Gabrielle’s Spanking (M/F, cons, spank, humil)
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I rubbed my neck and glanced at Joy sitting next to me at the nurses station.
“What a night! IV’s, blood hangs, ICU emergencies, cranky patients. Joy, I am
sick of sick people!” Joy nodded in firm agreement, then a big smile lit up her
face. Uh oh, I thought, here it comes. Joy and I had been in more than a
little trouble in our long friendship together.

Joy leaned over and whispered in a conspiratorial way, “Tonight let’s go to the
AMBER and have a few drinks after work.” She lived for trouble. My life was
more clear cut since my relationship with Rick. He brought some “law and
order” in to it and I was better off for it. But tonight, I was weary of the
straight and narrow. I wanted to cut loose and the AMBER was a good place to
do it. Rick had no trouble issuing directives and down and out rules for me,
to say nothing of enforcing them, and the AMBER was a place I was strictly
forbidden to go to at any time. I wanted to go, though…everyone else was
going. My bottom squirmed in the chair thinking of the last defiance I had
offered up to Rick and his firm discipline. I was unsure if I wanted to take
the chance or not. He told me that any further defiance would bring an
exacting price, and I believed him…his word meant law in our house.

I struggled with this dilemma until nearly eleven when Joy and Charlene came up
with the perfect plan…call Rick and tell him I was at their house. Oh yes,
the plan had possibilities. I called Rick and told him I was going to Joy’s
house. I should have known better; he always catches a lie in my voice. But,
tonight, he acted like nothing was wrong and said calmly, “Honey, have a good
time.” I breathed a sigh of relief. I was out of the woods. “Let’s go girls,
I’m free as a bird.”

It wasn’t but a half hour later sitting over drinks in white uniforms with
skirts hiked up a little high from the bar stools, we were laughing and
flirting and having a wonderful time feeling young and wild again. Then I saw
Joy turn white and stare and I immediately followed her line of sight to gaze
into Rick’s furious eyes. ‘Trouble’ was my first name now. Rick strode over
with a confident pace and put his arm around my waist possessively. Smiling at
the girls, you never would have thought he had a care in the world.

“Well, ladies I hate to break this up, but Gabrielle here is going home…say
goodnight to your friends, honey.” I stammered a quick goodbye and exited with

Out in the parking lot, I had the bad sense to shake off his arm and glare
defiantly at him and huff out some ill-timed remarks.

“Just what in the world do you think your doing pulling me out of there like I
was twelve years old, and you were my Daddy come to take me home like some bad
girl? How dare you?”
Rick looked down at me with a look of amazement quickly turning to anger. With
a haste that took my breath away, he propelled me over the hood of our car,
yanked up my white dress and delivered several stinging spanks to my pantied

I screamed out, “Rick, not here! Please, not here!” He stood me up and looked
into my startled and white face.

“No, no more here, but if you continue to act like this, I am willing to finish
here.” I went quietly and unquestionably to the passenger seat as he ordered.
When he got in the drivers side, he turned to me and instructed me to pull my
panties down to just above my knees.

“But Rick, why…” But Rick cut me off immediately.

“Keep silent and do as I tell you! With your bare bottom against the seat you
will have plenty of time to think about what you just did, and what’s going to
happen when I get you home, young lady!” he retorted immediately. I had a
forlorn pout on my face as I hooked my thumbs underneath the elastic waistband
of my panties. I raised my hips and wiggled a little as I slithered them down
my thighs until they were rolled neatly just above my knees. The ride home was
tense and quiet, and I knew the price tonight would be high.

Softly and quietly I murmured the question that was in my mind, “Rick, how did
you know where I was tonight?”

He looked at me and grinned, “Darling, child, you never can lie, why do you
even try? I called Joy’s house and Jeff…who by the way, doesn’t care like I
do, told me where all you girls were planning on going.”

I sucked in my breath, knowing I should have followed my instincts. Rick
cleared his throat and defined the outcome I could expect tonight. I closed my
eyes tightly and shook my head wishing I had made another decision.

Rick sent me to our bedroom to wait for him while he “calmed down” as he put
it. I didn’t suspect his calming down would lessen my punishment, but I went
quietly and sat in a chair waiting his arrival with my bottom clenching in
anticipation of the start of his spanking.

He entered the room, closed and locked the door and I knew that I would be the
subject of his undivided attention. I would have willingly shared it with
anyone at that moment. His voice started, and while he was soft spoken, the
timbre of it gave away his intent.

“Gabrielle, I am so disappointed in you. I have few rules, but the ones I
have, I expect to be obeyed. I told you that place was off limits and I told
you why. I was not unreasonable. Now, compound that with lying, which as you
well know, I will not tolerate, and you’re in some big trouble.”

My breathing came in pants and I looked at the floor. Rick came to me, put my
head in his hands and raised it up, forcing me to look at him.

“I give the orders tonight, my child, and it’s in your best interest to take
them and not to argue or display that sassy side of yours that you like to
bring out, understand?”

I understood well, and stood there while he firmly grasped my arms and placed
me in front of the full length mirror. “Take a look at the uniform. It’s
white, it’s the very definition of who you are…a healer, a professional, a
woman….and yet you choose to go to a bar with a group of people that bring
you down. It’s unconscionable. What were you thinking?” I fought back tears,
knowing that when Rick lectured and punished me it was always with love and
respect, and with the intended meaning of elevating and enhancing my already
good qualities. I felt embarrassed and he was correct. He gently removed my
uniform leaving me standing in all white…bra, panties, stockings and garter
belt. He told me to put my hands on my neck, latched in the back. I did that,
and knowing that I can’t maintain this posture long, he made his inspection
quick yet thorough.

When finished with his agonizing “inspection,” he sat on a straight back chair
and called me to him. I stood in between his legs with my wrists firmly in his
grasp, not daring to let my attention waver from him.

“Gabrielle, the last time I had to discipline you, I warned you that the next
time you would not get off so easily…did I not?”

I choked back a smart remark, knowing it would inflame him even more, and
simply replied, “Yes sir.” Rick was intimidating and asked me what I deserved.

I replied, “A spanking, sir…a hard one that I will not forget and whatever
else you deem necessary.”

He offered a smile, and that made it a little easier to bear, knowing that he
wasn’t completely taken in anger.

“Why do I spank you, my little girl?” His questions seemed endless and
prolonged the agony of the discipline.

“To help me to act better, Sir.” His gaze never left my eyes.

“That’s right, sweet one, and because I care about you. I can’t let you get
away with things…and I have to punish you strictly so that I make an
impression.” He then pulled me down across his lap, and still talking, made me
feel ten years old.

As he positioned me over his lap, he continued to lecture me on my willful
disregard of his orders. He pulled me in tightly to him so I would be in no
position to squirm away.

“Oh Sir, please…please don’t spank me hard. I’m really a good girl! I
promise I’ll obey you from now on!” I pleaded as I turned to look back at him.
I wanted to catch his eye and try to evoke some sympathy. But he was his usual
businesslike self, tending to his task without showing any hint of emotion or
sympathy for his naughty victim.

I could feel him spreading my legs slightly at the thighs and feeling the
garter straps. Suddenly, I felt his fingers inside the waistband of my thin
white panties, and then the cool air washing over my bare ass cheeks as he
slowly peeled them down my thighs to just above my knees. I knew he was
adjusting my panties so they would be in a thin white roll across my lower
thighs, framing the stocking tops and garter belt just above.

My face scarlet with shame, all I could do was look down at the floor as Rick’s
fingers spread open my thin cleft, inspecting me for any remaining signs of my
last spanking. I knew he could see every hidden part of me, and tried to
clench my buns together to hide from his intent gaze, but it was useless.

“Relax, honey child. You know you can’t hide anything from me. Besides, I like
to see you clench up in anticipation of a spanking…it makes my target more
pronounced,” he smirked, enjoying my discomfort at being talked to like a young

“It’s time for your spanking, Gabrielle,” he announced in an even voice,
softly, but with the hidden strength behind it that I love. He rested his hand
on my bottom, and I quivered slightly, knowing what I would have to do next.

“Yes, Sir. I know I’ve been a bad girl, and I deserved to be spanked. Please
spank me, Sir,” I said, knowing I had to request my correction.

“Very well, young lady. You know the rules. Any missed or incorrect counts
will result in the spank being given over again. And any excessive struggling
or squirming will earn you extra spanks,” Rick explained. “Is that clear?”

“Y…yes, Sir,” I replied, knowing all too well that this was it.

“You may begin the count.”

As was sometimes done, I was required to count the spank first, then Rick would
administer the spank on the spot he chose. Although I set the pace as added
embarrassment, if I was too slow on the count, Rick would give a “fill-in”
spank to bring me back to an acceptable interval.

“One!” I said barely above a whisper.

SMAACKKK!!! The first blow came down on my poor bottom sharply, sending sparks
throughout my lower regions.

“Two!” My voice was louder and firmer this time. I was determined I was going
to be brave and take my spanking like a big girl to show Rick I could take
whatever he could give me.

SMAACCKKK!!! The second one landed just above the first, high on my left
cheek, causing some tingling.

After twenty spanks at a moderate pace, my buttocks were feeling prickly. Rick
has a strong hand and it doesn’t take much to get my bottom burning when he’s
on the job! By the time I requested spank number twenty, I was panting and my
counts were more or less shouted out. I knew I was squirming and could feel
his hardness pressing against my hips, but he held me firmly in place.

Then what I feared most happened. He told me to stop counting. I knew what
that meant.

Rick would usually stop part way through my spankings to “check his little girl
for naughty thoughts,” as he put it. I felt him bend over as his right hand
parted my ass cheeks and thighs. I could feel his breath on my whispy tuft of
hair covering my pussy lips as his fingers wiggled their way to my little slit.
I heard him chuckle as his finger probed my womanhood and then withdrew…very
wet indeed!

“I see my little girl is taking perverse delight in her punishment again,

I tried to bury my head and not answer, but a sharp spank on my bottom brought
me back to the present.

“Answer me, young lady! Your wetness shows you still approve of my punishment
methods, doesn’t it?” he demanded in a steely voice.

“Yes, Sir. Your little girl approves of your punishment. I’ve been a naughty
little girl and I deserve my spanking,” I answered hesitantly, praying it was
what he wanted to hear.

“Well, young lady, seeing as how you’re enjoying your spanking so much, I’m
going to make sure you keep your mind focused where it’s supposed to be!” he

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but I knew it would certainly get
my attention, no Ricker what. Rick was quite creative when it came to my
spankings….and I knew this time would be no different.

I felt him stretching as if he were reaching for something. I felt him spread
my butt cheeks wide apart with his fingers, and immediately sensed the tip of
his other finger with something slippery and cool on it touch the center of my
little brown button. I clenched up. Just as my anus relaxed, I felt his
finger tip slide gently into my anus….then push steadily up into my rectum.

“Relax and remain still, my pet. I’m just lubricating you so my butt plug will
slip in nice and easy,” he explained.

‘BUTT PLUG?!’ I thought incredulously. My God, he can’t be doing this!

“Oh please, Sir, puleeeze…not the butt plug. I’ll never be able to face you
again. Please don’t embarrass me like this. I promise I’ll be good and take
the rest of my spanking well for you!” I pleaded. It obviously had no effect,
as Rick ignored my begging and continued twisting and flexing his finger inside
me, making sure that I was thoroughly slicked up for what was to come.

His finger finally slid out and my anus closed around it, returning to its
normal diameter. I relaxed for just a second before I felt my cheeks being
spread once again. This time, the sensation against my brown crinkle was
colder…and I knew that this was the butt plug I had been promised. I hung my
head low and scrunched up my face as I waited in anticipation for my asshole to
be violated.

“Relax, honey. It will go in much easier if you don’t resist it,” Rick
thoughtfully explained.

I tried to relax my bottom cheeks as the tapered end of the soft rubber plug
began dilating my tight little anus on its way inside. I felt it get wider and
wider, until it reached the end where my anus gripped down around the narrower
detent at the end. I felt him tug it slightly to make sure it was seated

“Now we’re ready to finish your punishment for today, Miss Naughty. I trust
you will be concentrating on what brought you here today for the rest of our
session, won’t you?” Rick inquired.

“Y…yes, Sir,” I said simply, being at a complete loss for words at this

“You may continue the count, then.”

I clenched my ass down around the butt plug as I prepared for the new onslaught
of spanks.

‘Twenty-one!” I almost shouted.


“Owww!! Twenty-two!”


Rick kept raining down the blows with his strong, calloused hand every time I
counted. I was sobbing by the time I got to thirty-five, and hoped we would be
stopping at forty. As I counted out forty-two, those hopes were dashed.
Finally we got to fifty and he exclaimed “That’s enough!” loud enough to be
sure I heard him.

Despite cessation of the spanking, I was still squirming on his lap, legs
kicking wildly in the air, all pretense at grace and modesty having long
evaporated. I wanted to rub my poor buns so badly, I almost did. I knew that
rubbing myself without his permission would result in more spanking, and I
certainly didn’t need that now! I still felt the heat of shame in my face as I
lay over his lap, bare bottom still exposed. I knew he could see the wide
flange of the butt plug wedged between my cheeks, and I could sure feel the
plug filling my insides. Despite the embarrassment of having the plug inserted
by a man, I knew in my heart it was extremely effective in focusing my mind on
the punishment at hand.

Rick let me lie there for a minute or two until I composed myself. Then his
left hand went to my shoulder and exerted some pulling pressure as he told me
he wanted my on my feet. Thankful the spanking was finally over, I was only
too happy to comply. I got to my feet and stood in front of him with my legs
spread as far as my panties at my knees would allow and my hands clasped behind
my back. Suddenly I realized that I still had the butt plug inside me. I
wondered if he had forgotten to remove it before I got up, but I dared not
question him on this. Rick was very thorough in the preparation and execution
of his spankings, and I trusted that he would take it out when he was ready.

He tugged my panties all the way down to my ankles, leaving them puddled at my
feet. After surveying me for a moment, he ordered me to squat down right where
I was. Using my hands to support myself, I squatted down facing him, feet flat
on the floor and knees spread. I watched his every move as he came before me
and squatted down facing me and fixed his blue eyes on mine. While I was
transfixed on his eyes I barely felt his hand move down between my legs, his
wrist brushing my pussy as his fingers found, then grasped the end of the butt
plug. As he twisted and pulled on the butt plug, his eyes never wavered from
mine…searching my innermost feelings and looking for any little reaction I
was having to the sensations of what was happening down between my nether

The plug came out fairly quickly, my sphincter grasping at it as the length
narrowed until it was all the way out.

I smiled with relief as he had me stand again.

“Return to your position, young lady, and don’t move until I tell you!” he
ordered. I kicked off my now-useless panties and resumed the leg-spread,
hands-behind-my-back position while he went into the bathroom. I could hear
the water running in the tub, and soon the fragrance of some bath oils came
drifting out.

As I was daydreaming of what might come to pass today, I didn’t hear him as he
snuck up behind me. His firm hands encircled my waist, then moved around to my
flat tummy, hugging me close to him.

“Who cares about you enough to spank you?” he purred softly in my ear.

“You do, Sir,” I whispered back.

“Who forgives you after you’ve been naughty and taken your spankings?

“You, Sir.”

“And who loves you more than anyone else,” was his final question.

“Oh, only you, Sir!” she responded breathlessly.

“You are forgiven, honey. You’ve taken your spanking like a big, brave girl,
and I’m so proud of you. It’s time you had your bath. Come along,” Rick
instructed as he led me into the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom, he ordered me to remove my stockings, garter and bra. As
I knew he required, I folded each article of clothing carefully and handed them
to him one by one, offering each piece to my disciplinarian with both hands and
a bowed head.

Once he inspected me to be sure I was completely naked, he helped me into the
tub. I closed my eyes and smiled as I sank into the hot, fragrant water. His
hands held a soft sponge which he began working slowly over my breasts…and I
squirmed as I dreamed of the pleasures we would soon be sharing. Just my
strict “Daddy” and me….

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