Mia Seduced and Betrayed
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“I’m sorry, Mia. I’m not going to make it tonight…”

There was more after that, of course. His words rolled on and on in a pathetic monologue about how much he hated standing me up. If only it weren’t for this or that or the other thing… Bla bla bla… It was all a bunch of pathetic excuses that didn’t mean shit to me.

I mean, there I was, with my make up all perfect and everything and wearing a tiny back dress that was just made for being pulled off of my tight, little body! I was finally ready to fuck him senseless and he wasn’t going to make it? Ugh!

“Of course, Evan. I understand,” I said in the bone-dry tone that always sneaks into my voice when I’m pissed. I rolled my eyes as I curtly told him he should call me later. He actually sounded all upbeat and happy, like every thing was just fine…

“Pinche’ cabron!” I hissed when the connection died. After a month of giving him kisses and hand jobs, I was finally ready to let him have me and that’s the night he decides to call off? I couldn’t fucking believe it! I was all dressed up and ready to fuck, and instead I was going to be stuck at home with nothing more than my own finger? I was seriously fucking pissed off.

“Pinche maricon!” I yelled at the phone before shoving it back into my purse.

Catching my reflection in the mirror, I saw an angry but very hot Latina with long, brown hair and deep, longing eyes staring back at me. ‘Damn, I do clean up nice.’ I thought with more than a little satisfaction.

“Well, you missed out, Evan.” I mused at my reflection. My breasts rode firm and high on my chest and the low, V-cut neck line of my dress exposed a dangerous amount of my golden brown cleavage. I was at my sexy best and my ruby-red lips formed a vengeful grin as I sent a quick selfie to my soon-to-be-ex boyfriend. I didn’t give a shit about whatever it was that was keeping him away, but I did want him know what he was missing out on!

‘Your loss, Even.’ I typed on the tiny screen before hitting send.

“Serves you right, you pick. And to think I was all set to get my freak on with you.”

Anger makes me do crazy shit and the more I thought about hoe he dumped me, the madder I got. I didn’t know how, but I wasn’t gonna just change into my pj’s and call it a night.

“Well, I’m not changing my plans now. I don’t need Evan to get laid. What I do need is a ride.” With my reflection smiling in agreement, I suddenly felt much better about being stood up.

There was no way my mother was going to drop me off anywhere dressed like this, so that left my brother, Tomas. If he was still home, I knew where he’d be. Tomas was nineteen, a year older than me and whenever he wasn’t out getting into trouble, he could be found in the basement, working on his very impressive muscles. I had to admit, brother or not, I really enjoyed watching him left weights.

“Hi, Tommy,” I chirped as I carefully navigated the basement steps in my heels.

As I expected, Tomas was laying on his bench, forcing a surprisingly heavy looking bar into the air. I stood near him while he finished his reps, watching his bare chest and powerful arms flex as he pushed the heavy bar upwards again and again. The look he gave me as he set the bar back in its rack was one a girl should never see on her brothers face, and my cheeks flushed hot as his smile widened into a knowing grin.

“Damn, Mia! You look like you got it going tonight. It’s about time you gave it up for Even! The poor guys’ got to be suffering from a deadly case of blue balls by now!”

“Oh, my God, Tommy!” I shot back indignantly. “I can’t believe you said that! Just because I got dressed up doesn’t mean I was going to screw him!” I crossed my arms under my boobs and stared at him, just daring him to say more.

“Bullshit, Mia.” Tommy shot back. “You’ve got ‘fuck me’ written all over you. I know when a girl wants it, and right now, sis, you definitely do.”

My eyes must have gotten huge, because Tommy just burst out laughing. I tried hard to be pissed at him, but a second later I was laughing with him. “Yeah, well, maybe I was going to fuck him, but the asshole canceled our date at the last minute.”

Tommy’s smile faded and he shook his head. “That’s his loss, Mia. The way you look right now, I’d be all over you in a hot second if you weren’t my sister.”

“Ah hunh. Like you were with Christy last week? She said you have very fast hands, Tommy. Did you fuck her?” I smiled at him, daring him to deny it.

Tomas sat up and wiped the sweat off his face. “You wouldn’t be asking if she didn’t already tell you. You know I did.”

“Yeah, she told me, all right.” I responded sullenly. I felt suddenly sobered by how excitedly she’d gone on about him and a flush of jealousy flared in my blood. I glared at my brother as though he’d committed some heinous crime. “How could you do that, anyway? She’s my best friend!”

Tomas just shrugged. “She’s hot and I wanted her. Why is that a problem?”

My eyes narrowed as my glare deepened. “Because it’s creepy, Tommy! I mean, we talk about everything! The last thing I wanted to hear was her bragging about having sex with my own brother!”

Tomas smiled and he flexed his powerful arms as he stood. “She was bragging? Cool! What did she say?”

“Tommy!” I yelled, feeling completely exasperated. It was grossly inappropriate for him to ask me that and I squirmed uncomfortably as a teasing laugh crept into his voice.

I was about to say more, but that damn smile made him look all cute and everything and the thought just choked off in my throat. I was frozen and my knees grew weak as he towered over me.

His smile turned dark and challenging as he pressed his advantage over me. God, I wanted to hit him so badly and probably would have if I thought I could have done more than make him laugh.

He clearly enjoyed baiting me and his voice grew hot as he came closer. “I can tell you this, Mia, Christy is one wild-ass fuck! It wouldn’t hurt you to loosen up a bit, you know. Maybe then, your boyfriend would pay more attention to you.”

“Fuck you, Tommy!” I screamed and my blood began to boil at his mention of Evan. His accusation stung deeply because I knew he was right. My palms were sweating and my chest rose and fell as my breath became heavy. I felt Tommy getting closer and something inside made me want to back away.

Tommy drew so close I could almost feel him on my skin and his dark eyes just bored into me. My heart skipped a beat and he kept following my slow steps one after another until I was backed up against the wall. He hadn’t actually touched me, but he was so very, very close. Much closer than a brother should ever be.

Before that moment, I never truly appreciated how big a man Tommy was. To me, he had always just been my older brother, but standing there, with his bare chest and broad shoulders just inches from me, I could smell his musky scent and I felt myself reacting to him in an entirely new and different way.

There was an intensity in the way he was looking at me. He didn’t reach out to touch me or anything, yet I couldn’t have moved from that spot even If I’d wanted. That single fact frightened me more than anything else. I suddenly realized that I didn’t want to move.

“Wh-what are you doing, Tommy? Let me go!”

Tomas held his ground, not moving an inch. “Let you go? I’m not doing anything, Mia. You can leave anytime you want.”

He was right, but then again, he had me trapped in a way I couldn’t explain. I needed him to back away, but he stood like a force of nature and I felt frozen to the ground “That’s- that’s not what I mean.” I shuddered, knowing instantly it was a mistake.

Tommy lifted my chin, forcing me to look into his eyes. His big, deep, hungry brown eyes…

I must have become lost in them because when he next spoke, I couldn’t fathom his words. “What?” I asked in barely a whisper.

“I said, what else did Christy say about me?”

Christy? God! I couldn’t believe he was still talking about her. I tried to focus and forget what Tommy was doing. My mind mixed the images as I search for the memory and I remembered how she had gone on and on about him, especially…

“She said you have a really big cock.” To my horror, those words escaped my lips before I even realized I’d said them! Tommy’s eyes blazed and his face lit up in victory.

“Really? She said that? You don’t think Christy would lie about that, do you?”

He was jogging my memory, forcing it to rise and become real in my mind. I wanted to say she would, just to wipe that beautiful smug smile from his face, but my lips betrayed me when I simply whispered “No. She was very excited by it.”

Tomas straightened and his hand flowed down his body until he was fingering the buttons on his jeans. “You want to see it, don’t you? Come on, Mia, admit it. You want to see it at least once. Christy told me how much you like watching me work out.”

He leaned closer and his voice became a soft whisper. “Christy told me everything, Mia. There’s no point in denying it. I already know.”

That bitch!!! I couldn’t believe she’d told my brother I thought he was sexy! I felt my whole world begin to crumble as my body burned in humiliation. I was completely mortified, but underneath all of that, my pussy went from damp to soaking wet. I was fidgeting and my glance flew to the basement door, hoping and fearing our mother would appear to break the spell, but it remain stoutly closed. I was caught, trapped down there, alone with him.

“You can’t, I’m mean we shouldn’t…” My voice failed and my mouth went dry as feelings I knew were terrible and wrong flooded through me. Thoughts unspoken and full of sin, yet I knew he was thinking them as well.

“We shouldn’t what, Mia?” he asked innocently, but that same smile crept over his chiseled face and burned into me.

I tried to answer, but I could no longer speak. His smile whispered to me, speaking unspoken words of lust and desire. I knew I should have resisted, but God forgive me, I felt a growing heat in my thighs as he gazed down at me. He was so fucking sexy that my body no longer cared if he was my brother. All it knew was that he was a man primed with an animal need and filled with arousal. Neither of us had said it, but I knew he wanted me.This was no game anymore.

Panic rose in my throat. I knew I should run, but I felt a pull, a longing need to be wanted. It was as if our bodies disregarded what our minds knew in favor of what our flesh demanded. I couldn’t bare to look him in the face and as my gaze traveled down his body, I was betrayed by my own instincts.

His torso seemed to ripple as he moved and the sight of his muscles flexing under the tight covering of his flawless skin sent a tremble racing through me. Then, as my gaze moved farther down, I saw the unmistakable shape of his cock pressing tightly against the fabric of his jeans.

“You’re so hard.” I whispered, barely controlling my urge to touch him.

Tommy’s voice grew deep and quite. “I’m a man. It happens when I’m looking at a beautiful girl.”

‘Oh, God! Don’t say that!’ my mind screamed. The heat in my pussy was pulsing and a tremble passed through my body. ‘Run, Mia!’ A voice like Obi-Wan’s said in my head, but it was lost in the roaring of my blood as it rushed through my veins. “I’m not a girl’, I responded with more confidence then I felt. “I’m your sister.”

Tommy’s hand moved upward and I shivered as he brushed a lock of my brown hair away from my face. “You’re a woman, Mia. A very beautiful woman, if you ask me.”

I couldn’t even begin to speak. In that moment, I feared the only things I might actually say would only give my consent. My heart was fluttering like a humming bird and I thought it would burst at any moment.

An unearthly pause hung in the air like a dangerous fog, enveloping me in its thick and heated embrace. Tommy’s hand came to my cheek and my will to resist crumbled like an ancient wall. I nuzzled into his palm, surrendering into whatever he wanted of me.

His breath came deep as a powerful sigh left his chest. With a tentative ease, he drew my lips close to his. For a moment he hesitated, giving me one last chance to resist…

“What if mom comes, down…” I said weakly, clinging to my last hope of stopping what was becoming inevitable.

“Mom, hasn’t been able to walk those steps in a year, Mia.” he responded with a mix of fateful desire and regret. “She isn’t coming and you know it.”

I felt his body pressing into me and I tasted his breath as his lips brushed mine. “No… Please don’t.” I whispered just as his kiss swallowed my pleas.

It was then I felt his hands on my body. He was touching me, not as a brother, but as a man longing for release. He caressed me as if he meant to reassure me and taunt me all at the same time.

His tongue glossed my lips, urging them to part. With a fearful sigh. I relented and melted into his embrace, accepting his tongue intimately into my mouth. His kiss was hot and demanding and I felt as though I was going to swoon as I melted into his embrace.

“God, Tommy, what are you doing to me?” I whined when his lips left mine.

“Only giving you what you wanted. Mia.” He voice was deep and full of a hunger I’d never sensed in him before. His hands were around my waist, holding me so tightly against him I could feel his bulge hot on my belly.

“I never said I wanted this..”

“Then tell me to stop.”

For a moment I tried. My mind screamed the words but they refused to form on my lips. Then the moment passed and my mouth was smothered again by his. Our kisses went from being slow and probing to hot and insistent, stealing my breath away. By the time we parted again, I had no more will to make him stop. “Oh, God, Tommy… Please be gentle with me.”

I felt his hand roaming up my back and cool air flowed over my skin as he drew the zipper down behind me.

“I will be, Mia. You’re my sister and I love you.” His soft voice hypnotized me and calmed my fears as I gave myself away to the bliss it silently offered.

My heart rose into my throat as he removed my dress. His bare chest felt hot under my hands and we kissed passionately as we careened towards something neither of us truly understood. With a flick of his wrist, the hooks at my back suddenly parted and my bra came away in his hands.

Instinctively, I cupped my exposed breasts in my palms and my cheeks reddened hotly as Tommy’s gaze fell on my exposed skin. I could see a mixture of wonderment and desire in those deep eyes and I knew I was lost.

“Damn, Mia. I had no idea how beautiful you really are.”

Gently, he tried to pull my hands from my breasts, but still, I resisted. He must of sensed that my hesitance was more from shyness than shame and he shushed my protests away. “Please, let me see them. They are too beautiful to hide.”

Oh, my God, everything I ever believed about love and sex crumbled around me. Each time time I found a will to slow the inevitable, his voice drew me deeper into his spell. He held me in his powerful arms, devouring my will along with my breath. Moments later, he was laying over me on the carpeted floor. I writhed and trembled under my brother as he feasted on my body.

“Tommy! No! I can’t do this! Unnh… fuck! I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!!”

“It’s too late now, Mia. I know how much this is turning you on. You’ve been dreaming about riding my cock ever since I fucked Christy, haven’t you. You won’t make me stop now. I know you won’t.”

I hated that he was right, but I still pleaded with him to stop. I tried to push him off, but every nip and bite on my skin felt like fire. I was panting in heat despite my objections and all the while his sucking kisses left wet trials all over my body. I was gasping for breath and felt a forbidden need building in my heart. Tommy played me like a master musician and soon his fluttering kisses had my pussy dripping with creamy juice.

I couldn’t believe this was happening! My own brother was winding me up until I was overcome with a need for him that both shocked and amazed me. He kissed my throat and sucked on my my lips and all the while his body settled over me as only a lover does.

I felt him reach between us and seconds later the snap of his jeans sounded loudly in my ears. I felt panic rise in my heart as the reality of what was happening struck. I knew I had to make him stop, but I was lost and could do nothing as we began our slide into the abyss.

I whimpered plaintively under him but “Oh, my god,” was all I could say as he began pushing his pants down his hips. I writhed and squirmed until I felt the hot length of his penis pressing into my tummy. It felt hard and heavy on my skin, and oh lord, it was thick!

I started to struggle but Tommy grabbed my hands and pinned them over my head. There was a wild and feral look in his eyes and I shuddered in fear and excitement as he began sawing his cock over my panty-covered clit.

“Feel that Mia? I’m so fucking hard for you now, I can’t wait to slide this inside you. How many guys have fucked you so far, sis? Two? Maybe three if you did that blond fucker you went out with last summer? None of them had a cock like mine. I’ve dreamed of fucking you for a long time and I’m going to love finally getting to split you open.”

He was grinding his cock hard on my clit, sawing his shaft back and forth while holding tightly me under him. The friction radiated through my wet panties and soon my hips were meeting his thrust. My arms ached as I fought his grip and only the weight of his body on mine kept me from thrashing under him.

Feeling him dry fuck me was pushing me over the edge. The insistent pressure on my clit flicked my pilot light on and I just exploded in orgasm. Waves of pleasure burst in my mind and I bucked and heaved under my brother as he bore down on my pulsing cunt.

“Unnnh, fuuuckk!” I screamed as my body rippled in forced pleasure. I couldn’t move my arms but my thighs flexed and ached and I locked them around my brothers legs as I tried vainly to pull him into me.

“Stop teasing me! If you are really gonna fuck me than do it now.”

Tommy curled me up, holding my thighs high around his hips. God, he was hard and I squirmed under him, confused as to whether I should scream or surrender.

His grip on me was so tight I couldn’t move. I knew I couldn’t stop him, that I soon wouldn’t even be able to try. My heart was pounding in my chest as I fought against my own desire,

Tommy must have sensed my conflict and he kissed me hard, slipping his tongue in my mouth and swallowing whatever resistance I had left.

“If you want it, Mia, you have to beg. Beg me to fuck you or I’ll leave you here in a puddle of your own juice.”

He was being a total fucker, but I was beyond the point of no return, I was in heat and I needed to feel his cock inside me. I was begging before I even knew it.

“Yes, you fucker! I need you inside me. I need you to fuck me, Tommy! Please, don’t let me change my mind, just fuck me! Fuck me hard!” My pussy was clenching and purring and my panties were drenched. I was hotter than I’d ever been and the only thought I had was to get my brothers cock into me. My body finally calmed and I became passive under him as I waited for his entry, but Tommy just smiled darkly as my orgasm subsided.

“Damn, Mia! You are so fucking beautiful when you come. Don’t worry, there isn’t a force in the universe that’s going to keep me from getting my cock into you, but I want you to see it first. I want you to feel it in your hand so you know what you’re getting tonight.”

Tommy rose off of me and pulled me up until I was laying between his legs. His erection was now just inches from my face and my belly twisted at the the thought of getting that thing into my cunt.

Almost fearfully, I reached out and encircled his thick shaft with my fingers. “Oh my gosh, Tommy. this is as thick as my wrist!” I pumped him hard a few times just to get a feel for it. He was long and thick and I’d never seen anything like it outside of a porn video. He was at least eight inches long, but what really struck me was how heavy he was in my hand.

His foreskin covered his head and the whole thing was an almost purple-pink. “Holyshit,Tommy,” I panted as I slowly stroked him. “You really are big. I’m afraid this is gonna hurt when you put it in me.”

“Don’t worry, Mia. I’ll go slow, but that can wait. I want you to kiss it for me. See how much of it you can suck”

Once I had that thick piece of fuck-meat in my hand, my only thought was to get it into my mouth. I nodded quickly and in a moment, my mouth was poised over his bulbous head.

“That’s it, Mia. Suck it for me. I’ve dreamed of this for so long. Let me feel those sexy lips on my cock.”

Gone was my hesitance at being with my brother. I had come too far by then and my stomach buzzed with need to have him inside me. Slowly, purposely putting on a show for him, I flicked my tongue out and swirled it over his thick head.

“Oh, fuck, Mia, suck me, suck my cock!” Tommy murmured, hissing as my hot mouth closed over him. The cadence his breathing slowed and became heavy as I began to suck him hard. Feeling him react so strongly to my mouth gave me a sense of power I was unused to. I shifted a little, rising high over him as I prepared to take him as deeply as I could.

My tongue swirled under his shaft and I slid down his considerable length until he was pressing on my throat. I tried to swallow him, but he got lodged in my tight opening and the urge to gag rose and forced me to pull back. I gagged and coughed while strands of saliva dripped from my lips onto his balls. My eyes were watering hard and I stroked him with my hand while I tried to regain my breath.

“I really can’t get much more of this in my mouth, Tommy. It’s just too thick. I didn’t know you had a real, porn star cock!” I smiled happily as I kissed the head and probed under his foreskin with my tongue. Between the pure size of his cock and the dirty thought of it being my brother, I was really in heat.

Tommy grinned as he watched my lips slid down the underside of his shaft. Instinctively, he thrust upward and I stroked him in my hand before slipping down to suck his magnificent balls.

My wet lips sucked his nuts until his legs dropped completely open. Tommy’s face was becoming red and strained and I stroked him harder as my tongue fondled his gonads through his sack. Part of me still feared the idea of actually letting my brother fuck me, especially with a cock like his. I was hoping I could get him to nut for me right then. I was sucking hard and using every trick I could think of and I knew he was getting close.

Quickly, I returned my mouth to his thick head and drooled my saliva all over it. I wanted it wet and slick as possible, not so it could easily get inside my cunt, but so I could take his monster right down my throat.

I was about to try when Tommy gasped. “Fuck, enough! Shit, Mia! You’re sucking the cum right out of me!”

Tommy tried to push me off but I was determined to make him come. “So? Don’t you want to?” I snapped excitedly. “Just shut up and let me finish! I want to see you shoot all over my hands!” I cupped his balls and kept stroking him, urging him to come, but Tommy rolled away and grabbed my arms hard.

“Oh no! You aren’t gonna waste this load, Mia! This one is going inside you!” His grip was like iron and I yelped as he flipped me over onto my back. I wriggled and struggled as he rose over me and my stomach clenched in nervous excitement when I felt his heavy cock slap down on my panty covered clit. Tommy grunted and grabbed the hem of my panties, roughly yanking them over my hips and making me gasp in pain. Tossing them aside, he pressed me back down and this time, I felt his member searching for my unprotected hole.

We were both panting hard as we wrestled in a passioned fight for my virtue. It was a fight I couldn’t win. When I felt his cock begin to force its way into me into me I pushed hard on his chest, trying to roll him off. “Tommy! No! You can’t put it inside me, not like this. I’ve got condoms in my purse…ohh fuckkk!!”

I felt a sudden, burning pain as he thrust, pushing his head through my outer lips. My eyes must have grown wide with fright, and for just a moment he stopped and sanity seemed to return to him. “Tommy,” I begged, “not like this. I don’t want you to knock me up.. Please, not like this.”

Tommy’s hesitation was short though and I could feel him gathering his strength. “No, this time I’m having you all. Later, we can use those, but right now,I want you bare!”

“Later? We can’t do this ag…. Ahhhh fuuuckkk!!!” I screamed out as Tommy unleashed his strength and drove his massive cock straight into my body. I felt him slide deep into me and once he found my wetter depths, I had no way to keep him out. My channel stretched and squeezed on his shaft and I grunted hard as he slammed balls deep into my sheath.

Tommy was holding me by my waist and began driving into me with a hard and hurried pace. The pain of his entry quickly faded and in just a few seconds my body was responding to being fucked in the only way it knew how. My juices flowed thickly and my nipples stiffened into hard little buds. I held onto his arms for dear life as he pummeled my cunt. I was whimpering and crying but inside my belly I felt an incredible tempest begin to grow.

“Pull out of me, Tommy,” I begged. “Please don’t cum inside me.. I’m not on the pill, okay? Oh, God, no! I can’t get knocked up by you. What am I going to tell everyone?”

Tommy’s grip me me tightened enough to hurt. He hunched up and ducked me harder, as if he was in a hurry to come. His chest was slick with sweat and as my cries failed, he wipe Red his victory in my ear. “Im gonna cream inside you, sis. I’m gonna fuck you until I come and I ain’t pulling out. You are getting my load and I hope you fertile enough to have my brat! With that, his body grew taut and his muscles flexed. He was so powerful that I could do nothing but lay there as his cock drilled into me.

He felt amazing inside me and I was riding toward another orgasm, but it threatened to stall as I realized what he was wanting from me. “Why, Tommy? Why would you do this? What am I gonna tell mama if I get pregnant?”

“Tell her it’s Evan’s brat. He won’t fucking know any better!” Tommy snarled and grunted and he bore down hard as he said it, making my whole body rock.

My pussy was clenching and clasping his cock it sawed into me. I felt that storm in my gut began to coalesce again. My heart was pounding but as much as I wanted to cum, I was desperate do to get my brother off of me. “No, Tommy, he will know. I haven’t fucked him yet, remember? God, you can’t cum inside me.. Ohh fuuuckkk I’m cumming!”

My orgasm rose like a beast and consumed me in its fire. My mind filled with pure sensation and my body rocked with pulsing convulsions. Somewhere in all of that, I felt my brother stiffen and he slammed his cock all the way up inside my womb.

He grunted and shook and I knew he was pumping me full of his cum. I was at the mercy of our pleasure and I groaned as both our orgasms crested.

When Tommy finally caught his breath, he kissed me gently on my lips before pulling out. “If you haven’t fucked Evan then take my car and go do it now. Make it good, Mia, cause if you do get pregnant, he needs to believe he’s the father.”

What could I say? Tommy fucked me better than anyone ever had but I felt so fucking used. Then, he tells me to go and fuck someone else? I was speechless, and I grabbed my clothes and my eyes filled with tears as I flew up the basement steps.

As I stopped and slid my dress over my naked and bruised body, I heard Tommy’s cell phone ring. The name he answered chilled me to the bone.

“Evan, what are you doing, dude? You shouldn’t be calling me now! You could blow this whole thing! Yeah, it’s cool though. I’ve talked to her and she’s heading over to your pad in my car. See, buddy, I told you if you made her wait it would pay off. I guarantee she going to put out for you now!”

What the fuck? His words echoed in my head and I realized my brother had set the whole thing up. He had maneuvered me into fucking him, and now I had no choice but to fuck Even as well. Even more than being fucked, I was getting screwed and there was nothing I could do but take it all.

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