The Spanking Agency part
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Thirty-two Winchester Road sat just off the main bypass heading into the West End of London where small businesses and retailers of all shapes and sizes went about their trade. Today was the 20th of November and a steady drizzle fell from leaden skies as the huddled masses of the grand old city went about their daily routines.

Inside number thirty-two, the man and his new client walked into and looked around the empty first-floor room. The woman turned to the Estate Agent who was fiddling nervously with his clipboard making sure he had all the correct documents to hand.

“All right,” she said after a moment’s pause. “I’ll take it.”

The bespectacled man smiled with relief and held out a pen. “Sign here please,” he asked her, pointing to where she needed to write her signature to secure the lease.

Once signed, they both turned to leave. When she got to the door, she stopped and turned to look back into the room which was to become her own personal office. A quiet sense of satisfaction flooded through her. She had finally done it. She was on her way.

Molly Malone’s Spanking Agency was in business.


Mrs Brewster looked up from the faded glossy magazine she was reading as the door opened and the bell above it rang. She smiled at the tall, elegant, middle-aged woman who entered the small room where she worked part-time as a receptionist for Pinter’s Printers, publisher of various dubious titles including the renowned naughty newspaper, Adult Monthly News.

“‘Ello,” she said pleasantly, “Can I be of assistance, dear?”

Molly Malone glanced around at the rather plain surroundings before opening her purse and taking out a typed note. “I hope you can,” she nodded, “I’d like to place an advert in the next issue of your adult newspaper?” she asked, handing over the details.

The receptionist took it and put on her wing-framed spectacles to read it. She glanced up at the younger woman who was flicking through an old copy of Best British Boobs magazine that lay on the top of the counter along with various ash trays and plastic plants. ‘Blimey. What’s all this then? Spanking Agency – Bottoms for Hire? Well, takes all sorts,’ as Betty Brewster knew far too well. Since she had started working here many years ago, she had seen practically everything there ever was or would be in regards to human sexual behavior. Men had more fetishes between heaven and earth than there were hairs on her shaggy mons pubis.

“How far is your circulation?” asked Molly, “Print run, returns, that sort of thing.”

The receptionist had her notepad open and was counting the number of words as she jotted down the required order details.

“Ooo,” she responded as she tapped her pen against her yellow teeth, “We go all over London and the home counties, we do. Last month we hit nearly three thousand copies with less than one hundred returns. We’re seeing a lot more people advertising with us right now. It usually happens with the nights drawing in. People stay indoors a lot more you see.”

Molly nodded at her note. “Is that good to go?”

Mrs. Brewster waved a hand. “Oh yes. I’ve written down all your details and checked the word count. You just need to tell me what size of advert you want. You can have a full page advert, that’s A4, for twenty pounds or a quarter page one for five. Black and white. Colour is really only for something with photos.”

“A quarter page will be fine, thank you,” Molly replied, handing over a crisp £5 note, “When is the next issue out?”

“End of the month, dear. Twenty-ninth usually. That’s allowing for unforeseen circumstances and everything. You know, God’s little tricks. Like the Old Bill coming around.”

Molly smiled as she zipped up her coat. She thanked the older woman and left the printers to make her way back to her new office. The rain had started to fall again and Molly unfurled her black umbrella as she stepped between the puddles on the pavement. Nine days. Nine days to sort everything out and be ready for launch. There seemed so much to do.

Thank God, she already had a secretary in place to handle all the paperwork and arrange the interviews for tomorrow. Interviews that had been booked through her various “contacts” she had met over the years. Around her, the hubbub of London traffic honked and beeped as she stood there in the pouring rain. Her life was about to change. This had been her dream for a long time and now it was about to happen. She was her own Boss and real people would be working for her.

Working at her Spanking Agency.


There was a quiet knock on her office door. Molly looked up from her desk. “Yes?”

The door opened and a frizzy explosion of peroxide blonde hair framing a sweet blushing face suddenly appeared from behind it. It was her new secretary, Dolly. “Miss Malone, the ladies have arrived for their interviews,” she told her with her breathlessly excited voice.

Molly nodded and pushed back her leather chair from behind her desk. “Thanks, Dolly, send them in. I may as well see them all together, to begin with,” she indicated, waving her hand.

“Righty-ho,” said her secretary, “Won’t be a tick.”

There was a slight commotion outside as the ten women filed in and stood looking fidgety and nervous before the desk where their potential new boss sat. Molly was pretty sure that all ten would be good to go as they had all been vetted and recommended by her contacts in the business. There was, after all, only one absolute requirement as regards their qualification for the job. Anything extra they were willing to do was simply a bonus for themselves and their customers.

Dolly collected all the application forms and handed them over to her boss. “Here you go, Miss Malone. I made sure they filled in all their details in reception. Names, address, date of birth, national insurance number, telephone number, and their, um,” she mumbled as she turned bright red, “Spanking and sexual preferences.”

Molly smiled as she took the forms from her young employee who stood there in a white nylon top, deep blue skirt, and black tights with her hands clasped behind her back, “That will be all, Dolly. Oh, and hold all my calls for the next hour will you?”

Dolly gave a little nod. “Alright. That I can indeedy doodly do. No calls for an hour. Gotcha.” She then left the room with all eleven women watching her go with bemused stares. Dolly, it had to be said, didn’t have a nasty bone or thought in her cute little bosomy body.

Molly looked up at the rather diverse array of new recruits and smiled as she introduced herself to her new girls. “Ladies, welcome. My name is Molly Malone and this is the beginning of an adventure not only for me but, I hope, for you as well. Thank you for filling in your applications which I will go through later as I chat to you on an individual basis.”

Molly got out of her chair and came around to sit on the corner of her desk.

“The only strict rule I have is that you really want to do this for more reasons other than financial. I want my staff to enjoy their work. Doing something you enjoy goes a long way to making a better success of it. I want our customers to feel like they’re with someone who loves what they’re doing as much as they do. A satisfied customer will be a returning customer. The extra service will be at your own discretion.”

She continued, “What you are willing to do is up to you. But, like I said, we can discuss such things one to one over the next couple of hours as these interviews will only take ten to fifteen minutes at most. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship for all of us. Welcome to the Spanking Agency.”


The 30th of November dawned wet and miserable as the commerce of London ground relentlessly on. There was no such lack of excitement and anticipation at 32 Winchester Road as Dolly sat at her desk blowing on her perfectly manicured red nails waiting for the telephone to ring on the agency’s first proper day of business. It had gone nine-thirty and every second of silence felt like an eternity.

Molly popped her head around the door. “Any calls yet, Dolly ?”

Dolly shook her head. “We’ve only been open half an hour, Miss,” she sighed, “Most people I know don’t get out of bed till ten!”

Molly made a face and was about to return to her office when the phone suddenly rang making them both jump. Dolly stared at it transfixed. She glanced at her Boss who could feel her heart beating loudly in her chest. ‘Was this her first customer?’

“Go on then, Dolly,” she urged, “Answer the bloody thing!!”

Dolly swallowed her gum and gingerly picked up the phone.

“Good Morning, this is the, um, Spanking Agency. Dolly speaking. How may I be of service?” she replied in her best posh telephone voice. Molly bit her tongue to stop herself laughing as her secretary “Ummmed and ahhhhhh’d” as she took down the caller’s details.

Molly stood there waiting like a cat on a hot tin roof until Dolly turned with the phone to her ear and gave her a thumbs up.

A customer. The agency’s first !!


“Tell me a bit about yourself, Margaret,” asked Molly.

The lady sat opposite her was a smart looking, middle-aged, divorced mother of two with shoulder length light brown hair, blue eyes, pert nose, a small mouth, and a shapely figure hidden under a sensible black jacket, light-blue blouse, black skirt, and black stockings.

“Well, my name is Margaret Jackson. I’m thirty-seven years old just gone September. I’ve been divorced for, um, about three years now and have two kids. Two daughters who are in High School right now. I used to work part-time at my local bank but got paid off a month ago and I was on the lookout for a new job,” she replied as she nervously fiddled with the handbag she was holding in her lap, “And here I am.”

“How did you hear about the Agency?”

“Oh, um, a friend of a friend who knew a friend who kind of let it slip the other day when we were having coffee together. How she heard about you I have no idea. I don’t think she got it from The Times job section somehow.” she smiled.

Molly laughed. “No, I guess not,” she nodded, “What about the spanking? What made you apply for this kind of work? It’s not exactly what you would call a normal trade with prospects that you can talk to other people about. Do you see it as a normal job?”

Margaret sat quietly for a moment.

“It was my first boyfriend, actually. He got me into it. Not that I wasn’t aware of that sort of thing, to begin with. As an adult, I’ve always had these silly little urges where I get spanked for being a bad girl or whatever even though I never got spanked when I was growing up. I used to daydream about getting a spanking all the time and it got worse as I got older. Bill, that was his name, was pretty basic. He just liked feeling and playing with my bum. The spanking was just something that happened naturally and we both really enjoyed it.”

“Did he spank you often?”

The younger woman nodded. “Oh, absolutely. At eighteen, we were young and in love and all we could think about was being alone together and having, you know, sex. Sex is easy to arrange. Having a quickie when mom popped down to the local shops for a pint of milk. That sort of thing. Arranging a spanking was a nightmare in comparison!” she winced as she smiled at the memory.

“I swear my poor bum was purple for half the time we were together. Mum and dad would drag me to church on a Sunday and I’d be sat there in the pews with a stinging bottom while everyone sang Kumbayah.” Both women laughed at her little adventures, “So, as you can tell, spanking has always been a thing and something I really like to do and enjoy.”

“I noticed you ticked the extra services box. You do understand what that means?” asked Molly as she looked through Mrs. Jackson’s details.

Margaret shifted in her seat and blushed prettily. “Yes, yes, I do, Miss Malone. I’m a single divorced mother of two who hasn’t had a relationship or um sex for nearly two years now. Despite the efforts of my friends to set me up with God knows how many blind dates, I’m not really that interested in dating anyone right now. I have enough on my plate with bringing up two teenage girls. Doing something like this kills two birds with one stone; satisfy my love of spanking and to help kick start my sex life.”

Molly sat back in her chair and picked up her application form.

“Well, Mrs. Jackson, that was exactly what I wanted to hear. You come across as sensible, level-headed, and confident in your sexuality. You’re the kind of woman I’m looking for here at the Agency. I very much look forward to getting to know you better, Margaret. I hope you will find the job rewarding both personally as well as financially. I think you’ll be making more than you earned in your last job all being well. Congratulations, you’re hired.”


Timothy Swails was a quiet and emotionally reserved beanpole. A tall man of letters who’s tidy apartment was a monument to books of all persuasions. The man was in his late twenties and bore a striking resemblance to an elongated and older Harry Potter. He sported a windswept mop of slicked back black hair and wore owlish spectacles perched on his hawkish nose and had a tartan tank-top-ish dress sense as if he just been dragged out of the basement of the local library. He was, by every definition, a bookworm and teacher of the good word.

Mr. Swails had other things on his mind this day. He was stood in his bathroom wearing an armless white vest and an oversized pair of blue candy-striped boxers as he vigorously brushed his teeth this way and that. Today was a day to wash behind the ears and in all those other places your mother never mentioned in polite company. A quick double squirt of spray under each armpit and down the underpants put the finishing touches to his cleansing. He was done.

He stood looking at himself in the mirror. Twisting this way and that to examine his profile. He really needed to eat more red meat as he watched his Adam’s apple bobbing nervously up and down. Time was ticking on. He glanced at his watch. It had gone eleven and his guest was due to arrive at eleven-thirty. He left his bathroom and padded across the landing to his bedroom as he glanced at the latest issue of Adult Monthly News that was on his bedside table.

No chickening out now. What was done was done and whatever happens, will happen anyway. When he had first opened the newspaper and saw THAT advert his heart had fallen down to his boots and rebounded back up again in a fit of extreme excitement. He still couldn’t believe it. After all this time. He might actually experience the one thing that meant more to him sexually than anything else. Spanking. And, there on the page in front of him, was an advert for a Spanking Agency. A place where ladies bottoms were for hire at the right price. And all he had to do was make a phone call.

He was still amazed he managed to say anything at all when the lady from the Agency had answered the phone. ‘What was her name again? Deborah? No. Dolly.’ It was Dolly, and she had been perfectly pleasant and delightful as she had taken down his contact details and arranged for them to send out a lady for him. A lady for him to spank. And do naughty things with after. There goes his Adam’s apple again.

Fifteen minutes later his doorbell rang.


Margaret looked at her very first client as they sat opposite each other in his kitchen drinking coffee. As she had expected, general chat was embarrassingly painful and the small talk wasn’t much better. She was nervous. He was nervous. This was all so new to them both, she presumed. At least, she thought it was both of them. For all she knew, this quiet studious-looking man could be out every night shagging the local ladies until the cows come home. But she somehow doubted that judging by the way he fidgeted in his seat avoiding her gaze.

“Have you done this before?” he suddenly asked her.

Margaret looked at him over the rim of her gently steaming mug.

“The spanking thing?”

He pushed his spectacles up his nose. “Well, I mean, everything, I guess.”

She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. “No, can’t say I have, Mr. Swails. Actually, I used to work in a bank until I got laid off a month ago,” she told him as his eyebrows danced around on his forehead.

He put his hand to his mouth. “Oh my,” he gasped, “And now you work for this Agency. This, um, Spanking Agency place. That really is quite the career change.”

She raised her mug to him, “And this is my first day on the job and you’re my first client, Mr. Swails. How does that feel?”

Maybe it was the coffee but she could feel herself warming to her new occupation rather nicely. He seemed perfectly normal. A bit timid. But she had imagined far worse when in the taxi ride over. All sorts of weird thoughts had gone through her head as she wondered what her first customer would be like. ‘Was he fat or thin? Tall or short? Hairy or bald? Well hung or a tiddler?’ All things considered, sat here in his kitchen, events had turned out just fine in the end as she felt the ice slowly beginning to melt between them at last.

“Oh, an absolute honor and privilege to be sure,” he grinned as he raised his coffee mug to gently tap hers, “And do please call me Timothy or Tim. The last thing I want is for our session to feel so formal. Only my students call me by my surname.”

She nodded. “Only if you call me Margaret or Marge. Deal?” She put down her mug and held out her hand for him to shake across the table.

He took it and shook it dramatically, “Deal.”

Margaret finished off her coffee and put the mug on the table. The clock was ticking and she needed to get a move on. Two hours was their allotted time. You could do a whole lot of things in two hours and the thought of doing those things made her itchy pussy begin to lubricate herself. It was like squeezing the juice out of a lemon.

“Where do you want me, Timothy?” she asked him suddenly in a hushed sexy voice, “I can feel my poor little arse just asking to be spanked already.”

Margaret smiled to herself as she watched his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down like a cork cast adrift in a stormy sea.

They retired to his study where each wall was lined with oak bookcases stuffed with hardbacks and paperbacks from any subject under the sun and the air smelled of old paper. He was sat in his black leather swivel chair watching raptly as Margaret teased down the zipper on the side of her skirt and let it fall to the floor leaving her standing there in her scarlet stockings and suspenders.

Mr. Swails gave a long whistle of appreciation as her shapely legs were revealed.

“By golly,” he admired as he looked her up and down, “Those are a fine pair of pins you have, Margaret.”

“Thank you very much,” she replied, blushing at his compliment even if it was true, “They’re my best asset along with my big bum,” she agreed as she did a little twirl in front of him.

She slipped off her coat and stood there before him in her freshly ironed white blouse and sexy lingerie as she tugged up her knickers so that they hugged her hot pussy even tighter.

She turned around in her heels and showed off her well-shaped and padded posterior to him before bending forward slightly and resting her hands on her knees. She glanced over her shoulder and smiled at the panting dog look on his flushed face. ‘Oh, he really likes that. He likes that a lot.’

“Now then, Mr. Swails,” she said seductively as she undid the buttons of her blouse, “Where exactly do you want me?”


It had been so long since she’d been spanked that she had nearly forgotten the sheer electric thrill of it as she shuffled across his lap as he sat on his worn leather sofa licking his lips as he watched her fat bottom wriggling under his nose.

“Crikey, Margaret,” he gasped as she let him pull and tug her knickers this way and that, “You have an absolutely splendid rear bumper.”

She humped her hips up and down feeling his swelling tumescence growing in his trousers underneath her teasing gyrations. A little taste of that would be just the ticket once her spanking was done. Her head was down as she closed her eyes letting the shivery waves of anticipation flood through her body. ‘Which “optional sexual services” box had he ticked again?’

The college tutor cracked his knuckles above her barely covered derriere and carefully reached for the knicker elastic so he could pull them down over her bum cheeks. It was then something occurred to him. Something he should have realized would make their little adventure much more thrilling and intense. The language of spanking and sex.

“Margaret,” he began, “Is it alright to say naughty words between us? To say rude things as we’re doing all these wonderful things together?”

Margaret felt the blood rushing to her head as he tipped the scales so that her bottom was raised higher than her head.

“Hmmm?” she murmured as that helpless feeling began to grow in her belly as it used to do whenever she got spanked, “You mean like swear words?”

“Personally, I’d call them being liberal with the fruity talk.” he replied.

Margaret smiled. ‘Fruity talk, huh.’ She always loved the earthy nature of a good old Anglo Saxon conversation. Especially if it involved sex.

“You mean like a penis being a dick or a vagina being a pussy?” she chuckled from down below, “Bosoms can be tits and bottoms can be arses. Like that?”

“Exactly. What’s the point in having those words if you can’t use them at times like this!” he agreed as he folded her stretched underwear neatly across her thighs just above her stocking tops.

‘He can say whatever he likes so long as he smacks my flipping bottom.’

She gave her gluteus maximus a wiggle, urging him to get a move on. She needed to be spanked right now damn it! Fortunately, Margaret Jackson didn’t have to wait long.

They say that the first spank is the worst. It’s when the skin is still fresh and unblemished with every nerve ending just going about their daily business. The smack landed first on her right cheek. It was the smack of an enthusiastic amateur who wants to lay it on hard but isn’t sure how hard it should be. Margaret gave a startled yelp as she felt her firm flesh wobble around like a jelly on a plate.

“How was that?” asked her spanker nervously, “Was that okay? Did I do it right? Was that too hard? Oooh, you’ve gone all pink and I can see my handprint!”

Margaret twisted around and looked over her left shoulder.

“That was perfectly fine, sir,” she smiled at him as he sat there all wide-eyed with excitement, lust, and anticipation, “I’m alright. It may have been awhile, but I remember I can take a pretty good thrashing across my bare arse. So, you just spank away, sweetie. I’ll let you know if you go too far.”

Timothy rolled up his right sleeve. ‘Righty-ho. Here we go.’ His first proper spanking. He stuck his tongue in his cheek as he focused on the task to come. He slowly raised his hand high above his target and flattened the woman’s left cheek with a hard swat that echoed around his study with a loud CRACK which was quickly followed by a loud, “EEEYEOWCH!!!”

That spank had been much harder than the first. That one knocked some sense into her as she bounced around on his lap dealing with the pain as she tried to regain her position for her spanking to continue. ‘Bloody hell. That stung and no mistake.’ For the next ten minutes, she took her spanking as well as any big girl could.

He wasn’t half bad. A little erratic but he was learning as he went along. She forgot to count the spanks. ‘Had he asked her to? Too late now.’ Besides, any number had little meaning as she felt her poor bum starting to burn red hot and feel twice its normal size as the seconds ticked by on the old clock on the mantlepiece.

“Oh, Margaret!” he enthused, excitedly, “I fucking love your big fat arse, my dear!!”

Margaret grunted happily as she listened to the joy in his voice. ‘What had Miss Malone said to her again?’ A satisfied customer is a returning paying customer. He sounded positively ecstatic as he walloped away at her inflamed backside. He sure was keen. It was just as well she loved spanking just as much as he did. She had no doubt he’d spank her till the sun went down and the moon took its place. Blimey, she was so wet in the undercarriage, she knew she was about to have a strong orgasm at any moment. One spank in a particular place should just about do it.

“OOOOOOOWWWW!!” she yelped as he slapped her again. ‘No, not there.’

‘Try spanking me just THERE.’


‘Bingo.’ X marked the spot as Margaret finally climaxed with her vibrating pussy flooding with her juices leaving her gasping and panting across his lap. For her, the best orgasms were the ones that were brought on by the sights, sounds, and feelings of getting a good hard spanking. It had been true back then and was even more so now.

She felt a tap on her shoulder.

“Are you alright, Marge?” he asked with concern.

“I think so,” she groaned as she slipped to the floor to recover, “Oh my, that felt amazing. I haven’t cum that hard in a long time. Phew. Give me a second to catch my breath and then I’ll sort out your little treat.”

Mr. Swails had given Mrs. Jackson a spanking to remember. The first of many she hoped.

‘Now. What was next?’


Margaret slipped the receipt back into her purse.

‘Oh. Okay. He wants me to do that for him. I can do that.’

She turned back to where he was sprawled on his leather sofa looking like a kid at Christmas. She walked towards him still feeling slightly unsteady on her feet as her climax slowly faded. Her arse felt immense. An apple-shaped scarlet-hued bottom that stung delightfully in just that right way. She was still a little shocked at her reaction to her spanking. If this was how her new career was going to be, then thank God she lost her job at the bank. Being spanked for a living was the best thing ever!

Timothy looked up and saw his spankee slowly get down on her knees between his spread legs and approach his aching crotch. ‘Uh oh. Oh, my.’ He licked his lips as she reached for his belt and undid the buckle. Then she unfastened his button and pulled down his zipper till he was exposed to her intense gaze.

“On or off?” she whispered as she ran a finger all over his writhing bulge. Hey, you in there? Aunty Marge is about to come say hello. Just you wait. I’ve got an extra special treat for big boys like you.


“I think I’d like them off, please,” he grunted as he lifted his hips off the sofa so she could pull them down over his shoeless feet.

He was left lying there spread-eagled in his best pair of blue and white spotted boxer shorts with his six and three-quarter inch erection poking out eagerly between the opening.

“It may not look like much but he’s got it where it counts,” he mumbled as he blushed like an overripe tomato.

Margaret wrapped her fingers around the throbbing shaft of him.

“Shush now, Timothy. What you have is more than most and twice as good because they aren’t here. I think you have a very nice cock if I do say so myself.”

“Thank you very much, Marge,” he grinned as he watched her pull down his underwear to leave him naked from the waist down apart from his pair of rainbow-colored socks.

As he watched her examining his knob-end, he began to wish he’d asked Dolly to tick more of the boxes in the service section part of the form when she had asked him if he wanted to add a little something extra after the spanking was done. He’d make sure next time because there was definitely going to be a next time for sure. Absolutely.

Marge wet her ruby red lips as she contemplated the cock in front of her. ‘It WAS a nice dick.’ A medium, not too fat, not too thin pink sausage with a mushroom head that turned nearly purple when she gave him a good squeeze which made his toes wiggle with excitement. It had been a good few years since she had sucked a penis and she hoped she hadn’t lost any of her technique for drawing out the spunk from his wrinkly, decent sized balls.

She noted that he had also ticked the box for “facial” as she started to lick his rod from top to bottom making sure she scooped out his lube that was already pumping out of him. He tasted slightly salty as she let his juice slither down her throat. ‘Oh, yummy. That was nice.’ She was growing hot again down below. She was the type of woman who could cum on a dime. She didn’t need to be fucked to blow her top as her body was strung as tight as a string on a bow.

The man groaned happily as the pre-froth was sucked out of him in such a delicious way. Margaret was bobbing her head up and down faster and faster as she used her hand to juggle his balls in their sack.

“Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!” he gurgled as he felt his arsehole tighten up with pleasure, “I never knew getting your knob sucked would feel so good!!” he gasped as he grabbed a cushion and pressed it to his red face.

Margaret continued to blow him as hard as she could. They had been going for nearly five minutes now and her jaw was starting to ache. ‘Surely he was going to pop soon?’ She knew she was pretty good at the oral linguistics. Her rat of an old man used to last barely a couple of minutes when she got going.

“Bloody Nora, luv,” he used to wheeze, “You could suck a basketball through a straw!”

Up and down she went. Inhaling the sweaty musk of him as she buried her nose in his pubic hair and sucked as hard as she possibly could. ‘Good grief, ejaculate for the love of God!’ And then she felt the twitch. That little jerk of the hips and tightening of the ball sack as he wound up the old cannon ready to fire a load. She was right. Here we go.

He suddenly tapped her on her head. Twice.

“WWWUUUUUUUUUUUHAWWWW!!” he yelled as he struggled to his feet making his pre-spunking cock slip out of Margaret’s mouth with a loud pop, “Oh shit, oh shit. Get ready,” he warned her as he stood over her as she knelt at his feet with her head tilted back and her tongue stuck out eagerly, “I’m gonna blow!!!”

Margaret watched as the little hole in his doodah expanded for a moment then a long stream of surprisingly thick sperm spurted out and splatted across her forehead and down over her right eye and cheek. She let out a giggling shriek as her client covered her face in crisscross patterns of watery goo as he ejaculated all over her features. ‘Yikes.’ This guy sure had a pair of spunk filled testicles as he shot out a surprisingly huge amount of jizz for her.

Once he was done, Timothy collapsed exhausted onto his back and let out a long sigh of spent satisfaction, “That was absolutely fucking amazing, Marge.”

Cum covered Marge sat back on her heels and proceeded to lick herself clean. ‘Oooh, Nice and thick.’ She reached for her handbag and took out a paper tissue to wipe away the excess she couldn’t reach. That had been terrific. She had always loved to suck a juicy Willie and his was as good as any she had tried before. ‘Oops, manners.’ She leaned forward and took his soft penis into her mouth and cleaned him up. Always make sure you don’t leave a mess was her motto. Waste not want not was another. She smiled as she got to her feet and picked up her blouse to get dressed as it was time to go.

She looked down at her first client who lay there, eyes shut tight with a silly grin on his face. ‘There we go. That wasn’t so hard was it? Hopefully, there would be a next time’. She found him slightly endearing in a professorial type of way. She always did find men who were bashful and awkward in their manner sexually exciting. Maybe it was the mothering instinct in her that made her want to please them so.

She chuckled to herself as he started to snore.

Once she finished dressing and collected her things, she quietly made her way out of the study and made sure the door to his apartment was locked as she left him there snoozing like the cat who had got the cream. Only this time, it was she who got the cream and he the fun of delivering it.


Molly looked up at the knock on her office door before it opened slightly and a familiar head popped around it.

“Margaret,” she smiled, “Come in. Come in. How did it go?” she asked as the other woman sat in the chair in front of her desk, “Tell me all about it. Every little detail, you understand. Us girls want to know!” She looked up as Dolly, her secretary, came into the room behind her.

Margaret blushed at the attention.

“I’m not sure what I expected. But what happened was better than anything I could ever have hoped for. He was totally charming. A bit awkward and nerdy. But everything was absolutely fine. I really enjoyed myself.”

Dolly was wide-eyed and all ears as she stood there hopping from foot to foot with glee.

“Did he spank your bum real good?” she asked.

She had never been spanked. Like ever. Not even her boyfriend had asked to do it to her. Listening to the two older women talking so enthusiastically about it sure did funny things down in her unmentionables.

Margaret smiled and nodded at her.

“He spanked me good enough to make sure I remember it. I think I’ll be sore for a couple of days, Miss Malone. Might even bruise a bit. But I don’t really mind. I’m good to go anytime you need me. I reckon regular spankings will help my arse toughen up a bit in the long run so I can be ready for something a little more intense like being paddled, strapped, or caned.”

“That’s good to hear, Margaret,” said her boss as the phone rang in reception. It was turning out to be a busy first day for the Agency, “Dolly, can you get that?”

Her secretary gave Margaret a hug and ran out of the room as the two women watched her go with a laugh.

“Busy?” asked Margaret.

Molly nodded. “Five other girls out so far today,” she replied as she picked up her notepad from her desk, “Annie, Louise, Betty, Karen, and Lulu.”

Margaret got to her feet. It was time to head for home as her kids would be out of school soon. She paused at the door. She wanted to say something to her new boss. Something she had wanted to say ever since she got the job of working for the Agency.

“Miss Malone,” she said, hesitantly, “Um, I just wanted to thank you for taking me on. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do all those things that you’d want and need me to do. But, it’s been a revelation for me. I feel like I’ve changed inside. I feel more confident somehow. Like I’ve become a much more interesting person. I’m not exactly sure how to put it into words.”

Her voice trailed off as Molly came up to her and gave her a hug.

“Just remember, Margaret,” she told her, “It’s just us women. We’re all in it together. It’s up to us to make a success out of all this. One for all and all for one as the saying goes. Bums, bottoms, backsides, arses for hire. That’s what we do here at the Spanking Agency.”

In reception, the telephone rang again.

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