Viscious Bitch
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I’ve always known women could be very cruel and very manipulative, but
to what depths they could actually go, was beyond my comprehension,
until last year.
My wife is a stay at home mom.
We have two studs, and both are in school already.
My wife fills up her time, doing charity work, and volunteering at the
I make enough money, where she is able to have a free schedule, and
she can pretty much do whatever it is she wants.
If there is anything that needs fixing around the house, she has a
free hand to call a repairman, without worry about money. Although she
is frugal, and always haggles for the best price.
One day while out sunning, in her rather small bikini, a knock came to
the door.
It was the first day of summer vacation, and all the neighborhood kids
were out scoping new summer jobs, for a little extra cash. Lynn. my
wife, told me about it later that evening, over dinner.
“Timmy came over today, and wanted to know if we’d hire him to mow the
lawn.” She said almost laughing.
Timmy was the kid up the street, and he was only fifteen.
“What’s so funny?” I asked.
“Well, I was getting some sun, when he rang the bell. So I ran through
the house, and to the door, but when I opened it, my right breast was
just about out of the bra.” She said giggling.
Things like that will happen when you have big boobs like my wife, and
only have a small bandaid type bra covering them.
“So, you gave him a free show, huh?” I asked, not paying too much
particular attention.
I trust my wife explicitly. She has always been very honest, and very
“Well, not exactly a full free show.” She replied, still smirking.
“But enough to make him stammer and stutter a whole lot. He was beet
red, and his tiny pecker was sticking straight out, tenting his
shorts. The poor kids was so embarassed.”
I continued to read the paper, as she relived the scene out loud.
“In a way I felt sorry for him. I remember how awkward and shy
teenagers can be. So I invited him in, and made a cold iced tea for
him. I purposely bent over, and showed him a lot of cleavage, when I
handed him the drink. He was slurring his words, and he was trying
desperately to ignore my bust.”
“Well.” I stated, laying down the paper. “You shouldn’t be prancing
around like that in front of children. You may have ruined him for
life. Now he’ll think every grown woman has a sexy body like yours.
That could lead to some serious disappointments, as he grows older.”
I loved my wifes firm sexy body, and I even became erect, knowing she
could turn on another fellow boob lover. Which apparently Timmy was.
We both dropped the conversation after that, but for the rest of the
night, I caught her smiling widely, knowing she was still recalling
the incident.
Even when we made love that night, I brought it up, and asked if she’d
ever be daring enough to let him look at the whole tit package.
Once I said that, Lynn began to shudder with excitment, and she had
her first orgasm quickly after.
I assumed that my normally shy wife, was a closet exhibitionist. I
knew she probably would never really tempt a child like Timmy, but the
thought of her doing so, made me cum quickly also.
Lynn told me later, that she did hire Timmy, to do our lawn, and she
said, he’d mow it twice a week all summer, for twenty dollars a week.
In this day and age, that is relatively cheap, but I think the chance
at oogling my wifes tits, was an added bonus for Timmy.
Over the next month, my wife regaled me with stories of how Timmy
watched her tanning, and how he couldn’t see her watching him, behind
her wrap around sunglasses.
“His little pecker was stiff as steel.” She’d repeat, and then laugh.
It was all an innocent game after that, until one day, which my wife
told me later, it all changed for the bad.
Supposedly, Timmys mother had caught him reading a nudie magazine,
which all kids do at one time or another. Anyway, as he was jerking of
to the magazine, He had mumbled something about Mrs. Smith.
That would be my wife. Lynn Smith.
His mother grew furious, and wanted to beat the crap out of my wife,
for enticing her little boy. She even went so far as to call Lynn a
slut, and a child molestor.
Let me describe Timmys mom.
Her name is Judy Anderson. She lives alone with her son, because her
husband and her are divorced. I guess her husband had messed around
with some other woman, and got caught.
Judy stands about five ten, and weighs in at about two twenty. She has
short black hair, cut in a butch style, and her body resembles a beach
ball. She has no tits to speak of, and her ass should carry a “wide
load” sign attached to it.
Although I’d never seen her doing it, one could assume, she was a
lesbian dyke.
Anyway, on the day this first meeting took place, Judy accused my wife
of flirting, enticing, and even propositioning her son.
Lynn said she had no intenton of propositioning anyone, least of all a
sixteen year old kid.
That is supposedly when Judy dropped the bombshell.
“Either you listen to me, and do exactly what I rell you to, or the
police will be here within an hour. It won’t make any difference
whether you did or didn’t. Once your name gets splattered all over the
evening news, you’ll be hard pressed to prove your innocence. Also,
once they talk to my son, they’ll be sending you to jail for a long
time. He’ll tell them everything you’ve tried to do, and did with
My wife argued the point that she didn’t do anything, but it made no
difference to Judy.
“This agreement will be between you and I. If anyone ever finds out,
I’ll call the cops. I’ll give you the rest of the day to think about
it. And don’t try to tell your husband. Even his big shot lawyers,
can’t help you with this.” She said, before storming away.
My wife said she was devistated. She hadn’t done anything wrong, but
she had heard of cases where there was false charges against a person,
and even after proven innocent, the people only believed what the
newspapers printed originally. Their lives were ruined, and they
couldn’t ever again get a fair hearing.
Lynn saw no way out of the mess she had crated for herself, and that
evening, she begrudgingly agreed to submit to Judy’s every whim and
A few months had passed, and Lynn became increasingly withdrawn. She
tried desperately to remain cheerful, and energetic, but her flimsy
disguise was soon noticed by me.
At first I thought I’d been too preoccupied at the office to notice
the subtle shanges, but as time went on, she became more and more
distant and cold.
I figured it was just that our marriage had grown stale and bland, so
I even spiced it up a little, by offering to take a weekend off, and
run away.
Lynn refused my offers, and soon she was wrapped up even more, in her
charity work.
After a long time without sex, and becoming suspicious, I made believe
I was going to work, but instead, I waited down the street. Our girls
were at summer camp for a month, so she wasn’t concerned about them.
As luck would have it, I parked across the intersection from Timmy’s
Shortly after I parked, I watched my beautiful loving wife, trod down
the street, and walk right into Judys house.
Heck. She didn’t even bother knocking.
I waited a long time outside, wondering whether to investigate, until
I recieved a phone call from the office.
I had recieved a package, and it was sent media mail.
Quickly I drove to the office, and grabbed the package. I was hoping
it was a signed proposal from one of my clients.
It wasn’t.
It was the evidence of my wifes daytime infidelity that had me first
stunned, then angry, but in the end, excited.
Judy had sent it to me, in the hopes of dragging me into their sorted
I remained at work that day, and veiwed the tape over and over, while
keeping my office door locked.
It was like watching a homemade porno, with my wife as the star.
Under normal circunstances, I wouldn’t believe the depths of depravity
Judy had put my wife through, but these weren’t normal circustances,
and besides, I had already viewed the video which detailed everything
Lynn had done. Sort of a sex documentary, for the last few months.
In the video, my usually conservtive wife was kissing other women, and
in the meantime, some young boys had groping her half nude body.
I wacthed over and over, as my wife knelt down, and deepthroated two
high school aged boys, while they called her filthy disgusting names.
At the onset, Lynn looked as though she was reluctant to do any of
this, but soon she took on the look of a wanton whore. She seemed to
be actually enjoying the attention she was getting.
After swallowing two healythy loads of cum, my wife then turned, and
accepted the condom someone handed her.
Being in my office, I had kept the volume down, because of nature of
the video.
I didn’t really need to hear the next part, as I watched my loving
wife, roll the condom on another boys smaller penis. After she had
done that, she nodded, and laid down spread eagle.
I watched in amazement as my wife pulled the youngster between her
legs, and reached down to guide his cock into her pussy.
It was Timmy. Judy’s son Timmy was fucking my wife. Furthermore, she
seemed to be enjoying it also.
The fuck only lasted for about a minute, before Timmy’e eyes rolled
back in his head, and he slammed one final time into my wife.
As Timmy recovered from his energetic fuck, my wife cuddled and
caressed him, as if she were his mother.
I was still pissed, but extremely aroused at watching the action on
the screen.
After rewinding and replaying the tape all day, I finally realized it
was time to go home.
I ejected the tape, and began to place it into the envelope it arrived
in, when I noticed a small piece of paper inside.
“Hal, Please notice what your loving wife has been doing. We also have
videos of you with minors. If you want this to remain secret, meet us
after work today. at our house. Judy”
How the hell could anyone get a video of me with a minor? I’d never
done that. Besides, It was them that would pay.
I went straight home after work, only to find the house empty.
By this time I was furious, not just with my neighbors, but with the
cheating whore of a wife I’d married.
I marched quickly down the street, and knocked on Judy’s door.
After a bit, the door opened, and I was about to unload my anger on
the woman who had ruined my marriage.
Judy calmly invited me inside, and closed the door.
“The whore is in the bedroom.” She said calmly, as she walked away.
I followed her quickly, while thinking of words to nail her with.
As I began my tirade, we stepped into the bedroom, and there was my
lovely wife, being cornholed by another young teenaged boy.
“What the fuck is going on here?” I asked, while frozen to the floor,
watching the action.
Lynn looked at me, and closed her eyes from shame. The young boy
however, kept up his pounding, as if I wasn’t even there.
I stood messmerized by the sight of my wife, getting her asshole
reamed out.
I wanted to, but was unable to move. I couldn’t even speak. Such was
the shock I experienced.
After a few minutes, the boy increased his tempo, and began to grunt.
“Here it cums baby. I’m coating your poop chute with my jizz.” He
Again, not realizing what had transpired, I was left with an enormous
“Got it.” Judy stated. “That’s a wrap for today boys and girls.”
I looked around and noticed Judy, my wife, three young boys, and a big
chubby girl, all alone on the bed.
She looked to be only twelve or thirteen, but she was monsterously
She had to weigh at least two hundred pounds, and she was proportioned
like Judy, in every respect. It must have been her niece, or some kind
of relation from out of town, as I’d never seen her around here
“This is going to stop now.” I said to Judy, as I turned to leave.
“You are all sick freaks.”
The next thing I remember, was waking up with a huge headache, and
some cloth covering my eyes, that could barely see light through.
I tried to stand but was unable to. My arms ached, but then I realized
I was sitting up, and my arms were bound behind me.
As I struggled to free myself, I heard a laugh. It was Judy.
“Ah.” She said in an evil tone. “I see out stud has come to.”
As I struggled, I noticed my hairy legs were brushing against each
other. I was naked from the waist down. Using my observation, I then
realized I was naked all over.
“Oh my gosh.” I thought. Here I was naked, bound to a chair, and
What happened?
My headache had subsided somewhat, and then reality set in. I was
being held prisoner by Judy and those teens. But where was Lynn?
It wasn’t long before I felt something encircling my cock, and begin
to pump it.
There was a strange hand jacking my cock to hardness, and soon I felt
nature take over again, as my cock grew stiff.
The hand was soft and warm, and soon it felt like the person was a
novice to cock jerking.
They were very tender, and very careful not to hurt me.
I heard distict noises around me, but no one spoke, other than Judy.
“Do it.” I heard her say, and then I heard some quiet rustling.
Suddenly, there was a cloth being forced into my face. I turned
quickly to avoid it, but unable to see, I didn’t know which way to
The cloth was soft, and it was laced with a sweet scent. The person
pushing it to my face was again careful, not to use too much pressure.
Once the perfume fragrance had disipated, I smelled a strong musky
essence, and I became even harder.
“See?” Judy asked. “He likes it.”
She probably noticed my cock lurch and bounce at the smell.
“Now, do what I tld you.” She ordered.
I waited patiently, before feeling fingers, softly touching my lips.
They were moist, but not wet. The aroma was also upon them.
Suddenly, I felt a sharp slap on my bare leg.
“Open your mouth, and taste it.” Judy screamed.
Obediently, I complied. What choice did I have.
I then felt two small fingers, pushing into my mouth. They were soft
and not overly long, but they tasted tangy, and smelled musky.
Again my cock gave way to nature, and lurched without cause.
As I savored the fingers, and what was on them, I heard a soft moan,
come from my front. I didn’t recognize the person, but they were
definitely having fun. Before long, another set of fingers took the
place of the first set, as they were removed. The fingers were getting
wetter, and had a much stronger odor.
Without warning, a cord was around my neck, pulling tightly, cutting
off my breath. I gasped and fought for air, as Judy whispered into my
“Say I love that, and then say, I’m going to fuck you. Then ask if
it’s OK, but make sure not to tell anyone. It’ll be our secret.” She
I fought against complying, but before long I became weak from lack of
oxygen, and nodded my submission.
Gasping for air I did as I was told.
“Brenda? I love that.” I said, gasping for air. “I’m going to fuck
you. Is that OK? But make sure not to tell anyone. It’ll be our
With my gasping, It sounded like I was panting with excitemnet, and
soon I learned why I was made to do these things.
The next things happened very quickly.
Suddenly the blindfold was removed from me. The light of the room make
me squint for a minute of two, before my eyes adjusted to the light.
As My focus returned, I heard Judy give another order.
“Put it into your mouth, like mama showed you.” She said. “Jusy like
that slut over there has done all afternoon to your brother. I’m sure
you’ll be happy with the results.
As my eyes cleared from the light, I looked down to see the obese
girl, captre my cock in her hot sucking mouth.
Not wanting to have anything to do with this fat piglet, I squirmed
and twisted, but to no avail. The bindings were too tight.
All I could do, was look down in horrorm as this young porky teen,
sucked and licked my erect member.
Although she was a novice at what she was doing, I was nearing an
orgasm. I remembe now, that the lack of sexual satisfaction, probably
had alot to do with it.
Soon I was just allowing it to happen. My fight was gone, and my will
to cum began to overtake me.
As I neared my orgasm, Judy was again behind me, and whispered into my
“You like that don’t you?” She teased. “You like my virgin underaged
daughter, sucking on you, right?”
I felt the cord around my neck tighten, and soon she was forcing me to
admit it felt good, but she didn’t stop there. She whispered into my
ear, exactly what I was to say, and sound like I mean it, or else.
Reluctantly, I agreed, by nodding my head. If I were to be killed
right now, there would be no way possible for my wife to escape these
perverted people. I finally realized that she was probably forced into
this action, much the same I was, and assumed it would be a lot
better, if I just played along, until I found a chance to escape, and
save my wife as well.
“Oh yessss.” I said, feigning acceptance. “Suck me Brenda, but don’t
make me cum. I want to fuck your tiny underaged pussy when I cum. I
want to show you what a man can do to a little virgins pussy. I’m
going to fuck your ass off, and make you beg for me to cum with you.”
Suddenly, and without warning, Brenda was pulled off of my aching
hardon. Her mother was in total control, as she pushed her fat
daughter to the bed, and told her to strip.
The daughter was very agreeable,and shed her clothes quickly.
“As Brenda stripped, Judy again warned me, about trying anything
“There’s a gun, pointed at your wifes head, and if you try anything,
she’ll never see her kids again, and we’ll make it look like you did
We’ve gat all the witnesses we need, and you’ll end up in jail, for
killing you wife in a jealous rage. Understand?” She asked, in a soft
whisper in my ear.
Disgusted with myself, I could only nod in agreemnet.
I soon felt the bindings being removed.
I had thought about running to Lynn. But when I saw her with the
nervous boys shaky hand, pointing a pistol at my wifes head, I thought
better of it, and tried to accomodate these sick perverts. At last
we’d still be alive.
As I stood, and rubbed the circulation into my hands, Brenda was
laying on the bed, naked. She looked similar to a beach ball, and I
was thinking how disgusting she looked laying there.
I’d never had a fat woman before, much less an underaged fatty.
I knew Judy would be very disappointed if I were to backout now, and
she’d probably have the boy shoot Lynn.
“Make love to her, and talk dirty to her outloud, so the camera
catches it all.” Judy further demanded.
As I neared the bed, I noticed Timmy had a video camera pointed right
at me.
“Make it believable, or you’re both going to die, as a result of a
burglary gone wrong.” Judy said, while I crawled onto the bed, with
her daughter.
Brenda, although fat and disgusting, had her fat slit shaved, and I
could tell she was excited. Droplets of femenine moisture, clung to
her labia, like dew to a rose.
I knew that the fabric they’d teased me with earlier, was her huge
cotton panties. I had been made to smell the essence of the fat
teenaged cunt.
Even though the thought of having sex with an underaged girl repulsed
me, I could not deny the affect it had on my cock.
I was rock hard.
I finally glanced over my shoulder, and the silently returned angry
look from Judy, told me that this was the moment, I would forever have
to live with my repugnant deed.
Using my hand to rub my cock up and down the girls slit, she stared
into my eyes, as she felt my glans probing her unused orfice.
Ever so sowly, I pushed forward, entering her tight steamy hole.From
the side, I was alerted to moaning from my wife.
I continued to inch slowly forward, as I turned to see my wife being
fucked from behind. Her eyes were locked onto mine, as the young lad
rammed her merilessly. I watched her eyes slowly close, as her body
betrayed her, giving into the fuck she’d been experiencing.
Soon I was lodged up against the thin membrane of Brendas hymen, and
she grunted in pain.
Her mouth hung open, and her breath was in short quick gasps, as she
awaited the inevitable pain of losing her cherry.
Summoning all my strength, I lunged forward, and a sharp cry filled
the room.
I looked to Lynn who was in the thoes of an enormous climax, as Brenda
lay beneath me squirming to free herself of my battering cock.
I was hurt and angry, watching my own wife climax, while fucking
another person.
With hate and revenge clouding my mind, I t began to take out my anger
with the young girl, impaled with my cock.
I began to thrust into her, and pulled out nearly all the way, before
re entering her deeply.
Within minutes, Brenda began to respond, and her fat little legs
raised up into the air, inviting me to penetrate her even farther.
Before long, and without caring about her enjoyment, I began sawing in
and out of the fat little cunt beneath me, at a relentless pace.
Soon I was hammering her roughly, as she squealed through an
uncountable number of orgasms.
Normally, I would have already cum, but as I said, these weren’t
anywhere near normal circumstances.
My mind was obsessed with showing my slut wife, that I too, was a
great fuck.
Before I realized what had happened, I was about to cum, and looked
down at my partner.
Oh my gosh. Brenda wasn’t moving. She seemed to be non reponsive at
At the time I was concerned for her well being, but just then it
happened. I was on the brink of my own climax.
Mother nature has ways of making a man pay, for not fulfilling her
wishes, so I continued, until I completely unloaded inside of the
young unconscious girl. I maust have pumped a gallon of semen into her
no longer virginal pussy.
As I regained my strength, I looked again at the girl. She was still
out, but at least she was breathing.
I looked over to my wife, as if to brag silently, about my own
conquest, but she was busy. Too busy to notice me in fact.
Judy had taken her side, and was french kissing my wife fully on the
mouth, as her hands amssaged my wifes tits and belly.
The two would have looked quite amusing, if it were under different
settings, and at a different time.
My wife was again moaning softly, as Judys hands pinched her nipples,
and trailed down to her angry red pussy, as it leaked the latest batch
of sperm from its lips.
Breaking the kiss, and leaving Lynn breathless, judy looked at me and
smiled wickedly.
“Now it is complete.” She said. “Although I’m somewhat disappointed,
that you didn’t follow my instructions completely, I guess there is
always next time. Right?”
Crawling from between her daughters legs, I stood and was ready to
give Judy a piece of my mind, but before I could utter a word, she
held up the camera, and smiled broadly.
“I wouldn’t get too excited right now,if I were you.” She said,
anticipating my ire. “After all, now I’ve got evidence that both of
you are child molestors. Besides, if Brenda ends up pregnant, I won’t
need the pictures or the videos. Ha, ha, ha.”
I was dumbfounded. I hadn’t even thought about birth control, and ZI
also hadn’t thought about any other consequences.
Up until that time, I was more concerned about rebuilding my ego, and
getting revenge on my wife.
What if, what Judy said was true? What if Brenda was indeed pregnant,
because of my own human emotions? What if I called her bluff? Would
she be willing to go to the police? How could I disprove everything
she had on us?
The thoughts ran through my mind so fast, that I was soon trying to
discern one from another. How could I have been so gullible?
“Why don’t you two get your clothes on, and leave. That big titted
whores pussy is probably getting pretty rancid by now anyways. I have
some very important business to discuss with my children, if you
haven’t fucked one of them to death.” Judy said giggling, and pointing
to Brenda who was still unconscious.
As if in a trance, Lynn and I silently, but quickly dressed, and left
the house.
On the way out, Judy reminded us about going to the police, and the
consqences of doing so.
The walk home was a silent one, as the street lights had just begun to
turn on.
Once in the house, Lynn ran to the bathroom, and locked the door. I
heard the shower running, and then I heard the unmistakable sound of
someone vomiting. The entire episode had made her sick to her stomach.
After Lynn had finished in the bathroom, she entered the bedroom, and
without making eye contact, she crawled into bed.
I took a quick shower, and soon found myself in bed along side of my
once delicate, innocent wife.
I waited a long time, before falling asleep. Awaiting the sound of the
police at our door, ready to arrest the two of us.
Eventually, the workout I received earlier took its toll, and I fell

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