Hairy Mary and Trixie the College Girl
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A mature, hirsute lesbian cleaning woman lusts after
the young college girls that she sees every day at
work. Then before she knows it, she’s experiencing a
lustful love session with an 18-year-old freshman

Mary pulled her beat-up old car in front of her house
and stepped out. It had been a long day at work. For
the past fifteen years, she had been a cleaning lady in
a girl’s dormitory at the local college. Day in and day
out, Mary spent her days cleaning the hallways,
emptying trashcans, and scrubbing down the dorm’s
common bathrooms. On her way to the front door, Mary
felt her aching muscles. As she walked into the lonely
little house, Mary sat down on the sofa in tears.

Her life hadn’t always been this pitiful. When she was
about to graduate high school years before, Mary’s
parents had agreed to send her to college. But an
unfortunate incident had precluded that possibility.
Mary had always had lesbian urges. One night in high
school, she had convinced a female friend of hers to
make out topless with her. Mary’s father burst in on
the scene and demanded to know what was going on.

When Mary came clean to her ultra-conservative parents,
they kicked her out of the house. She was told never to
return. Faced with her newfound exile, Mary knew she
would never convince her parents to send her to
college. What made matters worse was that she had
nowhere to go.

Mary fell into a deep depression. With no possibility
of college, she didn’t see the point in even finishing
high school. Mary dropped out and began drifting from
town to town. Without a high school diploma, the only
jobs Mary could get involved low paying menial labor.
She had brief relationships with other women through
the years, but nothing lasted. Once she had secured the
cleaning lady job at the college, Mary rented a small
house and settled into an unsatisfying rut.

Now, thirty-eight-years-old and virtually penniless,
Mary was just as depressed as when she had first left
home. Her figure had become considerably less stunning.
What had once been a slim, brunette, teenage bombshell
had become a stocky, 220 lb woman with streaks of gray
appearing in her hair. Her brown eyes had lost the
sparkle that they had once had. Lines of age began to
show in her face, unable to be concealed by makeup.

Mary’s 34d breasts with their large brown areolas had
begun to sag long ago, and stretch marks were evident
on her body in all the wrong places. Because of her
depression, Mary had truly let her body go. She
couldn’t remember the last time she had shaved her
vagina. As a result, the coarse brown hairs of her
pubic bush wildly encompassed her forgotten sex. Mary
had even stopped shaving her legs and armpits, leaving
thick hair on her legs and dark brown patches under
each arm.

Mary’s self-pity was only outmatched by her torturous
lust for the young college girls she cleaned for every
day. Every morning, she walked into that dormitory
seeing teenage beauties prancing up and down the halls.
The greatest pain was cleaning the bathrooms. Often,
Mary would be in there when the girls came in to
shower. She would see them take off their robes and
walk nude into the small showering cubicles. Mary’s
pussy ached each time she saw them nude. She longed to
walk into those shower stalls with them and ravage
their young, tight bodies.

Mary’s unrequited lust, combined with her general
loneliness, eventually gave way to bouts of extreme
perversion. When no one else was in the bathroom, Mary
would lick the girls’ toilet seats. In her mind,
licking the same area where the girls’ asses had
recently been brought Mary closer to her dream of
having one of them. Over the years, Mary’s perversions
grew more intense. Whenever one of the girls would
neglect to flush the toilet after urinating, Mary would
sneak into the stall afterward. She loved the look and
smell of the girls’ fresh urine.

Mary grew aroused knowing that she was close to
something that had so recently passed through their
perfect young pussies. Initially, Mary would just sit
with her face close to the bowl and inhale the scent of
their pee. As time passed, however, she began to dip
her hands into the bowl and let the warm pee surround
her fingertips. In an extreme act of perversion, Mary
had one day decided to lick the girls’ pee from her wet
fingertips. The taste sent shivers down her spine. From
that day forward, Mary would constantly feed her sick
desires by never failing to take advantage of an
unflushed toilet. She even kept a small cup in her
cleaning supplies so that she could drink the girls’
urine by the cupful when possible.

And that was how it had been for years. Sneaking peeks
at the naked young girls, secretly drinking their
urine, and always lusting after them. Mary sat on her
sofa, silently crying to herself in both pity and
shame. “Why can’t I find someone?” she asked aloud.
“Why am I stuck being some perverted old woman when
everyone else around me is so happy?” It was in this
state that Mary sank into sleep on the sofa…left
unsatisfied for yet another evening.


That same night, Trixie lay awake in her dorm room.
Ever since her roommate had left college last semester
due to illness, Trixie had the entire room to herself.
As she saw the clock strike midnight, her aching pussy
continued to keep her awake. Trixie was a lesbian. For
some time, she’d tried to convince herself that she was
bisexual. She’d have occasional flings with boys, but
was always left feeling unsatisfied. No, it was women
who satisfied Trixie. She’d only had one female lover
during high school, and it had been all-too-brief an
affair. But once Trixie had entered college, she found
a whole new realm of young women eager to try out
lesbian love.

In her first month of college alone, Trixie had met and
bedded three separate girls. But nothing ever lasted
with her college-aged cohort. And the love making still
wasn’t satisfying. The other girls were still too
inexperienced; still to unsure of their sexuality to
really get into it. But then Trixie had discovered a
jackpot. Venturing beyond the campus and into the blue-
collar town that surrounded it, Trixie had found a few
mature women with which to share her lust. More and
more, Trixie found herself gravitating toward these
middle-aged townie women. They weren’t like the girls
on campus. They were comfortable with their lesbian
tendencies. Moreover, they appreciated Trixie’s young
form and made that appreciation known for hours on end
in the bedroom.

And what a form it was. At eighteen, Trixie had a very
trim figure that nicely hung on her 5’7″ frame. Her
fiery red hair sat atop her head, which was covered in
freckles. Trixie’s eyes had always been an alluring
light green, which stood out quite well against her
pale skin. Her pert 34b breasts were adorned with two
rosy pink nipples and her constantly wet pussy was
shaven smooth every day.

Trixie lightly caressed her pussy as she lay their
naked in the darkness. She knew she had to get some
action from one of the townie women soon. She was
having difficulty concentrating on her schoolwork and,
with three big tests coming up, Trixie needed to be on
top of her game. Finally, after a brief masturbation
session, Trixie drifted off into a fitful sleep.


Mary awoke on the sofa early the next morning. She
wandered into the shower and cleaned herself off. Not
bothering to put on any makeup, she quickly sprayed on
some deodorant before getting dressed. After slipping
on the usual white cotton bra and panties, Mary put on
her matching white socks. Then she got into her
uniform. Looking into the mirror, she sighed at the
image of herself in the unflattering one-piece pink
cleaning uniform. The long skirt on the lower half
covered her unshaven legs, yet still failed in its
intended task of creating a feel of femininity. After
slugging down some coffee and a doughnut, Mary put on
her shoes and was in her car and off to work.

Mary began by emptying all the trashcans in the hall,
wondering how the girls in the dorm could have
accumulated so much garbage in the few short hours she
had been away. Then, she unlocked her small supply
closet and assembled the necessary tools to begin
cleaning the hallway floors. As she scrubbed the
floors, Mary noticed the beautiful young girls walking
in and out of the bathroom. Her pussy moistened when
she remembered that they were all very likely nude
under their towels. “What’s the use of fantasizing?”
she thought. “Even if they notice me, I’m just the
white trash cleaning woman to them.” Saddened, Mary
continued on her task well into ten o’clock.


Trixie woke up late that morning. She glanced over at
the clock and realized that she had slept through her
first class. “Damn!” she said out loud. She couldn’t
hear any hallway bustle outside of her door. “Everyone
must already be at classes for the day,” Trixie
thought. “Guess I’ll grab a shower.”

Still feeling the familiar horniness from the night
before, Trixie wrapped a towel around her naked body
and walked for the dorm’s common bathroom. As she
entered, she saw Mary, the dorm cleaning woman
finishing a drink from that cup she always carried
around with her. “Hi, Mary” said Trixie.

Mary turned, startled to find someone catching her
during her morning pee drinking. “Oh,” she stammered,
“Hi there.” It was Trixie, that cute little bombshell
who lived across the hall. More than once, Mary had
fallen asleep masturbating to thoughts about what they
might do together. She backed away a bit, fearful that
Trixie might smell the warm urine on her breath. Still,
she couldn’t resist looking the young girl up and
down…gazing at the porcelain skin and red hair that
she so longed to touch. “I � I didn’t think anyone
still needed to use the showers.”

“Yeah,” replied Trixie, “I guess I overslept today.”
Then, she noticed it. Mary was checking her out! In all
these months, Trixie had never really paid much
attention to Mary. But now that she thought about it,
Mary was exactly her type. “Maybe I’ve found a solution
to my problem!” thought Trixie. Then she stopped
herself. It was entirely possible that Mary was
straight and just admiring her body from an aesthetic
viewpoint. Still, she had to know for certain.

A devilish idea crept into Trixie’s head. She removed
her towel, standing fully nude before Mary. So as not
to scare the older woman off, Trixie began making small
talk. “So did you have a good night last night?”

Mary was dumbfounded. She had caught glances of Trixie
nude before, but had never seen her on display close up
like this. “Uh…I guess so. I didn’t really do much.”

“Are you married, Mary?” asked Trixie. “I don’t think
I’ve ever asked you. But I see that you don’t have a
wedding ring on.”

Mary blushed a bit. “Oh me? No. It’s just me living
alone”. Mary was a bit puzzled by the girl’s question,
but welcomed the chance to continue talking to her if
it meant that Trixie would stay nude in front of her.

Inside, Trixie smiled. “If she’s not married,” she
thought, “it might be because she’s into women.” Trixie
slowly walked past Mary to the sink. Looking into the
mirror and pretending to wash her hands, she jutted her
tight ass out for the older lady to see. “So do you
just hang out at home on weeknights, then?”

Mary was staring right at Trixie’s beautiful ass as she
spoke. “Um…Yes…For the most part. There’s not much
to do around here, you know.”

“I know what you mean,” replied Trixie. “Even with all
these people around, it can get lonely.” She moved over
to a small ledge on the wall and sat down, consciously
spreading her legs apart a bit. “I have trouble finding
people…like me, you know?” As she said this, she
looked right into Mary’s eyes, smiling.

The dumbfounded look in Mary’s eyes told Trixie all she
needed to know. “She IS into girls!” she thought.
“Now’s my chance to really drive her wild.” Trixie got
into the shower and turned the water on, but did not
close the curtain. Instead, she stared right at Mary as
the water cascaded down her tight, young body. Trixie
soaped up her hands and ran them over her breasts. As
she pinched her nipples, she puckered her lips and blew
a kiss to Mary. Mary just continued staring as Trixie’s
soapy hands massaged her young, smooth pussy.

As Trixie finished her seductive shower, she stepped
out of the stall and stood immediately in front of
Mary. “Did you like that?” she asked the silent
cleaning lady.

Mary’s flushed face looked over the young seductress’
body slowly. With her eyes closed in disbelief, she
responded “Yes…God yes.”

Trixie smiled and quickly dried herself off in front of
her new admirer and put her towel back on. “Come on
with me then,” she said, taking Mary’s hand. “I want to
show you something else in my room.” With that, Trixie
led the stunned middle-aged cleaning woman across the
hall and into her room.

As Trixie closed and locked her door, she made sure the
window shade was pulled down. Then she took off her
towel and moved closer to Mary. With her hands on
Mary’s shoulders, she looked deep into her eyes and
whispered, “You know, you’re just my type, Mary.”
Mary’s wide eyes were her only reply as Trixie leaned
in for a quick kiss on the lips. “What about me?”
Trixie continued, “Am I your type?”

Mary finally found her voice. “Well,” she said, “I �
I’ve never been with someone like you. Someone so young
and pretty, I mean.” Mary blushed as Trixie smiled.

“So you think I’m pretty. Thank you so much, Mary.”
Trixie’s hands slowly moved over Mary’s body. “I think
you’re very attractive, too.” She kissed Mary again,
lingering a bit longer on her lips and tasting a hint
of something strange and unfamiliar…almost salty.
Trixie filed this new mystery in the back of her mind
and continued her seduction. “So would you like to play
with me? I mean, get really dirty?” She grinned at

Mary’s discomfort was quickly replaced by a lustful
acceptance of the sinful invitation. “Oh yes, Trixie!”
she nearly shouted. At that, she wrapped her arms
around Trixie’s beautiful, naked body and began
lavishing kisses on her lips and neck. Trixie leaned
her head back and enjoyed the attention.

“That’s it, Mary,” she said, “Don’t be shy. Why don’t
you get more comfortable?” Trixie moved away a bit and
lay down on her bed. “I’d just love a striptease!”
Trixie licked her lips as she smiled at Mary.

Mary suddenly felt her discomfort gain a foothold. She
looked away from Trixie and remembered her own
misshapen, un-groomed body. “I � I don’t think you’ll
like it very much,” she said, embarrassed.

“Oh nonsense,” replied Trixie as she leaned back and
spread her legs. “I want to see everything you’ve got.”
Trixie began slowly rubbing her bald pussy and
whispered to Mary, “Show it all to me Mary.”

Mary leaned down and took off her shoes and socks,
setting them aside. Then, she sighed to herself. “Here
goes nothing,” she thought. “She’ll see what I look
like naked and run for the hills.” Mary nearly wept as
she undid her uniform and let it fall to the floor.
Standing there in only her bra and panties, Mary was on
display for the much younger lesbian.

Trixie looked over Mary with great lust as she slowly
massaged her pussy. Mary was absolutely perfect.
Overweight and covered with body hair. She licked her
lips. “Mmm…Mary,” she cooed, “I like what I see.
What’s the rest look like?”

Mary was stunned. “You…you like it?” she asked in
disbelief. With a reassuring nod from Trixie, Mary
quickly stripped down to nothing and stood there. She
could see Trixie’s eyes running over her whole body
with desire. Then the younger girl stood before her.
Trixie’s hands took Mary’s sagging breasts and lovingly
caressed them. Then, she took Mary’s hands and pulled
her arms into the air. After revealing Mary’s bushy
armpits, Trixie took a moment to gently kiss each one.

Trixie then whispered into Mary’s ear. “When’s the last
time you had your pussy eaten?” she asked. Mary simply
stammered, not able to answer. Before the older woman
knew what was happening, Trixie had twirled her around
and gently pushed her onto the bed. Trixie’s eyes were
wide as she parted Mary’s legs. The oozing, hairy pussy
that awaited her was almost too enticing for the young
lesbian to take. “Mary, it’s wonderful!” exclaimed
Trixie. Then the young sex-crazed lesbian dove in.

Mary looked down to see Trixie’s face buried between
her legs. The lewd, wet sounds of Trixie’s cunnilingus
mixed with Mary’s own moans and filled the room.
“Jesus!” shouted Mary, as Trixie took her clit between
her sweet lips. As Trixie sucked Mary’s clit, she also
pushed two pale fingers inside of the older woman’s
sopping wet pussy.

Trixie would occasionally stop sucking Mary’s clit so
that she could lick the lips of her pussy and take in
the older woman’s sweet love juices. Then she went back
to Mary’s clit, occasionally even going so far as to
gently nibble at it with her teeth. Soon, Trixie added
a third finger inside of Mary and was furiously finger
fucking her while simultaneously sucking the older
woman’s swollen clit.

Mary couldn’t take it anymore. She felt a tremendous
orgasm building up. Unconsciously, Mary tightened her
thighs around Trixie’s head, pinning the young girl
between Mary’s legs. But Trixie didn’t mind at all. At
that moment, there was no other place in the world that
she wanted to be. Trixie could feel Mary’s orgasm
approaching, but was completely unprepared for its

With an obscene grunt, Mary finally cut loose. Her
entire body shook as she released a gushing wave of
female cum onto Trixie’s waiting lips and tongue.
Trixie was astounded. She had never been with a woman
who squirted before. Hungrily, she lapped up all Mary
had to offer, relishing the womanly, musky taste and
smell. When Trixie finally looked up, Mary had passed
out from the intense pleasure.


Mary awoke in a dream-like state. For the first time in
years, she actually woke up feeling good. “Had this all
been a dream?” she thought, “Did I really do that with
Trixie?” A quick inventory of her surroundings
confirmed that she was, in fact, living in reality. As
Mary returned to consciousness, she looked down to see
the beautiful young Trixie’s face again buried between
her legs. But Mary felt no stimulation of her pussy.
Instead, she could feel Trixie’s tongue probing her
asshole. It was an amazing sensation. Mary had never
experienced anyone playing with her asshole and had
only ventured to try it during individual masturbation
sessions on a handful of occasions. But Trixie’s tongue
made all the difference. The young girl was wetting
Mary’s asshole with her cum-soaked lips and pushing her
tongue deeper and deeper inside.

Trixie noticed Mary stirring and looked up. She said
nothing, just gave the older woman a devilish smile and
went back to eating her asshole.

Mary was in heaven. She used her own fingers to begin
playing with her clit while the nubile young girl
rimmed her asshole. She was a bit surprised when Trixie
moved to kissing her inner thighs, and even more
surprised when she felt two of Trixie’s fingers invade
her asshole. Mary grunted and continued playing with
herself while Trixie furiously fingered her asshole.

“You like that baby?” asked Trixie. “Yeah…you like my
fingers in your ass, don’t you? Cum for me baby. Make
yourself cum while I’m finger fucking that ass of

Mary, turned on by the younger girl’s dirty talk, began
to rub herself even harder. She could feel Trixie’s hot
breath on her pussy as she prepared for another raging
orgasm. Soon, Mary felt her body tense up. Her legs
locked and she released another stream of girl cum
right into Trixie’s smiling face.

Trixie lapped up the female fluids and used her tongue
to clean up Mary’s hairy, soaking pussy. Then she slid
up the bed and wrapped herself in Mary’s arms, kissing
the older woman lovingly. “Mmm…” cooed Trixie, “I
love tasting you, Mary.” Trixie then pulled away a bit
from under Mary’s arm and gazed at the older woman’s
hairy armpit, which was now coated in sweat. She bent
in and started using her tongue to clean Mary’s sweaty,
hairy pits. After a while, Trixie crawled over Mary’s
body and proceeded to do the same to her other armpit.

Mary was in heaven. She had gone from being alone and
sexually frustrated to being adored and loved by this
beautiful young college girl. Still, she was unsure of
the whole situation, as if she would wake up from a
glorious dream and be rocked back to her pitiful life.
She looked over at Trixie, who had resumed her place in
the crook of Mary’s arm. “Trixie,” asked Mary, “Do
you… do you really like me? I mean, I know I’m not a
gorgeous woman.”

Trixie just smiled and kissed Mary on the cheek. “Don’t
you worry,” she replied, “You’re just my type.” Trixie
then leaned up and asked, “Mary, do you want to play
with me?” This got an excited nod from the older woman.
Trixie smiled. “Okay,” she said, “Just stay right where
you are.” Trixie hopped up, straddling the older
woman’s face. She couldn’t wait to feel Mary’s tongue
inside of her young pussy.

Mary took a moment to admire Trixie’s young, shaven
pussy, which was dripping wet. Trixie’s arousal had
opened it a bit, and it seemed to be inviting Mary in.
Without any further hesitation, she began licking up
and down on Trixie’s lips slowly. Mary savored the
taste of the young girl’s lustful fluids and buried her
tongue down Trixie’s hole. This forced Mary’s nose
against Trixie’s clit, which prompted a squeal of
sexual excitement from the young girl.

Mary spent several minutes paying attention to Trixie’s
labia and love hole, then moved her mouth to Trixie’s
clit. She used her wet tongue to trace an invisible
path around Trixie’s clit, sending shivers down the
young girl’s spine. Then, Mary began sucking Trixie’s
clit in earnest. Trixie bucked her hips on Mary’s face,
but Mary would not let go. She sucked for all she was
worth, sending Trixie into ecstasy.

“Yes! Yes! Suck me harder!” shouted Trixie. She reached
down and grasped Mary’s hair, pulling her face closer
into her pussy. Finally, Trixie felt her own orgasm
build, and she had the most amazing climax of her young

Before Trixie had a chance to recover, Mary was begging
her to turn around. “I want to eat your little
asshole,” said Mary, “Please let me eat it, Trixie.”

Trixie didn’t need to be asked twice. She shifted her
body around, placing her ass square in Mary’s face. As
Trixie felt Mary’s hot breath and tongue on her ass,
she reached down and started playing with Mary’s wet,
hairy pussy.

Mary’s tongue invaded Trixie’s asshole eagerly,
prompted even further by the feeling of the young girl
playing with her mature pussy. She savored the taste of
Trixie’s young asshole and willed her tongue deeper and
deeper, eventually settling into a rhythm of tongue-
fucking the young girl’s puckered hole. Trixie was
again sent over the edge and had another monstrous
orgasm. When both of the women had calmed down, Trixie
slid back into her place under Mary’s arm and pulled
the covers of the bed over them. The pair of new lovers
fell into an exhausted sleep, both looking forward to
their further sexual adventures.

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