impossible.
He shifted me so that my feet were no longer on the
ground. All my weight was on my stomach which had the
sofa back digging into it, making it hard to breath. He
fumbled open my bra and pulled it and my top over my
head and tangled them around my arms. The he pushed my
skirt up around my waist and ripped my knickers off. I
tried to kick him but he just forced his way between my
thighs so I couldn’t get the right angle. He then
smacked me hard on my exposed bottom. I cried out with
the pain, which made him laugh and smack me several more
times. When he stopped my bottom was stinging and I was
gulping back tears. He reached forward and grabbed my
hair, twisting my head so he could look into my face.

‘That’s your punishment for avoiding me. Don’t do it
again. Now guess what’s going to happen.’ For a moment I
had a wild hope that he was going to let me go. He must
have been able to tell because he gave a loud laugh.

‘I’m going to fuck your brains out bitch.’ he snarled.
He let go of my hair and grabbed my legs, pushing them
apart. He used his thumbs to spread my pussy lips wide,
then he drove his cock into me in one brutal movement. I
was completely unprepared and it felt like he was
ripping me apart. I screamed and tried desperately to
get away but it was impossible. He pulled back and
slammed ruthlessly back into me, chuckling when I
screamed again.

He reached forward and found my breasts and began
squeezing and pinching them in time to his relentless
thrusts. I could hear myself crying and begging him to
stop but all I was conscious of was the feel of his cock
stretching my cunt as he pounded away.

To my horror I began to feel tendrils of pleasure,
beginning from my breasts and rapidly spreading to my
cunt. Some part of me was enjoying being used like this.
I tried to fight it but it just seemed to intensify the
feelings that were a strange mixture of pain and
pleasure. I didn’t know whether to be relieved or
disappointed when he came.

I lay across the sofa back, exhausted and ashamed. I
could still feel small twitches through my muscles and
knew that I had almost come. I felt Ian pull out of me
then heard him walking round the sofa. He grabbed my
hair and pulled my head up, thrusting his cock in my

‘Clean me up.’ he ordered.

‘What?’ I exclaimed, unable to believe he meant it. His
cock was still semi-hard and covered with cum. My hands
were still twisted up my back and entangled in my
clothes and my feet were off the ground so I was
helpless to move.

‘Lick my cock clean, bitch. You’d better hurry or some
of it’s going to drip on your sofa. Won’t that make a
nice stain?’ To my horror he was right. I had no choice
but to comply with his orders. I had occasionally given
my husband a blow-job but it wasn’t something I
particularly enjoyed. Reluctantly I began to lick at
Ian’s cock, cleaning the juices off.

The taste was just as bad as I remembered but it soon
became obvious that Ian was enjoying it very much. His
cock gradually became hard again and soon he was holding
my head still and thrusting it into my mouth. He pushed
harder and further until it felt as if I was going to
choke. I moaned and tried to pull away but he was
holding me too tightly. My moans drew his attention
though and he stopped.

‘I was getting a bit carried away there wasn’t I?’ he
asked. ‘I’m glad you stopped me. After all we’re not
finished yet.’ Before I had chance to comprehend what he
was saying he had walked back round the sofa and pulled
me to my feet. My legs were weak and trembling and I
staggered and had to hold onto him to steady myself. He
took advantage of my momentary dizziness to completely
remove the rest of my clothes and drag me into the hall.
He pushed me up against the closed kitchen door and took
his own clothes off.

‘Just to make sure you understand the situation, I’ll
explain a few things for you. I’m still horny and I want
to fuck again. However since I’ve just come it’s going
to take longer this time for me to get off. Your husband
is going to be coming through that door in just over
half an hour. I’m not stopping until I’ve come.

‘So unless you want the first thing your husband to see
when he walks through the door is his beloved wife and
brother fucking like rabbits I suggest you do everything
you can to bring me to orgasm.’

To my horror I realized he was serious. I tried to think
of some way out of my predicament but I was trapped.
‘Please don’t.’ I whispered, ‘please.’

‘Begging isn’t going to change my mind but it my turn me
off, you don’t want that after you did such a good job
of sucking me off do you. Come on, let’s get fucking.
After all time’s ticking away.’

Reluctantly I co-operated as he lifted me up against the
door and slid his cock inside me. I wrapped my legs
around his waist and clung to his shoulders as he
supported me by holding my bottom. To my shame it felt
wonderful. My cunt was still slick with his cum so he
slid in easily. This time the stretching felt wonderful,
like I was being completely filled.

With my back braced against the door we began to move
together. I could feel the pleasure start up again
inside me and struggled to hide it. My clit was pressed
against his skin and every movement rubbed against it
with occasionally a stray hair adding an extra
sensation. I closed my eyes and tried not to moan with

‘Give me a tit.’ he ordered me. Flushing with
humiliation I used a hand to push my breast close to his
mouth. He smirked at me, enjoying my embarrassment,
before attacking my nipples with his mouth. He wasn’t
gentle but he was through, tugging it deep into his
mouth before using his tongue and teeth on it.

It was all I needed to send me over the edge. My hips
moved faster and my nails dug into his back as I
orgasmed. My cunt clenched around his fat cock and I
could hear myself gasping and shouting out loud.
Gradually the spasms slowed and I opened my eyes to see
Ian smirking knowingly at me. He was still hard and he
kept thrusting away. He removed a hand from my bottom so
I had to cling even closer to him and began to massage
my clit.

‘You are such an easy lay.’ he said, make me flush with
shame. ‘Give me that other tit, let’s see how quickly
you’ll come again.’ Even as I compiled I could feel my
insides tightening again. It felt like only moments
before I was coming, shouting as he thrust in time with
my spasms. My orgasm lasted even longer this time and
still he hadn’t come.

This time when I had finished he pulled out of me and
went to sit on the stairs. He beckoned me over and made
me straddle him. He pushed on my hips until I lowered
them enough to impale my cunt on his fat cock. We were
right next to the window and anyone coming down the path
would have a clear view of us. At the back of my mind I
knew time was running out before my husband came home.

My whole body seemed concentrated on the waves of
pleasure that were centered on my pussy. I didn’t need
much encouragement to begin to ride him, sliding his
cock in and out of my eager cunt. He had easy access to
my breasts and I encouraged him with little moans and
gasps, as he played with them, thrusting them deeper
into his mouth. The rougher he was the more I seemed to
enjoy it and I came twice more before eventually he
grabbed my hips and came himself, thrusting savagely
into me.

I lay against him as the sweat cooled on our bodies and
the full shame of my behavior hit me. I scrambled up,
collected my clothes and ran upstairs to the bathroom. I
was scrubbing furiously at my body when Ian strolled in.
He was naked still with his clothes draped over his arm.

‘Well bitch, I told you I’d teach you a lesson. The next
time John goes to work early I expect to find you laying
in that bed with your legs wide open ready to be
fucked.’ He turned and walked away leaving me ashamed
and desperate thinking how to escape from this


After my last humiliating encounter with my brother-in-
law I’d tried to avoid him. I felt violated and ashamed,
especially about the way I had responded to him. My
husband noticed I wasn’t myself but I fobbed off with
the excuse that I had a touch of ‘flu. Then, just to
complicate matters, my husband made love to me one night
and for the first time brought me to orgasm.

Our love-making was nothing like Ian’s assaults on my
body and my orgasm was on a fraction of the ones I had
experienced with Ian. Nether-the-less it was special
because it was with my husband. He was so pleased and
proud that he had at last managed to give me an orgasm
but a little voice at the back of my mind wondered if
Ian’s rape had contributed something to this.

I knew if John ever found out about Ian raping me that
would be the conclusion he would draw and it was one
more reason why I could never tell him about Ian’s
attacks. Neither was there any possible way I could go
to the police without John finding out. I wasn’t
physically strong enough to fight Ian off. I began
working out every day at the gym to try and build muscle
but Ian was taller and heavier than I and it was
unlikely I’d ever be able to win against him.

I casually suggested to my husband that I should start
taking self defense lessons of some kind. He wasn’t
opposed to the idea until we went to look at some of the
clubs. They all seemed to be in rough areas and more
geared towards teaching people to injure each other
rather than defend yourself. Then Ian heard what we were
looking into and offered to teach me the basics at home.
He claimed to have taken classes in several different
martial arts for several years so that was the end of
that idea. I was still trying to think of a way out of
my situation when Ian attacked again.

I hadn’t realized that John had another of his early
morning meetings until I heard the front door closing
and realized he wasn’t besides me in bed. I was still
half asleep and it hadn’t sunk in before the bedroom
door crashed open and Ian hit the light switch.

Dazzled by the sudden light I was too busy shielding my
eyes to fully comprehend the situation by which time Ian
had tossed the covers aside and had my t-shirt pushed
over my head. He attacked my breasts like he was
starving and they were the first food he had seen in
days. I began struggling and thumping him but he easily
brushed my blows away and continued. Already my body was
responding, my nipples hardening and my insides

Desperately I brought my knee up with all my strength.
It caught him in the stomach and he momentarily rolled
off me, gasping for breath. I somehow scrambled out of
the bed and half ran half fell down the stairs. I heard
Ian’s roar of anger and could hear his feet thudding
down the stairs behind me. I fled into the kitchen and
grabbed my biggest knife from the block on the side.

I whirled around and as Ian came towards me jabbed it at
him. He stopped and quickly stepped back out of reach.
For a moment things were at an impasse. I held onto the
counter-top while I tried to get my breath back, the
knife gripped tight in my hand. I could see him thinking
but I was totally unprepared for what he did next. He
took a step forward until the knife tip was resting
against his chest and grinned at me.

‘If you want to use that knife, go ahead. However you’re
going to have to seriously injure me to stop me fucking
you. In fact you’ll probably have to kill me. How are
you going to explain that away. And even if you just cut
me you’ll still have to explain to John why. If he asks
me you know I’ll tell him the truth, or at least my
version of it. Is that really what you want?’ I started
at him like a memorized rabbit. If he had attacked me I
would probably defended myself with the knife in the
heat of the moment. But he had calmed the situation down
and made me look at the consequences.

‘Come on decide!’ he demanded and moved my hand so the
knife was resting against his throat. ‘Either kill me or
put the knife down and come upstairs.’

Feeling more trapped than ever I slowly put the knife
down on the counter and let him lead me back to the
bedroom. There seemed little point in resisting him when
he pushed me down on the bed and dived between my legs.
He used his mouth on my clit and cunt but somehow my
whole body felt numb with despair. It felt as if he was
doing it to someone else and I was just watching.

He didn’t seem to notice and soon he positioned me on my
hands and knees and began fucking me from behind. He had
barely started when the sound of the front door being
unlocked jerked me back to an awareness of my
surroundings. For some reason John had returned. I
couldn’t let him walk in and find me being fucked by his

I quickly pulled away from Ian and hurried into the
hall. John must have heard my footsteps and he put his
head round the corner of the stairs and looked up at me.
I leant over the banister, striving to appear normal.

‘Morning darling,’ John whispered, ‘I didn’t mean to
wake you. Can you believe it, I forgot my briefcase.’

‘Won’t you be too late for your meeting now?’ I
whispered back. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Ian
quietly walking towards me. I tried to concentrate on
John’s explanation of how he had phoned to explain and
the meeting was still on. Ian had reached the hall and
sunk to his knees besides me. He put his hands on my
thighs and began forcing them apart. I tried to stop him
but I was more concerned with John not noticing
something was wrong. I gave some reply to John’s
explanation but most of my attention was on Ian.

He had succeeded in opening my legs and was now using
his tongue to torment my cunt while his fingers played
with my clit. I tried to concentrate on what John was
saying but it was so difficult. I wanted to squirm and
moan and the pleasure being generated by Ian’s assault
on my pussy fizzed through me. Then to my alarm I
realized that John was coming up the stairs to kiss me
goodbye. I leaned further over the banisters to kiss him
so he wouldn’t come to the top and see what his brother
was doing, even though this gave Ian even more access to
my pussy.

John smiled as my breasts swung towards him and he
caressed them gently as he kissed my mouth. It was too
much and I couldn’t help giving a moan. John was
surprised and pleased by my response and gave each
nipple a gentle kiss. I moaned again as my nipples
hardened and Ian intensified his actions on my pussy.
John nuzzled my breasts some more, whispering the
intimate things husbands and wives say when they’re
making love, before kissing me again. I kissed him back
desperately, aware that I was close to the edge of

‘I wish I could stay and play,’ John whispered
reluctantly, ‘but I’m already late and I have to go.
We’ll go to bed early tonight and fool around, OK. Now
you’d better hurry back to bed before we wake Ian up.
Think how embarrassed you would be if he came out here
and caught you with no clothes on.’

He gave me one last kiss and caress of my breasts,
unaware that his brother had two fingers pounding in and
out of my cunt while he sucked on my clit. I didn’t know
if I was glad or sorry to see John go. The moment the
door closed behind John Ian stood up and pushed his cock
into my dripping cunt. I braced myself against the
banister and met every thrust. I dimly heard our car
start up as the first wave of orgasm hit me. Ian came
too and collapsed against me.

I could feel him laughing against me but I was beyond
caring. Even though I had just come it wasn’t enough.
When Ian pushed me to my knees and shoved his cock in my
face I didn’t hesitate. I went to work licking and
sucking, needing it hard again. I didn’t make even make
token resistance when Ian led me back to the bed and
pulled me on top of him. I rode him like a wild animal,
grinding my clit against him and impaling my cunt
repeatedly on his cock as orgasm after orgasm hit me. At
last the orgasms grew shorter and I collapsed on the
bed, hardly aware of whether Ian had come again or not.

‘Well you’re starting to get the hang of this fucking
business, aren’t you.’ Ian said, sounding very smug.
‘Are we going to have an end of this fighting me off

‘What do you mean?’ I asked wearily.

‘Well I’m getting tired of having to fight you before I
fuck you. I want you to do what I say from now on
without arguments or resistance. If you don’t I’ll tell
John exactly what happened today. I’ll tell him that
while he was kissing his beloved wife I had my tongue up
her cunt and five minutes later we fucking each other

‘I’ve had enough of you and your threats.’ I said,
dredging up some defiance from somewhere. ‘Go ahead and
tell him what you want. I’ll tell him you’re making the
whole thing up because you’re jealous of our happiness
after the mess you made of your relationship. I think
he’ll believe me.’ Ian slapped me hard across the face,
knocking me across the bed. He grabbed my hair, pulling
me close to his face.

‘Listen you little bitch, he’ll believe me. I could hear
every word he said to you, include all his little pet
names for your tits and your cunt. How are you going to
explain that away?’ He had trapped me again with his
logic. Still I was trying to think of a way out.

‘You want me to let you rape me without fighting you?’ I
asked slowly while thinking as fast as I could.

‘Is it still rape when you enjoy it so much like the
slut you are?’ he asked, sneering at me.

‘If I don’t want you to do it then it’s rape.’ I snapped
back. ‘What do I get out of this deal?’

‘Apart from me not spilling the beans to John and about
five or six orgasms every time we fuck? What else do you

‘I’ll co-operate on the condition that you move out
within a month.’ I told him. Once he was no longer
living here I knew it would be easy enough to make sure
I was never alone with him again. It was the only way
out of the situation I could see.

‘I think I can live with that. You be my sex slave and
I’ll be out by the end of the month. Deal.’

‘Deal’ I agreed.

‘OK. From now on when John goes to work early I expect
you to crawl into my bed and wake me up by sucking my
cock. The first thing I want to see when I open my eyes
is your pussy. Got it? No more arguing and fighting, you
just do what I say from now on. Now come suck me clean,
I’m going to be late.’ Hoping desperately that I had
done the best thing possible I obeyed.


I didn’t know how to look John in the face when he
returned that evening. When he suggested we get an early
night all I could see was the smirk on Ian’s face. My
face still felt sore from when Ian had slapped me and I
was so tired. It was difficult to raise any enthusiasm
for more sex. John made love to me slowly and gently. He
stroked his hands along my body, each touch a gentle
caress reminding me how much I loved him. Afterwards he
held me close and told me how much he loved me and I
knew I was so lucky to have him. For his sake I could
endure his brother’s abuse for four weeks.

Nether-the-less I was dreading the next time my husband
had to go to an early morning meeting. It didn’t happen
for a few days and the tension of waiting got to me. I
was irritable and spent long hours down the gym trying
to work my tensions away. Eventually John told me one
evening that he had an early morning meeting the next
day. I saw the self satisfied grin on Ian’s face and
wished wholeheartedly I could slap it away.

I lay in bed pretending to be asleep as John got dressed
and left. I waited until I heard the car start up and
pull away before reluctantly going into Ian’s bedroom.
He seemed to be asleep but there was no real way to
tell. Following his instructions I crept into bed
besides him. I knelt across his shoulders and felt
around under the covers until I located his cock.

It was soft and wrinkled. I sucked it into my mouth but
it was difficult to keep it in because it was so floppy.
Fortunately it started to get hard. I concentrated on
sucking it, sliding it in and out of my mouth as it
hardened. I heard Ian give a small grunt, then his hands
were on my bottom and I knew he was definitely awake.

It was hard to breathe under the covers and I had to
keep swallowing hard so I didn’t dribble onto him. He
was pushing my hips, urging me to move faster. He was
thrusting upwards with his hips, driving his cock so far
into my mouth I started to gag. His hands were between
my thighs, his thumb rubbing my clit and a finger
stabbing at my cunt. I could feel myself starting to get
wet and respond to him. I didn’t want that. I went to
work faster on his cock.

I sucked as hard as I could and ran my tongue around the
head. Pre-cum was oozing out of it and it tasted
horrible but I kept going. I was hoping that if I made
him come soon enough he wouldn’t have time to get me
aroused. My breasts were grazing against his stomach
each time I lurched forward and the friction against my
sensitive nipples was exquisite torture. My legs were
starting to tremble and I was finding it harder to
resist when I felt his body tense.

I knew he was about to come and tried to pull back but
he put one hand on my head and the other on my back and
held me down while he thrust his cock deep into my
mouth. I felt it jerk as he came and my mouth was
flooded with his cum. It was thick and tasted even worse
than the pre-cum. I struggled to get away but he held me
there until he finished coming. As soon as he released
me I sat up, spluttering and trying to spit out the cum
I hadn’t swallowed. It had overflowed all over my chin
and neck leaving a sticky trail.

For some reason Ian seemed annoyed instead of pleased
that I had obeyed him. He grabbed my hair and pulled me
close while he shouted at me.

‘What the hell do you think you’re doing, bitch? You
swallow all my spunk and say thank you. I don’t ever
want to see you spit it out again. Do you understand? Go
get something to clean up the mess you’ve made. You’ve
got it all over me and the sheet.’

I hurried into the bathroom and returned with tissues
and a cloth. He glared at me while I mopped up as much
as I could from the sheet and wiped his body clean. When
I disposed of the tissue down the toilet I took the
opportunity to clean myself up and brush my teeth to try
to get rid of the lingering taste. I didn’t realize Ian
had entered the bathroom before he grabbed my shoulder
and span me round to face him.

‘You don’t learn do you, you stupid cow. I didn’t say
you could clean yourself up. And I told you that you
have to be grateful when I fill your mouth with spunk,
not try to get rid of it. I’m going to have to teach you
a lesson.’

He grabbed hold of me and dragged me back to the bed. He
sat down and pulled me face down across his knees. He
forced one hand between my legs. His fingers found my
clit and began tweaking it while his thumb easily slid
into my cunt, which was still wet from his earlier
attentions. Then he began smacking me. Each time his
hand landed on my bottom he thrust his thumb deep inside

The wave of pain from my bruised skin was strangely
echoed by the wave of pleasure coming from my pussy. I
moaned and squirmed not knowing which hand was causing
the strongest sensation. My breasts were pressed against
the bedcover and as I squirmed my nipples hardened,
adding to the sensations colliding in my body. The blows
on my bottom were hard and stinging and I knew my skin
must be red. I didn’t know if I was trying to pull away
from the smacks or if I was trying to push down on the
thumb. Inevitably an orgasm hit me and I screamed as it
shuddered through my body.

Ian pushed me off his knee as I collapsed limp and
exhausted. I was half knelt on the floor, half-lying on
the bed. He crouched behind me and positioned his cock
against my pussy lips. Then he plunged into me, his
balls slapping against my clit. He kneaded my sore
bottom as he pounded his cock into my cunt and I could
hear myself whimpering. I had forgotten just how fat his
cock was and how it stretched my cunt. He shoved his
hands under me and found my breasts.

The way he kneaded them as they were squashed against
the bed was painful so I raised myself up on my elbows.
He gave a grunt of satisfaction and went to work on my
breasts. He pulled and pinched my nipples roughly but
perversely by body enjoyed it.

Another orgasm hit me and I bit hard on my lip to keep
from yelling out loud. Still he hammered his cock into
my cunt. I could hear my pussy juices squelching as he
rammed in and out and feel them trickling between my
swollen lips and clit. Another orgasm took me and still
he kept going. At last I felt him stiffen and jerk
inside me. It was enough to trigger another orgasm for
me and our gasps and moans mingled together as our
juices mingled in my cunt.

He pulled off me and gave me a final slap on my reddened
bottom. He pulled on a dressing gown and went
downstairs. I could hear him watching TV while he ate
his breakfast. I crept into the bathroom on trembling
legs, cursing my body’s betrayal. I went back to my own
bed and curled up on top of the bed, hating the quivers
I could still feel inside me.

Ian came upstairs and found me there.

‘Come on, I want you to wash me,’ he ordered.
Reluctantly I followed him into the bathroom and stepped
into the bath with him. He turned the shower on and
pulled me under the spray. ‘Get your tits all soapy and
rub it onto me,’ he ordered. Obediently I worked up some
lather and worked it into my breasts. Then I began
rubbing his body.

My skin was still sensitized and the combination of the
slick soap and his rough body hair drove me crazy. I
moaned and pressed myself close against him. He guided
me around his upper body, clearly enjoying himself. I
used the soap to renew the lather then he pushed me to
my knees. I ran his legs up and down my cleavage with
his co-operation. His foot was between my thighs and I
realized I was grinding my pussy against it. Ashamed I
straightened up. I began to stand again but Ian made me
sit on the side of the bath. He placed his cock between
my breasts, squeezed them around it and began thrusting.

‘Lick the head,’ he groaned as he pumped. Each time the
fat purple head popped out from between my breasts I
swiped my tongue across it. The flow of water from the
shower and the soap from my skin combined to combat the
taste of the pre-cum. His thumbs were rubbing across my
nipples as he regularly squeezed my breasts in time with
each thrust of his hips. I found myself thinking that I
would have to try this with John and immediately felt
ashamed. I wasn’t supposed to enjoy Ian’s treatment of

Before I had a chance to sort out my confused thoughts
Ian jerked me to me feet. He looped my knee over his arm
and pushed me up against the wall. His cock slid into my
eager cunt and I braced my free foot against the bath
rim as he settled into a steady rhythm. With my legs
wide spread my clit was fully exposed to the friction of
his skin. His mouth was on my nipples, the heat of it in
contrast to the cool water pattering down on us from the

An orgasm crashed through me and I lost control, bucking
wildly against him and yelling out loud, my nails
digging into his shoulders. As soon as one orgasm died
another started and I writhed helplessly against him as
his thrusting cock caused one after another to twist my
body until eventually he came and at last stopped. I
slid down and sat on the bottom of the bath as he
finished his shower, lacking the strength to move. By
the time he got out and started toweling himself my
breathing had slowed to its regular rhythm.

‘Well you’re starting to get the hang of being my sex
slave,’ he said smugly.

‘I’m keeping my end of the bargain,’ I reminded him. ‘I
want to see some evidence that you’re keeping your end.’

‘OK, I’ll phone some agents today. Are you sure you want
me to go? Who’s going to teach you how to fuck if I’m
not around, hmm? Who’s going to make you scream when you
come for the twentieth time?’

‘John and I don’t fuck, we make love. And you can make
me come as many times as you like but you’ll never know
what making love is like. All you know is fucking. I
feel sorry for you.’

He glared at me. ‘You’re a fucking bitch. I don’t give a
fuck about ‘making love’. Just make sure you spread your
legs whenever I tell you.’ I was pleased I’d annoyed

‘Yes master,’ I drawled sarcastically, and laughed as he
stamped out of the bathroom. I might have agreed to let
him fuck me but no one said I had to be nice to him. I
just hoped he didn’t take his revenge next time John was

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