Miss Daphne Makes A Deal
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Daphne glanced up from her magazine, looking again toward the
closed door of her boss’ office. He’s been in since…well, since
after his 9am blowjob, she recounted as she idly popped her
chewing gum. Checking the clock, Daphne noted that it was after 12
already. Typically, she would be bent over her boss’ desk right
about now, his 8-inch cock sawing in and out of her pussy…

It didn’t help matters that Daphne was extremely horny. After the
morning blowjob, he’d ordered her to take a seat across the desk
from him. She’d hiked up her short red skirt and thrown her legs
over the arms of the chair, putting her freshly shaved pussy
lewdly on display. At his request, she’d unbuttoned her low-cut
blouse as well so that her 38D tits were also fully exposed. Then,
he’d made her beg to be permitted to masturbate… Daphne had
dutifully worked her fingers in and out of her wet pussy as his
cum dripped from her face and onto her braless tits. All the
while, he’d busied himself with paperwork as her fingers brought
her closer and closer to the edge.

She’d noted his slight distracted smile as he’d tried to
concentrate on his work. She knew he was already getting hard
again. Maybe she wouldn’t have to wait till lunch hour to get her
pussy stuffed, she’d mused hopefully. God, she’d wanted to crawl
over his desk and attack him! But that would only bring
punishment, Daphne knew…

And then-

“That’ll be all, Miss Daphne.”

Her fingers had continued fucking her pussy…

“I said, that’ll be ALL. Get out there and get to work before I
have to tell you again.”

Frustrated beyond belief, Daphne had stood, smoothed her skirt and
left. How he loved teasing her! Of course, the office slut had
known, it wouldn’t be long before he would call her back in for
the main course… but still! To get to the very edge, and then to
be made to abruptly stop…

For the rest of the morning, the sexy secretary’s hands had
periodically wandered beneath her skirt. But the office was busy,
and trying to get any real release was an exercise in futility. No
matter-Daphne knew that soon, the door would open… his clients
would leave… then she’d hear his voice over the intercom. Her
hand made its way beneath her skirt and began rubbing her clit
again as she imagined those wonderful words which would signify
that her wet cunt was about to be filled….

“Miss Daphne, would you join me in my office?”


“Miss Daphne!”

“Huh?” Startled out of her daydream, she stabbed at the intercom
button. “Ummmm… yes boss…” Daphne adjusted her skirt. Her
pussy, which had been sopping wet all morning, was now beginning
to throb as she thought about the screwing her boss was about to
give her.

Daphne met with disappointment, however, when she poked her head
into his office and noted that the clients were still here.
Resigning herself to at least another hour of sexual frustration,
she spoke.

“Yes boss?”

“Come in.” He introduced her. “This is my assistant Daphne.
Daphne, Steve and his wife Sara are prospective clients of ours.”
Steve was about 6′, dark hair and fairly well built. Sara was very
petite, with long, straight dirty-blonde hair.

Neither of them moved to shake the secretary’s hand, so she
nodded. “Yes sir.”

“Daphne…” Sara mused. “Very exotic… sounds like a stripper’s
name, or something.”

The secretary didn’t quite know how to respond. She forced an
embarrassed little smile and nodded. “Umm, boss… well, if you
won’t be needing anything…”

“No. That’ll be all.”

With relief, Daphne nodded. Both of the clients were staring at
her…Sara with obvious distaste, Steve with lust. Nonetheless,
all three sets of eyes followed her delectable ass swaying in her
red miniskirt as she made her way to the door.

As she reached for the doorknob, her boss spoke. “Wait. I remember
why I called you in here now. I’ve been trying to find the
Jacobsen file. Do you know where it is?”

“Yes sir…it’s in your cabinet…”

“Well, get it please,” he said shortly.

“Yes sir…” she mumbled. The boss was obviously in a “mood”. No
doubt he was in the middle of a tough negotiation. “Poor guy, he’s
probably so tense, and here I am only thinking about myself and
getting my pussy fucked,” Daphne thought, making a mental note to
spend extra time massaging the back of her throat with his
cockhead during their next fuck session. Spurting a load of cum
down her throat always seemed to take the edge off of him…

“Excuse me….” she said aloud, as the cabinet in question was on
the other side of his desk. He rolled his chair closer to his desk
so that she could get past him. Squatting, she opened the filing
cabinet and produced the manila folder for him.
To her astonishment, he swatted her squarely across the ass with

“Oh!” Daphne exclaimed. It didn’t hurt her so much as shock her,
that he had done it in front of clients!

“Miss Daphne…what is the proper way to bend down?”

Her face reddened with embarrassment and humiliation. “Sir…” She
glanced furtively at the clients.

He swatted her again. Harder.

“What is the proper way to bend down to retrieve things, Miss

She whispered, so that the clients wouldnt hear. “At… at the

“I can’t hear you. Speak up!” he said loudly, glancing
apologetically at Steve and Sara.

“Ummmm…. sir… at the waist… but I didn’t think you-”
A third time, the file folder connected with her ass. Tears were
forming in her eyes, but she dutifully kept her hands at her

“‘Think’?” he asked. “Am I paying you to ‘think’?”

“No sir… I just… um… t-the clients…”

“Yes, Miss Daphne. The clients. I can’t believe you’re behaving so
poorly in front of clients.”

“No… I thought…” She retraced her words fearfully as he
brandished the file folder yet again. “I mean…” She began

“Miss Daphne,” her boss said sternly, “we are trying to discuss
business here.” His tone made it clear that “business” was
something which was beyond the comprehension of an office slut
such as herself. “I don’t have time to deal with your
insubordinations. Although I promise you that I will deal with
them at length, in due time. For now, I suggest you return to your
desk and re-read your employee handbook.” He paused, then added
for clarification: “The one which was issued only to you.”

He addressed Sara and Steve. “I’m sorry you had to witness this.
She’s usually not this insubordinate…”

She left the office as quickly as possible, feeling their eyes on
her freshly spanked ass. As she returned to her desk, Daphne began
to cry softly. Her boss liked to play these games with her and
make a slut out of her, and she typically found it very exciting
…but it was the humiliation in front of strangers which she
couldn’t stand. In front of clients, no less! She’d never felt so
violated! For a fleeting moment, she thought of grabbing her purse
and leaving. But she liked this job… NEEDED this job, she
reminded herself, as she thought of the growing stack of bills and
debts on her kitchen table.

Wiping her eyes, she reached in her desk drawer and pulled out the
employee handbook. The one he’d dictated to her, and she’d typed
out while sitting on his lap, her insatiable cunt impaled on his
stiff 8-inch cock.

She opened the handbook to the first page. “My primary job
responsibility is to service my boss’ hard cock, using my skilled
mouth, my juicy pussy or anything else of mine he wishes to

Miss Daphne was on the third page before she began to notice the
throbbing between her legs. Thoroughly, she read and reread the
policy regarding “unauthorized masturbation during working hours”.
Then as her hand slipped beneath the waistband of her skirt, she
violated the policy repeatedly….


“Miss Daphne! Will you come in here, please?”

The office slut cursed silently as she removed three of her
fingers from her pussy and wiped them clean with a tissue.
Unfulfilled, yet again… and this time of day was her best chance
of getting some serious, uninterrupted masturbation in, as most of
her coworkers were away at lunch.

The clients, of course, were still in his office. Daphne didn’t
even look in their direction, she was still so humiliated by what
had happened earlier.

Her boss went right to his no-nonsense tone of voice. “Daphne.
Your face is flushed. What have you been doing?”

Oh god…he’s not going to make me say it here, she fervently

Steve and Sara looked on eagerly. By now it was obvious that they
were privy to the games Daphne and her boss played.

“Miss Daphne. Don’t make me ask you again. What were you doing at
your desk?”

Daphne looked at the floor. He knew… somehow they all knew. But
to say it in front of strangers…

His next words helped her with her decision. “Do we need to try
out the nipple clamps again?” As he reached for the handle to his
desk drawer…the second one from the top… Daphne hurriedly
shook her head.

“I was playing with my… with myself,” she explained in a very
small voice.

“Now, Miss Daphne…” His voice was gentle, fatherly. “You need to
explain yourself in more detail than that…”

Daphne sniffled. The redness in her cheeks was now from pure

“I was playing… playing with my p… my pussy…”

“Honey, now what did I tell you about using more descriptive

She clenched her lips in a frown. Pleading-“Sir…”

“What did I tell you?” he prodded gently. “Remember, when you were
in the back of your car, begging me to-”

She remembered, of course. Her cheeks were burning, as she
realized that an answer was expected. “Y-yes sir… more
descriptive words… t-to describe myself…”

“Very good. And now… what were you doing at your desk, Miss

“I was… touching my wet slutty pussy…” Her eyes focused on the

“Tell them, Miss Daphne.” He indicated Steve and Sara.

“Please, sir,” she whispered.

The intercom buzzed just then. The receptionist. “Sir, your lunch
date is here….”

Despite the extreme humiliation he’d been putting her through for
the past several minutes, the secretary felt a pang of jealousy at
that. Who was he going on a “date” with? For the past year, lunch
hour had been their time. Although neither Daphne nor her boss had
ever actually eaten lunch during that time…

Her boss was, suddenly, all business. “Miss Daphne… Steve and
Sara aren’t sure that what we’re offering fits their company’s
needs. Unfortunately, I’m late for another appointment and won’t
be coming back for the rest of the day. I need you to take over
this meeting.”


“The paperwork is right here,” the boss indicated. “Steve and Sara
here just need to sign it. Please have the signed papers waiting
for me tomorrow morning… and then we’ll talk about that pay
advance you needed, so you’ll be able to keep your apartment….”
“But… I don’t…”

“It’ll be fine,” he assured her, guiding her to his desk. He
lifted her up and sat her on the desk, facing the clients. Daphne
hurriedly crossed her legs as she remembered that she wasn’t
wearing panties. Not that her skirt allowed her to hide much.

“Do we cross our legs, Miss Daphne?” he admonished her gently,
picking up her leg and lying it across the desk, thus placing her
bald pussy on full display to the clients. Then, he kissed her
softly, a casual peck on the cheek as if she were his wife or
girlfriend, instead of his office slut.
Daphne was completely lost. What would she do? She gathered up the
paperwork her boss had left.

“Ummmmm… here, can you sign this?”

Steve and Sara burst into laughter. “Oh, if only it were that
easy, honey!”

Sara chided condescendingly. “There’s a little more to it than

“Like what?” Daphne knew she sounded like some kind of dumb bimbo-
but she knew nothing about what the company did. Suck…
swallow… file paperwork… fuck… dress like a slut… suck,
fuck and say thank you and beg for more…. These had been the
extent of her responsibilities, which she’d happily accepted. But
Daphne suddenly felt ashamed that she hadn’t taken time to learn
more about the daily operations of the company.

“Well, first of all, we’re still not convinced that the product
fits our needs. From what your boss has been able to show us
today, it’s still not perfected… which would mean extra work and
maintenance on our part. Then, ” this was totally sailing over the
office girl’s head-ruefully, Daphne realized that she didn’t even
have the faintest notion what the company actually sold! “The
contract is only for two years. We’re looking for something of
much longer term. And the cost…” She looked over at Steve, whose
eyes were glued to Daphne’s fully exposed, dripping pussy.

“Oh. Yes.” Steve wiped the drool from his chin before continuing.
“Your quoted price comes in…” he did a quick mental calculation
“…about 15% above market… and that’s before we add in things
such as-”

“Yes…that’s all fine…” Daphne interrupted. “What price did you
have in mind?”

Sara named a figure. Daphne had no idea whether it was “above or
below market”, if it was a good deal, or if she were getting
screwed royally. “That sounds reasonable,” she nodded. If her boss
wanted a better deal, she reasoned, he shouldn’t have sent his
office bimbo in to handle the negotiations.

The clients seemed mildly surprised.

“Well…what about length of contract?” Steve reiterated. “Two
years is still way too little.”

“Five years.” Steve and Sara didn’t flinch. “Ten years,” Daphne
offered desperately. Her pussy was itching to be filled… she
could feel their stares burning into her crotch, and it was making
her hotter than she’d felt in a while. She just wanted to get the
signatures… then she’d go track down her boss at whatever
restaurant he was at, and persuade him to kick that bimbo he was
with to the curb, then beg him to fuck her right there…

“Twelve years.” Sara counter-offered.

“Fine,” Daphne said with exasperation. Whatever…

“Ok, then… looks like we have a deal.”

She held out the paperwork to them. “Great. Sign, please.”
Neither of the clients moved.

“Ummm…something else?” she asked.

“Yes,” Steve said. “Your boss mentioned consummating this deal?”
Now this, Daphne was equipped to handle. On many occasions, the
pretty secretary had dropped to her knees or accompanied a client
back to a hotel room to finalize a deal. “What exactly did you
have in mind?” the office slut cooed. At this point, she didn’t
care who she fucked, as long as she got some relief.

Steve stood up and undid his belt. His pants dropped around his
ankles. Quickly, he stepped forward and buried his cock in
Daphne’s wet, horny pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” the secretary screamed with joy as she
threw her head back. “Yes FUCK ME….” Steve needed no urging. His
cock pistoned in and out of Daphne’s soaked cunt, pummeling her
and driving her nearly insane. This cock was shorter than her
bosses, but marginally thicker. And she was being filled rather

With a start, Daphne remembered Sara. She opened her eyes to see
the businesswoman still in her chair, rubbing herself through the
material of her business suit, as she watched her husband fuck
this office tramp.

“Look at the way those big titties bounce for you,” Sara whispered
to her husband.

“Let’s….UNHHHHHH…. get a better look!” Steve grunted. With
both hands, he grabbed her blouse and roughly pulled at it,
ripping several of the buttons away and exposing Daphne’s bare
breasts. He wasted no time in roughly groping and pawing them.
“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” screamed Daphne, as her first orgasm
overtook her.

“How do you like fucking my husband?” Sara moaned as her
excitement grew.

“Doesn’t his cock feel nice in your pussy?”

“Oh yes….oh GOD YES…”

“Turn her over,” was Sara’s next suggestion. “Fuck her from


Without pulling out, Steve grabbed Daphne’s leg and rotated the
office girl so that she was face-down, bent over across the desk.
Her toes barely touched the floor as the wonderful pounding
continued from behind, his balls slapping against her clit every
time he buried his prick in her insatiable pussy.

Daphne couldn’t see Sara anymore, but she could hear the increased
tempo of the woman’s moans behind her. She could also hear Sara’s
fingers sloshing around in her cunt now. God, I’d go down on her
if she came over here, the secretary thought fleetingly. But Sara
stayed in place, and seemed content to rub herself.

Suddenly Steve pulled out of her pussy. Daphne gasped at the
sudden loss of sensation, and instinctively kept grinding her ass
against empty air for a few seconds. Then she felt his swollen
cockhead rubbing up and down the crack of her ass, liberally
coating her with her own juices.

“No…” Daphne sighed as Steve took his thick cock in hand and
pressed the tip insistently at the opening to her virgin ass. “No,
I don’t do that…” She pushed herself up and began turning

In a flash, Sara was beside her, shoving her forcefully back down
onto the desk. Daphne struggled, but the other woman was very
strong and the office slut only succeeded in getting what remained
of her blouse ripped off of her. Then Sara climbed on the desk,
carelessly pushing files and paperwork onto the floor, and pinning
the girl to the desk by pressing her knee squarely into Daphne’s

“Please… I’ve never d-done that,” Daphne gasped. “He’s so… so

“Yes,” Sara giggled, “that’s why I won’t let him anywhere near my
ass…” Her voice lowered. “But your boss told us you would make
any concession to make us feel welcome here… You do want to make
us happy, don’t you?”

Daphne did. If she were to bring that paperwork back to her boss
without signatures, she could only imagine the humiliating
punishments which would be in store for her. Still, her ass…
“Yes but…. please…” she whimpered.

“Enough,” Sara snapped as she reached under her business skirt and
removed her soaked panties. Wadding them up, she grabbed a handful
of Daphne’s hair and pulled her head back, then stuffed the lace
panties in her mouth. For good measure, she sealed the secretary’s
mouth shut with a few strips of scotch tape… then surveyed her
handiwork as she again buried her knee painfully in the slut’s

Daphne struggled, flailing her hands and trying to get rid of the
gag. Sara and Steve grabbed the girl’s arms and bound them
together behind her back, at the wrists, using what remained of
Daphne’s blouse.

“Put your cock in her ass,” Sara ordered her husband. Only too
happy to oblige, Steve again pressed his cock against Daphne’s
anal opening. In desperation, the office girl tried to arch her
back and raise herself up, to align him with her dripping cunt
instead, but she had no luck as her feet were almost entirely off
the floor. Lubricated by her cunt juices, his cockhead slipped
into her tight, unused ass.

Sara stroked Daphne’s hair. “Do you like feeling my husband’s big
cock going into your ass? Yeah…he’s going to ream that cute
little tush…”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!” the secretary protested through her makeshift
gag, thrashing wildly on the desk.

“Now, now…” Sara admonished. “It’s only going to be that much
harder if you fight it… either way, it’s going in your tight

Daphne emphatically shook her head “NO”. Nevertheless, the head of
Steve’s cock was now inside her, and inexorably pushing its way

The office slut had never known such pain. She felt as if her rear
was being torn apart by the thick cock which was being forced into
her, inch by agonizing inch. Daphne howled with agony… but the
gag reduced her cries to muffled moans, which only implored Steve
to push harder.

“Gotta break in that virgin asshole, sweetie,” Sara whispered as
she caressed Daphne’s flushed face, already bathed in sweat.

“It’ll be so much easier next time…you’ll see….”

Daphne bit down hard on Sara’s cum-soaked panties, and firmly
resolved that there wouldn’t be a “next time”. The way things
stood right now, the abused secretary wasn’t willing to lay odds
that she’d even survive “this time”. And Steve’s prick wasn’t even
halfway up her ass yet…

“Oh my god…LOOK at that throbbing cock sinking into that slut’s
ass… god that’s gorgeous…” Sara marveled. The veins on Steve’s
neck were popping out as he pushed his way into that area which no
man had ever touched upon before. Daphne was reflexively clenching
her muscles, trying to expel the invader from her ass, as well as
attempting to scoot over the desk, away from her sodomizer.

“It only makes it worse when you fight it…” Sara repeated as she
inserted a third finger in her own cunt. To her husband, she
implored: “Push… BURY that gorgeous prick inside this little

“So…fucking…TIGHT…” Steve grunted as his cock sank, inch by
inch, into Daphne’s ass.

“Oh GODDDDDDDDDD” Sara groaned as her fingers did their magic.
“MMMMM MFFFFFF MFFFFFFH!!” Daphne protested through her gag.
“YES!” Steve exclaimed triumphantly as her asshole was filled by
the entire length of his cock.


Steve withdrew till just the tip was violating Daphne’s ass.
Desperately, her ass muscles worked to push him the rest of the
way out.

Then he was burying his cock inside her again, this time with more
speed and more force. His balls slapped against her cunt as he
went deep… then out… then back in, buried to the hilt again.
Daphne felt as if her tiny opening was being torn to shreds as
Steve steadily, rhythmically began pumping her up the ass.

“AAAAAAAAA MMMMMFFFFFFFF!!!!” the office slut bellowed into the
gag, as her entire body convulsed in agony.

Sara, meanwhile, was shuddering with pleasure. “Ooooooooooooo!
Fuck her…. FUCK HER!!!”

“Oh she’s so tight,” Steve gasped. “Gonna… uhhhh… cum soon…”
“Yes…. YES!!!” Sara yelped. “Yeah… cum in her ass…
Ooooooooooh is that all right, honey? Is that all right if he cums
in your ass?”

Anything to get his cock out of my asshole, the secretary thought

“Poor dear,” Sara taunted. “Let me see if I can do anything for
you.” The businesswoman reached over and began probing Daphne’s
snatch with two fingers. The office girl was unbelievably wet.
She also responded almost immediately to the fingering, as her
moans began taking on a different tone. There was still the
muffled sound of a woman screaming in agony…. but it was
intermixed with something else now, as Daphne’s nervous system
fought to discern the heavenly sensations going through her cunt,
and the hellish agony pounding through her tight, abused ass.

Then Sara found Daphne’s clit with her thumb and began rubbing it.
The office slut threw her head back and howled. The gag did little
to stifle the sound.

“Mmmmmm, I think she likes it,” Sara sighed. To Daphne: “Do you
like this?”

“MMM MMM,” the office girl shook her head in a very weak protest.
Daphne didn’t even realize that she was perceptibly thrusting her
ass to meet the husband/wife fucking tandem-Sara’s fingers in her
cunt, and Steve’s cock filling her ass.

Sara quickened her pace, fingering Daphne’s pussy even faster and

“You don’t like this?” she repeated.

Daphne shook her head again. “MMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!” Her
protest became a muffled scream as Sara located the secretary’s
g-spot and relentlessly assaulted it with her fingers. “MMMMMM
MMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM….” Sara’s fingers and Steve’s cock,
separated by the thin wall between Daphne’s cunt and ass, drove
the girl temporarily insane. Then Sara resumed her steady finger-
fucking as Steve continued reaming the girl’s asshole.

“MMMMMMMMM…” Daphne whimpered as they continued to fuck her

“Well,” Sara’s voice dripped honey, “would you like us to stop?”
Tears of shame filled the office slut’s eyes as she realized the
answer to the question.

“Steve honey, why don’t we stop. We’ll just get dressed, leave and
take our business elsewhere.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!” The secretary shook her head vehemently as
she furiously began thrusting her ass backward to meet the fingers
and cock which were fucking her so nicely. “Just for the
signatures…just doing it for the signatures…” Daphne
frantically tried to tell herself as her earth-shattering orgasm
belied and betrayed her. “MMMMMMMMMMMM…..!!” She thrashed about
on the desk like a fish out of water as the clients ravaged her
pussy and ass. Juices gushed from Daphne’s cunt, soaking Sara’s
fingers and the side of the desk.

“Oh, look at her cum…” Sara marveled. “Your turn,” she murmured
to her husband as she began caressing Steve’s balls with her cum-
soaked fingers.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH….” Steve groaned, pushing forward one final
time to bury his cock deep in Daphne’s bowels. As he emptied his
load into her ass, Daphne’s orgasm reached its peak. Her entire
body convulsed and her feet mindlessly kicked and thrashed against
the desk, until she finally went limp with exhaustion.

When Daphne came to, Steve’s cock was still buried in her ass,
although it was now, thankfully, only semi-hard. Sara was slapping
the office girl across the face. “Wake up, sleepyhead. C’mon….
we’re almost done. Don’t you want these contracts signed?”
Daphne nodded weakly as the papers were laid on her back. First
Steve signed, then Sara.

“OK…now you just need to sign, to make it official, honey!” Sara
offered the pen to Daphne. “Oops….sorry,” she acknowledged with
mock embarrassment as she untied the girl’s wrists.

So Daphne signed. Her last name was somewhat distorted, as by this
time Steve’s prick was stiffening again and he’d begun thrusting
in and out of her reamed asshole…

Finally, Daphne was able to collect the strength to climb off of
the desk. Her ass was stiff and sore from the fucking she’d
received. She’d been mostly numb back there throughout Steve’s
second ravaging of her tender asshole, which was something to be
thankful for as he had lasted much longer this time. It had still
seemed like an eternity before he’d pulled out and jerked off over
her, splattering Daphne’s asscheeks and lower back with his creamy
white cum. Sara had then tossed the contract on top of the sticky
mess, and the two clients had dressed and left.

But she had gotten the contract signed! Her boss would be happy,
and she’d be in his good graces again. He’d even mentioned that
pay raise, Daphne reminded herself excitedly as she gathered up
what remained of her blouse.

The secretary was still feeling a bit lightheaded, so she settled
into a chair. Immediately, she yelped and stood straight up, as
lightning bolts of pain shot through her bottom.

Daphne quickly discovered that she was barely able to move or walk
without feeling pain. Sitting down was out of the question. Her
office duties-Daphne shuddered. Her duties consisted mostly of
bending over and kneeling under desks. And she knew that she’d be
twice as sore tomorrow.

“I’m gonna need the day off,” she groaned aloud. Surely he would
give it to her. After all, she’d just gotten him his precious
deal, some of which had been literally taken out on her ass! He’d
be so proud of her… he’d understand…. she decided she’d go
over to his place on her way home…drop off the paperwork… and
ask for the day off.

But first, she’d have to clean up the paperwork a little bit, of
course. Grabbing a kleenex, she carefully began wiping the jism
off of the signed documents.

As she glanced at the papers, her eyes grew wide with horror as
she noticed the paragraph describing exactly what had been sold to
the clients….

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