A sister has fantasies about her brother
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It was Friday morning, I was on my way to school while
mom and dad were on their way to Las Vegas for two
weeks. Mom told me to mind my sister, and that Pam, my
older sister, would be stopping in from time to time to
check on us. I said ok and as they ran out the door I
was right behind them.

I started to drive to school, when I realized that mom
and dad were gone and I didn’t have to go. So I turned
around and went back home. When I got there I heard a
noise (Kate my girlfriend often made it during anal

I quietly walked though the house to find that my 18-
year-old sister Kim had her bedpost shoved up her pussy
and was bouncing up and down on it. She had her eyes
closed with her 36c breasts bouncing up and down, and
her beautiful blonde hair swaying all around as she
moved on the bedpost.

I quickly moved off to the side so that she wouldn’t see
me. Then I heard a type of pop sound as she had climbed
off the bedpost. I heard her say to herself, “Man I wish
that was Bryan’s dick. I can’t wait until tomorrow when
I can see his huge cock again. The way he plays with
himself before he gets into the shower drives me fucking

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard, that my sister
watches me take a shower, and she wants to fuck me. I
stepped inside my parent’s bedroom and she walked by
into the bathroom. I heard the shower start, and I got
my keys and left. I waited about an hour before
returning home to find that Kim had left for work.

She must have ridden the bedpost again, because as I
walked into her room it was dripping with pussy juice.
The sight instantly made me hard, so I pulled out my
dick and started to rub it on the post. I then proceeded
to lick every last drop off of the bedpost.

I fell asleep and when I woke up it was noon, so I
decided to go and find some beers for the party I was
going to having that night. Later that night we partied
until 3 am. By then it was just my sister, one of her
friends, and me. I grabbed another beer and told them I
was going to bed.

I woke up to someone sucking my dick I jumped up to find
that Kristen, my sister’s friend, was sucking on my
balls. I didn’t protest, so she continued. When I told
her I was going to cum she jumped up and put her tight
little pussy around it and said, “Your sister needs
something to suck out of me.”

As I shot my load, I said, “WHAT?”

“Kim is a good pussy sucker. Too bad she isn’t full
time.” And with that she started to climb off and leave.

I yelled, “Wait! If you got what you want, and she is
going to get what she wants, then I’m gonna get what I
want.” I grabbed her and threw her on the bed face down.
She tried to scream, but I pressed her face into the

I calmly told her that I just wanted to fuck one more

As she calmed down she managed to say, “God don’t scare
me like that. All you had to do was say you wanted to

“I want it doggie style, with you lying down on your

“OK, no problem.” She proceeded to lie down as I climbed
onto her back.

“One last thing,” I said as I started to position my
dick at her anal opening, “with my dick in your ASS!”

With that I slammed it into her ass. She screamed and
protested but it was no use. I pumped for about 5
minutes, then as I was shooting my load into her tight
virgin ass, I said, “Have her suck that out too!”

I pulled out of her, and she staggered to her feet. On
her way out the door she told me to go to hell.

The next morning, I woke up and walked downstairs to
find Kristen lying in Kim’s bed nude and Kim nowhere to
be found. I decided I was going to make up for the
events of the evening before. I went into the bedroom,
and started to gently kiss the inside of her thighs. She
slowly woke up, and I told her I was sorry for being an
ass the night before. I promised to make it up to her
anyway she wanted me to.

She said in a very tired voice, “The only way you can do
that is to make me come by liking my asshole.”

She didn’t think that I would do it, but when I started
to lick around her tight brownish colored hole she told
me I didn’t have the balls to go the rest on the way.
She literally pissed herself when I stuck my tongue up
her ass. She moaned and started to shudder; I could tell
she was having an orgasm.

When I finally stopped and came up she went down and
said, “You are forgiven, and I owe you this cause no one
has ever done that before.”

After I shot my load, she grabbed her shit and left.

I made a pot of coffee and ran out to get the paper.
While I was reading the paper, I was thinking about what
Kim had said. I got up and walked over to the window to
see if her car was still in the driveway. When I saw it
was there I knew she was waiting for me in the bathroom.

I quickly thought of a plan, and I decided that I would
take a shower downstairs. When I was done taking a
shower I got dressed and came back upstairs. Kim was
sitting at the table, I smiled and said, “Hung over?”

She just nodded no. We talked for a few minutes, and
then she said she was going to go take a shower. I told
I was going to a friend’s house and we got up and left.
When I heard the shower start, I ran out and moved my
truck behind the garage. I grabbed some rope and some
duct tape, and hid in her closet.

When she got out of the shower she called out my name,
when I did not respond she came into the room. She
dropped her towel and proceeded to mount the bedpost.
This time she was facing the wall, I knew this was the
tome to make my move.

I slowly came out of the closet and threw the rope
around her arms. She screamed so I put a piece the duct
tape on her mouth. I yanked her up off the bedpost and
threw her on the bed. I asked her if I took the duct
tape off if she would scream. She shook her head no, and
I took the tape off.

She was out of breath, but managed she managed to say,
“You don’t need this shit silly. I want to fuck you,
that is why I said all that shit yesterday. I knew you
were there, I wanted you to get the hint. Now would you
please untie me?”

I thought for a second and said, “Under one condition.”

“What could that be?” she inquired

“You be my sex slave for the rest of your life.”

“No! I never fuck the same dick twice.”

“Then you stay tied and I rape you now and every other
time I want to have a orgasm.”

She thought about it for a second and said, “Ok, but you
can’t do anything that will hurt me or my chances of
having kids.”

I proceeded to untie her, when she was free I told her
to suck me off. She got on her knees and took out my
10-inch friend into her mouth. When she started to suck
on it, I knew she was very experienced. Then she moved
slowly down the shaft and sucked my balls. When she took
the shaft back into her mouth, I started pulling on the
back of her head forcing all 10 inches into her throat.

She gagged a little, but quickly got used to it. When I
felt myself about to come, I started tugging on her head
harder. I told her to swallow every last drop. At first
she was having a little difficulty with my dick half way
down her throat, but she managed to get every drop.

When I let her up she said, “Man, Kristen wasn’t kidding
about your dick is huge! I don’t know how all that fit
in her ass, please don’t stick it in mine. Okay?”

I told her, “You’ll have your turn, but I promise won’t
be as mean about it to you. Now make me hard again.”

“How do I do that?” she asked.

“Lick between my balls and my ass, and then work your
tongue into my asshole.”

“That’s gross.”

“Do it!”

She started to lick the bottom of my balls, and I could
feel myself getting hard again.

“Work it into my ass.”

She hesitated at first, but when I raised my hand she
quickly started to get it into my tight hole. My dick
sprang up, and at this point I told her to stop and lay
on her stomach so that I could fuck her.

She asked me if I could eat her out first, and I told
her no because I wanted to blow my load into her loose
pussy. As I positioned my cock at the entrance to her
cunt I told her we were going to make babies, and I
think that is when she realized how much she didn’t want
to fuck me. She bagged me to stop, and I just told her
to shut the fuck up.

By then I was starting to get pissed off, and I slapped
her across the face. I slammed her pussy as hard as I
could. I pumped and pumped while she laid there and
cried from the pain of me slamming her and the thought
that I was going to fuck her every day. I could feel my
nut stirring up, and I knew I was going to blow my load.
I shot thick steam after thick steam of white cum deep
in her loose pussy.

As I pulled out of her, I lowered myself to her thighs
and started to kiss them.
I said to her, “I’m sorry for being so rough let me make
it all better.”

I started to lick her clit, as she told me she would let
me fuck her whenever I wanted to, as long as I wore a
condom. Only until she got on the pill though, and I
wasn’t aloud to be rough with her either. I agreed but
told her that she had to be my slave for the rest of the
day. I started to slip my tongue into her pussy, she
moaned so loud I thought that train was coming though
the house.

“You act like you never been eaten before.”

She stuttered as she said, “I haven’t.”

“What? I thought you and Kristen have lesbian orgies?”

“I always eat her out, I never let her eat me out

I was so stunned. I continued to eat her till she came
letting out all of he pussy juices flow all around my
face. She tasted so damn sweet.

We went to get something to drink, and smoked a bowl at
the kitchen table.

When we were done smoking, I told her to bend over the
table. I took my finger and stuck it in her pussy. Then
I took my sobbing finger and started to lube her ass
with her own juices. I could tell she was getting
scared, so I assured her this wasn’t going to hurt very
long. When I thought she was well lubed, I placed my,
now hard, cock at the entrance to her asshole. I applied
a little pressure, and when the head started to enter
she let out cries of pain.

“This will only hurt till I get the head past your brown
bud, then I will stop and let it adjust to the size.”

I pressed a little harder, and with a quick pop my head
slipped right in. I stopped for a second until her
cervix adjusted to my size, and then I proceeded to push
it in farther. I worked in and out until I was shoving
the full length of my cock into her ass. She was just
starting to enjoy it, when I pulled out and told her to
go mount the bedpost again.

As we entered the room, she mounted the post. I started
to work my cock back into her, it felt so good with her
tight little ass around my cock, and I could feel the
post rubbing on my cock. I couldn’t take it any longer;
I blew the biggest load I had ever shot before right up
her ass.

I pulled out of her, and she fell on the bed completely
exhausted. I lay down next to her and we fell asleep. We
must have slept for about an hour, when I awoke to a

“What the hell is going on here?”

Pam, my 21-year-old sister, had stopped to check on us.
Boy was my 16-year-old cock was in for a good time….

I pulled out of her, and she fell on the bed completely
exhausted. I lay down next to her and we fell asleep. We
must have slept for about an hour, when I awoke to a
voice, “What the hell is going on here?” Pam, my 21-
year-old sister, had stopped to check on us. Boy was my
16-year-old cock was in for a good time.

I jumped up, like someone had just kicked me in the
balls, grabbed her by the hair as she started to run
away. I threw her onto the floor, and her head hit the
wall. It knocked her out cold. I looked at Kim in
amazement, and said, “Go to the Garage and get some
rope. Hurry up before she wakes.”

“Where is it?”

“There is some hanging on the wall.”

As she left to get the rope, I started to drag Pam to
the bed. I always thought Pam was a beauty. She has c-
cup breasts, the roundest firmest ass you have ever
seen, light brown hair with blonde highlights, and the
prettiest blue eyes. I’ve always wanted to fuck her, and
I was finally going to be able to. I was lifting her up
onto the bed, as Kim came back in with the rope. We tied
her arms above her head, and her legs were spread eagle.

Kim asked me, “What now?”

“We are going to wait for her to wake up, and then I am
going to rape her inside and out.”

“Do you really think we should?”

As I slapped her on the face I said firmly, “Don’t ever
question your master! Now go get me a glass of water and
a knife.”

When Kim got back, I took the glass of water and threw
it on her face she instantly woke up to horror, “You
bastard let me go! I’m going to call the police!”

“Shut up bitch! I own you now, and if you cooperate
you’ll only be sore after I rape you.” With that I
started to kiss her and I forced my tongue into her
mouth. When I broke the kiss, I took the knife and
started to cut off her belly shirt. She screamed and I
told Kim to quickly sit on her face.

Kim jumped up on the bed and plunged her pussy right
into Pam’s face. I held the knife to Pam’s neck and told
her to eat Kim out or I would slash her throat. She
hesitated until I pressed the knife to her throat a
little harder. When Kim started to moan, I continued to
cut off her shirt and bra.

When her tits flopped out I wanted to come in my jeans.
I immediately started to suck on them, and even though
she was fighting us off, she couldn’t control her sexual
desires. Her nipples became hard as a rock and stood out
a quarter inch, while she quickly got a damp spot in the
crotch of her shorts. While sucking on her tits, I let
my hand find that damp spot between her sexy legs.

I slowly kissed down her belly, stopping to play with
her belly button ring, and then on down to the top of
her daisy duke’s. I stop and I slid my tongue under the
waistband. I could tell her body was extremely enjoying
it, but I knew her mind was not. She must have been
humiliated. I took my knife and started to cut her
shorts off, when I heard Kim say she was coming again.
It was then that I realized she, Kim, had came three

“If I let Kim get off your face, are you going to scream

She moaned no, so I told Kim to get off. As Kim rolled
off I heard Pam say I was an asshole. I walked into the
kitchen, got a little baggy, and filled it with ice. I
knew Pam’s stomach was very sensitive, so I taped the
bag to her stomach. I then told her the rules as
follows, “You are mine, you will obey, and after I have
fucked you and tortured you in every way possible I will
let you go. But if you do not obey I will torture you to
your death. Understood?”

“Yes! Please take the bag of ice off!”

I took the ice off, and untied her legs. I then slide
her shorts and thong off. I retied her legs to the
bedposts above her head. I commanded Kim to eat her
pussy and ass out, and she willingly obeyed. While Kim
was busy at work, I moved to Pam’s front end. As my dick
reached her lips she turned her head. I slapped her, it
looked like in the movies when someone gets punched and
all the fluids fly out of their mouth.

I repositioned her head and put my dick back to her
lips. This time she took it in, I gave her a little help
by shoving it down her throat. She obviously was not an
experienced cocksucker because every time I pumped I
thought she was going to gag herself to death.

For the next ten minutes I thrust in and out of her
mouth. When I came, it was a non-stop river; I must have
shot 12 big loads in her mouth before they slowly got
smaller. It was a beautiful sight to see incestuous cum
all over my sister’s face. I climbed off the bed and
told Kim to help clean up Pam’s face. As I got between
Pam’s legs, I got a really good idea.

I grabbed some KY jelly, and started to lube up her
asshole. As I worked my finger in and out of her ass, I
was soon able to get two fingers in, and then three. It
was at this point she started to scream in pain, and I
told her what I had in mind.

I said, “Kim, take this jelly and lube up that post.
Pam, I am going to work my whole hand in your ass and
then stick that bedpost up your ass. How about that?”

“Please NO!” she screamed in pain and horror, as I got
my whole hand up her ass. I worked her ass with my fist
for about two minutes before Kim untied her and we
position her above the bedpost. I grabbed one of her ass
cheeks, and Kim grabbed the other.

We slowly started to slide her closer to the post. We
wiggled her side to side until the post started into her
ass. After it was in an inch or so I got behind her and
moved her up and down on the post. She screamed for
about a minute before she past out from the intense
pain. I told Kim to get a glass of water to wake her up.
After she splashed the water in Pam’s face, I lifted her
off the post.

I made her get on her hands and knees. I told her to
lick the shit off of the bedpost while I fucked her
pussy. I screwed the hell out of her, and planted my
seed in her pussy. After that I told Kim to get her some
fresh clothes, I dragged her to the bathroom.

I got into the shower with her to help her clean up. I
fucked her ass in the shower, and once more on the
bathroom floor after the shower. I realized after that,
I had to piss. I told her to open her mouth and swallow
every last drop. She did, and I let her was her mouth
out. I told her I would let her go if she swore to never
tell a sole. She agreed, and I said I would kill her if
she did.

It was then that the phone rang, and it was the police.
They said my parent’s plane had crashed and there were
no survivors. Ever since then Pam has moved back home,
and has adapted to the fact that I fuck her twice a day,
and make her drink my piss and lick the shit out of my

She now has 3 of my daughters. Kim has 1 of my
daughters, and is pregnant with another child. Although
Kate and I have broke up, I have since found a new love
and I am marring Kristen.

Kristen and Kim love to make Pam eat them out, and then
bedpost her ass. Kristen thinks it would be fun to make
Pam eat her out when she is on the rag. I think I am
going to make her, just so my little Kristen can be

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