The Principal Problem
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My name is Robert Tunney. I go by Bob but my family calls me Bobby. I am a problem student, or so I’ve been told. I guess my real problem is that I get bored way too easy. I was told in first grade that if you get bored you can read ahead and figure out where we are going in class.

I took that to heart.

Before I get too far down the road let me tell you about me. I live in Norfolk and my dad is a longshoreman. I’m white, brown hair and blue eyes. I’m 6’2″ and 165 lbs. ‘Lean and Mean.’ I consider myself the first half. My goal is to be a longshoreman.

My prior sexual experience. My mom’s friend Nancy asked me over to her house to help her with some things, around 6 months ago. Nancy actually wanted help with her lonely pussy as it turned out. Her husband was gone for a week and she knew I would like to learn about sex.

Nancy was 40 and a tall thin woman. Her daughter had moved out and she was just lonely and horny. No big boobs just an Acup and her ass was pretty small. She loved to make me cum with her mouth however. She isn’t really part of this story but she is important to let you know that I know my way around a female body. I studied her body for months and she broke me in on the female orgasm. She let me play with everything. She told me that it is important that I learn to be a good lover. I took to my lessons rather keenly. We expertly hid our activities from her husband and my mom. Dad would have been proud of me making Nancy squirt but the best kept secrets are never shared. Nancy’s husband moved them to Florida not long ago and that stopped the fun.

So I’m 18, I’m a senior at Granby High School (go comets!) The school had this policy about taking cellphones away from students that used them in class. The school district’s policy was challenged and they lost in court. The Virginia State supreme court had just ruled that school staff could not seize private property from students including cellphones.

Dad just bought me my new phone (the most expensive in the store.) Big megapixel cameras and he bought an impressively large micro sd card for it. That’s what I wanted for my birthday. Dad made big bucks operating a port crane. I pointed out it was cheaper than a car, then Mom gave me a Camaro. I’m a little spoiled I will admit.

Here is how our story started.

Mr. Rydder was teaching history. I had already read the entire textbook. He was droning on about election dates and amendments to the constitution. I was bored and looked at my phone. Suddenly Mr. Rydder snatched my phone from my hands.

“Mr. Tunney, you can get your phone on Friday at the end of school. Pay attention.”

I tried pointing out that he could not take property from a student but was told to be quiet.

Mr. Rydder picked up the class wall phone and said, “Brittany can you pick up Mr. Tunney’s phone and store it in the Principal’s Office? Thank you.”

Ten minutes later the Principal’s Secretary walked into the classroom and took my phone from Mr. Rydder. Brittany looked at me as she took my phone.

Brittany was every guy’s eye candy. She wore a sweater today. She was short about 5 feet tall. Brunette with big brown eyes. She had big boobs for her size. Maybe a Dcup and they matched her big ass. Her short hourglass figure made her a dream.

As soon as class let out I went to the admin office. Brittany saw me walking towards her and smiled.

“I’m sorry Bob but it’s already in Mrs. Brown’s office, on her desk. I can’t help you.” She looked delicious.

I started in about the new ruling and that she could be charged as an accomplice to grand theft. She just shook her head.

“You can talk to Mrs. Brown about all that. Unfortunately she is in a meeting with Coach Ecklund and they usually take an hour. You’ll have to see her during lunch. Shouldn’t you go to your next class?”

“Brittany, because you are cute. I’m going to go get a print out of the court decision before calling the police. If my phone isn’t returned, I’m pressing charges on Rydder, you and Brown.”

“Thanks, I think you are cute too.” Brittney smiled like she didn’t hear anything beyond her compliment.

The principal’s office door was closed. I walked to the computer lab. Printing was an issue, I hunted down a lab guy and he finally allowed my print out to go through. I returned just before lunch.

I walked past Brittney and straight up to the office door and knocked. I heard Mrs. Brown say, “just a minute.” I waited several minutes and Mrs. Brown opened the door but stood in the doorway. I had had enough.

I pushed past her and saw my phone on her desk. There was another phone that was identical on the desk but closer to the edge nearest Mrs. Ecklund. She was seated in a chair. She looked pretty sweaty and red faced. She was pulling at her shirt bottom and looking at the floor. There was a good odor of pussy in the air. It appeared that I might have interrupted something.

“Where the hell do you think you are going young man!?” Laura Brown asked.

“Here is a print out of the supreme court’s decision that ruled you can’t take my property! I want my phone back right now! I am going to call the police. My phone was stolen from my hands by Rydder, given to you by Brittany and received by you. That’s grand theft.” I grabbed the cellphone nearest me off the desk and touched the fingerprint sensor. It didn’t unlock.

“Bob Tunney! You are suspended! You have no right to enter my office and yell at me. You are suspended and I’ll make sure you fail all your classes. Get out of here this instant. You stupid imbecile!”

While she was yelling I sat the one phone down next to the other one and then picked it up. My fingerprint unlocked the second phone and I pocketed it.

“Ok, Mrs. Brown. I’m suspended for standing up for my rights. I’m going to report you to the PTA and the newspaper. You are a bunch of thieves.”

I walked out of her office. I mentally raged- ‘That fat titted bitch! I’m going to fuck her over.’ I didn’t really need to graduate. I could easily get a GED. Dad had me set up with the union. I was going to start working in the port this summer.

I saw Brittney smiling at me as I exited the office. She was awesome looking. She gave me a quick thumbs up. She really changed my mental state. I stopped next to her desk.

“So, um,, Brittany, are you seeing anybody right now?” I asked.

“MR. TUNNEY! You will leave school grounds immediately.”

“I better go. Can I call you sometime?” I asked. Brittany nodded her head but didn’t say anything.

I walked to the parking lot and started my car. I took my phone out and called my mom. I told her what happened and she told me to come home. She would make us lunc As I ended the call I accidentally touched the gallery icon. Up popped a bunch of pictures just taken. Mrs. Laura Brown and Mrs. Barbara Ecklund, smiling while undressing, laughing in her office, posing naked, spreading themselves open, sucking tits and nose deep in each others pussies.

My phone has two functions that don’t require an unlock. The first is to use the telephone function and the second is the camera/video. Since my phone was near Coach Ecklund, she must have mixed them up. She thought she was using her own phone to record her lesbian meeting. What a stroke of blind luck for me and embarrassment for them.

Poor Mrs. Ecklund, she was going to be ruined along with Mrs. Brown. She never did anything wrong to me. But there still was the reality that this is what she really is. I had nothing to do with her issues. Betraying her husband, having sex with her boss while she was supposed to be working. I drove home.

Mom greeted me with a hug and we talked about what happened. I didn’t tell her about the principle and the softball coach being worktime lovers. After lunch I went to my room and uploaded everything to several cloud servers. Two of which were encrypted. I printed out some of the most identifiable stills. Both women sucking pussy and looking at the camera. There were about thirty photographs and two movies. They were a hot lesbian couple.

In the first video the Coach (Barbara) is between the Principal’s (Laura) legs both naked. She is on the edge of her chair. ‘This is Laurie’s pussy. Such a hot hairy cunt. Shush.’ Barbara whispered and put her index finger to her lips. She then starts to lick and suck her pussy. She grew more energetic and Laura whispered ‘give me your phone slut. I’ll do it, you eat. Oh, Suck it baby. Eat my cunt out you dirty little whore.’ She videoed her own orgasm and the phone was laid down. You could hear Barbara say ‘you have a tasty cunt for a married tramp.’ Then they both giggled.

The newest video was Laura’s turn to narrate. ‘This is my slut Barbara’s pussy. See how I make her keep it shaved. Her juicy pussy is tight. It’s tight because I don’t let her fuck her husband. No cocks, RIGHT Barbara?’ You could hear a ‘no cocks in my pussy ever again.’ Then Laura talks ‘that’s right slut. Now I’m going to make you cum.’ She licks and suckles her pussy to orgasm. Then there is a knocking noise. The video is blurred and then captures the ceiling of the office. “Just a minute” and clothes are seen flying. A hand comes over the screen and the video stops.

Principal Laura Brown was about 5’8″ and not slim but not fat. Her boobs were huge. Maybe F or a G-cup? I didn’t know but they looked way bigger than her head. Barbara Ecklund was maybe an inch shorter. Thin, small busted compared to mega tits. Her ass was the thing. A big shaker. Bubble-Butt Barbara. Because she was a coach she worked out and ran, she was a tight body. Laurie-bigtits was older, around 40. Bubble-butt Barbara was about 33 or so. Both married to businessmen. Apparently both were big time lesbians.

I did some scouting on the net. In 10 minutes I had names and emails of their husband’s work. Their companies were import export firms. Company emails were listed. I copied them all into a directory. After making the photo print outs I went down to dinner. We had chicken ceasar salad. I talked to my parents about how to know what the right thing to do was when it wasn’t obvious.

Dad tried to help me there. “The right thing to do is when you consider how it would be looked at by the injured parties involved. Sometimes the right thing is doing nothing. Sometimes just exposing what is wrong is it. A good rule of thumb is, IF you are protecting someone or stopping further wrong doing that is the right thing.”

I asked my mom if she had thoughts on doing the right thing.

“I agree with your father. I think most of the time doing the right thing is obvious, deep down. We know what to do, deep down. Listen to yourself and do what your heart tells you. It has never let me down.”

Later that night I called my uncle Frank. I get a kick out of him.

He told me that doing the right thing is anything that exposes corruption. He said that if I had knowledge of illegal or immoral activities, and I could expose that evil to the light of day! Well, Just to show the world who and what evil has happened is a blessing. He went on for a while quoting bible verses.

There was a knock on my bedroom door. I heard my mom outside.

“Bobby, I just had a telephone call. You are not suspended, the school secretary Brittany said she fixed the problem and you can go in tomorrow. She also said you owe her one.”

“Thanks Mom. That’s good I guess.”


My homeroom first period was uneventful. After the bell rang I went to the admin office. Brittany smiled as soon as she saw me.

“Hey Brittany, Thank you for helping me. You think I can take you out for dinner to thank you properly?” I asked.

“Bob, there is a policy against that activity, it has a termination penalty. Thank you for asking me.” She then handed me a note with her phone number on it.

“Well, you can’t blame a guy for trying. Oh before I leave, rejected and depressed, could you put this envelope on Principal Brown’s desk for me. She will know what it’s about.”

“Ok. Talk to you later?”

“Yes.” I smiled. I typed her name and number in my phone and called her. As she reached for her phone, I terminated the call. “Now you have my number.” I saw her saving my contact.

Next I went to coach Ecklund’s office. I knocked on the door. She said to come in. I opened the door and just handed her the envelope. She took it and I told her I gotta go. I ran to my next class. History with Mr. Rydder.

We were into the class for about twenty minutes when a kid dropped off a note to Mr. Rydder.

“Mr. Tunney, you are to go to the principal’s office.” He said.

“Oh, thanks Mr. Rydder. I’ll go after class. I want to stay and learn about the war. It can wait, this is more important.”

Mr. Rydder agreed. I blew off the order to go to the principal’s office. After class I strolled to my English class. As the class bell rang, Mrs. Barbara Ecklund walked in and said she needed me from the class.

I walked into the hall and looked at her. She looked at me for a full minute. I sensed that this was some type of prodding to have me apologize. I looked at the hall clock. 45 minutes till lunch. I decided to go there early. I walked away. Mrs. Ecklund must have thought I was going somewhere to give her something, probably my phone. I walked into the cafeteria. They weren’t open for lunch yet but I got a juice out of a machine and sat down to wait.

“What the fuck are you doing! Unlock and give me your phone.” Mrs. Ecklund said.

“Coach, Why did you put those lesbian porn pictures on my phone? Did you think I wanted to see you and the principal having lesbian sex?” I said loudly in the empty hall.

“KEEP your voice down! That was a mistake. I got your phone mixed up with mine. I’m sorry that happened but you have to give me your phone right now.”

“No,,, I don’t. You know what I don’t understand. You are married to a man, but you are like a big time lesbo. You are getting paid to work as a teacher but you are having some pretty nasty sex with your direct supervisor instead of working. Does your family know that you lick pussy at school?”

“How dare you! You are in more trouble than you could possibly know! If you don’t delete those pictures immediately.” She said.

“No. But I will decide soon on whether to expose you and Principal Brown for what you really are,, or not. You threatening me with these stupid ‘you’re in big trouble mister!’ is a joke. It is swaying my decision though. I expected Principal Brown to be the bitch. I thought you were just a submissive horny lesbo slut.”

“What do you want? All A’s in your classes? Money? What?”

“They say everything is for sale. Ok, I’ll delete everything for a million dollars. So go away. I’m tired of you and your stupid threats. If you continue this bullshit, I’m going to send your pictures and videos to the PTA, the school board and everybody I know that goes to the school. I’ll send them to your husband and all the employees at his work. The same for your dyke girlfriend. I’ll ruin your job, your marriage and your family life. Everybody you know will watch you suck out your boss’ cunt and know what you really do while getting paid to care for minors. Get out of here. Go tell Laurie Fat-Tits you failed.”

Barbara Ecklund was shocked. She stood and walked to the door. Her ass bounced as she walked. She suddenly stopped and looked at me looking at her ass. She then continued out.

I had lunch as soon as they opened and was thinking about Brittany. I walked outside and sat on a bench. I called her.

“Hey Brit, its Bob. How’s things?”

“Oh Bob. I think you are in trouble. They have security in the office and I’ve heard your name. Maybe you better leave school. But call me tonight. I want to meet for,, coffee.”

I thanked her. I could see a couple of school security guards walking towards the parking lot ahead of me. I went to the science lab and hid my phone under the trashcan liner of the hazmat bin. I then walked out to the quad and security surrounded me. They searched me. They took my car keys. They took me to the principal’s office. Brittany watched me go in.

I sat in the chair Ecklund had sat in. I wondered about a couple stains on the carpet. Both Brown and Ecklund were there along with two security guys.

“You guys want to know why she had you kidnap me? It has to do with these stains on the carpet right here. These two are-”

“THANK YOU GENTLEMEN. We can handle the rest of it. You can go now.”

The two guards left without me getting to finish outing them. They shut the door.

“I have to say this is an abuse of power. That cellphone isn’t going to be the holy grail you think it is. I backed up every thing to several cloud accounts. I only hid my phone because you stupid bitches would have broken it and that would have guaranteed a internet picture blitzing. Didn’t I tell you to go away. It seems you two need to get what’s coming.”

“Are you a anti-lesbian Bob? It seems you are intolerant of gay people. Am I right?” Brown said.

“Umm No. You like what I like. You like tits, I like tits. I know you two love eating pussy and so do I. I think you two are a hot dyke couple. But I think the school board would probably have trouble with your behavior.”

“This kidnapping has made a really insurmountable problem for you. When I get home I’m going to toast both of you. I’m just wondering who will replace you two. Maybe Mr. Rydder? And I’m sure a new softball coach is easy. Do your husbands know about how hard you suck pussy? The way you go at it sucking and getting your face up so deep-”

“WHAT do you want? You know a million dollars is out of the question.” Principal Brown asked.

“I’m not convinced that’s true. If you both sold your homes and pooled the money, you could easily get it and have a little spare change. But you are right. Money isn’t important to me. That’s why I chose such a high amount. I’ve talked to several people, in general terms, about what the right thing to do is. The consensus is that exposing and stopping this activity is the right thing to do.”

“So there is nothing you want? You have made up your mind?”

Mrs. Brown sat on the edge of her desk with her legs open. Today she was wearing a multi-colored blouse and some tight stretch pants. She had a camel toe.

“Coach Ecklund had an idea that perhaps what you’d like is more basic than money. BARBARA, come here.”

Coach Barbara Eckland walked to her and she was turned to face away from my seated position. Mrs. Brown cupped her ass cheeks. She looked at me as she slowly started to peel her shorts down to expose her ass.

“She has a lovely ass doesn’t she? I was told you were admiring these big round ass cheeks earlier. It is a magnificent ass.” Principal Laura Brown admired.

Soon, Mrs. Brown had coach Eckland’s buttocks completely exposed. She lifted her cheeks by pulling her closer and reaching her arm around the front of her. She then pulled them open, exposing her anus. It was light brown and squeezed tight.

“I think we can negotiate a deal where we are all happy. She also mentioned you called me ‘laurie fat-tits’ my breasts are a bit fat. You are right Bob, they are big and I just love to have them sucked.”

Mrs. Brown opened her blouse and pulled them up above her black bra. It took both hands and wasn’t easy. Her pink nipples looked huge. I’d never seen such big boobs live. I started growing in my pants. Because I’m thin my cock appears huge but it’s only about 7 and a half to 8 inches when it’s up. Nancy absolutely loved it. She told me it was a pussy pleaser. Mega cocks hurt and tiny cocks don’t do much. She said I was not too big to squeeze in anywhere.

“I can see you do have an interest. Bob, it’s true we enjoy each other but we both have husbands and certainly are not virgins when it comes to men. So can we negotiate?”

Barbara looked over her shoulder to see my decision. Laura pulled on her nipples and spread her thighs even more. My sexual interest was very much peaked. I had a commodity (of sorts) and they were labor. This dropped into my ‘wheelhouse’ very nicely. My dad had been on the union’s negotiating team all my life. I felt comfortable. This was strictly about benefits and conditions.

“Ok, let’s negotiate. You want secrecy and I want carnal control. I’m willing to play along. First thing is you will have to service me and my friends at any time I call you day or night.” I opened.

“We can’t do that. We are married, and your friends will talk. The secret has to be a secret. We will service you one time and that’s it.” Laura offered.

“This ‘one time’ shit is a non-starter. You will provide the service until no longer needed. I agree to losing the friends option, they would ruin everything including your services. Mike has a huge porno cock. He would stretch you out and hurt you. So, you provide service until no longer desired. 24/7. One call and you respond. I will not post anything, show your images or expose you as cheating, stealing worktime lesbians. The first party that violates the agreement loses their rights. If I violate the agreement then I have to delete the images and if you violate the contract everything goes public.”

“We are getting closer. We are married and can’t always drop everything to go fuck you. So it’s only if we can. And types of sex, I don’t want you using Barbara’s vagina and I don’t like-”

“NO! NO LIMITS. I will agree that at times you can’t reasonably respond to a service call. That’s why you have a team. As long as one of you responds, and there is equity in work load. Barbara doesn’t have to do all the servicing. I agree to be reasonable and give fair warning before concluding the contract has collapsed. Unless, of course, you cause a personal attack on me or the images. That will be an automatic and immediate exposure.”

“Sure, Ok, but getting back to types of service-”

“NO. The services will be anything I want. Anything a 18 year old man could want. Final offer. Yes or no.” This was fun.

“I agree.” Barbara said.

Principal Brown glared at her. “I’m not OK with the deal. Anything? That’s too broad. That could include spanking, anal, scat, bondage, public exposure. No way.” Brown said.

“Ok, you are out then. Coach, I can try to edit you out of the photos. Are you still ok with the deal? Without your Laurie big-tits?” I clarified.

“WAIT! I didn’t say I’m out. I just want a better deal. How about a time limit. End of school year.” Laura Brown tried to reopen.

I smiled at Laurie. “You lost power when half your team took the deal. Now it’s up to you, take it or leave it. You’re wasting my time.” I closed.

“Ok, fine.” Laura said.

“Good. We have an agreement. I call, you come, anything I want until I decide the contract is filled or I decide it has collapsed. I promise to be reasonable with my requirements. This is a honor agreement, basically a promise. I want to remind you that the whole idea is to please me. If I feel unwanted and hated then I won’t be pleased. Saving your jobs, marriages and social standing is your motive to make me happy. I am not an inexperienced virgin, I enjoy making a woman orgasm. Dilated pupils, vaginal contractions all of it. Things beyond your control. Nothing faked. This isn’t something you are going to read a book through. Ok, we are done. No attacks on me or the images. Write down your cell numbers and I’ll call you or text you. You have a 20 minute window to call me back.”

I stood and took their numbers. I walked out of the office as they jumped and jerked to get their clothes back in place.

My keys were on Brittany’s desk. She smiled.

“Everything ok? You drive a camaro? Cool.”

“Thanks Britt. So coffee tonight? Should I pick you up or we just meet?”

“Um, coffee we meet. Dinner you pick me up. Desert you come over.” She told me, smiling big.

“Ok then, I got the rules down. So, coffee?”

“Yes. Charlie’s at 5? I’m leaving work early today but I should be there at 5. I’ll call you if I’m late.”

“Ok Sugar. Hope to see you at Charlie’s.”

“I like Sugar. We’ll get you a nickname tonight.” Britt laughed.

I retrieved my phone and waited until the start of the last period before going back to the admin office. I sent Principal Brown’s phone a text saying I was going to visit her. Britt was gone and Brown’s office door was open. She sat at her desk and talked on the desk phone. I figured now would be a good time to play with one of my fuck toys.

I walked into her office and casually pushed the door behind me. I walked behind her chair and reached around her shoulders to grab her big fat tits.

“Uh, sweetheart. I have to go. One of the inmates is acting up again. See you at home.” Principal Brown said.

At this point I was unbuttoning her blouse. She didn’t try to stop me but sat a little rigid.

“I thought you were going to call and wait 20 minutes.” Principal Brown said.

“Oh that is for after hours. I sent a text I was coming to visit. Your tits are just soo big. I figured I’d be nice and save you the gas and motel money. Motel rentals can be expensive. I know how you like to have sex in the office. So if you could just step out of those clothes. I want to taste those big nipples and spank your ass.”

“No spanking. I don’t want to be spanked.” She said. Her blouse was open now. I stopped touching her.

“Ok. Well, that’s disappointing. I thought our agreement would last longer than two hours and a first attempt. I’ll be going. I have something to do.” I started for the door.

“Wait,, WAIT. Look, I’m getting naked. We can play around. If you want to slap my butt just a little we can do that. You just surprised me. Look! Here, No clothes.” Principal Brown stepped out of her pants and panties with all her clothes on the floor, she stood naked in her office.

“OKAY, but this is very much under the unwelcome feeling I talked about. It’s our first time so I guess it is natural to be a little awkward. Come on over here.” I told her.

Principal Brown walked naked across the office and up to me as I stood next to the office door. I suddenly grabbed her head and pulled it up to my face.

Principal Laura Brown was a bully. She loves to order everybody around, making people bend to her will. I decided to bend her to my will.

I kissed her mouth and forced my tongue inside. She was a little stiff. I thought she might be afraid. I ran my hands onto her breasts and between her legs. Her hairy pussy was dry. I broke the kiss.

“Ok, let’s have some fun.” I said as I pulled her to an armless chair. The same one I was forced to sit in earlier. I pulled her down across my lap, butt up. Her pale white ass cheeks still had a small line where her panties had been. I hoped she felt humiliated having a student put her across his lap to spank her naked ass in her own office. I raised my hand above my head and brought it down fast to slap her ass. It shook and bounced, a red hand mark instantly marked her pale skin. I worked on that ass for a solid five minutes. Concentrating on the lower center part of her ass. Her cheeks were bright red. At that point she had gone from not showing any reaction just stoically being spanked to a state where she was getting emotional.

I reached under her and dug my fist deep into her massive hanging tit. Laurie started to cry. She begged me to stop. She kicked her legs. I started to enjoy her now. I stopped the ass slaps and rubbed them.

“PLEASE BOB! stop it,,this,, no more. It hurts. Fuck! please stop. Don’t! I can’t.” Laurie cried tears.

I felt between her cheeks down to her anus and labia. They weren’t so dry now. Her pussy was wet and gooey. I started slapping her ass again. She kicked for a little bit but then slowed and stopped. She moaned with the slaps and seemed to give up her fight. Her ass was swollen, glowing red and purple. Bruises were developing.

I slid two fingers into her vagina. She spread her legs wider and trembled. I finger fucked her for a minute or two. She was gushing pussy juice now. I pushed her off me and then pulled her around to stand straddling my hips. I saw her eyes were red and her makeup had run down her face, as I pushed my pants down to free my hard cock. I slid down some in the chair as I pulled her by a handful of her pussy hair toward my standing cock.

Principal Brown surprised me by grabbing my cock and aiming it directly at her runny pussy. Once she felt it touch, she sat down taking it in one smooth, gliding motion. She started to grind my cock immediately. She had her eyes closed and moaned as she took it, smashing into her cervix.

I used both hands on those big udders rolling in front of me. I encircled the base of her right tit with both hands and squeezed it up to point at my mouth. I shook the fat heavy tit up and down, back and forth and then latched on to her big hard nipple. She was moaning and muttering little ‘fuck’ and ‘yes,,,please’s. I switched to her other tit to do the same thing. I sucked on spots around her areolas and nibbled on her. I could see red and blue welts or ‘hickies’ developing.

Principal Brown was thrusting harder on me. Her pussy juice was running down onto my crotch. The noise outside the office door got a little louder. We both looked toward the door and saw that it hadn’t shut. It was open a couple inches and moved with an air disturbance. I heard someone ask ‘Did Britt leave already?’ And someone else said ‘she said she was leaving early.’

I wondered what they would have thought if they opened the door a little more to see their Principal totally naked, with a red ass and bruised tits, riding the cock of a fully clothed male student.

I looked at Principal Brown, releasing her heavy breast and she jumped up. She walked quickly to the door. She looked sexy with her big tits bouncing and her red ass shaking as she hurried. She softly shut and locked it. She then just as quickly hurried back to my lap and put her leg over me. Once she had my slippery wet cock realigned she slammed herself down again taking it all. She leaned back slightly and I reacquired a breast. She closed her eyes and humped me like before. Apparantly she was enjoying her ride.

I sucked and squeezed and slapped her tits around until she opened her eyes with a startled look. She stared in my eyes and worked my cock with short, hard thrusts. She was breathing hard and I felt her vagina move. She was orgasming on me. She finally stopped moving and held her breathe. She closed her eyes and after a full minute she relaxed and slumped forward on me.

“Shit! That was unbelievable. How in the hell did that work on me?” Brown admitted.

I waited a few more seconds and told her to bend over her desk. She slowly drug herself off me and turned to her desk. She bent over and spread her thighs. She looked pretty tired. I closed in on her ass and pushed straight up her cunt.

“Oh god! You’re really big, Bob. That feels good.” Principal Brown said. Her ass and hanging tits shook with my thrusts.

I admired my handy work. Her red ass cheeks were shaking as I slammed into her from behind. I could see the sides of her tits hanging down and whipping around. I decided to just fuck her as hard and fast as I wanted.

The noise of me slapping my thighs onto the backs of hers and her ass was getting loud. She was whimpering and I knew I would be cumming soon. I slapped her ass a few times and felt I was ready to cum. I tilted my head forward, I grabbed her shaking ass and watched my cock stretch her hole open. She felt to me as if she might be having another cum.

I suddenly pulled out and pulled her head around to my slimey cock. She squated down and opened her mouth. I started ejaculating into her mouth. It felt great to release it all inside her. I shot it all out and straight into her mouth. She was still jerking thrusting her hips as my sperm continued to drain into her open mouth. The white sauce was making a big mess on her tongue. As soon as I totally finished, I dropped back from her and she swallow it all. She licked her lips and hung her head breathing deeply.

I discreetly wiped my cock on her white pants from the floor. After I pulled up my pants and zipping up, I grabbed Principal Brown by the hair and pulled her face to mine.

“Thanks for the pussy Laurie. You are fun.” I told her.

She whispered, “thank you.”

I unlocked the door and shut it behind me. I left to let her clean herself up. I walked to the athletics department and into Coach Ecklund’s office. She was grading some papers when I walked in her open door.

“Bob, I was wondering how long it would take you to see me. I guess you want some service.” She said with a little smile. She stood up and opened her shorts.

“No. Actually I just visited Laurie. So I won’t need you until tonight. I want you to get a motel room at the Full Moon Motel next to Charlie’s coffee and I’ll meet you at say 8 pm, text me the room number. Wear something sexy and nasty. Just you, Laurie is too tired to be any fun tonight.” I told her.

“Tonight? Oh-kay. You’re not on a date or anything? Well, OK. I’ll see you then. I know this is a unusual circumstance but as long as we are going to be together, lets enjoy it. I think you are handsome and I want to have some fun.” She said. She walked up to me and leaned up to my face, kissing me on the lips. I kissed her back for several seconds.

“Good. I want to relax and enjoy it too. Why did you think I was going on a date?” I asked.

“No reason. You are just so handsome, I thought you’d have a date. So tonight?” She said. Acting innocent. I grabbed her breasts and gave them a squeeze. She smiled at that.

I told her I’d see her then. I drove off campus and visited a couple friends.


At 5pm I drove into the parking lot at Charlie’s. Britt wasn’t there yet but I went inside and got a coffee. I sat down and saw a car park next to mine. She got out and walked inside.

Brittany was wearing a black skirt that was a couple inches above the knee and a red collared busty blouse. She smiled as she walked up to me. She was absolutely gorgeous. Smooth tan skin, Pretty bright white teeth. Red lips. Curled brown hair. Big brown eyes.

I stood up as she zoomed in on me and kissed me on the lips. She sat down with me and asked if we could just share my coffee.

We small talked and had a lot of eye contact. I asked her about how she ended up working at the school. She seemed to be the only young pretty woman on the clerical staff.

“Mrs. Brown picked me. At first I was in the pool but she selected me for her personal secretary. It’s not so bad.”

“And you never got a serious boyfriend or married?” I asked.

“I did have a fiancee for a while. I got into a little trouble and he ended up moving away. He married a girl a couple months ago.” She said sadly.

“I’m sorry. That has to hurt.” I told her. I didn’t ask about her trouble. I think I was beginning to understand. I was glad I did what I did.

We talked for a over an hour. I found that I liked her. Beyond her looks. She was fun and bright. I felt I could hang with her even without sex. I explained that I thought we should date. Not jump to sex immediately. Maybe we could go out, some night.

She reminded me of that policy about dating and she could get fired. I said that I’m 18 now and would be finished with high school in two months. I could wait. She said she didn’t want to wait, but she would.

I said maybe we could continue meeting for coffee a few times and then I could come over for desert. Britt said desert would be fine tonight. We could be there in 20 minutes. I shook my head and told her that was too fast. We would get there but later. I told her that I really liked her and wanted this to count. Britt smiled and said OK. She said she couldn’t believe I was passing on desert. I laughed and told her it wasn’t easy.

We sat in my car and kissed for 20 minutes. I was squeezing her boobs and before I could get her blouse off, I stopped myself. I told her I wanted to build a solid relationship so we could be a couple with a future.

“Look whatever happens with Principal Brown and Coach Ecklund and whatever trouble you may or may not be in. Remember me here with you and us wanting to be together. We can have a future if you want. I’ve liked you all year.” Britt told me.

I liked her. I wanted to know more about her. Even if she was part of Brown’s plan. I would be interested in seeing her further even after tonight.

“Mr. Big. Remember sex and the city? He was called that because he was rich. But I’m giving you that nickname because of this.” She sat her hand on my lumpy tight crotch.

We kissed a little more and I squeezed her ass when I walked her to her car. She drove away. It was 8 pm. I texted Coach Ecklund about the room number. My phone message said ’18.’


I reparked my car. This motel was sleezy. Just right for a fuck date. I knocked at the door of room 18. Mrs. Ecklund opened the door a little and looked out. She looked back and forth to see if anyone was watching. She then opened the door all the way. She was in lingerie. All black. High heels, stockings, garter belt, thong panties and a black half C-cup bra. Her hair was pinned up, she wore a pearl necklace, red lipstick and long black fake eyelashes.

She looked sexy and nasty. I walked in the door and she locked it. I took my phone out and told her she looked so nasty. Would she mind if I took a few pictures. She smiled and said “sure, a few more isn’t going to hurt. Plus I think I look hot.”

I took 5 or 10 pictures and a few more later. I took my SD card out of my phone. I walked to her and grabbed her panties. I pulled them down and she stepped out of them. I told her to lay back on the bed. She did and put her knees up high and wide. I settled my mouth into her hairless puss.

I was licking her clitoris and suck-munching her surrounding labia. Barbara was pushing her pussy at my face. I reached up to her nipples and started pulling them. I raised my head from her.

“Did you see what I did to Laurie’s body? Did she show you?” I asked then returned to my task.

“Oh God, Please! Don’t mark me up like that! You really punished her. I know she liked it though. She didn’t want me to see. You bruised her tits and ass pretty bad. It’ll be weeks before she can let Wally see her. Ha, poor bitch. Please, Bob, don’t do that to me. We can do anything you want. I just don’t want to be hurt. You know how to suck pussy though. Feels great.” Coach Ecklund said.

I lifted my mouth up from her puss. I put two fingers inside her and brought my other hand down ontop of her pubis. I started to lightly scrub her g-spot.

“Oh fuck! I love it! Oh baby. Yes, yes right there.” Barbara babbled. Bringing her knees up more to offer her sex to my hand.

After a few minutes she was ready to pop. Her abdominal muscles tensed and she stopped breathing. I jerked my hand out of her vagina and she squirted several feet. I returned to find her slippery pussy totally tilted in orgasm. Her face was getting red and finally she took a huge breath.

“Who taught you that? I love that woman. Jesus that was good. Damnit, I wish things were different. I wish somehow you were introduced into our little threesome in a positive way. You spanked the cum out of Laurie and now what you just did.” Barbara said.

“How long has Britt been part of your group? She told me you are the nice one.” I lied.

“Ever since Laurie caught her stealing. She introduced me to Laurie and,,, well, she isn’t really into it like Laurie and I are. I mean she is pretty, has great tits and ass but she is into men. She does what she has to. She misses having a man in her life. Laurie made her cut off her boyfriend to get her horny but it didn’t work. She doesn’t even try to kiss sexy. She likes you though. That’s why I say it’s too bad it isn’t different. You could fuck all three of us. But Laurie wouldn’t go for that.”

I stripped and laid on the bed. “Come here, Barbie. Suck my cock. Can you throat it? I was thinking it’s too bad also. Hey, Careful with those teeth. Laurie is too bitchy. You’re fun and Britt too. If I have to expose those pictures and movies. In my humble opinion, I think you should move to LA. All your ties to this place would be gone and you would be a little famous. You could get into the adult entertainment field. You could make a lot of money. That feels great.” I talked as Mrs. Ecklund forced my hard cock into her throat.

After about 10 minutes, I motioned her to crawl up on me. She slowly backed her head up and off my cock. Pulling it out of her throat. It was slimy wet and pulsing. She crawled up with her knees on the outside of my legs. She directed my manhood directly into her vaginal opening and very slowly sat on it.

“You wouldn’t do that for no reason would you? Look, You got to punish fuck Laurie and I’m here having fun. Britt is probably head over heals in love with you. WAIT, DON’T PUSH YET. I haven’t had a cock in there in almost a year. You are large and I’m tight. Slow, OK? There. Let me get used to you,,. Laurie found that if my husband fucked me, then I wasn’t all that interested in her. But if my husband was overseas. I was game for anything. She told me that I had to cut him off. So I claimed a medical issue and said it was painful. I only give him blow jobs and once a year I let him in my ass. I do miss cock. But I also get a hell of a lot more orgasms throughout my year than just fucking once or twice a month. That’s feeling better now. You are so deep in me. I can feel you pushing against the back wall in there. Never been this full. Ouch, nice cock, Bob.” Barbara babbled.

She started to grind me. She closed her eyes and developed a rhythm. She increased her movements to a thrusting ride. She started sliding up and down my hips and rocking my cock inside her. She kept her eyes closed and bit her lip.

This was feeling really good to me. Mrs. ‘tight pussy’ Ecklund was working toward another orgasm and I decided to join her. I reached up and grabbed at her tits. She pulled off her bra without being asked. I pinched and rolled her nipples and she increased her downward force on my upward throbbing cock.

“I’m going to cum. Bob, my pussy loves you! Oh fuck me! Now, NOW FUCK ME HARD.”

I grabbed her breasts and pulled her down on me. I started thrusting upward. She was bouncing her ass hard on my ridgid penis. She squeezed her eyes shut and had her mouth open, she orgasmed on me. Her pussy flooded my crotch as her juice poured onto me. I started to get to my own ending so I viciously grabbed her head and pulled it down to mine. I opened my mouth and forced her mouth open. She moaned into me as I shot my hot cum onto her cervix.

I pumped my cum deep and steady for what seemed like 15 minutes but was probably way less than 1. Once I opened my eyes I saw her looking at me. My cock was still jerking and throbbing as it drained it’s white baby batter into her womb. I released her after a few more minutes. She leaned down and kissed me again.

“God, I could feel every jerk and squirt! If I wasn’t on the pill I’m sure you would have made a baby. I’ve never felt that before. You are a hot cock Bob. God please! Why couldn’t things be different? I wish things were different even more now! Well, I’m a happy girl. Can we rest a minute? I’m a little wore out. We rest and then get it one last time?,, For tonight I mean?”

I understood what she was saying. I looked over to my side where she slid off me to. She was going to sleep. I dozed off too.

I woke a couple hours later. I got up and found my phone. I checked my cloud preferences. No accounts were active. It was 3 am. I tried all my accounts. All were deleted. The phone flashed ‘are you sure you want to factory reset? All data will be lost.’ The ‘yes’ button flashed green and the phone went blank. I used the bathroom.

“Hey sleepy. It’s getting late.” I woke Barbara.

“Hi sexy. You up? Let me use the bathroom and we can see about your cock and my butt.” Barbara said horny as ever.

She used the bathroom. I heard her peeing. I took her phone and without unlocking it made a phone call.

“Jerry? Hey. It happened. I borrowed a phone. They did a factory reset on mine. Go forward with it. All of it. Bye.”

Barbara came out of the restroom and went to her purse. She didn’t look at her phone. She took a tube of lube out and handed it to me. She got up on the edge of the bed and put her knees wide apart.

“Go slow please. I like it in my ass but you are larger than my husband. You’ve done this before right?” Barbara asked looking back over her shoulder.

“Just a couple times (Nancy loved it too. We hit that about twenty times.) Now this lube is a little cold. Let it warm up.” I spread the gel on her ass and pushed some up into her butt. I finger fucked her ass for a couple minutes, adding as much lube as I could.

I touched my cock head to her sphincter and zeroed in on the tight opening. She was breathing hard again and pushed backwards a little. Her big ass looked awesome. I started to slow drive into her.

I pictured the scene we were in. A high school student in a sleezy motel with one of the married coaches. She was on the edge of the stained bed on her knees offering her anus for his enjoyment. I stopped pushing. That last thought almost got me cumming. I wanted to enjoy her for longer than that. This was the only time we would be together.

“Too much? Feel ok?” I asked.

“Yes but give me some time to relax on it. Feels great.” She replied.

“Weird thing happened. My phone and all my cloud accounts were deleted just now. Seems like you three found a hacker to delete them. I guess it’s over, our agreement has collapsed.” I pushed a little deeper inside her anus.

“Oh, fuck! Bob, I was hoping you wouldn’t find out until after we were finished. You aren’t going to hurt me now?” She asked.

“No. I’m not going to hurt this beautiful body. Your ass feels so good. I’m enjoying myself. So Britt was supposed to keep me busy so the hacker could invade my system unnoticed. Then I guess it switched to you keeping me busy.” I asked.

“Yes. Laurie was surprised you got her right away. She figured she wouldn’t have to put out at all. But she was wrong. At least you got to fuck her and me once. Britt really likes you so she was happy when Laurie told her she wanted her to fuck you. You could still have Britt you know. Except Laurie would tell her she couldn’t fuck you. Brittany wanted you before any of this started. Laurie was so mad that you spank-fucked her and now getting to do me. I’m good now if you still want it.” She explained.

I started to thrust in and out of Mrs. Ecklund’s anus. Her big soft ass cheeks were warm on my hips. I decided to concentrate on her ass and not talk. I did consider this time being our only time so I should fuck her as I wanted. I started long thrusting her. Bringing the tip to the edge of being out and slamming it back in deep to the base. She started to ‘unph’ on each slam home. I was slapping her ass and thighs with my hips. It was a short time until she gripped the wrinkled bed cover. She put her arms straight to brace herself from the forward pushes.

“Bob, you fuck everything so well. Whoever you were with before trained you well. You feel awesome in me! I’m going to miss you. I don’t know what Laurie has planned but I’m sure it’s trouble for you. OH YEAH. Now that you have nothing on us, I’m sure your school year will be ruined. Maybe all Fails in your classes. No graduation. I’m not sure. Maybe you should consider not going back to school. OH GOD! I LOVE YOUR COCK! Please keep going,,,just,,like,,that. I’M GOING TO CUM!” Barbara tensed her body and white knuckled her fists.

I felt her sphincter tighten and relax several times. I put one foot up next to her knee and continued to hammer her butt. She was still bent over taking it when I felt I could finish inside her. My orgasm was so good. I couldn’t deliver a ton of cum but the feeling was great. It shot off and the stong feeling of sweet sexual release washed over me. It could have been the fun of the strong ass slamming or the mind picture I just had, but damn it felt great. I slowly pulled my deflating penis from her sore ass and backed away. Barbara laid over on her side and looked at me.

“That was fun. Hey, maybe we could hookup later down the road. After whatever happens. I like the way you fuck.” Barbara suggested smiling. I jumped down onto the bed with her and kissed her deeply for a few minutes. She was playfully kissing back and enjoying my hands rubbing her ass cheeks. Finally I laid back to give her the news.

“I’ll be in town. I wasn’t going to tell you this but I find that you are a really fun woman. I think honestly that you should go home, tell your husband you want a divorce. Catch a plane to LA and get a job there. When your hacker hacked me. He triggered a failsafe. Your vids, pictures and personal identification were posted. By now it’s on your and Principal Brown’s husband’s email server, your family’s email, everybody at his work, the board of education, the newspaper, as well as russian servers, also in japan, on servers everywhere. I’m really sorry. I wish you could have talked Brown into riding it out. Once I had Brittany I would have lost interest in you two.” I leaned down and kissed Barbara one last time. “Well, absolutely her.”

“You’re joking right? Bob, tell me you are joking. I’ve got to call Laurie. What time is it?” Barbara asked.

“It’s 4 am. You know she fucked this all up, I think you should just bail. She will find out soon enough.”



Remember when I told Barbara to rent a room at the motel and then drove off campus to visit a couple friends?

I drove to my friend’s business ‘Killer Fast Computers’ Jerry was a good friend. I told him about the videos and pictures. Once I told him of how they took my phone and then when I got it back with the pictures on it he was laughing. I asked him how I could protect my cloud back up. He told me I couldn’t. They were dangling fruit and easily stolen or deleted. He told me he would help me. He doesn’t like people messing with his friends.

We downloaded the entire set. He burned it to hard media. He did some stuff on his private computer and called a friend in germany. I don’t speak german. After about twenty minutes he hung up and explained that he was set. He could fire the images off with one old school macro. Once that was done they would be on porn servers in a thousand different locations on the earth. They would propagate the world over.

I said I needed full credit for sending the first wave of pictures to every adult at school, the board of Ed, the newspaper, channel 12 news, their families and their husband’s companies. Title it ‘this is what our tax dollars pay for’ Jerry started laughing. The second wave could be around the world.

Jerry said, “OK, Smart. ‘Whistleblower’ right? You want protection. I guess a guarentee to graduate, is that what you’re looking for.”

“Yeah, I’m too close to settle for a G.E.D. and I might get some other stuff. So the stuff that I get credit for should be exactly as first recorded. But the second wave. You could put their names and addresses and anything else you want on them. Tonight I will know what’s happening. I’m sure I am setup to be hacked. You think you’ll be ready to send it under my name?” I asked.

“Oh yeah. Here, call me under this number. It’s a burner. I’ll be ready by maybe 5 or 6 tonight. Your emails first then like 10 minutes later everywhere. My german buddy is very interested. If you don’t call me I won’t do it.”


I got home just before day break. Saturday morning. I ate some cereal and Dad came stumbling downstairs.

“Where,, did you just get in? Not in trouble?” He asked.

“Don’t think so. Just had desert with a friend. Time got away from me.” I said truthfully.

“Desert? Oh, Catting around. Good, enjoy it. Once you get on the roll you’ll be busy. Alright I’m going in.” Dad left for work.

I showered and got into bed. I got a few hours sleep when Mom knocked and said “Channel 12 is on the phone. A news reporter wants the talk to you.”

I got dressed and went to the phone. The guy asked if I had sent the pictures and video of the school teacher and principal. I said yes. I explained that they took my phone illegally and when I got it back the pictures were on it. I had a hard time deciding on what the right thing to do was. My uncle Frank talked to me. He swayed me to do the right thing and expose what these women did while our taxes paid them to teach and protect children.

There was another call from a reporter in New York. My mom answered the next call. It was a guy saying I did the right thing. There were other calls saying I should die in burning gasoline. We stopped answering the phone. All sunday it rang. We ended up unplugging it.

Monday morning. A news van was stopping at my house as I drove to school. There were two vans at school. Everybody stared at me as I walked to class. My first period class even had the teacher staring.

A guy from the school board was 10 minutes late to class and asked to see me. When I stepped into the hall two other school board officials appeared. They asked me to the school admin office. Britt was there. She smiled nervously at me. The principal’s office was empty. They took me inside and asked me if I had sent those pictures. They asked why didn’t I just notify the board? I told them I did but everyone else at the same time. I thought they would just cover it up.

They eventually said they were transferring me to another school for the rest of the year. I started asking for names and writing them down. I even asked for correct spelling on a couple names. I told them I was going to retain a lawyer. I felt that I was being punished for doing the right thing. I want the names spelled correctly for my lawyer. I thought there was a law protecting people that told the truth. A whistle law or whistler. I wanted legal action taken, my rights were being violated again. This would never have happened if school district employees hadn’t stolen my phone. The Virginia Supreme Court ruled that teachers could not take the private property of students. One of their employees used my stolen phone to make pornographic images. Did they have prior knowledge that these employees were like this?

The people talking to me didn’t answer any of my questions but eventually asked if I could just stay home or go get a job. I would get a diploma and not miss out on anything except the disruption in the classroom. They could have a diploma delivered tomorrow morning to my house.

I said OK and they said Congratulations you just graduated high school. A little later I was told that since I was no longer an active student, I would have to leave school grounds.

They escorted me to my car. I drove home to two newsvans parked infront of my house.


Principal Laura Brown and Coach Barbara Ecklund were both fired. A criminal investigation was started. There was a video clip of Principal Brown hiding her face and running to her car. I found that if I paused the clip at just the right second, I could see one of my hickies on her chest. Both their pictures from the school’s annual were shown. The news people interviewed their husbands who stated their ex-wives were secretive and they had no idea they were inclined to that type of conduct. They both stated they were glad to be rid of them. The news achor advised that both men had pending divorces. Their videos went viral instantly. Rumor was that a new adult movie was scheduled for release in a few months starring ‘Coach Barbara’ available for streaming world wide.

I got a job at the longshoreman’s union as a casual. I started putting in my hours. The money was good. I still lived at home and was putting all the money I earned into a real estate account. I was saving for a house.

Things were working OK. I met a couple girls but they were immature and I wasn’t interested in putting up with their shit.

One morning I got a text. ‘Mr. Big, when are you going to call for your Sugar?’ We met for coffee that day. She was dropped off by a lady that works at the school with her. She kissed me hello for a good long while. She admitted she was told by Principal Brown to have a night of sex with me. She said it was the only fun thing principal Brown had ever told her to do. Both Brown and Ecklund were gone now. No idea where and not a care to find out. Britt wanted to sit in my car. After kissing me for a long while and getting her bra off, she asked me to drive her home. She said she had some warm desert for me inside her apartment and she couldn’t take no for an answer.

Once inside her one bedroom apartment Britt took her clothes off in the livingroom. Her big boobs with the dark pink nipples counter balanced her round ass. She smiled at me and kneeled in front of me. She opened my pants and looked up at me.

She told me that she will need a ride to school tomorrow morning, where her car was parked. Guess I would have to spend the night.

FYI: I moved Britt in with me after buying a house. She wants a baby (I kinda do too) and she doesn’t care about a marriage (but I do.)

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