Just another Day in the Sewing Room
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Up to now, I have been posting on a ‘closed’ story site. Closed in that only members can read or submit stories and no one can download. The people who run the sight are extremely pleasant and have always treated me fairly and have even helped me on a number of occasions. In short, I cannot say enough positive things about my experience there.

Further, the site management team strongly encourages feedback to writers. This is much appreciated as I and I believe most writers want to improve our offerings. Targeted feedback helps us do just that.

So, why post here?

Well, I typically get 100 to 200 views on my stories. My sense is an ‘open site’ like this may expose my stories to a wider audience. While saying that, I fully realize that my stories by nature will only appeal to a rather narrow audience. My favorite erotic author is Dedeaux and if you are interested you can read about him and his works here:

While I can never replace the ‘master’, I can at least write stories with similar story lines and that was one of my goals here.

My other goal or rather I was challenged to write a story to explain what’s happening in this old drawing:

It was another rainy day at the Weston Reformatory for Women and the inmates were unusually restless. The prison bell had just clanged at 6:45am signaling the end of breakfast and the beginning of the work day. This set the inmates scurrying to their assigned work place.

Failure to arrive to work on time at 7:00am meant certain punishment. Many of the inmates were forced to cross the big prison yard and this meant they would arrive soaking wet. It also slowed them down due to the soft mud they were forced to sprint over. Many were worried they’d be late and that meant getting punished by the matron in charge of their work detail.

Well, that is exactly what happened in the sewing room. Two inmates arrived at their station 2 to 3 minutes late: Jenny Howard and Anne Murphy both soaking wet as well. Their usual matron Maude Gruder was out sick and sitting at her desk was the new deputy warden, Gordon Jenks. Although new and rather young, Warden Jenks was well award of the need to maintain discipline in the reformatory. In fact, he believed the punishments should be a tad more severe and more visible. That is, dispensed in the presence of other inmates.

Before he could say anything, Jenny and Anne walked by his desk into the store room. Gordon looked over the workroom to see if any other stations were empty and finding none said, “Ok, ladies, please begin your work for today. Naturally, I expect everyone will achieve their daily quota … without exception! As usual, you may talk, but very, very low so as NOT to disturb others. You’ll find me fair, but strict. Enough said – Please BEGIN!”

Jenks carrying a clipboard then walked into the store room and left the door open so that others in the workroom could hear what transpired. Upon entering he found both Jenny and Anne bent over a heavy table with their wet skirts piled high on their backs and their drawers lowered. Jenny’s bare white 17 year old bottom was in the required position to receive the “standard punishment” for arriving late and her drawers were pooled around her ankles. Anne was in a similar position only she had removed her shoes and drawers completely since her shoes were covered in mud. Anne was 19 and her bottom was both larger and firmer than Jenny’s. Further, with her flaming red hair, the skin on her backside was very white and covered with freckles. Neither inmate had any marks or signs on their backsides of previous punishment, so these were good girls that just got caught up in some bad weather coupled with poor planning.

Warden Jenks was in somewhat of a dilemma as he wasn’t sure what the “standard punishment” for being late was in this particular workroom. The matrons had a great deal of latitude in how they ran their rooms and hanging on the opposite wall from the long heavy bench were several paddles, straps and canes. It was clear from the position of Anne and Jenny that Matron Gruder punished on the bare. Many of the other matrons reserved bare bottom for only the most severe punishments. Anyhow, the nearest instrument was a dark wood paddle about 20 inches long, 3 inches wide and a half inch thick. It was well worn from use and Jenks suspected this was the preferred instrument. He took it down and said, “Well, ladies you know we don’t tolerate late arrivals. You’ve been punished before and I need to be fair. So, how many swats would Matron Gruder typically dispense?”

Anne and Jenny looked at each other and Anne quickly answered, “Four sound swats apiece, Sir!”

Jenny’s eyes opened as wide as possible, because that was not entirely true. Yes, Matron Gruder would give 4 swats to some inmates … on some days … but she was moody and tended to be much tougher on those she didn’t like.

Warden Jenks said, “That seems fair and I assume she uses this worn paddle?”

“Yes, Sir,” answered Anne, “that paddle seems to be her favorite.”

“OK, what are your names and ages?”

Jenny answered, “Jenny Howard – seventeen, Sir!” Then Anne responded, “Anne Murphy – I’m nineteen, Sir!”

“OK,” said Warden Jenks as he recorded the names on his clipboard. “My standard procedure is we go in order of age and that means, you’re first, Jenny. So please bend your knees a little and stick that bottom out.”

Jenny immediately complied as she wanted no trouble. Further, since she was expecting anything from 6 to 12 swats, she’d planned do everything the Warden asked to insure she got no “extras”. She had been spanked, indeed, all of the inmates had been spanked by Matron Gruder in this room on multiple occasions. Matron Gruder spanked hard and expected the inmates to accept their punishment with a minimum of fuss. Any movement, covering up or screaming was always rewarded with “extra” swats.

With Jenny’s knees bent her bottom was nicely rounded and Warden Jenks decided to apply all four swats down low on the meatiest portion of Jenny’s bottom. He tapped the paddle twice in the target area. This allowed him to gage the firmness of the offered cheeks. He then swung the paddle high in the air and brought it down and then slightly upwards so that the paddle landed flush on the underhang where Jenny’s cheeks were their heaviest and had the most padding. A loud CRACK exploded and both cheeks were visibly driven upwards.

“mmmmmmmmmm …..mmmmmm… ohhhh, THANK YOU, SIR!” called out Jenny.

Jenks then delivered a second swat to exactly the same place. SMMACK!!!

“Ohhhh mmmmmm…. wisssssssh…. mmmmmmm…. THANK YOU, SIR!” again it was clear that Jenny was well trained to accept her punishment without any fuss or nonsense.

The last two swats were delivered hard and fast, but Jenny never lost control and always thanked the warden for the swat. After that last swat, a cherry red band was clearly visible across the lower 4 inches of Jenny’s bottom and the girl couldn’t keep her tender, twitching, and swollen hind cheeks still. She remained in position, however, to receive additional swats in case the Warden deemed necessary, but the Warden said, “OK, Jenny, let’s hope you learn from this to be on time. You may get up and return to your work station.”

Jenny immediately pulled up her drawers and left the store room WITHOUT rubbing or caressing her sore bottom cheeks.

Jenks then turned to Anne and found she had bent her knees and had her bottom thrust out in a way that created a perfect target. “Is this the way you want me, Warden?” ask Anne

Warden Jenks was a little surprised by the Anne’s submissive attitude, and answered with, “Why yes. That is perfect.” As with Jenny he took the paddle back as far as he could and delivered the first swat flush on the lower cheeks of Anne’s bottom. Her cheeks did not giggle like Jenny’s, but they still move upwards some and returned quickly to their original position.

“mmmmmmmmmMMMMMM OOFF, THANK YOU, WARDEN!” cried out Anne.

Then next swat was even harder and was delivered exactly on the same spot. CCRACKK!!

“MMMMMMMMMMMMM OHHHH, THANK YOU, WARDEN!” as with Jenny it was clear that Anne had been spanked before and would do nothing to risk additional punishment.

When the third hard swat landed, Anne called out, “YES, Sir!! … THANK YOU, WARDEN!” In spite of the tears beginning to form in her eyes, Anne felt she was very lucky that Maude Gruder was out sick today. While these four swats hurt, she knew a spanking from Matron Gruder would be much, much worse.

After the last swat, she was instructed to replace her shoes and drawers and then return to the workroom. While she was putting on her shoes, Jenks asked whether it was standard practice to offer a ‘thank you’ for each swat.

Anne then explained, “Matron Gruder says that any swat NOT thanked is a swat NOT appreciated and … is always repeated. In addition, Matron Gruder expects every inmate to get the full benefit from every spanking. That means, anytime an inmate rubbed or caressed her sore bottom, the inmate would earn a ‘do over’. Her expectation is that punished inmates are to be sitting on sore, throbbing backsides.”

Warden Jenks felt he learned some interesting points from Anne, but of course, it was really Matron Gruber’s methods that intrigued him. Upon returning to the workroom he heard some giggling and hushed conversations.

Jane Waymore, at 29 and the oldest inmate in the workroom, was chatting with her neighbors, “This Jenks character is a wimp! Four swats only and neither Anne nor Jenny had any tears! I’m thinking we can have some real fun with this dufus.”

Her neighbor, Liza said, “Please don’t include me. I want NO trouble!”

“Me either!” said her other neighbor, Betty.

“Boy! … I am surrounded by wimps!” exclaimed the frustrated Jane rather loudly.

Warden Jenks said, “Now, that’s enough! Didn’t I just say that you are NOT to disturb others? You, with the big mouth will now get three swats for that out burst.”

Jane thought to herself, ‘Big deal – three little swats – so what – that’s nothing!’ She then stood up and started for the store room.

Warden Jenks called out, “Hey, where do you think you are going?”

“To the store room to bend over the table. That’s where we are always punished,” answered Jane.

“Not today! Today, you’ll bend over your worktable and you’ll get your three swats right here in front of the people you disturbed.”

“Oh, please, Sir, you won’t make be bare myself in front of everyone! It’s – it’s indecent!” begged Joan.

“OK, you may retain your drawers, but only if you pull them tight over your hindquarters. If you let go even once, they come down and we start over. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” said Joan as she lifted her skirts and bent over. She next grabbed her drawers and pulled them tight across her bottom, “Is this the way you want me, Sir?”

“Yes, that’s fine. Just remember to KEEP THOSE DRAWERS TIGHT!” Warden Jenks answered as he headed for the store room to get the paddle. As he walked by the desk he remembered that in his brief case was a new thong sent to him by his cousin, Elly. Elly was head matron in a maximum security prison and she claimed these new thongs worked wonders … even over pants! She called them a bull’s pizzle or something like that. It was about the length of a cane, but much thicker and heavier. Jenks figured this was the ideal time to try out this new instrument. He removed the thong from his brief case, and got into position behind Jane.

As he was lining up he said, “Tighter Jane! I want those drawers as tight as you can get them!”

Jane pulled harder on the drawers causing the divide in her rump to be clearly visible. As she was doing that Jenks then raised the thong over his shoulder and brought it down hard on the exposed drawers. SPLATTTT!!!

Joan immediately screamed, “YEAOOOOOW, THAT REALLY HURTS …. THANK YOU, SIR!” Tears began to form in her eyes as this was sheer agony.

The next stroke was delivered an inch or so higher than the first, but just as hard. WHACCCKK!!


Warden Jenks thought, ‘well, finally we are getting some place’ and delivered the final stroke several inches below the first and even harder yet. WHHAACCKKKK!!!

“YEAOOOOOWWWW …. OHHHHH MY GOD …. I CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE!!! PLEASE, SIR … PLEASE, PLEASE NO MORE ….” and Joan continued howling and crying for several minutes, but never let go of her drawers.

Warden Jenks had just earned the respect of every inmate in the room and they listen very closely to every word he uttered. “There will be no more workroom disruptions … unless of course, you’d like to sample what Jane just got. Further, anyone failing to achieve her quota for today will get 5 swats in exactly the same manner as Jane. Any questions?”

No more encouragement was need! Everyone without exception began work on their sewing immediately … just as fast as they could manage. For no one wanted to be spanked like Jane.

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