A1 Chloe and Zoe
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Starts out as to naughty girls (you chose their age),
and the story has two endings that you choose from, a
non-consensual rape ending or a science-fictional with
Wild West ending.

Chloe your boyfriend’s at the door,

Which one?

I don’t know do I, maybe if you got off your ass and
stopped fingering yourself and had a look you would

How old does he look?

About the same as you, ?? Now come let him in.

Fuck sake, ok. I got up and went downstairs, naked I
opened the door, what the fuck do you want?

Your naked?

Yeah so, look fuck off, if you think we had something
special your wrong, it was a Saturday night, I was
horny, you were there so we fucked but I don’t love
you and you can fuck off, and you need to get it into
your head that I only have long term relationships
with girls, now fuck off!

I closed the door and walked in, have you done your
homework? Mum asked.

Oh, what was it?

French I think.

Oh fuck. I had an idea I opened the door and wished to
the boy, come back. When he got back I said, sorry
baby I was in a bad mood with my mum I do love you,
sorry, come up to my room. We went upstairs to my room
and I said want a blowjob baby? Of course he said yes
but I explained he needed to help me with my French
first. So he did my French while I got dressed and

First I brushed my ?? hair and then I sat at my
dressing table still naked and did my make up, then I
stood up and took a few naked photos of myself in the
mirror. Then happy that I had exposed my slutty body
to all the perverts on Kik messenger I got some
clothes out my cupboard I put a strapless ?? Cup bra
on and then a ?? coloured tube top, then I put my
phone in my cleavage and went to decide on what else
to wear. It was a windy day and I loved the feeling of
wind rushing passed my pussy so I wanted a mini skirt
and I never wear panties at all so I chose my ??
Coloured mini skirt that didn’t go passed the bottom
of my ass and when I sat down anyone could see my
pussy at almost any time. Then I chose some ?? Shoes.
Now happy that I look like a whore and that all male
attention is coming my way I texted my girlfriend.

Hey, Zoe
Hi what you up to
Just getting dressed ready to go to town, wanna come
Yeah sure babe, I’ll just get dressed

I heard moaning coming from my sister’s room, it was
most probably my dad fucking her, he fucks me and my
sis all the time. No warning he just gets Horney and
fucks us, we both hate it. I went to see, and I was
right, he had my sister laying on the bed with her
legs wide open while he thrushes viciously at her.

My sis liked it rough, but hated the daily raping
daddy gave us, daddy always goes a lot more gentle
with me. But my sis got into the porn industry a few
weeks ago, it all started when she was raped, when me
and her were on the way home from a club one night and
for reasons still confusing to me she loved it.

Daddy then finished with her and came over to me, he
pushed me to my knees and shoved his cock in my mouth,
my sis then stumbled out the bedroom and daddy shoved
his tongue down her throat and punched her in the face
as she left. Then as I sucked him off he grabbed the
back of my head and pushed it back and forth as in
felt cloaked on warm cum at the back of my throat. He
pulled my hair back and looked me in the eye and said
I love you, my stupid whore I swallowed and sadly said
I love you too daddy.

Then I went to my room and told the boy to fuck off
then I left the house to meet my girlfriend in town.

I met Zoe at the train station to get on the train
into town, she was wearing tight leggings that she
wore quite low so you could almost see her pussy, a
strappy top.

That showed so much cleavage I could almost see
nipples. Just the sight of seeing Zoe in public
dressed like that, even though this was quite normal,
I found it so hot.

As the train pulled up to the station and blew up my
skirt as the front carriage passed, the group of boys
behind us stared intently as if they were about to
rape us. As we boarded the train that would change our
lives I blew a kiss to the boys at the station that
were clearly getting on another train. As we pulled
out the station we kissed passionately to make those
boys wish they were going our direction.

As we sat down we noticed that our carriage was empty
we had it all to ourselves, this gave us an idea. The
journey was half an hour long and only had one other
stop. Thinking this I noticed Zoe staring at me, I
didn’t say a word. I knew we were thinking the same
think; let’s get naked. At that moment I climbed up
onto the table dividing me from Zoe and I placed my
hands on her breasts as I kissed her. As I continued
to explore her mouth my hands slowly moved down
towards her legs. I felt my pussy begin to feel wet as
I grabbed the bottom of Zoe’s top and violently pulled
it up and off her. Then I quickly moved forwards onto
her lap as she ripped her bra off. I began to rub my
cunt along her legs as she removed my top and bra in
one go.

She stroked my hair and then slid her hands down my
back towards my ass as I continued to kiss her.
Feeling wetter I sped up rubbing my cut on her leg as
I felt her grab my ass and pull me closer. I began co
dressing her neck and down to her breasts as I slid
down to the floor of the train.

I continued down, coercing her belly on the way down
to her pussy. I licked her pussy from the outer side
of her leggings. as I felt her pussy warm and wet I
moved my hand down to mine and began rubbing my clit.
Then with my other hand I pulled her leggings down and
looked at her wet delicious ?? Year old pussy. As I
moved in to taste it…


Ending one: Bad ending, there’s a lesson to be
learned! (realistic)

Warning: This ending is extremely harsh and graphical,
if you don’t like rape then scroll down for ending

As I moved in to taste I forgot all about the stop the
train had to make half way and as we approached the
station we frantically gathered our clothes missing
our bras. We ran to the back of the carriage and put
our clothes on fast. A group of ten boys/men about ??
Years old boarded the train and caught sight of my tit
as I quickly pulled my top down.

“Hey that slut over there was flashing at us, I think
it needs to be tort a lesson don’t you?” As he and the
others approached I felt a mix of emotions, I was
scared to think what they might do. And also kind of
exited; still being Horney from kissing Zoe. As he got
closer I held my tits firmly as Zoe moved into the
corner. He came up and slapped me hard, I tasted
blood, he grabbed my hair and pulled me out into the

He tipped my head back and said, “Listen you pieces of
shit, there’s about 20 minutes left of this journey
and me and the boys are going to teach you sluts a
lesson, now be a good whore and take your top of for

I shook my head and he smashed my head against the
table and I felt so much pain all energy to resist
drained from my body as he ripped my top off. They
pushed me to the floor and dragged me by the feet over
to the far end of the carriage.

The group of boys split to two groups of 5, one raping
me, one rapping Zoe. I don’t really know what happened
to Zoe but I’ll never forget what happened to me. When
I got to the other end of the carriage they tore the
remaining clothes off me and put me up on a table
between two sets of seats. I felt their fingers being
stuffed into my cunt harshly and one put his entire
fist in my mouth. I felt others shove fingers up my
ass and constant slapping somewhere on my body. I lost
all energy to resist and just prayed it would end

Then one of them said, “This whore’s no good, it’s too

“Yeah let’s make some lube!” another shouted.

Then one of them got a flick knife out and cut deep
just above my pussy, he then plunged his hand into the
cut as I screamed, the group laughed historically.

Tears streamed down my face. He then pulled his hand
out of the cut and rubbed the blood all over my pussy.
now with hands shoved in my mouth and ass and blood
streaming down my pussy as they roughly fingered me, I
looked over to Zoe and to my horror she was on the
floor with her tits slit open, blood all over her face
and her pussy red as the blood on my pussy. But that
wasn’t the worst part, she didn’t seem to be
conscious, then they began kicking her repeatedly all
over her body.

The boys raping me left me to join in kicking her,
then after the longest minute of my life they stopped
and one checked her pulse and burst out laughing
“she’s dead!” He laughed the others joined in
laughing. I screamed in pain, both physical and
emotional. They picked up her dead body and threw it
next to me on the table.

“Kiss her!” They laughed, I was forced to climb on her
body and kiss, finger and dance on my dead girlfriends
body. This went on for ages. Then I saw the station,
what a relief it was over! Or so I thought.

As we pulled up to the station they picked me up and
carried me off the train they carried me to a bench on
the platform where a crowed emerged. This part of town
was rough, my parents had told me never to go here but
I had.

Then the crowd began clearing “Rape the whore! Rape
her, rape her, rape her….” I felt like my life was
over a guy came from the crowd and got his hard penis
out and pulled my legs apart. Two men either side of
me held my legs so far open it felt like the bones
were cracking. The man then pushed his penis inside me
and thrust harshly in and out. This continues for a
few minutes.

Then he pulled out and cummed in my face. Then another
man raped me from the crowd and cummed on my face
again. I was raped like this by about 50 people male
and female with ages ranging from 14 to 50. Then by
the end of it I was covered head to toe in cum, they
made me scrape it all off my body and swallow it all,
I gagged and threw up they made me lick my sick off
the floor, I wanted to die!

Finally to my relief I heard a siren, but as I learned
before relief was not to be trusted. I hoped it was
over. The police officer ran over and there was a long
pause and finally said, “Well… my turn then.”

Everyone cheered and I sank into a deep feeling of
horror. He got his cock out and fucked me hard. But by
this point I was so numb I couldn’t feel it he synced
this and pulled out his taser. Everyone went silent,
then he tapered me several times, the pain was
agonising, then he got his pepper spray out and spayed
it in my face. Then to the worst of my fears he cummed
inside me, SHIT I thought was I pregnant!

Now I my body had been used by lots of people but it
was over, right? NO they ALL then covered me in tons
of piss soaking my whole body in their urine, washing
all the cum off. Now lying in a puddle of, cum, blood,
sick, and piss I was finally considered Finished with.
They all walked off.

Half an hour layer after being passed by 100s of
people not even looking twice at me I stood up and
stumbled over to the train as it pulled up to the
station. I flopped onto the floor of the train and
crude in agony until the train got to my home station.
I got off the train and stumbled home in the dark.

I knocked on my hose door and my dad came to the door,
“WHAT THE FUCK!” He grabbed me and pulled me by the
hair to the shower and washed me off then he dragged
me out of the shower and fucked me over the toilet.

End of ending one


This is erotic fiction and nothing more! This kind of
action is very wrong and should NEVER be recreated in
real life as fun or hot as it may seem.


Ending two: Good ending, cba to go back to the future

Note: No graphical rape and much more happier than
ending one.

Back on the train…

I licked her pussy from the outer side of her
leggings. as I felt her pussy, warm and wet I moved my
hand down to mine and began rubbing my clit. Then with
my other hand I pulled her leggings down and looked at
her wet delicious ?? Year old pussy. As I moved In to
taste it she tipped her head back and smiled. Now
feeling so horny I could explode the biggest shock of
my life!

Suddenly one big BOOM!

We both jumped back in shock, we grabbed our clothes
not sure what was going on. Then the carriage began to
melt in the middle and glow bright orange. Me and Zoe
put our clothes on fast ready to run, not that there
was anywhere to run. As the carriage split in two a
gap appeared between the two sections, then a ball of
light followed by a big blur, then a man appeared out
of nowhere wearing odd futuristic clothes, he landed
on the floor as the gap between the carriage grew. We
pulled him in and rolled him over.

He had harsh burns on his chest, his eyes opened as he
drifted in and out of consciousness. He then muttered
“I must get to a hospital, I’ve been shot” we looked
down, he haven’t, there was no bullet hole.

“No you haven’t?” We said looking confused.

“Shot by laser, what year is this?” He asked.


“100 years out, shit” he dropped back, we checked his
plus. Dead. We realised the depth of what was going
on, if this wasn’t a big joke then he was from the
future! We looked in his pockets and found an ID
looking thing, it said, Time Agent Branford. We looked
at his arm and noticed a weird looking watch. I took
it off him and saw it had our date on it. Zoe stood
up, “this has got to be a joke”

“There’s one way to find out” I said “if this is a
time jump thing then well, let’s time travel!”

Zoe smiled, “Really?”

“Let’s find out,” I stood up and put it on. “Chose a
date, past or future?”

“Past, 1885.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I loved cowboys as a kid and I would love to see a
brothel full of whores.”

“Good enough for me” I turned the top and the date
scrolled I stopped at 1885 and hit the button hoping
it would work.

Suddenly the surroundings flattened to the ground and
everything went white. We started walking through the
whiteness, I could see it went on for ever there was
no end. We looked at each other worried, were we stuck
here forever? A minute later the floor became yellowy
brown like sand with a blue edge. Then folded up
around us to make a blurred ball, brown at the bottom,
blue on top. Then it came into focus as the heat hit
us. We were in a desert. We looked at each other’s in
disbelief. We were the first humans to time travel.

We looked at our clothes and realised if anyone saw us
we would be the strangest thing they had ever seen.
“What should we do?” I asked. Zoe smiled and removed
her top as her beautiful breasts popped out.

“It’s too hot for clothes,” we both began stripping
each other. She took my tube top off and I pushed my
hands down her leggings and slowly removed them down.
She stepped out of them as I stood up to look at her
amazing body she bit her lip as I removed my skirt.

Now completely naked with nothing for miles around we
started to follow what looked like a road in the sand.
Walking along the road for about 10 minutes we saw a
town in the distance but even closer than that we
noticed what we could make out as a camp. As we
approached the camp we realise that it was empty, no
one there.

We looked in the tent and saw a bag we pulled it out
and opens it. In the bag was two small pistols. I took
one small gun and put it round my thigh. Zoe took the
other and put it on her thigh. Also in the bag was a
map of the area that showed three towns also there was
some money.

We needed a rest so we sat at the camp and decided
what to do now. I mean our old lives were forgotten.
That was trash. We decided to travel through time
together forever.

After we decided this there was a silence. I looked at
Zoe as she looked at me. We kissed and giggled. I
rolled over and sat on her lap facing her. We
continued kissing as I began rubbing my pussy on her
leg. Then we rolled over and she layer on top of me as
we continues kissing. We felt each other’s breasts as
we got wetter and wetter.

Not being able to take the sexual tension any more she
sat back and we pushed our cunts together as we rubbed
them against each other allowing our juices to mix.
Rubbing our clits together faster and harder, harder
and faster.

I let out a moan, “Oh yes!” we continued. “Oh fuck! Oh
fuck! OH FUCK!” I had an amazing burst of energy run
through me as Zoe got faster. I gripped the sand
around me as I began to cum and squirt, then all of a
sudden I let out a full burst of cum as I had the most
amazing orgasm, covering Zoe in cum. We looked at each
other and smiled.

I sat up and began licking my cum off her, all off her
pussy, inner thighs and up onto her belly. She pushed
my head down into her pussy as I began licking, I
brought my hand up and brushed off the sand before
pushing my finger into her cunt. “Mmmmm,” she moaned
as I increased the spread. She loved it.

I continued as she continued to push my face in. I
looked up to her face as she forced me in, loving
every second of it as I fingered her with a third
finger. “Oh yeah, go on don’t stop,” she moaned as I
continued. “Faster, yes, yes, OH YES!”

I felt her warm cum land all over my face as she shook
and screamed with the amazing climax. I crawled
forwards on top of her as she began licking her cum of
my face. Then I moved back and we kissed, exchanging
the juices between our mouths. When we had about half
each we swallowed and continued kissing.

We lay down and looked up as the sun fell into a
wonderful sunset. As we lay there I wondered about our
future and what we would happen tomorrow as we fell

I woke up in the middle of the night freezing cold I
turned to Zoe turning in her sleep. I felt her body,
stone cold. I woke her up, “Zoe, Zoe come on let’s get
to that town it’s too cold.” We stood up and huddled
together as we walked towards the town.

We headed towards the town, still naked with the
exception of our guns. We got near to the town and
didn’t want to be seen so we went round the back of a
barn. We walked in and saw a boy, young about ?? Years
old. We ducked down but Zoe hit a spade over and he
herd. He called out “anyone there, I’ll get my par!”

“Shhhhhhh!” I replied.

“Who’s there?” We stood up.

“Shhh, no one must know we’re here,” we walked over
still naked of course. He looked amazed, of course he
hadn’t seen naked girls before, no porn here and all
that religion, chastity and all that.

“Wow, err, are you, err… Ok? What happened?”

“Listen, no one must know we are here, we are from out
of town and … Well as you can see we need some
clothes but you must keep it a secret.”

“Err ok, I have a sister about your age come get some

We went in and crept through the house upstairs to a
room with a girl lying in bed. She was the same age as
us and was sleeping naked and the cover had rolled
back. The boy didn’t come in but we crept in to get
clothes. I looked at the girl, perfect breasts, and
perfectly slim. That’s all I could see but OMG it was

We collected the clothes and headed out to the barn.
“You have only got the dress, what about all the under

“Under what? Oh, no we’ll just wear the dress.”

“You two would make great whores at the brothel” he
didn’t mean offence I don’t think but none was taken I
like the idea of being a whore, being fucked by total
strangers every day for their pleasure. It reminded me
of my dad raping me every day. Zoe smiled too. He went
in and we went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and began kissing Zoe to
wake her up. She woke up and smiled we sat up and went
out to explore the town. We went out onto the Main
Street to see what the Wild West was really like. We
spent the day exploring the town and by noon we felt
board in the west and wanted to have some fun.

We realised we could do anything, anything we liked
because we would just leave afterwards so who cares.
We got the clothes and ripped them up so people could
see our tits through the tears. We also ripped the
bottom of the dress so you could see our ass and when
we sat down everyone could see out cunts.

We walked out into the street again this time looking
like whores. Everyone looked I got up on a wooden
platform in the middle of the street and shouted, “any
one between the ages ?? To ?? Can fuck the shit out of
us whores for the next hour, but you have to catch us”
we’ll be gone tomorrow so make the most of us. People
ran over and we ran fast. Dating through the town
dodging the people. Eventually I was grabbed by a guy
about ?? Years old. He grabbed me and slammed me
against a wall. He was hot and I was excited. I smiled
and looked into his eyes, “Wanna fuck me?”

“You little whore, didn’t your daddy bring you up to
be respectful?”

“No the opposite he raped me every day!”

“Well then you can pretend I’m your daddy and I’m
going to fuck the shit out of you.”

“Can’t wait.”

He grabbed my arm and threw me to the ground, on my
knees I looked up as he pulled his hard cock out and
grabbed my hair. He shoved his cock in my mouth as I
gagged on it and began sucking deep, chocking and
spluttering, but loving every second. He continued
shoving my head forward into his cock as I looked into
his eyes. Zoe was thrown at the man who I was sucking.
She was naked now and she was thrown to the floor face
up and told to suck my pussy. She did without a
second’s hesitation. Then a big crowd of men stood
round with their cocks hard and ready to fuck us.

I looked in anticipation as I imagined what was about
to happen. One got down on his knees and put his cock
in Zoe and fucked her hard. Another shoved his cock in
my mouth as Zoe continued to suck me. The men kept
switching while I was sucking off man after man, not
to the point of cumming it was too soon for that. Zoe
was being fucked by man after man also not cumming.

Then after all the men had been satisfied in that
position one grabbed me as another grabbed Zoe and
threw us out into the street. All the whores from the
brothel were forced to come out and get naked with us.
I had my clothes now ripped from me as did the whores.
There was about 10 whores in total. They lined them up
in a bi long line, lying on the floor looking up with
our legs open and the men began fucking each of us
three men on each girl, one in the mouth, one in the
ass and the other in the cunt.

We were loving this, not sure about the whores but who
cares. On about the 14th man I had an amazing orgasm,
I was screaming and squirming for air, loving it. they
grabbed a whore and threw here at me as I squirted
everywhere covering her.

When each man was about to cum he would cum on mine
ore Zoe’s face until all the men had cummed on our
faces the whores were allowed to go except the one
covered in my cum. The men made us scrape all the cum
of our faces into a bowl along with my cum of the
whore. She then was told to go away as all the
attention turned to us. The bole was then poured over
our faces as we were forced to swallow it all, choking
and drowning in it, loving the taste of it. We finally
reached the end of the bole as we swallowed the last
of it. Then all the men washed us off with their piss
covering us in urine, being forced to swallow some.

Now it was over, we loved every minute of it. We
stumbled over to a water trough and washed off in it
as we wondered what other adventures we would have.

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