Biker Slave
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My eyes opened slowly opened to a new morning. I woke
up, as usual, with my face lying comfortably on
Sandy’s pussy. I moved around a little and she
responded by moving one of her luscious legs to the
side a little. This gave me an opportunity to stick my
tongue into her lower lips and very gently up across
her clitoris. Half asleep, she shuttered and let out a
soft moan of pleasure.

I’m Carl and I belong to Sandy. I first met her when I
got downsized and took early retirement from a mid-
management Government job and moved to a town in
Nevada about an hour’s drive from Las Vegas. I was
married then, but it wasn’t a thriving marriage. My
wife, Janie, was only interested in the gambling in LV
and we’d mostly just gone our separate ways until we
finally divorced. I moved into a small rental house
where I lived simply and enjoyed my privacy.

A couple of years earlier Sandy and her husband Rob
had hosted a neighborhood garage sale. Janie had heard
about the sale and wanted to set up a table to sell
some of her work suits that she no longer needed since
retiring. That’s when I first met Sandy and
immediately knew there was something very special
about her and that I had to get to know her. Sandy’s
regular occupation was providing electrolysis hair
removal. Since I pretty much hate body hair,
especially pubic hair, I was delighted to find out
that Sandy was accepting male customers.

We hit it off well from the very start. Sandy was
super easy to talk to and had led a varied and
interesting life. She was just turning 45 but looked
ten years younger and maintained an excellent figure.
Every time I saw her gorgeous legs and the curve of
her breasts my heart skipped a beat. I also got great
pleasure in just lying nude on the table as she bent
over me, electrocuting hair after hair. Sometimes the
electric shocks, the feel of her hands and my thoughts
of her caused me to get an erection. At first she
pretended not to notice.

In her past, Sandy had once been a part of a mounted
rescue posse in Oregon, but upon moving to Nevada, had
finally given up horses for the comfort of a
motorcycle. She enjoyed the allure of cruising down
the road and liked going to biker events. She wasn’t
affiliated with a gang of any sort, but liked having
contacts in the culture.

For recreation and exercise, she played tennis
regularly with her good friend Lydia, who operated a
self-storage business. When Sandy mentioned that when
going to her electrolysis training, she’d once shared
a house with some male-to-female transgendering
people, I knew I had to tell her about my hidden
desires, my fantasies about becoming a shemale, and my
all too real urges to service well-hung men.

Sandy came to be my best friend, my sex psychologist
and my total confidante. I finally had a friend whom I
could trust with my deepest secret thoughts and

It is sometimes said that a male thinks about sex
about once every six seconds. Maybe that’s true, on
average, but that must mean that many other guys only
think about it once a day or so, because I seem to
have it on my mind all the time. I am fascinated by
sex in all its forms. I described myself to Sandy as
“hetero-amorous, poly-sexual”. I have determined that
I fall in love with women and I also love cocks. I
don’t consider myself gay because I am in no way
attracted emotionally toward other males.

My only interest is in their dicks and how they use
them. I am also a total bottom when it comes to other
men. Whether that makes me ‘gay’, I don’t know or even
care now. I like to suck cocks and get fucked. I am
what I am, and I am now comfortable with that. But I
do fall in love with women. I love their curves, their
boobs, their butts, their eyes and their smooth feel.

I love their personalities, their voices and I love
their warmth when I lie next to one. I want to kiss
and lick their entire bodies and suck gently on their
tits, clits and pussies. I want to provide them with
orgasm after orgasm. Strangely, I don’t often think
about fucking them in their pussies. I do, however,
think often about fucking them in the ass. Perhaps I’m
projecting onto them the pleasure I get from being
sodomized. Am I gay? I don’t know… does it even

As time went on, I told Sandy about my fantasies. I
have fantasized about being thrown into a jail in
Mexico and being gangbanged by all the locals. I’ve
fantasized about sucking a horse’s dick and being
fucked by dogs. And I fantasized about becoming a TG
slut. I also told Sandy my personal philosophy about
sex; about how I think it’s part of a basic trinity. I
believe that the search for food, shelter and sex are
the three primal desires that transcend all other
urges for humans and always will. Everything else is
just fluff and complications. Everything we do, and
have ever done, ultimately revolves around finding
food, shelter and sex. I also told her about some of
my experiences having sex with other men and even
about how I thought myself capable of partnering with
a shemale. After all, a shemale (hopefully) has the
good looks of a woman but is blessed with the dick of
a man. What more could a guy like me ask for?

I fell very deeply in love with Sandy. I eventually
found out that her marriage was also on the rocks and
that Rob mostly ignored her, just sitting around all
day watching TV. Sandy expressed a desire for more sex
in her life, but she was conflicted by her wedding
vows versus the lack of interest by her husband.

We didn’t have an affair in the traditional sense. I’d
mostly talk and she’d mostly listen. She gave me much-
too-short hugs and she let me stroke her back or
occasionally stroke her beautiful butt. Sometimes
after an electrolysis session she’d let me cup her
breasts for a few moments. I was not allowed to kiss
her lips, but I was grateful for whatever she’d let me
do. I am addicted to frottage, the pleasure one gets
from tactile contact. It’s hugging on steroids and
Sandy granted that to me in moderation.

My life continued this way for a little over a year,
then suddenly things began to subtly change. One
September day, at one of our weekly electrolysis
sessions, Sandy asked me if I wanted to be fucked by a
man she knew. Bret was one of her clients who was
having excess hair removed from his ears. But he
constantly bragged to her about his endowment. Sandy
had gently quizzed him about his interests in men and
being the macho guy that he was, he’d replied that
“ ass is an ass..”, and he’d fuck anyone.

I thought about this offer for a few moments because I
realized that Sandy, while trying to help satisfy my
urges, might also be seeing this as a substitute for
her in my life. But since she wasn’t letting me have
actual sex with her, I said I’d meet Bret and service
him. The meeting didn’t go badly, but it wasn’t the
experience I’d hoped for. Bret had been quaffing beers
and had a hard time maintaining his erection, even
with me giving him an excellent blowjob. He finally
managed to get his cock into my ass and pumped for a
while but never shot a load. When I later told Sandy
about the encounter, she was genuinely sorry for me. I
told her that I deeply appreciated what she’d tried to
do and that I’d do anything I ever could for her.

Unbeknownst to me, Sandy had finally decided that her
life needed a sea change and she began by contacting a
biker friend, ‘Big Bill’ Morgan, about starting a new
business to cater to the ‘less mainstream’ aspects of
the biker culture. Bill stood about 6’6″ and carried
270 pounds of mostly muscle on his frame. Bill told
Sandy that in a few weeks there was going to be a
biker rally near the Las Vegas speedway, and that her
entertainment idea sounded feasible. So with Bill’s
help, Sandy started planning her (and my) new careers.

Sandy called me about an impromptu electrolysis
session and I jumped at the idea. As was usual for
meeting her, I washed thoroughly that morning. I
wouldn’t ever want to offend her with any odors or,
god forbid, fart around her. I showered well and
disconnected the head of the hand-held shower unit
from the flexible hose. I then held the bare end of
the hose to my anus and filled my colon with water and
held it for a minute or two before expelling it to
douche myself. After repeating this a few more times,
only clear water came out when I expelled. I applied a
thick layer of Super Numb cream to my dick and scrotum
and even to my asshole. I’d found that when numbed on
the surface, these areas actually contributed to
causing erections when rubbed. A spritz of cologne,
and I was ready to go.

Sandy had her electrolysis office in a small strip
shopping center in a sparsely populated area of town.
That gave privacy to her clients. She met me at the
front door and ushered me in. As usual, I stripped
down to just my sandals and prepared to lie down onto
the padded table. This time though, she beckoned me to
just sit on the edge and she offered me a large,
strong margarita that she’d already prepared for me.
What I didn’t know was that she’d laced my drink with
Liquid X, a date rape drug which she’d gotten from Big
Bill. I started sipping my drink and immediately
started to mellow out.

“Hey sweetie, are you getting enough sex?” Sandy asked

“Obviously not enough from you.” I replied.

She just laughed, then paused for a moment, and said,
“If you could have as much sex with men as you wanted,
how much would that really be?”

I sipped my drink again and pondered her question
before replying, “You know, what I really crave from
men would be occasionally getting a gangbang pounding
that lasts for a whole day or two. Someday I’d like to
be tied down and suck cocks and be fucked
continuously. I’d like to be filled to overflowing
with their cum. Sandy, I am dearly in love with you,
but I also crave intense periods of servicing cocks.
I’m a mess and I know it, aren’t I?”

“Sweetie, I understand you more than you think and I’m
going to try to help. How would you like to work with
me… for me? If you’ll go off with me, I’ll get you
everything you want. You’ll literally…work your ass
off…for me. You’ll take care of me and I’m going to
take care of you. I want you to be my bitch
slave…and I’ll be yours.” Upon hearing that offer,
my cock started twitching.

By this time the alcohol and the Liquid X in the
margarita were starting to make me tipsy and my body
was feeling very relaxed. Sandy took my dick in her
hand and gently moved her finger tips up and down the
shaft which started to grow. I drained the last of the
margarita and Sandy took the glass from me and gently
had me lie back on the table. My mind was getting very
addled and the hand job, combined with the surface
numbing of the skin was causing my dick to get a
tremendous hard-on.

Sandy reached over to the wall and flicked the outside
light a couple of times to signal to Bill, who was in
Sandy’s pickup. Sandy’s totally enclosed horse trailer
was hitched to the pickup and Bill drove it around to
the back and deftly backed it up to the back door.
Then Bill got out of the cab and came into Sandy’s
office through the back door. By then I was drifting
between consciousness and dreamy sleep.

“Is he ready?” said Bill.

“As ready as he’ll ever be. Are you ready?” Sandy

Bill didn’t answer, but just took a tube of lubricant
out of his jeans pocket, unbuckled his belt and
dropped his pants revealing an enormous erection that
explained his nickname. Big Bill’s dick was a full 8
inches long and 2 inches in diameter. He squeezed some
lubricant into his palm and smeared it along the
length of his penis. Together, they rolled me over on
my side, exposing my ass. Bill then smeared the last
of the lubricant on my asshole and used two fingers to
work it inside. I wasn’t entirely sure what was going
on but it felt good so I went with the flow.

“Sweetie, we’re going to get you up and turn you
around.” said Sandy as she and Bill each grabbed one
of my arms and pulled me shakily to my feet. They then
turned me around and bent my waist over the end of the
table. Sandy went around to the front of the table and
took my wrists in her hands and stretched me out.
Simultaneously, Bill put one hand on the small of my
back and pushed me down onto the table. Then using the
other, guided his dick toward my asshole. As he leaned
in, the head of his dick pushed into the expanding

As I had done this before, I automatically pushed back
as if I was defecating, allowing the length of his
pole to enter me. There was just a momentary pinch of
pain as the head of his thick dick pushed through the
sphincter, then a growing sense of pleasure as his
dick ran over my prostate. Slowly, the full length of
this pleasure pole filled me until his balls slapped
my perineum. Bill then began a rhythmic pistoning in
and out, causing waves of pleasure that caused me to
cross my eyes and almost black out. I couldn’t have
protested, even if I’d wanted to. Bill didn’t waste
any time and after about five minutes, sent a gusher
of cum into my gut.

“He’ll do just fine!” said Bill as he rested a moment
before drawing his still-engorged dick out of me.
“Remember, it’s always free for me for helping you get
this going.”

Sandy gave him a big smile. “I don’t think either of
us will have a problem with that!”

Bill pulled his jeans up and helped Sandy lift me to
my feet and guided me out the back door and into the
horse trailer. I was clad only in my sandals. Bill had
used the previous two weeks to modify Sandy’s trailer.
It started as a 28′, three-horse, fifth-wheel trailer
with a complete forward compartment living space. That
included a shower, toilet, and a large bed in the
overhang. Sandy had already moved some of her things
into that part.

Bill had taken out the partition in the back portion
where the horses had been and had installed an
ominously prominent padded bench shaped just like a
human torso from the ribcage to the crotch. It was
about 12 inches wide, 18 inches long, tapering toward
the rounded back end, and stood about three feet high.
The legs were made of 4x4s and had eyebolts near the
bottom of each leg. The legs were splayed about three
feet apart at the bottom. There was also a wide, plush
motorcycle seat mounted securely on a metal pole near
the front of the bench, just right for someone’s
crotch to be right at bench level. At the back of the
bench there were also two padded slings hanging from
the ceiling of the trailer. They were mounted about
halfway between each side edge of the bench and the
trailer walls.

Bill and Sandy then leaned me over the back end of the
padded bench. They put leather cuffs on my wrists and
ankles and fastened them to the eyebolts with
carabineers. I was drowsy and didn’t object in the
least; I was ready to work for Sandy. She then called
her husband and told him that she was leaving and
wasn’t coming back. “Whatever” was all he replied.
Bill helped Sandy carry my clothes and all of her
electrolysis equipment to the trailer and then he left
on his motorcycle. Sandy drove off to begin her new
life with me in tow, literally.

Training Days

Sandy drove over to Lydia’s business where she had
arranged to rent a storage room. Lydia was there to
greet her when we drove up. While waiting for Sandy to
come take over the storage room, a large and a larger
package had arrived for Sandy. Lydia had stored them
in the unit.

“Hey there, girl. How’d the old man take it?” asked

“Just like I told you he would. Is the unit ready? Is
the electric turned on?”

“Yeah, just like you asked for. You’ve got the end
unit and there are a couple of empties between you and
any other rented ones. Some big packages arrived for
you and I put ’em inside. You can use the RV hookup
near the house for your trailer. Do you need any help

“I could use a hand with this…” said Sandy as she
opened the side door of the trailer and displayed me
draped sleeping on the bench.

“What the fuck?”

“Lydia, say ‘HI’ to my very own ho!”

“Are there enough women who’d pay for his dick?”

“Probably not, but my business plan isn’t as much to
sell his cock to women, it’ll be selling his ass to

Lydia stared for a moment with her mouth open then
uttered “Does he know what you’re doing?”

“Hell, he’s been asking for it, and I’m gonna give it
to him in spades! But first I’m gonna have to train
him good.”

Lydia just stood there staring for a moment then
turned to Sandy and said with a devilish smile “I’ve
been fucked over by men my whole life and I’d like a
little payback. Can I help?”

Lydia’s husband, Tony, was much like Sandy’s –
indolent and totally absorbed in TV, beer and baking
his corpulent body beside their above-ground pool
while Lydia did the work of running the business.
Lydia wanted more sex than Tony could provide, so she
sometimes had her Hispanic gardener plowing her.
Occasionally, Julio had even brought a black
assistant, Danny. Danny didn’t know the first thing
about gardening, but he knew how to fill Lydia’s pussy
while Julio was filling her mouth with thick cum.

Ever since Sandy had told her about the impending
split, Lydia had started thinking along the same lines
and thought maybe she’d find a place that she and
Sandy could share. Lydia hadn’t known about me being
part of the equation, but that turned out not to be an

Before guiding me into the storage room, Sandy opened
a box from KTM Enterprises and began taking the parts
out. Lydia watched intently as the various pieces of
metal came out. “What’s all this for?” inquired Lydia.
Sandy didn’t answer, but following the instruction
sheet, started assembling the pieces.

It soon became evident to Lydia that it was a bondage
stockade to keep someone immobilized in a ‘doggie’
position. The base was shaped like a long ‘H’ turned
sideways. The ends of each arm had metal rings welded
on and there were two upright posts that mounted on
the central rib. One had a lockable neck collar and
the other was shaped like a ‘T’ to support and
immobilize the waist of the ‘guest’. The top bar of
the ‘T’ was padded but hollow and allowed for a belt
to go through to lock down the guests’ torso so he, or
she, could not move their body. When Sandy pulled an
electric powered fucking machine out of the box, Lydia
glanced at the instruction sheet and saw that the
hardware was labeled ‘Bitch Tamer Package’.

When Sandy pulled a very large dildo out of a package
labeled ‘Kong’, Lydia’s eyes went wide and she
silently thought to herself, “Wow, I guess so!”

After it was all assembled, the two women finished
unloading the trailer. I was the last thing they
brought in. I was still very shaky, but they walked me
in and locked me into the stockade. They did not put
my head in the collar device because they were not
going to be with me. My wrist and ankle cuffs were
locked onto the spreader legs and my waist was draped
over the T-bar and belted down. Then Sandy mounted the
fucking machine at the back with the Kong dong pushed
against, but not into my ass. The two women then left,
locking me in the room. I dozed off again.

The next day I awoke, groggy from the drug and not
really comprehending where I was. The only light in
the room was what leaked in around the edge of the
door. I knew I was naked, except for my sandals and I
felt something flexible pushed against my ass. It felt
good and I started to get an erection. About that time
the door opened and Sandy and Lydia walked in. I
looked up and saw Sandy wearing a very short skirt, no
panties, and a halter top that barely provided cover
for her boobs. She was carrying a folding lawn chair.
Lydia was wearing a raincoat, which was immediately
odd because I could see that it was a normal, bright
shiny morning in the desert community.

“Hi Lydia,” I mumbled, “Fancy meeting you here.”

“Well,” she sighed, “It’s not very fancy and sorry,
but you won’t be the one doing the meeting.” She let
her raincoat open up revealing that she was nude
except for an extremely large strap-on dildo, “I’ll be
the one… meating… you!”

Sandy slid the collar attachment toward me and locked
it around my submissive neck preventing me from seeing
anything behind me. My erection grew larger as I
anticipated what was going to happen. Sandy then moved
the fucking machine aside and Lydia retrieved a bottle
of lubricant from her coat pocket, shed the raincoat
and began slathering a copious amount of lubricant on
the dildo.

In anticipation of what was coming, I started pushing
my abdominal muscles back as if preparing to defecate.
I wasn’t disappointed as Lydia put the head of the
dildo on my asshole and leaned in forcing the massive
pole of rubber into my rectum. I gasped repeatedly as
the dildo slid in, inch by inch. Lydia started
rhythmically pumping in on the monster, forcing it
deeper into me, stretching me wider and wider. I felt
like I was being ripped open. “How do you like that
bitch?” growled Lydia. Before I could gasp out an
answer, Lydia answered her own question. “From now on,
all you ever say to us is, “Yes Ma’am, Thank you very
much.” Have you got that?”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you…aahh… very much.” I gasped
with the latest stroke.

As Lydia continued to ream my ass I was going into a
paroxysm of pleasure. I shut my eyes to concentrate on
the wonderful feeling. My cock began dripping pre-cum
and I couldn’t imagine anything as nice as this. But
the next thing I knew, my face was smothered by
Sandy’s pussy. She had set up the lawn chair in front
of me, sat down on the front edge and lifted her
skirt. She’d then spread her legs wide and moved the
chair forward, jamming her cunt into my mouth.

“EAT!” she demanded.

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.” I mumbled as I shot
my tongue as deep into her as I could. There is a
heaven! Sandy started moaning in pleasure as my tongue
lashed into her pussy lips and up across her clit. She
lifted and splayed her legs and brought her feet
together resting on my back. Opened that way, it only
took a few minutes for her to come to a shuddering
orgasm. As she did so, Lydia just leaned in and kept
the dildo buried as far into me as possible. Reaching
under my stomach she grasped my cock and pumped it
until I exploded in my own orgasm.

Spurts of cum splashed onto the floor and my prostate
burned with the contractions that squeezed it dry.
Sandy slumped back on the chair and gasped for breath.
Bringing her feet down to the ground, she leaned
forward toward me. “So much for play time. Are you
ready to learn how to be my whore?”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

Lydia started to pull the long dildo out of my ass and
I could feel the full length of it as it was slowly
extracted. The feeling was electric. As soon as it
plopped out I felt very empty and longed for my ass to
be filled again. I was soon to get my wish.

“You really liked that, didn’t you?” said Lydia.

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

Sandy got up from the chair and went around behind me
where I couldn’t look because of the neck collar.
Shortly thereafter, I felt the tip of the machine-
mounted dildo being pushed into my ass. The Kong dong
was over 2″ wide. Sandy pushed it three inches into me
and then turned on the motor of the fucking machine.
With a six inch stroke the machine buried the big
dildo a full nine inches into my colon. At first she
set the speed control to a slow pace so I was getting
a full in-and-out stroke about every 3 seconds. Sandy
then left to go have breakfast. Lydia had taken off
the strap-on dildo and sat down in the lawn chair with
the speed control in her hand and her pussy now in my

“Suck it!” she demanded.

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

With the dildo pushing powerfully into my ass, I
matched the rhythm and slurped deep into Lydia’s
pussy. Lydia began to writhe around as her orgasm
built. She then twisted the speed control to increase
the strokes into me. The machine picked up its
relentless pace to what must have been a full stroke
every second. My ass was screaming with pain and
pleasure. I pushed my tongue harder into Lydia’s cunt
and she finally started gasping and squealing with
pleasure as her orgasm fired off.

For a full minute she crammed her pussy into my face
and I responded as well as I could, considering how
the fucking machine was reaming me. Then, with a
barely stifled scream, Lydia arched her back then
released and collapsed forward over my head holding my
face buried in her cunt. I could do nothing but try to
gasp for air as her luscious thighs squeezed and kept
my head immobilized.

After a moment, Lydia sat up, and turned the speed
control down to its lowest setting. With the
relaxation from the high-speed pounding, my ass
quickly adjusted and I began to feel each slow stroke
which caused more pre-cum to generate and slowly drip
from the head of my semi-erect cock. It was an
exquisite feeling. Lydia then got up and unhooked the
neck collar, but left me bound on the stockade with
the fucking machine dutifully pounding my ass. She
then squeezed some more lubricant onto the pistoning
Kong dildo and put on her raincoat.

“We’ll be back later… have a nice day!” And with
that she smiled, turned and walked out the door,
shutting and locking it behind her.

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.” I croaked, as I
tried to writhe and wiggle my ass on the impaling

Some hours later the two women came back. By then I
was just a puddle from the never-ending pounding of
the machine. I was just draped over the waist bar and
couldn’t even lift my head when they came through the
door. Sandy then turned off the machine and carefully
withdrew the dildo from my swollen ass. While it felt
good to finally have the pounding stopped, there was
also that feeling of emptiness in my ass that craves
filling. They released my ankle and wrist cuffs from
the rings on the stockade and stood me up. I was shaky
from having been in the same position for almost a
full day.

As I leaned on the stockade frame for support, Sandy
produced a rubber cock ring which she stretched over
my balls and half-erect penis. It also had a flexible
extension tongue hanging down which ended with a large
ball on the end. Sandy had attached a thin chain leash
to the tongue. She then took the ball end and pushed
it into my rectum. My anal sphincter closed around the
ball. With my ass swollen from the machine fucking it
hurt a little to have it go in, but then it felt so
wonderful! Sandy grabbed the chain and gave a small
yank, “Well, did you enjoy your first training day?”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.” And with that, they
led me off to the trailer.

Once there I was immediately put into the shower. It
was big enough for two and Sandy stripped and came in
with me. This was the first time I’d ever seen her
completely nude and my cock betrayed my feelings. I
started getting an enormous erection, helped by the
constricting rubber cock ring.

“Do you like what you see?” she said.

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

“From now on, I’m going to be your very own Goddess of
Sex. You’ll do anything I tell you to do, won’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

“If I’m going to be your Goddess of Sex, don’t you
think you should look the part of a worshiper?”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

“First, I’ve been doing some reading about Egyptian
slaves and servants. Did you know that their heads
were completely shaved? Although for now I think we
should just shave your body but leave the hair on your
head intact. Is that OK with you?”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

“Good. We’ll do that. And would you also like to be my
very own personal handmaiden?”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

“You’ll wash my hair. You’ll wash my body. And you’ll
lick my entire body clean, every square inch. Do you
understand that?”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

“But you never kiss my lips and you never put your
cock inside me, do you understand that?”

My lust for her presence was making me dizzy. “Yes
Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

My right hand went down to my engorged cock to pump
it, but Sandy pulled it away. “You never, ever touch
your own dick without my telling you! Understand? I
don’t want you to be satisfied; I want you to stay as
horny as possible.”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

“Good! Now let’s get that hair off your body. Today,
we’ll just shave it, but later we’ll get rid of it
permanently. Stand here in front of me!”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

And with that I stood unmoving in front of Sandy. She
then proceeded to shave my face and every square inch
of my body down to my feet. When she was done I didn’t
have a single hair left on my body, anywhere, except
on my head.

I rinsed off and Sandy turned around in the shower.
Dropping her hands to her side she said, “Now, take
the shampoo and soap and wash my body. Start with my
hair, then the shoulders, then reach around me and
carefully massage my tits, my stomach and my pussy.” I
did as I was told. When I started to work on her
chest, I tried to do it while maintaining some
distance but Sandy backed into my body and said
“Closer!” That brought my fully horizontal erection
into the small of her back. “Lower your body so that
cock isn’t poking me in the back.”

When I spread my knees to the side and started to
squat down Sandy backed into me even more driving me
up against the shower wall and pushing my rigid cock
along her butt crack. It slid down and the tip came to
rest on the bottom of her pussy lips. I almost fainted
from the sensation of my cock pushing along her ass.
She grabbed my hands in hers and placed one on a
breast and the other on her pussy and gently purred
“Keep washing.” I almost passed out.

I was breathing in ragged gasps and Sandy was mewling
and shivering. With my fingers caressing her clit and
dipping into her pussy Sandy rapidly achieved an
orgasm. She started to bend forward and I had to grab
her waist to hold her up. This caused my dick to rub
even more on the bottom of her labia almost causing me
to shoot a load of cum. As her contractions relaxed,
she stood erect and turned around to face me.

“That was good,” she said. “Now, hold me close and
wash my back then get lower and do my butt and legs.”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

I was shaking terribly from the stimulation as I held
her tight and moved my hands up and down her back.
Sandy then put both of her hands on my engorged cock
and drew it slowly down toward her pussy lips. I
started to slowly squat down to follow it and my hands
slipped down over the curve of her butt and gently
into the crack of her ass. Sandy then moved the
swollen head of my penis up and down on her clit and
pussy lips and I had to stifle a scream of pleasure.
Her breast was touching my lips and I gently sucked in
the nipple and ran my tongue over it.

My legs started to buckle and I slid down further,
rubbing the backs of her thighs and running my tongue
into her pussy lips again. She pressed her cunt into
my face and for the next five minutes I licked at her
pussy as I closed my eyes and continued to wash off
the rest of her legs. Sandy then gasped and tensed up
again as she enjoyed another orgasm that lasted for a
minute or two.

Finally sated, she gently pushed away from me, had me
stand up and rinse her off. Then I was instructed to
dry her by licking off all the water on every part of
her body. That took about 15 minutes as I had to show
particular care to dry her pussy and ass.

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much,” I volunteered.

With that done, I was instructed to repeat the whole
procedure with Lydia, after which she went to her

Sandy pulled the ball from my rectum and removed the
cock ring. “From now on, when the cock ring is off,
you can talk normally and say what you want. You can
tell me anything you want. You can ask me anything you
want. This is your special time. During the daytime
you will totally be my sex slave. In the evening we
will be equals. Now sweetie, did you really like today
or do you want to stop this?” she asked.

“I think this has been the most wonderful day of my
life” I said. “May I have more of it tomorrow?”

I finished my bathroom activities then Sandy fed me
and took me to bed with her. “OK,” she said with a
small smile, “You told me you wanted to be my sex
slave and now you’re going to be. Be careful what you
ask for, you might get it. Isn’t that the old Chinese
saying? Well, you’re now going to get it and you’re
going to support you and me with your earnings. I hope
you chose wisely. Remember, each morning, when we wake
up, when a cock ring or something else goes on you,
what’s the only thing you get to say…?”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.” I repeated.

“I think I could get very used to this.” She said with
a smile. Sandy had me lie on my back and then she
straddled my body in the 69 position. First, she
pushed her cunt down onto my face and I immediately
started to lick up into it. Then she bent down and
took my erect cock into her mouth and gave me the most
wonderful happy ending I’d ever had. I shot my load so
hard that I thought I might hurt her throat, but she
didn’t miss a drop and swallowed it all. Licking her
lips, she turned her head to me, “Did you like that,

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very, VERY much.”

Then she got up off me, turned around and lied down on
her back and spread her legs. I was allowed to use her
pussy as a pillow so I was able to get in some snack
licks throughout the night.

Before dawn the next day Sandy woke me and I was
ordered to douche and replace the cock ring devise.
Then she led me back to the store room where I was
told to extract the ball from my anus but keep the
ring around my cock and balls. I was then secured on
the stockade and subjected to the same fuck and suck
training until dusk. Sandy and Lydia alternated
checking on me through the day. This routine continued
for the first week. The only variation was when Big
Bill came by every couple of days to gauge my progress
in becoming a sex slave whore.

He tested me by feeding me his cock until he came then
replacing the fucking machine and reaming me until he
came again. I am a very good cocksucker. The key to a
really good blowjob isn’t to actually suck hard on the
dick; it’s to use the tongue to massage the head and
bottom ridge of the cock, pushing the tongue back and
forth along the bottom. The nerves which cause the
pleasurable sensations are mostly in and along the
urethra and around the base of the crown.

After a week the training changed. Each morning Sandy
would put me in the stockade for a couple of hours
then take me out and use a laser epilator to
permanently remove the hair from my body. First came
my genital and anal areas. Next Sandy did my legs,
chest, back and arms. Finally she started on my face.
She removed all of my facial hair, even thinning out
my eyebrows with the laser. After each treatment she’d
have me close my eyes and slowly turn around in front
of her. Then she’d have me walk around in a circle
with my arms extended up in the air. I could tell she
was mulling over something, but I didn’t know what.

Meanwhile, Lydia had been moving her and Sandy’s
belongings to my rental house. Then after three weeks
at Lydia’s storage facility, Bill, Sandy, Lydia and I
moved everything out of the room and into my rental
house. During the whole time Tony had been totally
oblivious to everything that was going on. He seemed
only partially interested when Lydia told him that she
was gone for good. And with that, we all left. My
government retirement was enough to pay for all the
essentials of living for the two women and me.

My bed was moved out of the master bedroom and
replaced with large, thick mats on the floor. This
became the sleeping area for Sandy, Lydia and me. At
night, I was allowed to alternate using Sandy’s and
Lydia’s pussies for my pillow. The Bitch Tamer was set
up in the other bedroom and training continued.

Finally, after one more week of training, it was time
to for my first public test as a slave. Sandy and
Lydia took me out to a place called JJ Western Swing,
a residence on the edge of town whose owners hosted
swingers’ parties most weekends. As luck would have
it, that weekend’s theme was Ancient Times, so
attendees arrived in various costumes dressed mostly
as Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians. Sandy and Lydia both
dressed as Cleopatra and I wore only sandals and a
simple cock ring with a chain attached which Lydia
wielded. Due to the cock ring and the situation, I
also sported an enormous erection.

Since it was now October, it was totally dark when we
arrived on Saturday evening and there was no problem
with me being dressed the way I was when I got out of
Sandy’s truck. After introductions and making small
talk with various people, Sandy and Lydia hooked up
with two Julius Caesars and the five of us went out to
one of the love shack buildings in the back yard. I
was instructed to kneel at the foot of the bed and the
two women started to suck the cocks of the Romans. All
clothes quickly came off and the men mounted their
Egyptian ‘conquests’. Sandy instructed me to grab her
ankles and spread her legs wide apart. Her Caesar then
mounted her and sunk his cock deep into her pussy.

Both men had large dicks and soon had the women
writhing and humping furiously. Lydia’s orgasm hit
first and that triggered her Roman to shoot a copious
amount of cum into her belly. All I could do was watch
and wait. After a couple of minutes, Lydia’s Caesar
rolled off of her and moved to the side of the bed to
recover. Lydia then called to me “Come up here and
clean out my pussy.”

I immediately got up and moved my face to her crotch
and stuck my tongue into her cunt and began licking
the cum out. Just about the time I was finishing
cleaning her out, I could hear Sandy’s gasps and
groans and knew she was also cumming. Her Caesar was
also shooting his load and I got ready to get to work
again. After their thrashing subsided Sandy told me to
clean off her Caesar’s cock before helping her.

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

I moved over to Caesar, took his dick into my mouth
and sucked all of the residual wetness off of it. When
he was satisfied, I then moved my face between Sandy’s
waiting thighs and gently lapped and sucked all of the
cum from her pussy. “Did you like doing that for us?”
she asked.

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

“Would you like us to do it again?”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

“Good. You stay here and we’re going to go find some
more conquerors. If you’re good, maybe we’ll find some
for you to serve directly.”

“Yes Ma’am. Thank you very much.”

The two ladies then went back to the main house and
shortly returned with two more men and the process was
repeated. At that moment a group consisting of three
‘Greek’ couples came to the door of the love shack.

“Hi, yaw’ll,” said the woman of one couple, “We’ve
been hearing some good stuff about what’s going on
here. May we join your fun?”

“Sure,” said Sandy with a big smile, “Would one of you
men please avail yourself of my servant here? He gives
very good head, but also needs to be fucked hard. I’d
appreciate your putting him to any use you can. And I
can tell you ladies that he’s quite good at keeping
your pussy juices flowing.”

Sandy and Lydia took one of the men to the head of the
bed and doubled up on him. Sandy had him lie down on
his back and she impaled herself on his flagpole sized
cock while Lydia straddled him and lowered her pussy
onto his face. Another couple followed suit adding the
female companion of the man enjoying Sandy and Lydia.

The lady of the third couple laid down at the foot of
the bed with her legs over the end and beckoned me to
eat her pussy. I moved over to fulfill my duty and
started running my tongue deep into her cunt and up
over her clit. The third Greek man lived up to his
nickname by entering me and pounding my ass as I
continued to service his lady. After each group of
people reached orgasm I again cleaned up any cum from
the men’s cocks and the women’s pussies.

This kind of action continued through Saturday night
and all day Sunday with various combinations of
people. At one point in the orgy an older couple, I’d
guess in their late sixty’s, borrowed me and took me
to another room in the main house. The woman was as
tall as I, and even at her age was quite attractive
and fit. She disrobed, laid on the bed, spread her
long, shapely legs and instructed me to fuck her. As
ordered, I crawled between her legs and gently, but
firmly sunk my cock into her beautiful pussy. I lay
there for a moment just savoring the feeling. Then I
felt the bed move as her husband came up on it and
positioned himself to enter me.

“She’s not a fan of anal sex,” He said, “but I am, and
I hear you are, too.”

“Yes ma…yes sir. Thank you very much.”

The man then pushed his large, erect member deep into
me and began to pump forcefully into me causing me to
pump forcefully into his wife. The feeling of being in
a sandwich and being used as a living condom was
unbelievable! After ten minutes the wife started an
orgasm that caused a chain reaction and all three of
us came for what seemed at the time to be another ten
minutes, although it probably wasn’t.

When that was over the three of us just lay there for
another five minutes or so, then slowly disengaged. I
was instructed to clean out the lady’s cunt, which I
dutifully did. Then the couple returned me to Sandy
and talked a few minutes with her. The husband also
gave Sandy a card with their name and number. After
they left, Sandy told me how pleased she was with my
service, and that made me feel very proud to be hers.

On Sunday evening we said our goodbyes, thanked the
hosts, and returned to our house where Sandy
discovered a message from Big Bill that the Las Vegas
Biker Rally was going to take place the next weekend.
This would be the start of my professional career.

On Friday morning I prepped as usual with the addition
of having a large amount of lubricant gel pumped into
my gut then some Super Numb cream on my asshole. Then
a stretchy silicone cock ring was put over my cock and
balls and a separate large butt plug pushed into my
ass. Sandy had prepared another of her drug-laced
Margaritas for me and I quickly sucked it down. I was
then instructed to lie down over the bench in the
trailer. As the drug began to addle my mind, the cuffs
were locked onto the eyebolts on the bench legs. Sandy
and Lydia then drove us off to Fabulous Las Vegas!

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