Gill liked her sex rough but this time she got more than she asked for
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The dark form of her rapist loomed above Gill ,and his
hand squeezed brutally her tit, making her cry with
pain-but oddly making her cunt tingle. Spread’em! He
ordered coarsely pulling her legs widely apart. “No,
no, no!” whimpered Gill,” please no!”

The rapist brandished his huge stiff dick, laughing
coarsely, and smashed it in one strike into her widely
open cunt. The 10-inch long plastic dick disappeared
almost entirely in her wet box causing her a longed-for
mixture of pain and pleasure.

“AHHH! Please don’t! It hurts so much!” she moaned, her
hips heaving up into the violating member. Oh, yes,
this one was a good sized dick. She shoved it in and
out with all her might, heaving heavily against it.

The dark rapist only laughed at her pleading, “You have
felt nothing yet! “Spread your cheeks!”

“NO! Not in the ass!” she pleaded, but to no avail. The
other rapist, well, if she wanted to be fucked both in
the cunt and her ass there must be two of them! – stuck
his smaller black dick in her ass, making her scream
louder for mercy.

Gill heaved and pushed both dicks into her openings,
thrashing, jerking, yelling and screaming in a searing
orgasm, one of the best she’d had lately.

Catching her breath afterwards, she contemplated : why
did she need these fantasies at all? After all she had
her regular sex with Walt every couple days or so..
Well, maybe that’s the trouble –regular sex. She missed
the excitement of new adventures. Maybe it’s time to
say good bye to Walter.

Not that she was worried too much about any
replacement: looking in the mirror she saw a handsome
face, blue eyes and reddish short hair, and a perfect
body for her 32 years. After all she worked on it
diligently in the gym, at least three times a week.
Maybe she’ll try to find there her mate this time and
not in her work circle. After all what excitement can
you expect to find among accountants?

It was nearly 10 in the evening and the instructor
responded quite impatiently to Gill’s flirting. All he
wanted was to get home. Gil was the last client to
leave the gym. It was situated on the fourth floor of a
mall, all empty now, and she heard the commotion of the
instructor’s leaving and now she was all alone in the
building. Gill heard the clicking of her shoes echoing
in the empty space. Suddenly she noticed another echo
joining the clicking of her shoes, a heavy footstep of
a man nearing, and nearing.

Fear constricted her throat- even if she screamed
nobody would hear her. Her fantasy is now turning into
a nightmare! The footsteps neared even more and Gill
was anxiously rehearsing in her mind the self defense
moves: “first a strong kick into his crotch then to his
face, than run.” The fast, heavy footsteps were very
near now. She could now even hear the breath of her

“Ma’am, Miss, I mean, excuse me?” She heard a rough
voice behind her. She turned around all tense, only to
see the familiar face of the gym’s attendant, a big
strongly built man with an Asian look.

“You have left your membership card on the counter,” he
said holding it out to her.

“Than-thank you…” mumbled Gill, with a trembling
voice. The released tension has left her shacking, her
legs sagging underneath her.

“Miss? Do you feel well? Sorry to have scared you,”
said the attendant.

“It’s OK , really, just let me catch my breath again,”
responded Gill leaning on him and lowering herself on a
nearby bench. Gill’s dizzy head was resting on his
shoulder, and she smelt a pungent odor of men’s sweat.
Her finger trailed a strong muscular arm and shoulder,
and now while calming down she felt a familiar tingling
in her loins.

Her human pillow moved and she felt a strong hand
closing on her breast and squeezing.

“What? How dare… stop it!” she shouted, with dry
throat. The brutal sudden act has brought to her all
her “rape” memories. Oddly enough she felt outraged
more than frightened.

“Come-on, miss, cut the bull,” he responded. “You know
you want it, all evening you have been giving me the
eye.” And he squeezed her tit yet again, pulling her
jeans open with the other hand ,and pulling them down
to her knees.

The squeezing of her tit sent a ray of fire into her
cunt, igniting the internal furnace. “Stop it NOW you
bastard!” She screamed, pounding with her fists on his
wide chest to no avail.

He rose from the bench, dropping his trunks and
brandishing a huge splitter, he slowly pulled a condom.

The sight made her both fear and want the pole in her.
“Is it really that big or is it just the fear?” she
thought. She was jumping awkwardly trying to pull on
her jeans when he grabbed her, pushed her over the
bench back. It was a double, back to back bench so she
crashed down on the other side her head hitting the
seat, while her naked ass was leaning on the top. She
tried to kick him, but he just stepped in between her
flaying legs ,using enormous strength he split them
widely open with both his hands and shoved in.

It was as if she was turned on by some machine. She
felt humiliated by the invasion into her body
,overpowered by this huge ape and aroused as never
before. She flew into an orgasm almost immediately. The
pounding of the strong manly body against her clit sent
her spinning high and the powerful piston movements of
the mighty pole inside aroused all her hidden points.
She was heaving against him, thrashing skewered on the
hard dick, moaning, screaming and yelling for more.

On and on the huge cock pounded her, carrying her from
an orgasm to another. Her pelvis divorced itself from
her body dancing a wild tattoo on the bench’s back and
her head flew off in a dizzy spell all the world
spinning around her disappearing into a nothingness,
only the feelings in her cunt remaining.

“OOH! HO!” Mighty shoves returned her to the ground
again, when her violator erupted .She slipped on the
bench, loosing her trousers leg in the process. Now she
was free to… to do what exactly? She didn’t recall,
did she want to escape the humiliation? To fight back?

The dark figure of her attacker loomed above her as he
came around the bench. She kicked with all her might,
aiming at his groins, but obviously, she missed. Her
attacker caught her flying leg and pulled – and she
crashed heavily down. The pain of the fall has sent her
head spinning and as if in a nightmare she felt herself
being pulled up, raised and leaned against the bench’s
back, kneeling on the seat.

“You want it rough? Ahh bitch, you’ll get your wish!”
rasped the rapist’s voice, doubling her over the bench,
her ass high in the air.

“Oh my god he is going to rape my ass!” she thought,

A flash of searing pain hit her bowels as her attacker
hammered his ram-rod inside her ass. Gill’s cunt was
smashed against the back of the bench ,screaming , and
the stiff rod hit and dug in yet more ,and again, until
it was embedded in her to the hilt.

Gill was screaming for pain, but somewhere, along the
pain she started to receive strange tingles of lust
from her cunt, which was brutally ground against the
bench. Yes. It was a brutal, humiliating invasion, but
her clit was being rubbed against the rough wood and
Gill felt herself being swept again in a whirlpool of

The pain in her ass eased a little bit and Gill felt a
new shattering orgasm building up in her loins. Each
thump shoved her onto the hard bench sending fluttering
sensations from her clit, those meeting hot waves of
fullness raising from her bowels to her cunt. Her
screams of pain changed to moans.

Oh, she was so full!

The tempo increased and Gill felt her pelvis joining
the feast, heaving, rotating, jumping up and down. Her
lust screams joint deep grunts and roars of the rapist
and as she exploded in a shattering orgasm that wiped
everything else from her mind.

Gill was screaming, heaving her ass so strongly the
long cock nearly left her only to be rammed again
inside to the hilt. Her cunt was gushing orgasmic
juices and inside her all her world was shattered to
colorful smithereens.

The hard shoves of her attacker and his roars signed
his eruption, contained in the rubber wrapping, and he
withdrew his pole. Gill slumped heavily on the bench,
breathless, her pelvis still jumping, and quivering in
an echo of the orgasm.

The gym attendant peeled the condom’ filled with his
jism and smeared with her feces, off his dick. Throwing
the stinking rubber into her face, and uttering,
“Slut!” then he left.

Gill remained sitting, breathing heavily. Her spread
legs trembling, her cunt dripping, both her ass and her
cunt aching – and so satisfied, she thought, “Yes,
that’s what I am. A slut.”

Chapter Two

During the two weeks that had passed from the incident
in gym, Gill was in a turmoil. She didn’t go out,
couldn’t enjoy life, she could hardly eat and sleep and
in work she was like a zombie.

She felt humiliated and abused, but on the other hand
she had had the best sex of her life. She hated and
despised herself for having enjoyed it, after all she
had been brutally attacked, her privacy was invaded her
human dignity was trampled, but it was such a
shattering orgasm.

Her feeling went like in an emotional roller-coaster.
She was engrossed in self indulgence one moment and the
next one in a fit of hate against the bastard who
caused it. One day she would be down with melancholy
and the other in a fit of rage. Slowly the fits of rage
took precedence. She was furious with the abhorrent

After two weeks she couldn’t contain it anymore. She
had to go to the gym to take revenge, to show the
bloody motherfucker, to choke him, to… it was late in
the evening and she put on her trunks but left the high
heeled shoes on and went. Even the small nagging voice
in her head calling, “You want a second serving!”
Didn’t deter her, “She’ll show him!”

It was nearly closing time when Gill arrived at the
gym. She flashed her membership card at the reception
desk and turned straight to the attendants’ cubicle.
Yes here he was, the bastard. Organizing the buckets or
whatever.. On hearing her enter he straightened up,
smirked and said, “I wondered when you’ll come for a

“The cheeky, bloody bastard,” thought Gill and her fury
exploded in her painting all the world crimson. She
kicked with all her might-straight into his groin.

Yes!! This time she hit, and as they had been taught in
the self-defense class, Kim jackknifed in pain ,
uttering a guttural groan. [ As Gill learned later, it
wasn’t his name, but everybody called him Kim]. Gill
didn’t hesitate. As she had learned in the class, she
closed in and kicked to his face-but in the class they
had forgotten to tell the girls that sometimes men
don’t keep down.

Her kick was easily fended off by Kim’s hand and he
straightened up like a Jack-in-the box. His fist hit
Gill in her solar plexus and it felt like being hit by
a train. All he air rushed out of Gill’s lungs in a
high pitched scream. She was flung in the air and hit
the ground on a pile of old mattresses and stuff, and
the world went black.

When Gill came to, she was watching closely a huge dick
in front of her face and feeling pain in her hair
roots, being held-up by them, she heard Kim’s hoarse
voice, “Suck it, you bitch!”

“No, here I’m being raped again!” thought Gill in
despair, and raged, “No, I’ll bite off his dick if I
have to!” She fumbled with her hand under the mattress,
and came on an old hand dumbbell. She grabbed it and
smashed it into Kim’s temple. He toppled as a felled
tree, and she rose up.

Here he was stretched on the floor on his back, dead to
the world at her mercy. Funny, his dick was sticking
out like a maypole! Gill felt suddenly a familiar
burning ,tingling feeling in her cunt. “Yes, I’ll rape
him! I’ll show him how it feels to be abused!” And Gill
straddled the erect pole, skewering herself on it to
the hilt in a single heave.

“OH!!” It felt great. A wave of adrenaline washed Gill
and she thrust again and again against the stiff organ,
sending fuck feeling waves of heat and satisfaction in
her cunt. The still body beneath her began to stir, and
blurted weak groans. Gill grabbed his throat strongly
in her hands and squeezed, and squeezed, until she
heard choking sounds and felt Kim’s body flapping under
her, then she eased. After all she didn’t want him dead

She was feeling enormous! She was bigger then this
room, bigger than this town! And she kept smashing
herself down on the still rigid cock. Thus she kept Kim
half conscious until she felt that the Big one is
coming! She leant into Kim’s throat choking him until
he was flapping helplessly beneath her, while her but
was dancing her orgasmic dance heaving an hopping and
skipping to all sides. OH! What an orgasm!! All the
world was spinning around her an all she felt was this
bursting inside her vagina and the need to keep on

When she finished, Kim’s body was lying still beneath
her. She rose. Here it was, the big cock still rigid,
pointing up, glistening now from her juices. The body
began stirring and she said :”Yeah! I haven’t done with
you yet!” Oh’ the feeling of adrenaline in flowing in
her veins! It was just great !She turned around,
straddled Kim’s face and lowered herself on her fours.

She grabbed hold of his balls and said in a hoarse
voice, “Lick me to an orgasm, you bastard, and if you
just make the smallest move against me I’ll bite off
your dick!”

And she accompanied her talk with a squeeze on the
balls. Gill heard a deep throated groan and felt a
tongue moving in her cunt licking, searching in her
cunt. Strong fingers spread her cunt lips and the
licking tongue licked her inner lips touching, fucking
all the hidden corners and then, “OOHH!!” The searching
tongue hit the clit and it was as if she was touched by
a live electric wire. Her hips jumped and she groaned
and fucked back the exploring tongue.

“Keep sucking! Suck me to an orgasm or I’ll bite you!”
she screamed, but she needn’t fret. Kim’s lips joined
the feast, sucking on Gill’s swollen clit while his
tongue kept on moving, licking all the recesses of her
cunt. Gill was feeling in heaven. With every lick on
her clit a wave of adrenaline surged in her veins, and
she squeezed and milked the balls in her hand. The
stiff dick in front of her face only grew bigger with
every squeeze, the mushroom shaped head bloating to
inhuman size. The glistening cock and the smell of her
own juices on it dove Gill nuts. Before she completely
realized, she opened her mouth wide and sucked the
stiff pole in.

“Oh my god, what am I doing?” thought Gill, but her
cunt took over control. Kim’s fingers probing in her
vagina and his tongue twirling her clit drove Gill into
a blast of an orgasm. The world swirled in front her
eyes and her ass jumped in an incredibly fast dance
fucking Kim’s face, nearly breaking his neck. All she
could do was to squeeze the balls in her hand, which
she did. She was immediately rewarded by a roar and a
squirt of jism filled her mouth, Kim’s body jerked and
flapped under her.

“What a glorious taste!” Thought Gill milking the still
squirting cock, sucking it dry, while her ass was
humping up and down, up and down on Kim’s face.” I just
have to feel this cock inside me!” she thought and she
rose from Kim’s face, smashing her ass on the erect
dick, skewering herself on it down until the balls hit
her ass.

She squeezed the balls digging her fingernails in, and
was rewarded by a roar of pain.

“In the ass! I want… Oh, in the ass!!” she fumbled in
her purse that was at her hand and took out her
outsized vibrator. “Yes this will do!!” she thought and
slipped her hand under Kim’s ass. Keeping it high in
the air she shoved the huge plastic dick in.

Kim roared in pain and Gill felt his cock shrinking and
become flaccid in her.

“Yes, you bastard! Take it, you mean dog you, you…
You mother fucking asshole!” She screamed, shoving the
huge plastic in again and again, squeezing in the same
time the balls in her hand.

Kim’s cock started inflating in her cunt ,and his body
started shoving against her. She felt an enormous
orgasm building in her cunt.

“Oh my god!” she thought, “OH my god! OH MY GOD!
OOOH!!!” All the world blew up in her head, turning
onto a colorful shower of fireworks. She felt that she
was rising to the sky, filling the whole world…and she

When she came through she was lying, face down, on
Kim’s legs, her ass high in the air. Kim’s body was
still flapping and jumping under her in the last throes
of an orgasm.

She heard Kim’s deep, hoarse voice, “So, now we are
even. Aren’t we?”

Gill could hardly breath, she only nodded in response.
Oh yes, they were even. Now she could understand the
pleasure those bastards are getting from raping, the
indescribable feeling of adrenalin flowing in her

“But you mustn’t lose your head,” continued Kim. “You
should have insisted on a condom you know.” Only now
did Gill realize that she had absorbed all of him jism
in her… unprotected. She was blushing heavily. How
could she have lost it that much?

“How about tomorrow?” Kim said.

She hastily rolled off him, “Yeah, same time,” she
blurted, gathering herself and her belongings, and
leaving into the dark gym as fast as she could.

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