Change Of Boyfriends
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Suddenly she was there right in front of me on the
dance floor. Her dark brown hair, almost black and her
dark eyes paralyzed me. I don’t how long we continued
to dance but I realized she also found me very
attractive. As soon as she had a chance she touched me
and smiled. The longer it took the hotter she got and
in the end she pulled close to me and let one of her
hands to slide in underneath my trousers as well as my
underwear and started to play with my dick. After a few
seconds she let go and whispered to me

“Come with me, I really have to fuck now.”

Before I knew it she dragged me from the dance floor
out from the club and into a small street close to the
club. I held her hand and followed close. She stopped
and pulled down my trousers and took my dick in her
mouth. Slowly she started to play with me and before I
knew it I shot my cum in her mouth. She didn’t stop
though, instead she continued to play with me and
within minutes my dick was rock hard again. Now she
stood up, took off her skirt and then her underwear. I
looked at her while she did it and then she said:

“You like my panties, don’t you?”

“Yes I do,” I replied quiet.

“Well then you can have these. Open your mouth.”

She took her panties and put them in my mouth and then
she started kissing me with my mouth full so I couldn’t
spit them out. At the same time she took my dick in her
hand and started to rub it against her clit. Bit by bit
she started to mown and then she pulled up a leg and
pulled close so I could penetrate her pussy. Now we
really started fucking and I lifted her other leg and
moved over to the wall to fuck her for real.

After a few minutes I pulled out and got down on my
knees right in front of her. I had her juicy pussy by
my tongue and started to play with it. She loved it and
within a minute she came and she just stopped and held
me there in the same position. Then she started again
to rub my face against her pussy until she had second
and a third orgasm. I could hardly breathe but I loved
the smell and the feeling of her right in front of me.

Finally she let me loose and turned around. Without a
word she pulled my dick into her pussy again and I
could fuck her from behind. I was so turned on now that
I couldn’t hold back when I shot my cum in her pussy.
We stood still for a moment catching our breath and
then I pulled out of her.

“You are a remarkable woman to make out with,” I said.

“Well you are even better than my boyfriend. He can’t
last as long as you do.”

“Boyfriend?” I asked.

“Yea, but he is not half as good as you are so I want
more of you. Much more.”

I was quiet and didn’t realize what she had said and
then she continued.

“I want you to follow me home tonight. I don’t feel so
secure to walk home alone.”

“Well I…”

She stopped me.

“No questions, you will come with me.”

It all happened so fast and she dragged me into the
street where she stopped a taxi for us. To avoid me
from talking she started to kiss me right away and of
course I responded up on her kisses.

After 30 minutes the taxi stopped and she handed over
money to the driver and pulled me out of the car. She
opened the front door to her apartment and let me in,
still holding my hand. There were only two rooms where
the largest room was furnished as the bedroom with a
king size bed and the other smaller room was her living

“You better get undressed right now because I really
need to fuck you,” she said. “I’m just going to get
something for us to drink.”

I got undressed while she went into the kitchen. It
didn’t take long for her to get a bottle of white wine
and two glasses. She looked at me with a smile when she
returned. I was standing by the bed with a hard on. My
size was over the average size but I was not huge. Over
the times I had been with other girls they always loved
the size because I filled them up without stretching
them to the limit and thereby hurting them.

“Mmmm, I love the way you look.” She said.

“Thanks!” I replied. “That is nothing compared with
you, because you are really a hot lady.”

“Well almost right, I’m not married but I see myself as
a hot wife. Someone who is very attractive and fucks
around while having a husband and for me that is a
boyfriend. Now get in bed and stop talking, I only
appreciate action.”

She pushed me to the bed and poured some wine in my
glass and handed it over to me. She then put the bottle
to her lips and started to drink straight from the
bottle. I looked at her while she drank and saw how she
had more than she could swallow and I poured over her
tits and belly and then to the bed.

“Oh, too much at the same time,” She said.

I smiled and she had some more wine and this time she
took it all in her mouth and swallowed. She stopped and
started to lick the bottle gently like it was a dick.
After a while she let the bottle slide between her tits
down to her pussy. She changed her position in bed and
placed herself over the bottle to let it slide into her
pussy. It reached deeper into her and then she started
to ride it slowly. Every time it pushed up in her she
moaned. This way she kept on for several minutes before
she stopped and pulled the bottle out.

“Cheers!” She said.

“Cheers!” I replied.

She took the bottle and drank from it.

“It’s so good,” she giggled. “Now it’s your turn.”

Once again she put the bottle in her pussy and started
to fuck it. This time she turned around in bed to get
settled on her back with her legs up in the air. She
tried to fill her pussy with wine but because of the
vacuum in the bottle it was not possible to get
anything out from it. She turned around again, pulled
the bottle out and handed it over to me.

“Mmmm,” I said. “Smells good.”

Then I put it to my mouth and drank what was left in
the bottle. When I was done, I threw the bottle away
and moved over to her. I took command and pushed her to
the bed and before she knew I shoved my dick in her
pussy. She really loved what I did, me taking command
instead of her. I was turned on now and at the same
time I was able to hold on for a while. After the first
five minutes I was close to come but I slowed down.
After that I continued to fuck her hard and I went on
for one hour before I shot my cum in her. All that time
I couldn’t sense the she came or was close to come, she
just played with me smiling had enjoying.

In the end I pulled out and got settled by her side. I
thought she had had enough but right away she took my
hand pulled it down to her pussy indicating that she
wanted me to play with her clit. I started giving her
the massage she expected and she came within a minute.
After that she placed her hands over mine to stop me
from moving away. We stayed like this for five minutes
then she let go of my hands and placed them over my
head instead. Slowly she pushed me down between her
thighs to let me lick her cum-filled pussy. I followed
her move to her pussy and let my tongue slide in
tasting her juice mixed with my cum.

Gently I moved out and played with her clit and that
way we went on until she had several orgasms. In the
end I pulled out of her, gave her a kiss and fell


I woke up next morning by the sound of the front door
closing. At first I didn’t realize what that meant but
when I did, I saw another man by the side of the bed.

“Vanessa, you promised never to this again.” He said.

She woke up and looked at him.

“You promised,” He said again and started to cry.

She just looked at him for a couple of seconds before
she replied, “Zack, I don’t care what I promised or
what you wanted me to promise. This guy is much more a
man than you will ever be.”

She pushed the blanket to the side and took my dick in
her hand. Right away I had a hard-on.

“Just look at him!” She continued. Then she got down to
my dick and put it in her mouth to suck me. I was so
amazed that it filled her mouth right away.

“So good, he is so good.” She said when she had
swallowed my cum. “I’m afraid you are my ex from now

He just looked at her in chock crying even more than in
the beginning. Then he went down on his knees by the
bed begging:

“Please don’t. I love you and can’t live without you.
I’ll forgive you, just let us start all over again.”

She looked at him and laughed before she responded.

“You wimp, just don’t understand shit. You’re not half
the man compared with my new boyfriend. Just go and
pick the things you can carry with you and the rest I
will pack and you can pick it up tomorrow.” He looked
at her and continued:

“Vanessa, I’ll do anything you beg for! Just let me

“You’re pathetic. But for old times sake I’ll let you
watch me one more time. But under my conditions.”

She went over to the bedside table and picked up a
handcuff. Then she went over to him to cuff him to the
bed. When she was done she got in bed and started to
play with me, right in front of him. I heard him crying
and Vanessa moaning. It didn’t take long until she was
riding on top of me and eventually I couldn’t hold
back, I came in her once more. She stopped and got of
me, turned around to him and said:

“Doesn’t it look great? Another man’s dick in my pussy.
Now I want you to taste the two of us.”

She moved towards him until she had her pussy all over
his face and started to fuck him. He was licking my cum
from her pussy. In the middle of it she stopped and
turned to me.

“Now I need you to help me out here. Move over behind
Zack and pull down his pants, I want to know if he’s
got a hard-on.”

I did as she told me and pulled down his pants. He
really had a hard-on but his dick was a lot smaller
than mine.

“Now move closer to him from behind and jerk him off”
She commanded me.

“No I can’t, I replied.”

“Darling that is not an answer I would like to hear.”
She continued. “I understand that you have never
touched another mans dick before but trust me, just do
it and enjoy it. I want you to jerk him off and make
him come on the floor.”

I swallowed my pride and took his dick in my hand and
touched it gently at first. As soon as I got used to
it, I got harder and it didn’t take long until I felt
how he got stiff and he came, his cum hit the floor.
Meanwhile he had to lick my cum out of her pussy. We
stopped when he had come. She sat up in front of him
and smiled before she said:

“Now that was nice, wasn’t it?”

“Yes Vanessa, forgive me for what I said before. I’ll
do anything for you, just let stay together.”

“I’m sorry Zack, that is not an option.”

All of a sudden she slapped his cheek hard once and
another time.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson you will never forget.
Remember! never question the wishes of your woman.
Never ask her to meet other men or women, just stay at
home and worship her. That is your role in this life.”

She got out of bed and moved behind him and took his
hair in her hand gently.

“Remember, this is the last time you will meet me and
if you will see me on the streets I will not recognize
you. You are nobody for me but if you will try to talk
to me, than I will hit you a lot harder than what I
will do now.”

Without another word she pushed his face hard to the
bed so he hardly could breathe. After a while she gave
him a chance to recover. Then she pushed his face to
the bed once more but she jump up to sit on the back of
his head.

He couldn’t breathe and after some seconds he had panic
and tried to get loose. Instead she settled on top of
him as she turned to me, “Can you take out a whip from
the bedside table? Then when you’re done, take a seat
on the chair in the corner. I will teach you a lesson
to and that is what will happen if you don’t please

I gave her the whip and got settled. She moved away
from Zack’s head and he could breathe again. Right away
she took the whip, moved around and started to use the
whip on him. Over and over she hit his ass while she
humiliated him with words. I guess she worked with him
for at least 30 minutes and his skin was red and at
some spot you could see him bleeding. Finally she stops
by asking:

“Do understand what I am telling you?”

“Yes Vanessa but I don’t want to loose you.” He

“Wrong answer you little shit head.”

Now she kicked him hard instead several times before
she continued:

“You have not learned your lesson yet so this will do
it for you.”

All of a sudden she released him from the handcuffs
pushed his face to the floor and said

“Now lick that cum on the floor.”

He had no choice because she had him in a firm grip.
When the floor was clean she started to bang his face
to the floor. I heard him scream in pain and when she
was done he turned to his side and it looked like she
had broken his nose. She didn’t stop though, instead
she started all over to kick him. At this stage he
didn’t defend himself, he just cried. That was the end
of it. When she felt he had had enough she just stopped
and looked down at him.

“That’s it, it’s over now. You can pick up your
personal belongings in a box outside the house tomorrow
evening. If you don’t pick up it will be thrown away.”

She turned around to me and ended it, “Throw him out of
here, he is history. I don’t want to see him again.”

That was the end and I moved in. Vanessa was magic and
it only took a couple of days until she had me entirely
in her control. I worshiped her presence and suffered
from her absence. The best part was the sex which we
had often, much and in a wide different ways. This was
our “honeymoon” period when got to know each other. I
knew that the time would change but I didn’t want think
about it. Eventually it did.

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