Cheerleader for Hire 2.
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Kathy Dawson’s mind raced for the next few days, wondering when
Mrs. Johnson would put her to work. Every day in her class, the
teacher would smile at her and talk to her briefly, but no word
would come as to when Kathy’s services would be requested by a
Finally, one day when Kathy was leaving Mrs. Johnson’s class,
the teacher asked to speak with her.
“Yes, Mrs. Johnson?” Kathy asked, hoping to hear what she had
been waiting for.
Mrs. Johnson placed a slip of paper in her hand. It read:

Continental Hotel – Room 512 – 7:00 PM
Wear a cheerleading uniform and bring your pom pons
1-hour session

“What’s this?” Kathy asked, while reading it.
“It’s your first work assignment, Kathy,” Mrs. Johnson answered.
“This guy wants a young cheerleader to treat him special. He
might want you to act shy and innocent at first, so he can seduce
you. On the other hand, he may want you to act like a pro. In
either case, remember one rule: don’t kiss him on the mouth.”
“Why?” Kathy asked.
“Cause it’ll get you emotionally involved, honey. You don’t
want that.”
“Okay,” replied Kathy, giggling. “I’ll remember that.”
“You should change at the hotel restroom, so you don’t make much
of a show, Kathy. Also, a ponytail might help you to look nice and
young for him. Make sure you pace yourself so you can take him the
full hour, unless he wants you to go quicker.”
Kathy nodded and walked toward the classroom door.
“Good luck, Kathy,” her teacher called to her. “You can tell me
about it tomorrow.”
Kathy smiled and disappeared around the doorway.


The taxi dropped Kathy off in front of the Continental Hotel.
She glanced at her watch. It was only 6:30, so she had plenty of
time to change for this “Randy”. She wondered if that was really
his name.
She slung her duffle bag, packed with her cheerleading uniform
and pom pons, over her shoulder and paid the cabbie, then walked
into the lobby of the hotel.
The Continental was one of the fancier hotels in the downtown
area, and she knew this guy must be pretty important or rich to be
staying here.
She found a ladies’ room near an elevator, and walked in.
Closing one of the stall doors behind her, Kathy began to change
her clothes.
By the time she had freshened up her makeup, it was nearly 7:00.
She left the bathroom and jumped into a nearby elevator, which
happened to be vacant.
Little Kathy’s heart was pounding as the elevator doors opened
on the fifth floor. Clutching her duffle bag tightly, she walked
briskly down the hallway until she found Room 512.
Nervously, she knocked on the door. There was no answer. Could
she have the wrong room? She knocked on the door again, harder
this time. Then she heard the deadbolt move and she knew somebody
was answering it.
The door opened, revealing a brown-haired man in his mid-forties, she
guessed. He was quite attractive to her, and he only
smiled when he saw her.
“Randy?” she asked, a bit jittery.
“Yes, and you must be Kathy,” he answered. “Come in, please.”
Kathy stepped into the room, more like a suite, which was very
spacious. He closed the door behind him and locked it. The man
put one arm around Kathy’s waist and led her into the room.
“How old are you, sweetheart?” he asked.
“Sixteen, sir,” she replied.
The man smiled.
“Good,” he said. “I’ve always wanted to have a teenage
Kathy smiled as “Randy” patted her ass through her little
pleated skirt. He sat on the edge of the bed.
“Turn around, sweetheart. Let me get a good look at you in your
uniform,” he ordered.
She dropped her duffle bag and slowly turned a full circle for
him, letting him admire her in her cheerleading uniform, the same
one that Mr. Johnson had fucked her in the previous week.
Kathy’s long brown hair was slicked back in a ponytail with a
white bow and her bangs hung sweetly just above her eyebrows. Her
lips sparkled with the red lip gloss she had just applied.
Her sweater was red around the bottom half of both the torso and
sleeves, and white around the top, with a white collar. Two thin
red stripes accentuated the color-split. The red letters “MHS”
graced the front of her sweater, between her firm tits.
The skirt was a matching red, with eight inverted white pleats.
It hung marvelously on her tight little ass, barely covering her
tight white cheerleading panties this time. Her shapely young legs
were encased in red kneesocks, with three thin white bands around
the top, and red-and-white saddle shoes completed the wonderful
“You look great…” he muttered, staring at the teenage beauty
he knew would be his in just a few minutes. He pulled a wad of
dollar bills out of his pocket and handed them to her.
“Here’s a little extra something just for you,” he said.
“Would you like me to do a couple of cheers for you?” she asked.
“Sure!” came the enthusiastic answer.
Kathy reached into her duffle bag and put the money in her
purse, then pulled out her pom pons. She started a cheer.
“Push em back! Push em back! Way back!” she chanted, shaking
her poms and wiggling her ass. She jumped and shook her tits at
him, bobbling in her sweater.
She smiled as she cheered, noticing the bulge in his pants
getting larger and larger.
“Who’s gonna win this game tonight? We are! We are!” she
Kathy kept up her new chant while she spun away from him,
shaking her ass at him, churning her pom pons furiously. Her long
ponytails swished from side to side. Her tiny red cheerleading
skirt danced wildly, flashing the eight white pleats.
“Who’s gonna suck your cock tonight? I am! I am!”
Kathy bent over, facing away, as she continued grinding her
delightful ass at him. Her little skirt pulled up, giving him a
good peek at her tight white cheerleading panties.
“Do you like this?” she asked.
“You bet, sweetheart,” the man answered. “Take off your panties
for me, now.”
Kathy reached up under her skirt and thumbed the tight panties
down over her thighs. They fell to the floor and she kicked them
“Now sit down on the bed here,” he ordered. “I wanna watch you
fuck yourself with your finger.
She sat on the bed, leaning back against the headboard.
Scrunching up her little skirt with one hand, she spread her legs,
exposing her little teen cunny for the lusting middle-aged man.
“Yeah, fuck yourself,” he muttered, while undoing his trousers.
She watched his reaction as she stroked her soft pussy hair,
then pushed a finger up into herself. She pulled it out, the
moistness reflecting the roomlight.
“My pussy’s really hot for you,” she told him, smiling her best
sweet-little-girl look.
As he disrobed before her, she admired the nine-inch penis which
he stroked slowly while watching her.
“That’s really big, Randy. I hope it’ll fit in me.”
“It’ll fit, little girl,” he told her. “I’m looking forward to
fucking that tight pussy of yours.”
A final look at the young cheerleader diddling her clit, her
little skirt pulled up high, both kneesocks raised high, and her
bright pink pussy lips was too much for the man.
“Okay, now I want you to sit on my face and suck my cock.”
“Anything you say, Randy,” she answered.
He lied down on the bed while Kathy positioned her pussy over
his face. Slowly, she lowered herself until she felt his tongue
mash against her clit.
“Oh, God…” she moaned.
Kathy leaned forward and placed Randy’s hard cock in her mouth.
It had a different taste to it than Mr. Johnson’s, but she liked
it. She slowly licked around the head and up and down the shaft,
then took it in her mouth again while she cupped his balls and
softly massaged them.
The man mashed his tongue into her love hole and then flicked at
her clit. He fastened his mouth around it and sucked, drinking
down the young girl’s sweet juices.
He groaned as Kathy sucked him, slowly, and he knew he wouldn’t
last long like this. He could hear the girl moaning as he sucked
her clit. Suddenly, he heard her scream.
“Oh, God!!! I’m cumming!!! Ohhhhhhh Goddddddd!!!”
Kathy’s thighs trembled as her pussy juice ran down over his
face. She raised up, as her orgasm made her clit too sensitive for
more stimulation.
“Oh, Randy, that was really good,” she murmured.
“Good,” he smiled, as he wiped Kathy’s love juice from his face.
“Now I’m gonna fuck that pussy of yours,” he said.
Kathy laughed as she rolled off of him. Reaching down to one
kneesock, she pulled out a condom from under the rolled-over band
and deftly tore the package open. In seconds, she had the rubber
fully unwrapped over his prick.
“Okay, big guy, you can fuck me now,” she giggled.
“Do you want me in my uniform? I can take it off for you if
you’d like,” she offered.
“Just take off your sweater,” he told her. “I wanna see those
Kathy quickly peeled it off and threw it to a nearby chair. Her
orange-sized teenaged tits were firm, her nipples rock-hard.
“Get on your knees, sweetheart,” he told her. “I’m gonna fuck
you doggy-style.”
Kathy did as instructed, as Randy positioned himself behind her.
She watched in the mirror next to the bed as he flipped the back of
her pleated skirt up on her waist. She felt the prick-tip nestle
between her pussy lips.
“Okay, you little cheerleader slut, I’m gonna fuck you hard.”
Kathy bit her lip as he drove himself into her. The first four
or five inches went easy, and he fucked this distance into her with
the first few strokes, then drove the rest of his cock into her
tight twat.
“Ooohhhh!” she gasped, having never felt something this big in
her before.
“Good little girl…” he muttered.
He grabbed her sides for leverage, pumping hard into Kathy with
each stroke.
“Good little cheerleader…”
Kathy watched in the mirror. Her firm tits wobbled slightly as
her body shuddered with the intensity of his pumping. She could
see that he was watching, too.
“Yeah, it’s fun to watch, isn’t it?” he asked.
“Yeah…” she muttered.
“I’m fuckin’ you good, now, aren’t I, baby?”
“Yeah…fuckin’ me really good…”
The cheerleader enjoyed the feeling of his stiff rod filling up
her wet cunt.
He suddenly stopped and pulled his prick out.
“Roll over on your back now”.
Kathy rolled over and spread her legs, raising her knees high as
he lowered himself and fisted his cock into her.
“Yeah, you cheerleaders love to fuck, don’t you?” he asked.
“Yes, we do…” she muttered.
Kathy hooked her kneesocks over his shoulders as the man nailed
her tight teen pussy with short hard strokes.
He wished he had a video camera to remember this. He made a
mental note to request her again, and this time he would tape it
“Oh yeah, sweetheart, you’re gonna get a mouthful now,” he
He pulled out again and quickly rolled the condom off, then
crawled up to her chest. He looked down at the lovely young girl,
her ponytails splayed out across the pillow.
Kathy looked up at him as he frigged himself, his tip of his
cock only inched above her mouth. She giggled.
“What are you gonna do, mister?” she asked.
“I’m gonna jack off in your mouth, honey. Open wide, and I’ll
give you a tasty treat.”
Kathy opened her mouth wide, eager for his cum. His hand pumped
furiously, and she knew she was in for quite a load of semen.
“Come on, mister,” she coached. “Cum in my mouth…”
She stuck her tongue out, touching it against the underside of
his piss-slit. It was all she had to do.
The man screamed as his cock fired its first spasm of warm jizz.
White glops of cum sprayed into Kathy’s mouth, splattering off her
He kept pumping, and his cream kept coming. White strings of
gooey, sticky cum splattered on her upper lip and across her
Kathy felt his load slide down her throat, but like a pro, she
kept her mouth open for him. More cum rained down from above, most
going into her sweet mouth. She felt semen running down the sides
of her face.
The man finally stopped squirting his cum at her, squeezing the
last of it out. One last string of cum dangled from his prick-tip,
and he shook it loose onto Kathy’s tongue.
He looked down at the delightful teenage cheerleader. She was
a mess, with semen all over her face.
Kathy knew she was a mess. As he rolled off of her, she sat up
and looked in the mirror next to the bed, smiling, looking at the
glops of white man-cream caked on her face.
She felt like such a nasty girl, and it excited her.
“Oh, God…” he groaned, entirely spent by the encounter.
“How was I, mister?” she asked.
“Fucking great, sweetheart,” he smiled, exhausted. “Just
fucking great…”
“Would you want to do business with me again some time?” she
“Oh, yeah,” he told her, “And I’m gonna recommend you to some
friends of mine, too.”
Kathy smiled as a string of cum dripped down onto her red
pleated cheerleading skirt. She was going to make a lot of money,
she knew.

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