Lesbian Cutey Pie
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Jezebel sat at her desk reminiscing about the hot and
heavy days with Jason. Just thinking about those days
gave her a familiar tingle deep within her womanhood
and always managed to put a smile on her face. It had
been almost a year now since she had met Jason but
there relationship was short lived as Jason had to
return to England to shoot another movie.

Sadly they both came to the agreement to end the
relationship because they both knew that long distance
relationships never work out. They had one last night
of animalistic pleasure and made a promise that should
either of them be in the area and available they’d get
together for old time’s sake.

Jezebel was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she
never heard the telephone ring; it was the knock at her
door that brought her around. She reluctantly stood up
from her desk and walked over to her office door. There
standing with a panic stricken look on her face was
Wendy the receptionist.

“Wendy what’s wrong?”

“Sorry to bother you Miss Anders but I tried to get
hold of you on your phone! Your one o’ clock
appointment is here and you told me to let you know as
soon as she arrived!” Wendy exclaimed.

“Oh I’m so sorry Wendy that was entirely my fault.
Please show her to my office,” Jezebel replied with a
reassuring smile to Wendy that it was indeed not her

Wendy hurried off to collect Jezebel’s one o’ clock
whilst Jezebel organized all the catalogues that were
needed. She sat down behind her desk, neatened things
up and waited patiently. She knew her client was
someone famous as yet again Henry had never mentioned
her name; he had done the same thing when Jason came to
see them.

“Miss Anders your one o’ clock to see you” came Wendy’s
muffled voice.

“Please send her in.”

Wendy opened the door gently and immediately Jezebel’s
eyes felt as though they were going to jump right out
of her sockets and she was certain that her heart had
completely stopped beating. There standing in the
doorway was none other than Jessica Alba wearing the
cutest smile on her face she had ever seen. Her long
brown hair was tied up in a neat ponytail, her gorgeous
brown eyes seemed to dance in the light and her soft
skin was adorned with a thin strap yellow summer dress
with a matching pair of stiletto heels.

Jezebel stood up and held out her hand to greet
Jessica. As she gently placed her hand into Jezebel’s a
tingle of pleasure ran up her arm and down her spine at
the sheer softness of Jessica’s skin.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you Miss Alba, oh I
do apologize you are married so then it’s Mrs…?”
Jezebel said and waited for a response.

“Miss Alba will do just fine. I go by that name in any
case,” She replied with a warm smile and a soft giggle.

“Of course; please take a seat and we can get started
right away. Thank you Wendy,” Jezebel said before
taking a seat at her desk.

Wendy nodded and closed the door behind her. Jezebel
got straight down to business and started to ask what
kind of art Jessica was looking to have in her home and
also if she had any photos of the layout of her home so
that they could see which art would best suit each
room. It was decide that they would go for more
classical art for the rooms as she wanted to show off
the rooms in a refined manner. It took them right up
until closing to figure out which ones Jessica liked
the best and even then she was still undecided.

“Well we always have tomorrow to try and sort of
finalize all of them Miss Alba,” Jezebel said as she
stretched in her chair and rubbed the back of her neck.

“Please call me Jessica. I must be the worst client you
have had,” Jessica said with a giggle.

“No I’ve had worse trust me. It’s really no rush we
have two weeks to finalize this and then it will only
take about another week for them to be shipped off to
your home.”

With a relieved sigh Jessica relaxed in her chair and
smiled at Jezebel. It was that smile that got her every
time. Jezebel found it quite difficult to concentrate
on what was being said throughout the day because of
that smile. Every time she saw Jessica smile, her heart
would skip a beat and she’d feel a shiver go up her

Sometimes Jessica would be looking at Jezebel for a few
minutes and it took her a few seconds to realize that
Jessica had asked her a question. She’d snap out of it
and feel her face flush from embarrassment. From the
corner of her eye however she would see Jessica smile
to herself and then focus on what Jezebel was saying.
Was that Jessica’s subtle way of saying that she was
curious about Jezebel or just flattered that she had
the same affect on a woman as she did on a man?

“Well thank you so much for all your help with this
Miss Anders,” Jessica said as she stood up and
collected all her things.

“It’s an absolute pleasure and please, call me
Jezebel,” she replied with a smile on her face.

“My, that is an unusual name, very beautiful though,”
Jessica said as she shook Jezebel’s hand.

They stood in silence for a few seconds, hands still
locked in a slow handshake. Eventually Jessica realized
she was still holding Jezebel’s hand and quickly
withdrew her own, blushing ever so slightly and looking
away. It was Jezebel’s turn to smile to herself and it
was at this point that she realized how much she wanted
Jessica. She was sexy in a cute and almost innocent
kind of a way but she knew that was just a disguise
because beneath all that cuteness there was a tigress
waiting to spring out and ravage whoever was fortunate
enough to find themselves within the sheets of her bed
or wrapped in her arms.

“Jezebel? Are you ok? Jezebel?”

Jezebel suddenly snapped back to reality when hearing
Jessica’s voice.

“Sorry I sort of spaced out there. What were you
saying?” Jezebel said through a girlish little giggle.

“I was saying that I know this is a little strange and
perhaps a little unorthodox considering I’m a client of
yours and a new one at that but would you like to join
myself and a couple of my girlfriends for a couple of

Jessica was looking at her hands now and twiddling her
fingers together. She looked just like a little girl
who seemed shy and maybe a little embarrassed at asking
such a thing when she knew she’d probably get rejected.

“Of course I would and there’s nothing unorthodox about
it. We can always discuss your collection thus far over
a few drinks if it would make you feel a little
better,” Jezebel replied.

Jessica looked up and Jezebel could see the excitement
dancing in her eyes at the response she had received.

“That’s great! Um I mean well thank you for accepting
the invite,” Jessica stated and then tried to take the
complete excitement and sheer joy out of her voice and
tried her best to make it sound more professional.

“Come on let’s get going” Jezebel said as she giggled
at Jessica’s response.

They both gathered their belongings and headed for the
door. Jezebel followed Jessica to a little bar just
down the road from where she worked. While driving
Jezebel couldn’t help but feel butterflies dancing
around in her stomach at the thought of having drinks
with Jessica Alba. She had to remind herself, however
that this was nothing intimate at all and that any
sexual thoughts she may have about this hot little
vixen were to be completely pushed out of her mind and
locked away in her little naughty thoughts room in the
darkest corner of her mind.

Jezebel couldn’t help it though because she was certain
that she was picking up on some sexual vibes coming
from Jessica; although it all could have just been in
her imagination considering that she was bi-sexual and
on numerous occasions had had naughty thoughts about
Jessica. She shook her head and decided that these
thoughts were occurring simply because she was bi-

They came to their destination and Jessica lead the way
through the busy bar to the back of the room where four
young women sat in a corner booth laughing and
chatting. When they saw Jessica they all greeted her in
unison and eyed Jezebel, who was close behind her,

“Hey ladies, sorry I’m a little late but picking out
art is really difficult when there are so many to
choose from. I hope you don’t mind but I brought
Jezebel along to join us for the evening.”

“Hi,” Jezebel said as she waved to everyone at the
table before sitting down.

She was introduced to everyone in turn and relaxed a
little once everyone started laughing and chatting
again. She ordered a round of shooters for the table
and listened intently to the conversations being held.
It must have been at least two hours later and Jessica
and the rest of the girls suddenly became very loud and
were all giggling; the effect of having drunk too much

Jezebel had insisted that she needed to drive home and
had work the next day so she had to decline the
invitation to join in on the fun activity of getting
drunk. Jessica leaned closer to Jezebel and for a
moment Jezebel felt her heart begin to pound at the
site of Jessica’s face moving closer to hers. She could
feel Jessica’s breath on her face and then it was in
her ear. Jezebel’s entire body shivered as Jessica
began to whisper something to her.

“Would you mind driving me home because I don’t think I
can stand let alone drive a car,” Jessica said in a
slurred voice.

Jezebel, though a little disappointed she had not
gotten any kiss, nodded her head ad chuckled at the
sound of Jessica slurring her words. Jezebel stood up
and then helped Jessica up from the couch.

“Well ladies it has been an absolute blast this evening
but I really must get Jessica home. She has to get up
early to come and see me and I think she’s going to
need all the sleep she can get.”

The ladies all laughed and agreed with Jezebel before
saying their good-byes. Jessica attempted to persuade
Jezebel to stay a little longer but Jezebel would not
hear it. She took Jessica to her car and gently eased
her into the passenger seat before getting into the car

“Hang on, Jessica I don’t actually know where you are

Jessica seemed to focus as hard as she could for the
five minutes it took to explain how to get to her
place. Jezebel hoped she would be able to find the
place as it was most difficult trying to decipher words
through a slurring drunken voice. Jezebel found the
place and it dawned on her that Jessica’s place was
only two streets down from hers. She didn’t realize it
sooner because they had come the back route which
Jezebel hardly ever took.

Jezebel stopped the car and turned to face Jessica; she
was passed out in the passenger seat. With a sigh and a
smile on her face, Jezebel got out of the car and went
around to the passenger side and gently lifted Jessica
out of the car. She closed the car door and headed for
the house.

“Jessica, I need the key for the door.”

No response.

“Jessica,” she gently stroked her face “Jessica sweetie
I need the key.”

Jessica moaned a little and opened her eyes. She
processed what Jezebel said and then searched her bag
clumsily before finding the key.

“Thank you.”

Jezebel took the key, unlocked the door and took her
inside before closing it again. She put the key down
and took Jessica upstairs looking for a bedroom where
she could lay her down. She found one to the right and
then put Jessica down on the bed gently. Jezebel bent
down and began to unbuckle Jessica’s shoes to take them
off. She couldn’t help but run her hand down Jessica’s
legs as she did so and to Jezebel’s amazement Jessica
seemed to enjoy it as a soft moan escaped her lips with
every touch Jezebel placed on her legs.

Jezebel tried to convince herself that Jessica was
drunk and was probably thinking it was her husband
doing that to her but for some reason Jezebel’s mind
just refused to comprehend that. Jezebel forced herself
to stop doing what she was doing, stood up and headed
for the door.

“Jezebel, please don’t go yet. Please stay with me for
just a little while,” Jessica mumbled.

Jezebel knew this was a bad idea because she knew for a
fact that she wanted to ravage Jessica so badly and it
was taking a lot of willpower just to stand up and walk
away. That willpower dissolved once Jessica had spoken
those words. Jezebel closed the door and kicked of her
own shoes before heading over to the bed. She climbed
onto the bed next to Jessica and as their skin touched
Jezebel found herself shuddering and felt goose bumps
erupt over her entire body. Immediately Jessica turned
over and snuggled up to Jezebel putting her arm over
Jezebel’s waist. Jezebel could feel her breathing
quicken and her heart begin to pound in her ears. She
could feel her underwear begin to get wet as she began
to get horny from this simple touch.

“Jessica I think I should go. You need to get some
sleep,” Jezebel whispered into her ear because she knew
she couldn’t control her urges for much longer.

“No please stay, stay until I fall asleep,” Jessica
pleaded as she snuggled closer to Jezebel and tightened
her hold around Jezebel’s waist.

Jezebel agreed to stay and tried to focus on something
other than this gorgeous being wrapped around her. But
her control over her hormones was short-lived when she
suddenly felt Jessica slide her one leg between
Jezebel’s thighs and begin kissing her neck. Jezebel
closed her eyes as Jessica softly kissed her neck and
let out a soft moan. Jessica kissed her way up
Jezebel’s neck and found her ear where she whispered
“I’ve never done this before,” before nibbling on
Jezebel’s ear lobe. This pushed Jezebel over the edge
and she gently rolled Jessica over onto her back.

Jezebel leaned down and began to kiss Jessica’s soft
lips. Jessica’s mouth opened willingly and allowed
Jezebel’s tongue to slither inside. They kissed
passionately and their hands began caressing each
other’s bodies as soft moans escaped from both women
through every touch and kiss. Jezebel broke the kiss
and began to kiss Jessica’s neck as she slowly slid one
of the straps of her dress off Jessica’s shoulder so
that there was no piece of skin left that had not been
kissed. Their breathing turned into heavy panting and
Jezebel wondered if Jessica was as wet as she was. The
thought of Jessica’s wet womanhood made Jezebel moan as
she continued to kiss Jessica’s neck.

Jessica couldn’t believe this was happening to her
right now. She knew what was going on even in her
drunken state and she didn’t know whether it was the
alcohol or her own intentions that had brought this
about but she felt excited that this had happened.
Jessica had always wanted to know what is was like to
be with another woman but her husband had never really
warmed up to the idea of her being with another woman.

When she knew she was going to be away from him for at
least a month she made it a goal of hers to be with a
woman at least once. When she had walked into Jezebel’s
office that day she was absolutely taken aback by this
woman’s exquisite beauty and had wanted nothing more
than to have this woman in her bed; but Jessica just
didn’t know how she was going to accomplish that seeing
as she had never hit on a woman before. She knew that
Jezebel was bi-sexual because one of her colleagues had
asked Jessica who she was there to see and when she had
mentioned Jezebel’s name he gave a laugh and winked at

“Better be careful around that one. She’s a real
firecracker and it’s known that she loves women just as
much as she loves men,” he had said before wishing her
luck and walking off.

Jessica at first was a little apprehensive about even
meeting this woman but once she laid eyes on her, her
thoughts changed immediately to ones of lust. Now she
was going to achieve her goal but for some reason she
suddenly began to feel a little uncomfortable with
this. Was it because she had never done this before or
was it because she had not pictured it ever happening
in this sort of situation?

Jezebel began to fondle Jessica’s breasts through the
thin material and felt her nipples grow hard from her
touch. It was then that Jezebel’s sensible half of her
brain kicked in and screamed at her “What the hell do
you think you are doing!? This woman is drunk and
you’re taking advantage of her!” With that Jezebel
stopped and looked at Jessica before quickly standing
up. Jessica looked at her with a confused look in her
eyes and yet Jezebel could sense that in a way Jessica
was relieved that she had stopped.

“Oh my word um Jessica I’m really so sorry I shouldn’t
have done that,” Jezebel said in a hurried and
apologetic tone ” I read the signs all wrong and now I
stooped so low as to act on my urges and take advantage
of you in your drunken state.”

“Jezebel….” Jessica began to say but was cut off.

“No don’t say anything please. I’m sorry um I’ll see
you tomorrow I guess and um we can just go over those
art pieces again and um……I’m really sorry again
about all this. I have to go,” Jezebel said before
gathering her things and running downstairs, out the
door and speeding away in her car.

Jessica suddenly felt sick to her stomach. This is not
how she imagined this would happen at all. She wanted
to let Jezebel know that she hadn’t read the subtle
signals at all wrong and that Jessica wasn’t upset that
Jezebel had acted on her urges; she just didn’t want it
happening in her current state because she knew she
probably wouldn’t remember half of it the next morning.
Jessica got up from her bed and ran to the bathroom to
throw up.

Tears burned her eyes as she lay her head on the side
of the cold porcelain bowl and pulled the lever to
flush away whatever it was that had come up. Jessica
wished she could go back in time and make sure she
didn’t drink as much as she had so that all of this
could have played out better. She dragged herself back
to the bedroom, flopped down onto the bed and cried
herself to sleep thinking about how awkward this was
all going to be in the morning.

Jezebel felt the tears sting her eyes as she drove
home. She couldn’t believe that she had just done that
to someone as well known and as famous as Jessica Alba.
How could she have been so stupid to think that there
were even the slightest undertones of lust or wanting
in Jessica’s actions or conversations that day? She
knew it was going to be way too awkward for them to
continue handling the art account and it seemed to
break Jezebel’s heart even more at the thought of
having to hand over Jessica’s account to someone else.

Jezebel finally reached her home and fumbled with the
keys to get into the house. She threw her things down,
ran upstairs and flopped down onto her bed and let the
tears roll down like a thunderous waterfall. She
screamed into her pillow at her sheer stupidity and
felt as though she simply wanted the earth to open up
and swallow her whole. She was too upset to bother
getting undressed and simply curled up into a ball on
her bed and cried herself to sleep.

Her night was filled with nightmares of what Jessica
must think about her and the nightmares made her not
want to wake up because she was too afraid that what
she saw in her nightmares was exactly what would happen
the next day. She would rather stay asleep with her
nightmares than wake up and face them in reality.


The next morning Jezebel woke to the feel of the warm
rays of the sun beating down on her face. Jezebel
opened her eyes and could immediately tell that they
were puffy from crying. Her stomach immediately knotted
at the realization that she had to face Jessica at work
today and her eyes brimmed with fresh tears but she bit
her lip and forced them back. She trudged through to
the bathroom where she ran a hot shower, got undressed
and climbed under the beating water. The water was
refreshing and she just wished that it could wash away
her memories and take away everything that went wrong
the night before.

Reluctantly she turned off the water, got out, dried
herself off and headed to the bedroom. It took her half
an hour to pick out an outfit for that day and she
settled on a simple pair of black pants, black stiletto
heels and a white button up blouse. She slowly got
dressed and then did her hair up in a ponytail, put on
her make-up before putting on her glasses. She looked
at herself in the mirror and knew she looked like shit
but she had to face the consequences of her actions.
She felt a lump in her throat, swallowed hard and then
headed downstairs where she collected her bag before
getting into her car and taking a very slow drive to
the office.

Jessica sat in Jezebel’s office waiting anxiously for
her to arrive. She was so nervous that she was even
biting her nails which she never does. Jessica had
woken up with a major hangover but she had forced that
pain away as she concentrated on the task at hand. She
had gotten up that morning, had a shower, slipped on a
pair of jeans, thin strap red top and sandals before
she grabbed her bag and organized with one of her
friends to drop her at the office.

Through the entire trip there Jessica’s friend had
asked her what the problem was but Jessica knew if she
spoke to her friend about it she’d burst into tears;
not to mention her friend would probably think she was
completely out of her tree for wanting to even do that
sort of thing with a woman. She simply said that there
was something that she had to urgently discuss with
Jezebel and it couldn’t wait. Her friend knew she was
lying but didn’t push the issue any further.

After dropping Jessica off her friend yelled after her
that they would go and pick up her car later in the day
and drop it off for her. Jessica just waved her hand
and headed straight to the door. She had expressed the
urgency of the matter to Wendy who happily obliged and
unlocked the office for her. She had brought Jessica
coffee but all she could do was sit and stare at the
swirling steam as she tried to think how she gong to
say what she needed to say to Jezebel.

Jezebel walked in through the door, mind swirling with
dreaded thoughts on what was going to happen. She
hadn’t noticed Wendy running up to her side and trying
to keep up with her as Jezebel marched to her office.

“Miss Anders…” Wendy began.

“Not now Wendy.”

“But miss…”

“I said not now Wendy!” Jezebel snapped at her and
stormed off.

She felt bad for snapping at Wendy like that but she
just couldn’t deal with anyone else right now. She
reached her office, opened the door and there she was.
Jezebel felt her blood run cold and she felt as though
she was routed to the spot. Jessica looked up when she
walked in and immediately shot up from the chair.
Jezebel now felt her face flush red and slowly closed
the door behind her without so much as glancing at
Jessica. Jessica was twiddling her thumbs and once
again had her head hanging down like a little girl who
is in trouble and doesn’t know how to explain herself.

“Look I’m really…” They both blurted out in unison
and then gave nervous little laughs at each other’s
little outbursts.

“Please you go first,” Jezebel said as she finally
found the ability to walk and headed to the other side
of her desk and put her things down.

Jessica let out a sigh as she felt some of the tension
lift from the room but she knew she had to say what
needed to be said.

“Jezebel I’m really sorry for what happened last night.
I’m not sorry about what happened between us I’m only
sorry about the circumstances under which they

“So are you saying that you wanted that to happen?”
Jezebel asked dumbfounded.

“Well yes,” she said with a nervous giggle as she
started to fidget all over again making Jezebel smile.
“You see I’ve always wanted to be with another woman
but my husband never warmed up to the idea. So I made
it a goal of mine to be with a woman at least once
while I was here and away from him. Then when I saw you
all I wanted was to have you at home with me in my bed.
I must say I was a little apprehensive about seeing you
when one of your colleagues told me that you were bi-
sexual but I think that was due to nerves. Once I saw
you all my nervousness just melted away and it was once
again replaced with the excitement I had felt when I
had first arrived here.”

“Well, that is… Wow!” was all Jezebel could say as
she flopped down into her chair and stared up at

She couldn’t believe it. Here she thought that today
would be the worst day she has ever had in her life and
now it was turning out to be one of the best. She felt
the knot leave her stomach and all her tensions simply
disappeared from her body. Jezebel let out a heavy
sigh, put her head back and closed her eyes as she
basked in the feeling of having a tension free body and

“I tried to tell you last night but you didn’t really
give me a chance,” Jessica said in a whisper.

“I’m sorry about that Jessica. I guess I just felt so
awful for what might have happened had I not stopped
that I just couldn’t bear to stay any longer. I really
don’t know how guys can just take advantage of a woman
in her drunken state because I wouldn’t be able to live
with myself if I did. But then again I guess men don’t
really think like women do.”

Jessica had slowly eased her way around the table and
now stood on the side of Jezebel.

“Say my name again,” she said in a whisper.


“Say my name again. I love it when you say my name,”
she replied only this time in a husky voice.

Jezebel looked up only to find Jessica bending down
closer to her. Jezebel could hear her heart pounding
away in her ears and felt her breathing seem to become
slightly faster as she looked into Jessica’s beautiful
chocolate brown eyes.

“Jessica,” Jezebel whispered to her as though under a

With that simple word Jessica let out a soft moan and
immediately began to kiss Jezebel. Jezebel felt her
skin suddenly heat up at the touch of Jessica’s lips
and she stood up from her chair, wrapping Jessica in
her arms and pulling her closer. They both began to
kiss each other’s necks and nibble on each other’s
ears. Jezebel’s hands found their way underneath
Jessica’s top and she was absolutely delighted at the
feel of Jessica’s soft skin.

She couldn’t get enough of Jessica’s kisses and once
again found herself locked in a passionate kiss
allowing a soft moan to escape ever so now and again.
Jessica began to fondle Jezebel’s breasts through her
blouse; she was a little nervous at first but she
became more confident with every moan that Jezebel

Jezebel knew that they had to stop; should anyone walk
into the office it would be kind of hard to try and
cover up what they were doing with a valid excuse.
Jezebel slowly pulled herself away from a passionate
kiss with Jessica so she could speak.

“Jessica honey, we have to stop,” she said through
labored breaths.

“Aw do we really have to? Can’t we just go home and
deal with all this art business tomorrow?” she pleaded
with lustful eyes.

“Jessica I really think that…” Jezebel was cut off as
she suddenly gasped.

Jessica was in a crazed, lustful frenzy; while Jezebel
spoke Jessica had undone Jezebel’s pants and had slid
her hand down the front of her Jezebel’s underwear
allowing her fingers to gently stroke Jezebel’s swollen
clit. Jessica’s fingers gently danced over Jezebel’s
clit sending those familiar tingles through Jezebel’s
entire body. She moaned and grabbed Jessica’s face in
both her hands before passionately kissing her. Jessica
got what she wanted as Jezebel said through every kiss
that they could go back to her place and take care of
these more ‘urgent matters’.

Jessica slowly and reluctantly removed her hand from
within Jezebel’s pants and watched as Jezebel hurriedly
began to button it up trying her best not to waste
anymore time. They both hurried out the door paying no
attention to an absolutely shocked Wendy who was trying
to blurt out a question that didn’t seem to want to be

They both jumped into the car and headed for Jezebel’s
house. Jessica could feel her heart pounding away in
her chest and it felt as though her blood was literally
on fire from the sheer passion and pleasure she had
experienced thus far. She could feel her womanhood
tingle at the mere thought of what was about to happen
when they arrived at their destination and she could
not help but let out a soft moan. Jezebel glanced over
at Jessica and could see her body squirming in the
passenger seat.

“Don’t worry baby we’re almost there,” Jezebel said as
she began to drive a little faster.

It seemed to take forever to reach the house but
eventually they arrived and both of them tumbled out of
the car and ran straight for the house. Jezebel yet
again found herself in a familiar situation, fumbling
for keys and just not getting the right one; not to
mention that with Jessica now standing behind her and
snaking her hands to Jezebel’s chest to allow them to
fondle with her breasts once again was making the task
at hand increasingly more difficult to perform.

“Baby I can’t wait anymore,” Jessica whispered into
Jezebel’s ear and with that came around to stand right
in front of her.

Jezebel stopped fumbling with the keys and stared in
absolute amazement and lust as Jessica slowly began to
remove her red thin strap top revealing a gorgeous set
of small yet well rounded breasts. She let her top slip
out of her fingers and fall to the floor before she
began to unbutton her jeans. Jezebel snapped out of her
trance and walked forward to cover Jessica with her own
fully clothed body.

“What are you doing? If anyone sees we’re in for some
big trouble,” Jezebel said in a panic stricken voice.

“I told you I couldn’t wait any longer,” Jessica
replied still loosening the buttons on her jeans
“Besides I pinned you as being the adventurous type and
this is being very adventurous,” she finished saying
just as her jeans now crumpled to the floor around her

Jezebel looked at Jessica and now realized she was
standing in nothing but a red thong. Jezebel gawked at
the site before her and instantly her pure animalistic
instincts took over. She began to kiss Jessica once
more with a renewed sense of passion and her hands now
fondled Jessica’s breasts. Jessica’s hands were now
busy unbuttoning Jezebel’s blouse so that she too could
have the pleasure of fondling a pair of beautiful

Jezebel felt her blouse slide from her arms as the last
button came undone, it was followed shortly by her bra
and she could feel in the cool breeze her nipples
harden. Jessica’s hands gently cupped each of Jezebel’s
breasts and began to fondle them and she could feel
Jessica’s fingers ever so now and again gently brush
across her nipples.

Jezebel closed her eyes at the touch of Jessica’s
fingers and allowed her body to soak in the flames of
lust that engulfed it. Jezebel opened her eyes at the
warm, moist feeling she now felt on her left nipple.
She looked down to find Jessica now latched onto it and
clearly enjoying the feel of Jezebel’s nipple in her
mouth. Jezebel felt Jessica’s tongue dance in little
circles around her nipple whilst her other breast was
carefully kneaded by Jessica’s hand. Jezebel ran her
fingers through Jessica’s hair as she allowed herself
to enjoy the pleasures this woman was giving her.

After a few minutes Jessica began to kiss her way down
Jezebel’s stomach where she reached the top of her
pants and began to undo the buttons once again. Jezebel
felt her pants loosen and immediately fall to the floor
to gather around her feet. She gently pulled Jessica
back up towards her and told her to step out from her
own pants that were still around her feet. Both women
stepped out from the slight restraints around their
feet and began to walk around to the back of the house
where Jezebel’s pool and sun chairs were situated.

Jessica sat down on one of the chairs placing her legs
on either side of it. Jezebel pushed her back so that
she was now lying on the chair as Jezebel’s body slid
on top of hers. The feeling of skin on skin made both
women sigh as they looked into each other’s eyes.
Jezebel once again began to kiss Jessica’s neck and
trailed her kisses all the way down until she came into
contact with Jessica’s breast. With one hand she gently
began to caress Jessica’s nipple while her mouth slowly
enclosed her other one and her tongue began to circle
around it.

Jessica moaned in absolute pleasure and her body began
to squirm beneath Jezebel; just the reaction she was
looking for. Jezebel released Jessica’s breasts and
began her trail of kisses once more over her smooth
flat stomach. Before she even reached the now sweet
smelling womanhood between Jessica’s legs, Jezebel was
already tugging at the red thong that stood in between
her and her long desired treasure. Jessica
instinctively lifted her back so that the thong would
slide off easily and in a single swift move it came off
and was simply tossed to one side.

Jezebel looked at the beauty before her and she could
not believe what was happening between the two of them;
it was as though one of her fantasies had come true.
Jezebel’s eyes immediately found themselves staring at
the dripping mound between Jessica’s legs; it was like
hers in the sense that it was clean shaven except for a
strip of neatly trimmed brown hair. Jezebel began to
kiss her way down the smooth inner thigh of Jessica’s
right leg and she could hear Jessica’s breathing turn
into pants of lust as Jezebel moved closer to her
mound. Jezebel kissed gently on either side of
Jessica’s swollen lips and let her hot breath brush
over Jessica’s swollen clit.

Jessica bucked her hips trying to get her moist
womanhood into contact with Jezebel warm, wet mouth.
Jessica wanted to feel Jezebel’s mouth enclose her
swollen clit and she wanted to experience the pleasure
of feeling her tongue slide up the length of her slit.

Jezebel seemed to sense this and immediately
encapsulated Jessica’s swollen, pulsing clit in her
mouth and began to circle it with her tongue. Jessica
squealed at the feeling and her hands immediately
grabbed the chair on either side and her body began to
twist and writhe. Jezebel got an absolute thrill at
watching her lover’s body twist in absolute pleasure
and so decided it was time to increase it; slowly she
began to slide two fingers deep within Jessica’s
dripping womanhood and began to slowly pump her fingers
in and out as her tongue continued its assault on the
pulsating clit.

Another squeal escaped from Jessica but this time a
little louder and followed by her pleading for Jezebel
to go faster. Jezebel obeyed and began to pump even
faster engulfing them both in nothing but passionate
squeals from Jessica, soft moans from Jezebel and the
slurping sounds coming from her sucking as well as her
fingers at work deep within Jessica’s womanhood.

Jessica’s squeals turned to loud moans as she continued
to writhe on the chair. Jezebel could tell that she was
about to be rewarded for her pleasurable labors she was
performing on Jessica; her body had broken out in a
thin layer of sweat and through her loud moans Jezebel
could hear Jessica’s breathing become labored.

“Jezebel! Mmmmmm… Oh Jezebel! I’m going to…”
Jessica began to gasp her words but was cut short as
her entire body began to spasm.

Jezebel knew exactly what she was trying to say and
removed her fingers to replace them with her mouth just
as Jessica’s body began to spasm. Jezebel began to lick
and suck at Jessica’s open slit trying to get her first
taste of the sweet juices that were being released with
every wave of Jessica’s first orgasm. After a few
seconds the juices came crashing down over Jezebel’s
tongue and she lapped them up hungrily; the taste
instantly spiraled her into a new height of lust for
this woman that lay before her.

Slowly Jezebel slowed her licking and brought it to a
complete stop as she raised her head and licked her
lips to savor the taste. Jessica lay on the chair her
body still having slight spasms and her breathing
slowly returning to normal; Jezebel placed her head on
Jessica’s stomach and simply watched her as she slowly
began to descend from the blissful height of orgasm.

Jessica opened her eyes and looked down at Jezebel and
smiled sweetly.

“Thank you for that. I have never in all my life
experienced such pleasure as I have with you,” she said
in a mere whisper.

“Baby that’s just the beginning, wait until we move
this to the bedroom,” Jezebel replied as a naughty grin
danced across her face.

Jessica giggled that cute innocent giggle and closed
her eyes once again.

“Hey I haven’t pleasured you yet,” she said as she
suddenly sat up causing Jezebel to have to move from
her stomach and stare up at her.

“You don’t have to. I got my pleasure from pleasuring
you,” Jezebel said as she let her fingers run through
Jessica’s hair.

“Trust me I want to,” Jessica stated as she grabbed
Jezebel by the hand and, with a new found energy headed
back towards the front door.

She found the keys lying on the floor, quickly bent to
grab them and tossed them to Jezebel. Jezebel found the
key first time around and unlocked the door. They
quickly gathered up their clothes on the floor before
heading inside where they were once again tossed
together in a heap in the hallway. They both headed
upstairs and went straight to Jezebel’s room.

Jessica closed the door behind her and then seductively
walked over to Jezebel. She ran a slender finger over
Jezebel’s jaw line before letting it drop to her chest
and run all the way down the middle to her stomach. She
looked up at Jezebel and that tigress that Jezebel knew
was inside her could be seen through Jessica’s eyes.

Jessica gently pushed Jezebel down onto the bed and
then kneeled at her feet. She spread Jezebel’s legs and
slid between them. She slid her fingers under the top
of Jezebel’s underwear and began to pull them down
before tossing them to the floor. She began to slowly
kiss all around Jezebel’s wet mound and inhaled the
gorgeous scent of her womanhood. Her hands glided up
Jezebel’s stomach to her breasts where they gently
began to massage them allowing her finger to graze
across her nipples once again.

Jezebel began to moan softly as the aching in her
entire being seemed to subside from the little kisses
and caresses. A soft moan escaped from her lips and she
slowly began to squirm. Jessica was too eager to taste
Jezebel that she decided to cease the teasing and begin
her session of pleasure. She withdrew her hands from
Jezebel’s breasts, much to her disappointment, and
placed them on Jezebels’ legs. Jessica lowered her
mouth over Jezebel’s swollen clit and began to circle
it with her tongue, attempting to mimic every move that
Jezebel had performed on her.

Jezebel let out a loud moan as Jessica began, feeling
her body begin to heat up with every flick of Jessica’s
tongue. She let out a long moan and grabbed the covers
of the bed as she felt Jessica slide two fingers deep
within her dripping mound and begin to pump them in and
out of her. Jezebel knew that she was going to have an
orgasm soon but she wanted to enjoy these feelings for
as long as she could.

Jessica began to pump faster and she could hear
Jezebel’s breathing become short gasps of breath as she
continued to hold onto the covers while her body
squirmed and writhed underneath Jessica’s
administrations. Jessica was taken by complete surprise
when she heard Jezebel let out a scream of pleasure,
felt her body become ridged and then begin to spasm.
She quickly slid her completely wet fingers out from
Jezebel then enclosed her slit with her mouth, once
again mimicking Jezebel’s actions of licking and
sucking at the sweet juices that now cascaded down from
deep within Jezebel’s womanhood.

Jessica loved the taste of the sweet nectar she now
drank up and understood Jezebel’s eagerness to want to
lap up every drop of it. Jessica slowly sat up and
licked her lips to get every last drop of the juices
that she could before she slid up onto the bed and lay
beside Jezebel watching her as she gasped for breath
and a smile slowly made its way onto her face.

Jezebel eventually regained her normal breathing
pattern and her heart slowed its pace of beating, she
looked over at Jessica who was now gently stroking
Jezebel’s arm with her fingers.

“Thank you,” Jezebel said in a whisper.

“It’s my pleasure,” Jessica whispered back before
giving her a soft kiss.

They lay on the bed for a few minutes holding each
other and kissing before they decided that a hot shower
would do them both the world of good. They slid off the
bed and headed for the shower; once they were under the
warm spray of the shower they took great care to wash
every inch of each other’s bodies. This alone was
getting them horny all over again and once again they
found themselves pleasuring each other as the hot water
cascaded down their naked bodies. After at least an
hour in the shower they got out and began to dry
themselves off.

“Let’s just face it, we’re completely insatiable when
we’re around each other,” Jessica stated as she began
to laugh.

“I think you may be right about that,” Jezebel replied
and began to laugh with Jessica.

They both headed to the room and Jezebel handed Jessica
one of her shirts to slip into. Jezebel pulled one over
herself before telling Jessica she was just going down
stairs to gather all their belongings and the few that
were left outside. When she returned she found Jessica
standing at one of her dressers with its top drawer

“What are you looking at?” Jezebel asked and walked
over to Jessica.

She looked into the drawer and saw that Jessica had
found her collection of sex toys. She had quite a
collection, ranging from dildos to handcuffs and she
even had a whip that she had bought just in case she
ever met anyone who was kinky enough to let her use it
on them. Jessica was completely amazed at the site
before her and she turned to look at Jezebel. Jezebel
gave her a playful smile before wrapping her arms
around Jessica.

“I told you baby, the fun really starts in the
bedroom,” Jezebel said.

Jessica moaned and began kissing Jezebel passionately
once again pushing her back towards the bed. Needless
to say the rest of their day at home was bound to be a
very kinky one.

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