Melanie the nasty schoolgirl
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Melanie was about 5’6″ tall with well proportioned,
gorgeous legs, dark hair and blue eyes, and milky white skin.
Her small but well-proportioned breasts made her very attractive
to most men as did her tight little buttocks over which she wore
tight skirts, jeans, and shorts.

One day, she was invited to a party and decided that she was
going to break a few hearts while she was there. She put on a
white, semi-sheer blouse with poofy sleeves, navy blue shorts
that came down to mid-thigh over white panties, and white, opaque
hose under those. She stood in front of her bedroom mirror
admiring herself. She was truly gorgeous. You could barely see
the straps and cups of her bra through her shirt. She applied
her favorite perfume, just a touch, as she went out the door.

On the way to the party, she remembered that she had six
overdue parking tickets and that the transit dept at her Univer-
sity sent her mail telling her that she would be towed away the
next time she parked on campus. “Oh shit, ” she thought, “I
better stop there on my way and see what can be done.” She
detoured over to the Department of Parking and ran in quickly.
The receptionist, an attractive brunette in her late twenties
with her hair in a bun and black, hornrimmed glasses was as rude
as she was attractive. “I’m sorry, we don’t make exceptions for
anyone. You have six tickets and that comes to $265. You will
have to pay $265 to clear your records.”

After several minutes of arguing, Melanie demanded to see
the woman’s boss. The receptionist got up and disappeared
through a door behind her desk. She returned in a huff and said,
“Mr. Boren will see you now.” Melanie went smugly through the
door into the room. Her eyes swept the office noticing a couch
and endtable on the far wall and a chair in front of a desk
directly opposite her. The man behind the desk was quite hand-
some apparently buried in paper work.

He didn’t even look up as he said, “I’m Chris Boren, can I
help you?”

“Yes,” said Melanie, “I have $265 in parking tickets and
there is no way I can pay them. Isn’t there something that can
be done?”

“No, I am sorry there isn…” Looking up briefly, Chris
paused as the first thing he saw were Melanie’s beautiful legs.
Continuing upwards along her body did not disappoint him. This
was a beautiful woman. In white stockings, no less, his favor-
ite. “Come over here and sit down and we’ll discuss it. Your
name is Melanie, right?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“Now Melanie, you realize the serious nature of what you
have done?”

“Yes.” Melanie sat down in front of him and crossed her
legs. She couldn’t keep her shorts from pulling up and revealing
the tops of her stockings and a few inches of bare thigh above

“Six parking tickets. $265. That’s quite a bit…”

“I know. I am sorry. It just got out of hand.” Melanie
couldn’t help but notice that he was staring rather pointedly at
her white, nyloned legs and bare thighs. She recrossed her legs
and blushed a little. It only seemed to make him stare harder.

“Well, Melanie, here is what I can do for you. I can sub-
stitute the $265 in fines with something else…”

“What?” said Melanie.

“A spanking,” said Chris.

Melanie couldn’t believe her ears. A spanking? Was this
guy nuts? She hadn’t been spanked in her entire life and wasn’t
about to start now. She got and said, “Goodbye” and headed
towards the door.

He watched her tight ass in blue shorts move toward the
door. His voice stopped her, “Would you like to go to school
here next semester, Melanie?”

“Never mind,” she said, “I’ll just pay you the $265.”

“I’m afraid that won’t due anymore. To clear your record,
you are simply going to have to submit to a spanking.”

“No way,” she said her knees beginning to shake. But de-
spite her conscious revulsion she was becoming rather excited at
the prospect. He breath came in shallow draughts and she could
feel her pussy contract gently under her white panties.

“Well, you better consider another school then.”

Melanie stood wracked with indecision. If she would’ve been
more aware, she would’ve noticed how erect her nipples had become
but she was too frustrated by what was going on. After several
seconds of thought, she became resigned to her fate and went back
and sat in the chair.

“Alright, you bastard, you win.”

Chris got up and went around his desk to stand in front of
her. Very slowly, he reached out a hand slid it along her white,
stockinged thigh.

“You look gorgeous in white hose. How did you know they
were my favorite?”

Melanie’s only reply was to stiffen her body and look away.
Chris continued running his hands over her legs for several more
minutes then said, “Get up and go stand by the couch.”

Melanie stood up and crossed slowly to the couch.

“Take off your shoes.” Melanie removed her flats as Chris
crossed the room and sat in the middle of the couch.

“Now, Melanie, unbutton your shirt.”

“Wait a fucking minute…”

“Do it, Melanie, or you’ll find out what a real spanking

Melanie fumed. With her eyes locked on his, she unbuttoned
her shirt.

“Very good. Now hold it open so I can see your breasts.”

Melanie closed her eyes and held her shirt wide open. Chris
lovingly caressed her breasts with his eyes, tracing the lines of
her bra. God, he wanted to touch them.

“What size bra do you wear, Melanie?

“32C,” she whispered.

“32C. God you’re beautiful.” Melanie blushed at his words
her chest turning crimson.

“Unbutton your shorts.”

“No, please…” Melanie whimpered.

“Melanie, don’t make me tell you again.”

She moved her hands down to her shorts and unbuttoned and
unzipped them leaving them barely hanging on her curvaceous hips.

“Lay down across my lap.”

Melanie moved forward and lay with her waist at his hips.
His hand moved under her chest cupping her breasts. He gently
massaged them under the bra.

Then he slowly pulled her blue shorts off of her panty clad
ass until they were half way down her shapely legs. Melanie
begin crying.

“Please, I don’t want to do this. I’ll go to another
school. Please let me go.”

Chris gently fondled her breasts saying, “It’s too late for
that now, Melanie.” He begin to run his hands over the soft back
of her thighs, up over the stocking edge and up the naked flesh
until he reached the bottom of the panties as she lay crying
quietly on his lap. Finally, he stopped.

“Now I am going to spank you. Don’t worry, I won’t be too
rough on you.”

“Please, oh please, no….”

Melanie tried to struggle but to know no avail. She felt
him pull down her hose to around the tops of knees and he begin
to gently squeeze her nipples through her bra.

She wasn’t ready for the first swat and squealed out, “OW!”
as his hand fell on her tight buttock. He smacked first the
right then the left, never too hard, but never too soft, either.
Occasionally he would let he hand fall and stay on the buttock
gently caressing the hot flesh.

After fifteen swats or so, his hand roamed over both but-
tocks. She could feel his dick rise and press into her belly.
Despite her self she became very hot. Her hands began rubbing
his legs softly, but she was also crying out of embarrassment at
her own shameless lust.

Chris paused. While stroking her ass. “Well, we’re halfway
done. Now for the second half. Stand up, Melanie.”

As Melanie stood, the blue shorts slid the rest of the way
off of her legs and onto the floor. She was facing away from
him, quietly crying.

“Take off your shirt and bra,” he commanded. And she fol-
lowed his directions, pushing back her shoulders and arms so her
shirt fell on the floor and unsnapping her bra from the front,
letting it also fall to the floor.

Now, she felt terribly naked, standing only in sheer white
panties and white stocking rolled down to her knees. Suddenly
she felt an hand on the top of the left stocking and it being
pulled all the way off her while another hand caressed her right
thigh and down over her calf. “God, you’re beautiful,” Chris
Boren said. And he repeated the process on her other leg.

Then he stood up behind her and reach up to hold her
breasts. He kiss her neck as he caressed them then let his and
wander over her belly and down to the top of her panties. White
the fingers of his right hand gently played under the elastic,
his left hand caress her cunt outside he panties.

He stood back and removed all of his own clothes while she
just stood there, feeling very naked and very vulnerable. Sud-
denly, she could feel his hands on her again, only this time, as
he pressed against her, she could feel his naked skin against
hers, his cock pressing into the top of a panty sheathed buttock.
He stroked her tits and tummy, pressing his hand over her cunt
and rubbing it outside the panties as he moved against her from

Melanie’s breath was short and ragged. “Please,” she begged
through her sobs, “isn’t that enough? I promise to be good from
now on.”

“Not quite,” Chris answered. “We got another fifteen whacks
or so. But we’re not going to do them with these on,” and he
grabbed either side of her panties and slowly pulled them down to
her knees, kissing her back then her hot buttocks as he pulled
them down.

“Lay back down on my lap.”

As Melanie turned around she could see Chris sitting naked
on the couch with his hard dick standing straight up. He held
out his hands and pulled her to him, kissing her belly, wiping
his tongue over the lower belly just above the blond cunt hair,
and caressing her beautiful, tanned buttocks and the tops of her
soft thighs. She was really hot now but tried not to show it.
Despite herself, she would occasionally wriggle in his arms and
push against him.

He licked the top of her soft, blond pussy hair for the
first time and then stopped, saying abruptly, “Let’s get on with
it.” He turned her around and helped her lower herself back into
place. Now with his cock poking directly into her belly he
started slapping her buttocks with his right hand while his left
strayed over her soft tits, pinching the nipples and squeezing
the firm flesh. Occasionally he would stop and caress her soft
flesh moving his own hips as he did so, pushing his dick into and
over her soft tummy.

Suddenly he felt her shift her weight and soft hand reach
between them and grasp his cock. He stopped and kneaded her ass
and tits, letting his right hand slipped down between her legs.
Suddenly he poked a finger into her cunt.

Chris slowly slid his finger inside her velvetly soft flesh.
It was then that Melanie noticed that she was dripping wet. He
slid his finger slowly over her for several minutes then begin to
gently massage her clitoris. Melanie slowly begin rubbing her-
self against him, pushing against him and squirming around on the

Her body pressed his finger further into her as small moans
began to escape her mouth. Meanwhile she began stroking and
squeezing his cock. Chris picked up the pace, gently caressing
her and smiling as he watched her squirming.

“Yes. Yes,” she panted.

“No. No,” he returned, and he pulled her up, still grabbing
his cock and turned her around so her tits were on the couch and
her ass in the air. He stood behind her for a minute amazed at
the view. She began stroking her won cunt and her fell to the
floor behind her and, hands on her waist, slowly slid into her,
inch by tight inch.

“God!” she screamed, “That’s fucking too much.”

Christ started stroking her tits and rubbing her ass, his
hands wandering all over her until both reached a shuddering
climax, Chris pumping his cum into her while she shook and
squirmed and pushed back against him to try to get more of his
dick inside.

Both of them were too busy to notice that the door had been
opened. “Mr. Boren!” screamed the receptionist as she saw the
two on the couch.

They leaped to their feet, both stark naked and stood at
attention in from of Miss Andrews, the receptionist. Boren’s
cock still throbbed and pumped cum for several seconds. All
three appeared frozen in their tracks for several seconds.

Slowly, Melanie’s hand went back to Chris’s cock and softly
pumped it, white cum covering her fingers. Chris grabbed her
soft ass cheek and squeezed.

“Well,” he said to his secretary, “are you going to just
stand there or are you going to come in and close the door.

Nancy Richardson stepped into the room and quietly closed
the door behind her.

She walked slowly up to Chris, her eyes wide open. “Mr. Boren!”
she exclaimed. “What on earth…?”

But even as she spoke her long fingers reached out and
joined Melanie’s around Chris’s cock. Both the girl and the
woman gently stroked his cum-slick cock.

Nancy’s breathing came faster and she felt Chris’s hand on
her ass. “Get rid of your clothes, Nancy, and we’ll have an
office party.”

“Great! A party. I love parties,” said Melanie, as she
went to Nancy and began unbuttoning her blouse. As Melanie took
off Nancy’s clothes, Chris stood beside the girls and stroked,
poked and kissed both of them.

When Nancy was down to her bra and panties, Melanie stopped,
and Melanie and Chris stood back to look at the lovely secretary.
Chris, his cock wagging before him, waled up to her and took off
her glasses and then, his cock poking into her belly, undid the
back of her hair until her glorious black hair fell down around
her shoulders.

“God! She’s beautiful,” exclaimed Melanie, who walked up to
the pair and hugged them both.

Meanwhile, Nancy, who never said a word and continually
appeared to have a hard time breathing, had gently taken hold of
Chris’s cock and softly stroked it as it pressed into her soft
belly. Soon she was rubbing her across her tummy and up and down
as she began panting.

Melanie circled around behind her and undid her black lace
bra and Chris hooked his thumbs in her panties and slowly pulled
them down, over her soft, tanned thighs, down her calves and off
her feet. As Nancy stepped out of them, Chris looked up and saw
her cunt lips slightly open. Melanie was hugging her and rubbing
against her from behind, and now let her hands caress Nancy’s
belly, and, finally, her cunt.

“Let’s fuck,” Melanie suggested.

“No so fast,” said Chris. “First Nancy has to be taught not
to walk into an office without knocking. I think she was very
bad. What do you think, Melanie?”

“Bad. Bad,” Melanie said gleefully, jumping up and down on
her little toes, her small titties wiggling up and down.

“Why don’t you spank her, Melanie, since you just had some
first hand experience?”

“Oh, no,” said Nancy. But she stood still as if transfixed,
her tits slightly quivering with excitement.

“Come over here,” said Chris as he sat back down on the
couch. “Get down on your hands and knees and suck me off.
Melanie can spank you and teach you better manners.”

Nancy, slightly crying, got down on her hands and knees and
looked at Chris’s large cock. She rubbed his upper thighs up and
down and Chris slid down on the couch and said, “Suck it, cunt!”

Hesitatingly, Nancy formed her mouth into a oval and took
the head of his cock into it. She sucked on the knob while
rubbing his legs, balls and belly with her hands.

Meanwhile, Melanie had slipped behind her and was licking
her cunt from behind while sticking a finger into her asshole.
Nancy groaned with delight, but then Melanie pulled her tongue
away and slapped Nancy’s ass. Nancy, he mouth still on Chris’s
dick shoved down hard and open her mouth, almost gagging. Mela-
nie slapped again and again as Nancy tried to keep from choking
on Chris’s dick. She was hot but crying also, so that four or
five emotions were coursing through her.

As Melanie slapped her, she also tried to rub up against
Nancy, pushing her teenage tits into Nancy’s hip, her cunt onto
Nancy’s thigh. Occasionally she would stop spanking Nancy and
shove her fingers into Nancy’s slit and cup her large breasts,
squeezing them. Finally she stopped spanking altogether and just
felt up Nancy, gradually leaning over her back and grabbing both
tits while she rubbed her cunt against Nancy’s beautiful ass.

All the while, Nancy kept sucking Chris’s cock and started
squirming against Melanie, especially against Melanie’s fingers
which were poking her cunt. Her long tanned legs were covered
with Melanie’s juices.

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