A Brazilian Welcome
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Jackie’s mother greeted her with a smile and a
letter when she returned home from high school that
day in late January. It was Jackie’s sophomore year,
and she had applied for a scholarship to study abroad.
All through school, Jackie had studied Portuguese
until it became her life. She hurriedly ripped the
envelope and pulled out the letter. Sure enough! She’d
been accepted in the exchange program to study in
Brazil. She would be staying with a Brazilian family,
named Macros outside of Salvador.

As she would be leaving on June 23, Jackie
prepared carefully for her trip, trying to remember
the little things necessary in a foreign country. She
also studied about Salvador, learning it was formerly
the capitol of Brazil and its people were extremely

At the airport when her mother hugged her
goodbye, Jackie cried but also looked forward eagerly
to the new land. Her heart beat with anticipation of
what would greet her.

The next morning, Jackie stepped out of the
lumbering jet to the welcome of a mild morning. The
weather was a bit cloudy, but the air was extremely
humid, causing her clothes to hug her body closely.
Once through customs, she eagerly scanned the lobby
for the Macros family. They had written and promised
to meet her. A small dark-skinned lady approached
her and asked, “Jackie?” Jackie smiled and shook her
head in affirmation.

They met up with the rest of the family, and
climbed into the large Chevrolet. Soon they were home,
and Jackie had met and talked with her new adopted
relatives. Her Portuguese was a bit choppy, but she
found she could communicate pretty well.

She shared her room with her “sister”, Roselia.
Roselia was also dark skinned, with shoulder-length
black hair. Her teeth were pearly white, always
obvious because of her “Janet Jackson” smile. They
became close friends, talking of each other’s country.

As each week went by, Jackie became more
acquainted and familiar with her surroundings. The
people were extremely friendly. Jackie found the
“boys” especially fun, and she and Roselia drew many
whistles when shopping downtown.

They both entered school later that year. The
school was private and only for girls. This was a bit
disappointing, but the weather had started to warm up
even more, and the rains slowed down.

Their teacher organized them in a semi-circle.
They all sat down and looked to the front, as the
teacher introduced each, having them stand and say
their name. The class was a bit more interested in
Jackie, asking questions about Hollywood and Disney-
land. One girl across from her, Maria, just stared
at her. She had dark brown eyes and was very bronzed,
like most Brazilians. Her hair was a bit shorter than
Roselia’s, but was extremely beautiful and full.

School went on, and the studies intensified,
but Jackie found the challenge enticing. Roselia and
Jackie studied together, sharing ideas and helping
each other.

One day when they were reading in class, Jackie
felt someone looking at her. She glanced up to meet
Maria’s gaze. Maria glanced back down to her book,
and Jackie continued with hers. Wondering why the
other girl was always watching her.

The next day, Maria arrived in a short yellow
mini-skirt, allowing an extended view of her dark and
shapely legs. Her blouse was white and covered her
breasts tightly. She smiled at Jackie, saying hello,
and sat down at her desk. Later that afternoon, as
they studied their texts, Jackie dreamily looked down
at the floor, half-thinking of home. She noticed
Maria’s legs move and stared. Half in a trance from
the warm air and lecture, Jackie followed the curves
of Maria’s calves and followed them up to her thighs.
Her stare then returned back to her feet and back
again. This went on for a time. Maria’s legs crossed
again, startling Jackie out of her sleepy reverie and
she glanced up, only to find Maria’s eyes fixed on

Blushing, Jackie yanked her eyes back to her
book, studiously following along with the instructor.
Her cheeks were burning with embarrassment at being
caught looking at her classmate that way.

Each day Maria seemed to make a point of greet
Jackie when she arrived. Roselia commented that it
was good she was making friends.

Several days later, Jackie again felt Maria
looking at her. Jackie tilted her head just a bit,
allowing her to barely see Maria through her golden
locks. Maria’s eyes were fixed on Jackie’s legs.
They seemed to trace every curve of her lightly tanned
skin. Jackie felt a bit nervous, but did not cross
her legs, wondering for a moment about what Maria was
thinking. As Maria continued to watch Jackie’s legs,
Jackie felt a shudder go through her spine. It was a
wonderful feeling.

Jackie had never had a boyfriend. Sure, she
had dated before, but never had she found time to
devote to just one boy. She momentarily thought about
Maria and how the other had made her feel, just
because she had been staring at her legs with a
longing look in her eyes. Jackie wondered…

Each day seemed to get hotter, the sun blared
down from above. The fans managed to cool down the
room to a comfortable level, but one day the electri-
city failed. The fans slowed to a halt, and the
temperature quickly rose. Jackie felt her perspira-
tion draw her clothes against her skin. She glanced
across, noticing Maria’s white blouse draw against
her pointed nipples. As the temperature continued up,
the instructor moved the class outside, under the
trees. Jackie sat down next to Roselia, and Maria
sat across again. Roselia complained of the heat and
the instructor continued with the lesson.

Maria leaned against a bench, holding her book
in her lap. She glanced at Jackie and lifted her
knees up, leaving her feet flat against the grass.
Jackie noticed Maria’s skirt fall down her thighs
revealing Maria’s moist legs even more. Then, Maria’s
legs relaxed, spreading just a little. Jackie caught
a glimpse of white lace through the opening, contrasted
against Maria’s dark thighs.

She caught her breath when Maria looked into
Jackie’s eyes and rolled her hips, causing her panties
to shift. Jackie blushed profusely, but in excitement,
shifted her own legs into a position to reveal her
lighter thighs to Maria. Jackie continued to glance
at Maria’s panties, but never again met her eyes all
that day.

The next day, Maria invited Jackie over to study.
She looked at Roselia as if questioning. Roselia said
she wanted to catch a new movie with her boyfriend, so
Jackie accepted.

Maria’s house overlooked the bay. It stood on
a large hill and was surrounded by a large estate.
A servant opened the door, quite common in the richer
communities of Brazil, and the two walked up to Maria’s

Inside the room, they talked a bit about their
teacher and opened their books. A little later Maria
pulled open a photo album of a trip their family had
taken to France, and excitedly explained to Jackie the

While Jackie continued to study the photographs,
Maria walked to her closet and chose some shorts and a
blouse. She pulled off her sandals and pulled her skirt
down, lifting her legs out of the skirt one at a time.
The yellow shorts soon clothed her body, and in a
single motion Maria grabbed the bottom of her shirt
and pulled it up and over her head, revealing her
large breasts held captive against the white lace
brassiere. The brassiere appeared perhaps a bit small
for her size, and her breasts were forced against each
other. Jackie’s stare was met by Maria as she finished
pulling off her shirt. Quickly returning to the photos,
Jackie attempted to hide her embarrassment… and her

They studied for about an hour, when Maria’s
mother called them down for dinner. Jackie met the
family and sat down to eat at the feast prepared. After
dinner, Maria’s brothers asked Jackie if she wanted to
join them for a swim. Maria smiled at Jackie, and they
both agreed. Upstairs, Maria handed Jackie a red French
cut swimsuit. Jackie asked where to change, but Maria
said she’d be fine in her room, while removing her own
clothes to slip on a yellow bikini.

Taking a deep breath Jackie quickly pulled her
blouse off and as she pulled it over her head, Maria
reached around, unclasping her brassiere. Jackie’s
nipples hardened and Jackie felt her stomach tighten
up. Slowly she removed her skirt and panties, and
Maria helped her put on the red suit. The cut rose up
at a steep angle from her crotch, showing the full
outline of her legs. They grabbed their towels and
headed outside.

The water felt good, like a warm bath. They
played some water games. During “Marco Polo”, a game
where one closes his eyes and chases after the others
voices attempting to tag a person, Maria chased after
Jackie’s laughter. Just before the tag, Maria’s eyes
opened and her hands came down across Jackie’s chest.
They laughed it off, and later that evening, Maria’s
father took Jackie home.

The two girls became closer friends, and studied
often. One day when they were studying with no one
around, they went down to the kitchen to make some
snacks. Maria, dressed in her yellow mini-skirt and a
turquoise blouse, scooted over and grabbed a stool.
She climbed up to get to the top cupboard, reaching
over head. Her blouse raised up out of her skirt, and
the yellow skirt inched up to her thighs. The stool
teetered and Maria asked for Jackie’s help. Jackie
stepped over to the stool and grabbed the top step.
She looked up, her nose rubbing against the lace of
Maria’s panties.

Maria looked around and smiled, adjusting her
panties under her skirt. Looking down, Maria could
see Jackie’s cleavage and smiled as Jackie looked up
at her. Laughing, Maria jumped off the stool, her
hair billowing up. Maria told Jackie to sit up on the
counter edge.

Confused, Jackie never the less climbed up on
the edge and watched as Maria pulled off Jackie’s
saddle shoes and began to rubbed the insole of her
feet. Taking one foot full in her hand, Maria massaged
her foot and rubbed up to her calf.

To Jackie’s amazement the Brazilian girl sucked
her large toe, tonguing the tip. Slowly, her hands
edged up to her thighs. Jackie closed her eyes and
leaned back on her elbows. Inside, her stomach
quivered. Never had she felt this good. Maria softly
kissed her thighs, lingering with her tongue.

Continuously she rubbed Jackie’s thighs.
Lifting the front of Jackie’s skirt, Maria reached in
and rubbed along the top of Jackie’s while lace
panties. Her forefinger encircled the belly button,
and Maria’s mouth returned to Jackie’s thigh. Slowly,
juices from Jackie’s cunt edged out, wetting the

Maria, smelling the other girls arousal, smiled
and slowly reached up under Jackie’s blouse. Her hands
crawled up Jackie’s flat stomach, encountering the
bottom edge of Jackie’s brassiere. As she continued
to massage Jackie’s tits under the blouse, Jackie
leaned back still further, her head tilted backwards
on the counter. Maria stepped in between Jackie’s
spread legs, and ran the tips of her fingers along the
edge of the brassiere. Jackie reached towards Maria’s
hands and gently urged them still higher. Her nipples
now urging upward, Jackie moaned quietly.

Encouraged by the obvious enjoyment that Jackie
was receiving, Maria cupped Jackie’s breasts in her
two hands, and slid toward the middle of the brassiere,
unfastening it. The brassiere spread away from Maria’s
hands, sliding across Jackie’s breasts and over her
nipples. Maria drew circles around the breasts,
closing them tighter until reaching the nipples.

Almost without thing Jackie reached up and
cupped Maria’s hanging breasts in her palms.

Pulling her hands out from underneath Jackie’s
blouse, Maria edged Jackie’s shirt up, drawing it over
her head.

Jackie’s breast felt cool to the exposed air.
She breathed in and felt a warm feeling throughout her

Maria flattened her hands against Jackie’s side
and slid them down to her skirt. Jackie raised her
hips, allowing the skirt to slide down to her feet, her
now wet panties filling the air with its fragrance.

Maria pulled her blouse off, revealing her own
nipples poised against the lace of her brassiere.
Through the dainty lace of the fabric, Jackie viewed
the outline of the nipples against the lighter flesh
of Maria’s tits. Then, reaching down, Maria pushed her
skirt down to the floor. Stepping out of it, Maria
returned her attention to Jackie’s questioning gaze.

Maria knelt down, and her nose approached
Jackie’s crotch. Gently she nudged against the wet
lace. Her mouth edged upwards and carefully bit into
the panties, gently pulling the fabric away from
Jackie’s pelvis and exposing the girls cunt. Jackie
again closed her eyes, only tightly this time.

Maria continued to nuzzle and play with Jackie’s
panties, waiting until her hips began go move, showing
her pleasure. Maria pulled Jackie’s panties down to
her feet and felt the small hairs on her nose. Maria’s
hands cupped around the others thighs, moving up and
until her thumbs encountered Jackie’s cunt lips. As
Maria gently moved her thumbs back and forth along
Jackie’s opening, Jackie slowly rocked her hips up and
down. She couldn’t help herself she pulled Maria’s head
against her cunt, and gasped in as Maria reached out
with her tongue.

Slowly, Maria licked Jackie’s moist cunt-lips,
spread by Maria’s thumbs, and urged on by Jackie’s
moans of pleasure. Her tongue licked against Jackie’s
clitoris, causing the girl to arch sharply upwards.
Maria held firm, tantalizing Jackie by slowly flicking
Jackie’s clitoris with her tongue. As the girls moans
became louder, Maria pushed her tongue deeper into
Jackie’s twat, slowly sucking against her crotch.
Shuddering, Jackie felt a wonderful release from
within, and felt an urge to pull back. Yet Maria
continued to urge Jackie on with her sucking motion.

Jackie reached down to Maria’s shoulders, pulling
down the straps of her brassiere. Maria grasped
Jackie’s buttocks, and tantalized her clitoris again.

Continuously, Maria urged Jackie on still
further, causing Jackie’s hips to again respond.
Again the girl felt an overwhelming feeling fill her
insides, only to be released in incredible ecstasy.

Maria climbed up along Jackie’s side on the
counter, and Jackie gratefully inched Maria’s bra down
across her breasts. Maria’s tits popped upwards as the
brassiere released them. As Maria reached forward undo
the front of the bra, Jackie pulled at Maria’s panties,
urging them down to her feet. Maria drew Jackie
against her, their breasts meeting. Jackie felt Maria’s
nipples push against hers, hugging her friend closer.

Without a word, Maria straddled Jackie’s up-
raised leg, and rubbed her cunt back and forth against
her thigh. As she did so, Jackie rubbed Maria’s
swaying breasts, in the same motion… and Maria slowly

Jackie then pulled back, and bashfully began to
rub Maria’s pussy. Maria rubbed her own tits, and
pushed her cunt against Jackie’s hand. Jackie’s
fingers rubbed against Maria’s clitoris, causing Maria
to gasp. Now fully lubricated, Jackie’s fingers easily
slid up inside Maria’s twat. Back and forth Jackie
jerked her fingers, rubbing Maria’s clitoris with her
thumb. Maria began to moan louder, and felt her own
climax approaching. Maria pulled Jackie’s head down
to her pussy, and at the same time, positioned her
mouth over Jackie’s cunt. As Maria sucked against
Jackie’s clitoris, Jackie hesitantly licked Maria’s.

Maria felt her insides tighten, sucking harder
against Jackie. Soon Jackie felt herself on the edge
again too. Maria hung on while both rocked against
each other. Feeling Jackie begin to shudder, Maria
orgasmed herself. The shudders went through each
other’s bodies, and both Maria and Jackie collapsed
in sated exhaustion.

After recovering the young women helped each
other with their clothes. Forgetting about the snack,
they returned to Maria’s room. They didn’t say much,
thinking about what they had just done to each other.
The front doorbell sounded, and Jackie reached for her
books. In gratitude, Jackie thanked Maria for being
such a good friend, and both returned down stairs.

The girl’s began to spend more and more time
together. Maria was at the airport when it was time
for Jackie to go home. They bid each other tearful
good-byes, and kissed.

Jackie would never forget her year in Brazil…

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