Asian Delight: Nora’s New Position
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Gifted with intelligence and beauty, Nora Hanim easily
breezed through her college courses and in record time
had obtained her doctorate’s degree in psychology. In
the two years since obtaining her doctorate degree,
her research and studies had brought about new insight
into an aged old theory. Thus, Nora (a short English
sounding version of her true Asian name) was instantly
recognized as an authority on the subject and invited
to give lectures on her new findings.

Nora’s beauty attracted many of the old crusty
researchers to attend the overflowing lectures in
which she spoke. Standing at 5’4″, she was taller than
the typical Asian woman, her skin a creamy white
highlighted with her long flowing black hair. Her
beautiful smile had all the men outwardly lusting for

As customary in Asian culture, Nora was very reserved
and merely considered herself as being fortunate in
life and never flaunted her beauty or brains. She had
married her longtime sweetheart after obtaining her
first college degree. And while studying for her
doctorate, she became mother to a son and daughter,
age 3 and 2 respectively. Everyone was amazed at how
she managed to accomplish so much while being married
and the mother of two young children.

Nora became quite popular and in much demand
throughout the Asian countries. In learning of an
exchange program with a major university in the United
States, Nora decided she would send a video of one of
her lectures in hope of getting such a prestigious
opportunity. She was surprised and happy to receive an
invitation, through the exchange program to lecture in
the United States. She was fluent in English and
wanted the opportunity to see the American culture.
Arriving in the United States with her family, Nora
was surprised at the diverse cultures and races of
people living in the country.

The Hakim family settled into a very nice cottage
afforded by the university. In two weeks, classes
would be starting and she would be lecturing in
several courses. She was scheduled to meet the
Director of Instructions, whom she had been
corresponding with and who had offered her this
wonderful opportunity to come to this major
university. She had never met the man but had talked
to him once over the phone and he had made her quite
welcome in his invitation to the university. She was a
bit nervous but looked forward to meeting the nice man
at their scheduled appointment, set for Thursday

On Thursday, Nora sat nervously in the Director’s
waiting room. Nora brushed her nervousness off as just
being a natural reaction and her upbringing. However,
it was very important for her to succeed in this
exchange program, especially it being in the United
States, which could lead to her being a full time
professor at a major university in the country.
Anyway, it would be quite disastrous to fail in this
endeavor for such news would not serve her well even
back in the Asian countries. She wondered what the
director would be like, hopefully as nice as he had
sounded on the telephone.

Little did Nora know that the Director of Instructions
was in his office watching that very video again, for
what could have been over the hundredth time. He
played it in slow motion when the video had a close up
of this lovely Asian beauty. He had met lovely Asian
women at times but this woman in the video had him

He had often wondered what it’d be like to possess a
lovely petite Asian beauty but had never had the
opportunity. He intended to make this lovely woman his
first and in the manner he loved most, that being
forcibly taking her and seeing the horror in her eyes
when he brutally ‘ruined’ her with by shoving his 12″
black cock into her tight slit.

Nora nervously stood up and followed the director’s
secretary when she was called. She straightened out
her yellow skirt, wanting to look neat and presentable
to the director. She had wearing a matching yellow
jacket, white blouse and 3″ white heels. Her skin was
creamy smooth without any blemishes whatsoever, though
she tried to be conservative, her beauty had men’s
heads turning whenever she passed.

Stepping into the spacious office, Nora shivered at
the sight of the darkest man she’d ever laid eyes
upon. She had no idea Dr. Garver was an African-
American, his speech gave no hint of his racial
background. She looked up at his tall and bulking
frame, swallowing hard to catch her breath.

Never had she dealt directly with any black man,
though she had seen some on the U.S. military bases in
the various countries in Asia. She nervously shook the
hand of the smiling director, her dainty hand fully
encompassed by his large black one.

Nora nervously fidgeted about in the chair, directly
across Dr. Garver. Nervous at the feeling that his
glaring eyes were stripping her of all her clothing,
how his gaze seem to rest on her bare legs. The
conversation was polite and it was obvious Dr. Garver
was trying to put her at ease, which she greatly
appreciated. Still, she could not get the comfortable
feeling back.

She shook her head a bit, trying to get the nagging
questions out of her curious mind ‘Is it true what
they say about black men? Is he really built much
bigger than my husband?’ Finally composing herself,
Nora went on to explain her plans on her lectures and
how she planned to make it worthwhile to the students.

Nora was quite dedicated in being certain the students
that attended her lectures came out with added
knowledge, something that would be of benefit to them
in real life. Thus, she always made sure that things
were set up in advance with all the necessary
equipment working properly. She always made it a point
to go in on the weekend ahead before the scheduled

When she had explained that she had wanted to go in
early, before even the other staff members, Dr. Garver
was quite pleased and immediately made a call to the
head custodian with instructions to bring a key to the
building and lecture hall to his office. Shortly
before her meeting with the director was to conclude,
the trustee had arrived. Dr. Garver got on the
intercom and instructed his secretary to send ‘Issac’
right in.

Upon the entrance of the custodian, Nora cringed at
the sight of this large black man with the dumbfounded
look. She was introduced by Dr. Garver and politely
shook the large black paw of this black creature. She
was given the key to the building and lecture hall by
this quiet man, whose eyes were riveted upon her. She
shivered as this creature would not release her hand.

Dr. Garver chuckled and advised her “You must excuse
Issac for his poor manners and for his starring at
you! It’s obvious he’s never seen a beautiful woman
such as you! He’s got the mentality of child but he is
loyal and strong, so I make certain that he is cared
for in return.”

Nora blushed but could not let her gaze drop down to
the obviously bulging crotch of this giant retard. The
thought went through her mind that this black retard
surely possessed a cock the size of the donkeys in

When the retard finally released her hand and made his
leave, Nora took a deep breath to compose herself.
“Oh, Dr. Garver, that poor boy! He must lead such an
unhappy life!” she commented, feeling pity for the big
black giant who short in the intelligence department.
Then, Dr. Garver’s reply stunned her “Well, my dear,
don’t be surprised but I’ve learned that he is quite
happy when it comes to the opposite sex! It seems, as
I saw you had noticed, that he is very well-endowed!”

Nora blushed and stammered “I-I…”

“Don’t be bashful Nora! I know that all women wonder
if the stereotype of black men is really true!” he

Nora didn’t know how she managed to finish the meeting
with Dr. Garver. She didn’t know what to make of him,
first being very nice and welcoming followed by his
rather lewd remarks. Then she rationalized that it was
just probably the culture in the United States and
were so much more open. Yet she was so embarrassed as
to what Dr. Garver had said and again wondered if it
was really true.

As Saturday approached, Nora and her family had an
early dinner at a nice restaurant near the campus. Her
husband said it was no problem for him to play with
the children and put them to bed. Thus Nora did the
driving on the way back, dropping her husband and
children off at their cozy cottage.

Dr. Garver had advised her that although the
university was not in session, her lecture hall was in
use by a couple civic organizations throughout the
days till classes began. Thus, she would have to do
her room preparation late if she desired to do so. She
had told the Director that she and her husband were
busy with the movers and that she’d make the
preparations on that Saturday evening. Being
accustomed to the minimal crime rate in Asian
countries, she was not aware that one had to be quite
cautious in America.

Driving across the university campus, there were very
few people walking about. Nora pulled her car up to a
dark and deserted building. Fortunately she had
brought a flashlight to find her way to the lecture
hall, where she could then turn on the lights. She had
been shown the lecture hall when she had first arrived
on the campus and thus knew where it was located.

Inserting the key, the door to the lecture hall opened
easily. As Nora stepped into the dark lecture and
reached to the side for the light switch, large arms
grasped her across her shoulders and encircled her
calves. “Awwwwww! HELP! Someone! Help me pleaseeeee!”
Nora screeched in absolute terror.

Suddenly the small stage where the podium would
normally be was lit up by spot lights, with what
appeared to be a small mattress on the otherwise bare
stage. But the surrounding lecture hall remained in
darkness, with Nora observing the large shadow of a
man’s back, his arms around her legs and carrying her
toward the lighted stage. The manner in which she was
being held prevented from seeing the man behind her.

Her body began shaking in fear. As she approached the
lighted stage, a large hand was clamped over her eyes.
“Please! P-please… please let me go!” she pleaded.

As she had just come from a restaurant with her
family, Nora was nicely dressed in a navy blue skirt,
white blouse and navy blue heels. She had eliminated
wearing any hose due to the warm summer heat and since
it merely an outing for a family dinner.

She shivered in fear, continuing her pleas to be set
free and froze as she was laid out onto the soft
mattress. Suddenly, she was blinded by the overhead
spotlights, the hand removed from her eyes. Blinking
rapidly, her eyes began to focus. She gasped at the
sight of the hideous grin of Isaac, the giant retard.
Panting in fear, she looked down to see his huge paws
caressing her cream legs.

Then Nora looked up as a dark shadow appeared above
her. In fear, Nora stammered out “D-Dr. Garver…
what’s happening… please stop him… please help me
up!” She shivered as she felt the Dr.’s large hands
caress her arms that were pinned over her head, the
exploring hand moving down to cup her breasts over her

She gasped at the unwanted stimulation being generated
by the Dr.’s thumbs searching for and finding her
sensitive buds that were rising under her thin blouse
and bra. No one but her husband had touched her so
intimately, having a very conservative and religious
upbringing, having entered her marriage as a pure and
untouched virgin.

“Ahhhh, my dear Nora, you’re so lovely!” Dr. Garver
commented as his hands massaged her soft but firm
breasts, tweaking at the stiffened nipples. “You felt
so sorry for poor Isaac the other day that I thought
you’d like to give him some pleasure in poor wretched
life. Remember what I said about him? Well, after you
left my office, Isaac returned to tell me just how
much he wanted you and what he’d like to do to you. I
want to see that this poor boy gets some pleasure in
life too, after all, shouldn’t a father see that his
‘son’ is taken care of!”

The stunned look on Nora’s horrified face indicated
that what he had just told her had sunk in, that she
was to be the object of his retarded son’s pleasure.

Suddenly her crisp white blouse was grasped by the
Dr.’s large hands and roughly yanked very hard, her
buttons popping and exposing her lacy bra.
Immediately, the rough hand pushed the soft lacy bra
over her small but perfectly form breasts, exposing
her now hardening brown nipples. “Look at those lovely
peaches, my boy! Go on, suck on these beauties!” Dr.
Garver told his son.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Nora moaned as the black retard bent
over her and began slobbering on breasts, feeling as
if an animal was devouring her.

“Please… pleaseeeeee… pleaseeeeee stop,
pleaseeeee!” Nora sobbed, begging her tormentors to
stop this humiliation, her long silky black hair
whipping from side to side. No man other than her
husband had ever touched her breasts and when he did,
it was in a soft caress or a tender sucking of her
sensitive nipples. “Ohhhhhhhh!” she groaned as the
retard nipped at a hardened nipple causing a sharp
pain to run through her body. “Ahhhhhhhhh!” she moaned
when the slobbering mouth seem to take in an entire
breast, as if he was truly feasting upon her.

When the slobbering ceased, Nora moaned softly from
the stimulation being generated by the rapidly
flicking tongue upon her stiff wet nipples. Her
nipples had always been quite sensitive and whenever
her loving husband had touched them, she quickly got
in the mood for passionate lovemaking. She arched her
back up a bit to now seek more of this maddening
sensation caused by the teasing tongue. Unconsciously,
Nora squeezed her trim thighs together in response,
squeezing some slick love juice from her now moist

Then the large black body sat up and with a mighty
yank, the fastenings to her skirt were gone. Then the
navy blue skirt and light blue panties were slowly
being drawn down her trim creamy legs. Next, she felt
her navy blues heels being removed from her dainty
feet. She felt some movement at her feet, both of her
trim ankles pinned to the mattress by one large hand.

She shivered in fear upon hearing the sound of a
zipper being undone below her. Her body’s slight
shivering disgust turned immediately to a violent
shuddering when her ankles were lifted a bit and her
dainty feet were wrapped around a thick fleshy object.
She felt so humiliated and disgusted as she realized
that the retard was actually fucking between her now
slick soles, slippery from the flow of his leaking
black cock.

Nora’s mind was in total disbelief at what shameful
act she was actually doing. Yet, she couldn’t believe
the large hands around her ankles were forcing her to
stroke what she at first was the retard’s cock. But
what her dainty feet was moving up and down on just
couldn’t be the retard’s cock. Though it was warm and
fleshy to the touch, the length and girth made it seem
to be the size of the thick logs she used to gather
for making fires. No human could possess such a might
weapon, it was just not humanly possible.

Fucking the soft delicate soles of this beautiful
woman had Isaac groaning softly with each pleasuring
stroke. Several moments into this pleasurable fuck,
Isaac loosened his grip on the woman’s trim ankles,
finding that her delicate feet remained cupped for him
to fuck into. As he continued fucking between the sole
delicate soles, Isaac had totally released his hold of
her ankles, his arms to his side as he rocked back and

Kneeling on her arms with adequate pressure but
without hurting her, Dr. Garver put his hands to the
back of her head, lifting her head up a bit so she
could get a good look at what she was doing at the
moment. He ordered the captive beauty to open her
eyes. Nora obeyed the gruff command. Opening her eyes,
she gasped at the sight and realization of what she
had been doing for minutes without Isaac’s hands
gripping her ankles.

She realized that she was actually rubbing her soles
tightly onto the massive black cock, masturbating the
slick shiny black bar. As the black cockhead flared
widely, the length of the withering monstrosity
reminded Nora of the large poisonous black snakes that
populated the jungles of her home country.

Mesmerized by the hypnotic black snake that flared its
head widely as it neared her, Nora unconsciously
squeezed it harder between her delicate soles, pumping
at it faster and faster. Then it appeared as if the
snake began seething out its flanging black head, its
thick slivery venom about to drool from its mouth.
Without thinking, Nora’s cupped soles moved up to the
thick black cockhead, rubbing the slimy mucous about,
then began pumping her cum slick soles faster and
faster down the length of the quivering black snake.

Suddenly Isaac stood up and began to shuck off his
clothing, loving the horrified look of the pinned
beauty, whose eyes could not leave his pulsating black
monstrosity of a cock. Stepping forward, he again
grasped an ankle in each hand and stretched the lovely
woman wide apart, reminding him as to how he had
spread tiny butterflies apart before pinning them to a
board. This dark hair beauty would be his butterfly,
the mattress served as the board, and his giant black
cock would serve to pin the beauty down firmly.

Nora watched in terror as the black retard stepped
forward, dropping to his knees between her widespread
thighs. Her eyes bulging wide in horror as the giant
retard began handling his giant monstrosity, watching
it twitch and quiver madly in his pumping hand. Then
she realized that this giant retard’s inhuman size
cock was going actually going to ‘rape’ her, he was
going to mercilessly fuck that long black snake into

Her mind began racing ‘How can such a monstrosity fit
in me? He’ll kill me if he shoves it into me! Oh, my
God, what if he gives me a black baby? How can I ever
face my husband and our families again? I’ll never be
able to return to my country if anyone learns of this
degrading rape!’

“Pleaseeeee… oh, please Dr. Garver, stop him! It’ll
never fit… he’ll kill me if he tries to get such a
thing in me. Pleaseeeeeeeee!” Nora sobbed. “Please, I
have been quite true to my husband and want to remain
so… please, no, nooooooo! Stop him! Stop him! NOOO!!
He’ll give me a baby! I-I… can’t have a black baby!”
she panted in fear as the thick black snake head
nuzzled up into her dark bushy triangle, parting the
way to her fertile nest.

“Oh, God! NOOO!!” she screeched, feeling the force
being put behind the gigantic prong but it had not
even entered her as yet, unable to stretch her opening
wide enough to admit it but definitely threatening to
plunge through her resistance.

“My dear little Nora, I choose you out of the hundreds
of applicants for the job. It was the sight of your
tight little ass that got you the job. Hell, you’re
certainly qualified for the job but there’s many
others out there with far more experience. Baby, your
creamy tight ass is gonna be all mine. Imagine what a
bonus it’d be if you were to bear my first grandchild,
your beauty and intelligence will surely override
Isaac’s hideous looks and shortness of smarts. Just
feel the size of his might shaft! When he stuffs it
into your little belly, you’ll think it’s a baby
already in your belly!” the Dr. laughed, adding
“Perhaps in nine months you’ll be squeezing a real
black baby out from your little belly!”

“C’mon Isaac, make pretty Ms. Nora the mommy of your
little black baby! See if you can make me a proud
grandpa! Stretch her good with your big black stalk!
Plant your baby in her little tummy!” Dr. Garver
goaded his son. Watching his son trying to force his
oversized cockhead into the tiny little slit, he
wondered if in fact it’d ever fit without tearing the
lovely beauty too badly.

He knew that the only way Isaac’s cock would ever fit
would be by great force. In a way he felt pity for the
petite woman but he was going to love hearing her
scream in pain when Isaac began plunging his giant
cock into her. With that, he goaded his excited son
into action “C’mon son, pop her wide open! Shove it in
her! Knock the little lady up!”

“Aieeeeeeeeee!!” Nora shrieked as her legs were bent
further back and the heavy body leaned heavily upon
her, ramming the black prong forcibly into her tight
slit. The long silky black hair whipped wildly from
side to side in disbelief of what was happening. “Oh,
pleaseee! No PLEASE! IT HURTS SO BAD!” she wailed in
agony, sobbing at this horrible rape. “Oh God nooooo!”
she whimpered as the cockhead pushed through her tight

Bending the little beauty over in two, Isaac chuckled
as he began his short brutal jabs, loving the shrieks
of the distraught woman. Fucking a woman, especially
such a lovely woman as this, was the only thing good
in his miserable life.

He wanted to please his father for being so nice to
him and bringing this beautiful woman to him to play
with. He had heard what his father had said to him and
indeed wanted to please him by putting his black baby
into this little beauty. To make her the mother of his
little baby would be his ultimate achievement.

The shrieks and wails of the sobbing young wife echoed
throughout the lecture hall, all being recorded by the
three video camcorders set up on tripods near the
stage. The entire rape was been put on tape by the
evil professor. The film would keep the little lady
under his control, knowing the harmful effects it
would have upon her life and career if released in her
homeland, showing her talents as the ‘star’ of this
porno rape film. He would be able to make a sizable
sum by releasing this film to the underground where
‘real’ rape flicks commanded a hefty little sum.

Thrust after thrust, inch by inch, the thick black log
gorged its way into the snug little opening. Isaac was
turned on by the chants of the distressed beauty’s
chant. “Oh! Oh! Oh!” All in timing with each of his
forceful thrust.

Finally, there was only 3-inches left to go. The
little lady had somehow managed to take 10″ of his
thick log up into her little belly. With the goading
and encouragement of his smiling father, who held the
beauty’s arms down for him, Isaac slowly reared back
till only his cockhead was enveloped. Then, he dropped
down onto the petite frame with all of his weight, his
cock plunging down mercilessly and drawing a loud
piercing scream. “Aieeeeeeeeeeeee!” Nora screamed in
agony as the intense pain shot through her entire

Nora groaned aloud, panting to catch her breath, the
pain emanating from her ravished and brutalized slit.
Shivers ran through her pain racked body as her brutal
rapist began slow fucking motions, withdrawing a foot
of his cock slowly and then sliding it back home.

Bent nearly in two, her rapist leaned further forward
and this brought shock waves throughout her pain
wracked body, but these were now shock wave of
pleasure. Something she had never before experienced,
even after all these years of lovemaking with her
loving and considerate husband. Isaac’s movement into
this new position had caused this cock to now
continuously rub against Nora’s clit, causing this
never before felt sensations.

Suddenly Nora mouth gaped open, her body tensing
throughout, arching up to keep the long black snake of
cock buried deep in her fertile womb. She screamed as
contractions shook her entire petite body. Never had
Nora experienced an orgasm of such magnitude. This
orgasm made lovemaking with her husband over the years
seem like mere petting. Her body swooned from the
aftermath of the exotic sensations of a mind-
shattering orgasm.

Drifting slowly back down to earth, reality began to
set in as the pulsing black snake pulsed madly within
her, threatening to strike and spit out its potent
venom. Fear set in as Nora contemplated the disastrous
consequences should this black retard unleash his
potent seed deep within her fertile womb. Looking back
above her, Nora begged “Please Dr. Garver, please make
him take it out, please, oh, please… I’ll get
pregnant!” Then she gasped loudly and arched up again
in another mind shattering orgasm brought on by the
hot gush of the sticky hot venom.

Nora was in an absolute daze and was not aware of what
was happening around her. When her ankles were
released, her legs fell limply onto the mattress to
the sides of the giant retard. But when the slightly
dwindling monster cock was being withdrawn, the camera
recorded Nora’s attempts to entwine her trim legs
around the big black buttocks, trying desperately to
keep the pleasure giving shaft within her. She was
unaware of her pleas. “Oh, no… noooo… ohhhhh…
don’t… please leave it in!”

Minutes later, her belly now empty of the monstrous
cock, Nora was turned over and positioned on all
fours. It was quite a sight with her creamy smooth ass
making a beautiful presentation to the demented Dr.
Her thighs wide spread, thick slimy goo pouring out of
her raped slit, drooling down each thigh onto the
mattress below. Her gaping wide hole overflowing with
the slimy gunk.

Large hands upon her hips, holding her steady, Nora
was not fully aware of the grave danger of her
position. Then she felt a thick hot arm lying on top
of her buttocks. Then it came to her, Dr. Garver had
one hand on each of her hips, that hot fleshy bar on
her buttocks was in fact the Dr.’s hot black cock.
Realizing what the Dr. intended to do, Nora began
squirming and tried desperately to escape the grasping

Holding tightly onto the trim hips, Dr. Garver smiled
knowing that the lovely young wife realized just what
he intended to do. Nothing better than having an
innocent young wife know his vile intent and have her
squirm to save the plundering of her tight little ass.
He was going to love ramming his long black cock up
her tight little chute.

Letting his cock slide down into position, he got the
exact response he had been hoping for. Smiling, he
listened to the little lady’s stammering, “P-please…
no, Dr. Garver… no one’s ever touched me there
before… please!” With a wide grin, Dr. Garver
couldn’t believe his luck as he prepared to claim her
cherry little ass and he was going to love hearing the
beautiful young wife scream when he stuffed it to her.

“Arggggggghhhhhhh!!” Nora sobbed, her ass hurting so
bad, even more painful than the rape of Isaac’s giant
cock. Tears poured from her eyes as she hung her head
down in shame as the demented director rammed his
lengthy cock into her once virgin ass. What Nora
didn’t expect was the Dr. reaching around her thigh to
finger her sensitive clit while he buggered her.

She groaned as the combination rubbing of her clit and
ass buggering brought her unexpected pleasure and to a
wild climax, just as her ass was flushed out with his

The humiliating and degrading sexual acts caused Nora
to swoon into a dead faint. She lay unconscious on the
now cum drenched mattress. With the camcorders still
playing, the ‘real’ rape porno flick would also
include the six large black men who had witnessed
everything from the darkened seats in the lecture
hall. Now it was their turn at the lovely young woman.

When they were done, the unconscious Asian beauty
would be covered from head to toe with the sticky
spend from the well-endowed men, each pulling out to
shoot their load onto her beautiful body. This was
their thank you appreciation from the good Dr. Garver,
thanking them for their generous donations to the
school’s athletic fund.

Hours later, Nora’s eyes squinted as she tried to
focus her eyes through the bright overhead lights
shining down upon her. Where was she? What a nightmare
she had just had. Trying to get up, she groaned at the
sharp pain emanating from between her thighs and
buttocks. Then it hit her squarely, this had not been
a nightmare. She had been brutally raped by Dr. Garver
and the mental retard referred to as his son Isaac.
She managed to turn over onto her side, then looked
down at her body, groaning at her degrading condition.

Her breasts and belly were covered in thick white
splotches, mainly dried with some splotches still
shining with the slimy gunk. Reaching down to her
aching vagina, she groaned in despair as her first
touch of her matted hair gave an indication of just
how much filthy slim had been deposited in her. She
groaned as she touched her tender cunt lips, inserting
a finger, then swallowing hard as she gazed at the
withdrawn finger covered in a thick layer of grayish

Fortunately for Nora, a fitted sheet had been put upon
the mattress. Stripping it from the mattress, she used
the soiled sheet to wipe her body, trying desperately
to wipe the slathering of spunk from her body. ‘How
could two men generate so much filth?’ she pondered.
She was certainly right for she was covered by the
spunk of the six men that had witnessed her rape from
the darkness of the room. One man had wrapped her long
silky black hair around his black cock and jerked off,
streaking her hair and face with his exploding cum.

Crawling on the floor to get her torn clothing, Nora
gathered her things but her undergarments were nowhere
to be found. Then she remembered that she had been
told that her lecture hall had a back entrance that
connected to the teacher’s lounge. Getting the key
from her purse, she found her way to the back door and
was relieved to find a sink and paper towels in the

At least she could wipe her body down and get rid of
some of the telltale signs and especially the stench
of raw sex. Going to the mirror, Nora gasped and
groaned in shame at the sight of her reflection.
Splotches of dried cum were on her face and her long
black hair was streaked with dried flaky white cum.

Arriving home, Nora shuddered as the living room light
was still on. Her loving husband had put the children
to bed and awaited her safe return. Hesitantly, she
got out of her car and prayed he would not notice her
torn clothing and the foul stench upon her.

Walking softly up the steps, she peered into the
lighted window, then gave a sigh of relief seeing that
her husband had dozed off in front of the television
set. Quietly, Nora walked around to the back door to
let herself in and then she would be able to sneak
into the bathroom without waking her husband. She
would later wake her husband to tell him to come to
bed, that he remained fast asleep when she had come

Nora knew she would never be able to tell her husband
that she been brutalized by Dr. Garver and his retard
son. Her husband would never want to touch her again
if he ever learned she had been brutalized and
‘ruined’ by filthy black cocks. She desperately wanted
to quit her job, to get away from the lecherous
director and his son.

How could she explain such a change of heart to her
husband or to the university where she had come from.
There was no way she could leave without leaving in
complete disgrace. Thus, she would have to go back to
the lecture hall tomorrow and clean up all evidence of
her vile and horrifying rape.

The next day, Nora quickly made breakfast for her
family wanting to get to the lecture hall before
anyone stumbled upon her place of defilement. Once
breakfast was over, she advised her husband she needed
an hour or two to finish up her preparation at the
lecture hall. Arriving at the lecture hall, Nora
shivered as she looked to the stage of her defilement.
She was shocked and surprised to see that the mattress
was gone and nowhere in sight. Going to the stage,
there was no trace of what had taken place the night

Returning to her car, Nora gave a sigh of relief that
all evidence of her defilement had been removed.
Unlocking her car door, she noticed a large brown
envelope laying on the driver’s seat. An envelope that
apparently had been slipped through the small opening
she had left in the driver’s window to keep the car

Opening the envelope, she removed the large
photographs contained within it. She shuddered in
horror as she gazed upon the incriminating set of
photos. The photos clearly depicted her in each, with
legs spread wide above her and the large black body of
Isaac’s spearing her. Each photo showed more and more
of the long black snake of a cock disappearing into
her snug little hole, till the entire length was
buried deep into her womb.

Over the next few weeks, Nora could no long find any
pleasure in lovemaking with her husband. His penis
felt so small as compared to the large monstrosity
that had ‘ruined’ her for good, as now she could
barely feel her husband’s tiny penis. Her husband
could not bring her to any satisfactory level of
excitement nor provide her with any pleasure at all.
Each time, her husband shot off quickly into his
protective condom, wearing it as he and Nora had not
wanted to expand their family for another few years.

As the next weekend approached, Nora and her husband
were out strolling, letting their children play in a
small grassy area. A silver Mercedes slowly pulled up
alongside of the strolling couple. Nora shuddered as
Dr. Garver stuck his head out and greeted them. Nora
was forced to introduce her husband to her immediate
boss, the man who had vicious raped her and had a hold
upon her, so as not to display her contempt in front
of her husband.

“Are you all set for this big weekend, Nora?” Dr.
Garver quizzed, smiling as he watched the young wife
stammer out the obvious lie she had already given her
husband, whatever it was. “Y-yes, Dr. Garver! I’m all
set to attend the seminar in San Francisco for the
weekend. I’ll be driving up for the conference,” Nora

That evening, the phone rang and Nora’s husband
answered it. Hanging up, Nora cringed in terror when
her husband announced that it was Dr. Garver on the
line. Speechless, Nora listened as her husband told
her how nice Dr. Garver was to invite him over to his
house to meet some of his friends since she’d be out
of town. He indicated it’s a stag night for the men,
card playing and beer drinking, stuff like that. Says
the university had students on call for babysitting
jobs, funded by the university to assisted sitting of
the staff’s children, “He’s sending a sitter over here
so I can get away.”

That weekend, Nora’s husband looked forward to meeting
the friendly Dr. and his friends. A nice break away
from minding the children while Nora was away. Going
to Dr. Garver’s mansion, he was quite impressed with
the luxurious setting and furnishings. He enjoyed the
various types of expensive beers served. He was
surprised that Dr. Garver took the time to make sure
he was introduced to all of his friends, surprised by
the comments that Dr. Garver told all his friends
about him.

He wasn’t much for card playing and watched as some
poker was played. Then Dr. Garver approached him and
talked about how lovely his wife was, telling him how
lucky a man he was to be married to such an
intelligent and beautiful young woman. Then the Dr.
escorted him to the film room where the stag show was
about to begin.

The other men began to filter in, apparently knowing
when the show would begin. Dr. Garver advised him that
the last flick would be one that all the men in the
room had participated in months ago with a beautiful
Asian woman. Gazing about the room, he scanned the
men’s faces to see if he could make them out again in
the film.

The first film was a standard porno flick showing a
beautiful redhead with the second showing a beautiful
blonde. The two flicks were the standard porno flicks
shown in movie houses where the men always pulled out
so the viewers could see the cocks spurt out its cum.
Still, the flicks were exciting for all the men who
were hooting and hollering.

Then the third film began and Nora’s husband
recognized that it was Dr. Garver himself in the
flick, caressing the petite body of an Asian woman.
With the woman on all fours, face buried down into the
pillow, he could not see her face but she sure had a
beautiful body. He wished his lovely Nora would let
her long hair down such as this young woman rather
than having it pinned up to always look prim and

Nora’s husband got an immediate hard on when he heard
the woman’s muffled groan into the pillow as the Dr.’s
long black shaft entered her. ‘God, I’d sure give
anything to see Nora get fucked like that!’ he mused
while stroking his rigid cock. The whining and
whimpering of the lovely beauty had all the men in the
room as excited as he was.

The man sitting immediately sitting next to got up and
left the room before Dr. Garver was done with the
little bitch. “Can’t say as I blame him! I’m about to
cum in my pants too. Guess he needs to jack off into
the toilet!” he mused, rather proud that he could last
longer than that fellow.

Once Dr. Garver grunted out his load into the tight
little cunt of the weeping beauty, a close up showed
her swollen cunt lips. Dr. Garver’s thumbs then spread
the lips apart, allowing a thick river of his cum to
drool out of the woman’s pussy lips. This was much
better than the regular flicks for this showed the end
results of a man’s cum drooling out of a bitch’s well
fucked hole – this was the real stuff!

He only wished he could get a glimpse of the lovely
woman’s face, but as the men in the room was in the
flick then the woman was apparently living in the
nearby area. With the large Asian community in this
city, he guessed the woman purposely kept her face
hidden from the camera so as not to be recognized and
embarrassed, but with that lovely body he knew she
must be a real beauty.

Watching the flick, he admired the length of Dr.
Garver’s mighty shaft as it emerged from the weeping
beauty’s slick cunt lips. Then Dr. Garver was replaced
by the man who had been sitting right next to him, the
man who left to relieve himself in the restroom. He
watched as this man took the woman in the missionary

Too bad the guy’s head blocked out a view of the
woman’s face but hearing her moans and pleas had his
cock ready to pop. ‘Man, that bitch is a wildcat!
She’s going to claw his back to shreds if she keeps
that up! Oh, man, I wish Nora would wrap her legs
around me like that!’ he softly moaned to himself.

After the flick ended, Nora’s husband wanted to jack
off so badly, as it seemed each of the guys in the
room had to relieve themselves at some point in that
lengthy flick. That last scene was awesome, hearing
that little bitch scream bloody murder when that long
black shaft slammed into her tight little ass. ‘God,
maybe someday Nora will let me do that to her! But I
doubt she’ll let me go that far,” he pondered.

The sight of the last fellow stuffing his black cock
into her mouth as was she was being buggered brought
the wish that Nora would put her mouth on him just one
time. This was surely an original movie for after the
men had obviously cum in both ends of the beauty, a
close up of her buggered little ass showed the
overflow of the thick goo into the crack of her ass
and eventually dripping down onto the bed.

Then the camera moved upwards behind the young woman’s
head as she lay on her stomach with her head over the
edge of the mattress, convulsing and coughing up the
rich semen as the large puddle slime spread onto the

The men had gathered for more drinks and they all
laughed together. The lucky guy who had his cock
sucked was laughing and giving high-fives, commenting
“Man, can you believe I was the first cock the little
bitch ever sucked? You should have seen her toss her
cookies! Guess my cum just had too much protein for
her!” He patted Nora’s husband on the back, “That was
the best blow job I’ve ever had! Nothing beats being
the first to stuff your cock down some young wife’s
throat! Her poor husband just don’t know what he’s
missing!” Nora’s husband laughed along with all the
men, wishing that he had been that lucky guy.

As it neared midnight, Nora’s husband thanked his host
for a swell time and bid goodbye so he could get home
and let the sitter off. The other guests remained had
and planned to stay all night. They would be going
down to the soundproof basement, where each had gone
off to during the showing of the last porno flick.

Unknown to Nora’s husband, that last showing was not
an old taped flick but in fact a live connection to
the soundproof basement of this mansion. He had been
watching live fuck scenes. It was fortunate that the
woman had kept her face out of the camera’s view, for
Nora’s husband would have had a heart attack seeing
that his lovely Nora was actually the ‘star’ of the

When the school year was over, a very pregnant Nora
and her family returned to their Asian home that they
had maintained. This would allow Nora to give birth in
her homeland and once recuperated return to the
university position in the United States. As their
country estate needed much repairs, Nora’s husband
gave in to her insistence that they bring Isaac home
with them, for he was good with their children and
also could do much repair work around the property,
servicing the equipment and machinery on the property.
But the only thing needing servicing and regular
oiling was the aching slit between her legs.

When Nora’s husband left for work each morning, he was
glad to see the giant Isaac helping care for the
little ones and how they loved to play with him. But
he would not have been so happy if he knew that once
he left, the black giant would then be playing with
children’s mother and that she loved playing with him,
his long black cock in particular.

While the children played their toys on the bedroom
floor, Isaac played with their lovely mother on the
bed, the bed that she shared with her husband at
night, with no attempt made by his wife to prevent the
children witnessing her daily dose of black fucking.
Although it was obvious that the newborn baby differed
from his siblings, Nora’s husband said nothing about
it and appeared to be quite loving to the newborn boy,
even with his darker features and kinky hair.

Returning to the university for the upcoming school
year, Nora’s husband felt quite fortunate that his
company had offices all over the world and was quite
accommodating to his wishes. He was just about to
leave the cottage when his lovely wife returned from
dropping the children off at the day care. Nora looked
so elegant in her dress as she advised that she was
having a meeting with Dr. Garver at his office.
Driving off, through is rear mirror he noticed a large
gray car turn into his driveway. A gray car that
looked quite like Dr. Garver’s silver Mercedes.

Parking his car, Nora’s husband made his way back to
the cottage. Listening carefully, her heard his wife’s
mewling and whimpering coming from the sound of their
bedroom. Entering through the backdoor, he slipped in
quietly. Moving slowly, he peered into the bedroom
that he shared with his lovely young wife.

The sight before him was one to behold. On the floor
was the elegant dress his wife had on just minutes
ago, with her lacy bra and panties nearby. His cock
quickly rose to attention as his lovely wife was
totally covered by the humping black body. All he
could see of his lovely wife were her arms wrapped
around the broad black neck and her long trim legs
wrapped around the pumping black butt.

Hearing Nora’s whimpers and pleas made her husband’s
stomach churn as she begged, “Fuck me, yes, you’re so
long and thick, so much bigger than my husband… so
much BETTER! YES! Give me your hot seed! Fuck your
baby into me! Give me your black baby!”

Listening intently, Nora’s husband felt his heart sink
when he heard Dr. Garver tell Nora “You’ve given me a
beautiful grandchild. You’re the perfect mother for
Isaac’s baby! Now I want you to be the mother of my
baby. I want to give my grandchild to have a playmate.
I want to give him a son to play with!” He watched at
the huge black body speed up the hump, heard his wife
moan in a climax such as he had never brought her to,
followed by her boss’ grunts and groans as he emptied
his potent seed.

After the humping ceased, Nora’s husband moved out of
sight but listened intently. He heard Dr. Garver’s
deep voice “Think I’ll have another stag party soon.
Can you believe that your husband was duped into
really thinking it was a flick he was watching? He
thought that guys were getting out of their seats to
relieve themselves. Well, he was right to a certain
point but he’d have fainted that they were going to
the basement to relieve themselves in his precious
little wife! Ha, ha! If he only knew the ‘star’ of the
show was his own lovely wife and he was watching you

“Oh, Dr. Garver, you’re a devious old man!” Nora
quipped. “You blackmailed me into being the ‘star’ of
that last stag show. Don’t you need to be certain that
the starting five of the basketball team deserves to
be honored for winning the conference last year? I
wonder if our 7’2″ center lives up to the myth of the
black man, like you do? I’ll volunteer to be the
‘star’ of the show if I can sample that big cock!”

Nora laughed, then gurgled. Puzzled as to what was
taking place, Nora’s husband peered back into his
bedroom. He gazes at his lovely wife going down on the
long black cock, bobbing her head up and down till it
erupted down her gulping throat, the copious amount of
cum spill over her sweet lips and flowed down her chin
to drip onto the mattress.

Having witnessed his wife’s infidelity, Nora’s husband
was beside himself. Slipping out of the cottage, he
wandered back to his car and drove to his workplace.
Unable to concentrate at work, he wandered about and
ended up in the seedy part of town. He looked up to
see a rundown porno theater playing a supposedly newly
released flick called “Asian Delight”, indicating that
it showed a beautiful young Asian being raped by big
black dongs.

Watching his lovely wife and her boss, he wanted to
see more such couplings. He stayed the entire day
watching the rape of a beautiful woman by a black
retard and his devious father, followed by six other
black men dumping their load onto her body. He
couldn’t take his eyes off the screen, excited by the
vicious rape of this innocent young beauty, especially
since the ‘star’ of the show was his own lovely wife.
Upon leaving, he paid the $200 for a video tape of
that exciting flick.

That evening, Nora’s husband crawled up to his lovely
wife’s head, intent on getting the pleasure he had
always dreamed of. How he had dreamt of his lovely
wife sucking his cock till he exploded. But he was
stunned and shocked when Nora slapped him with all her
might, sobbing, “What do you take me for? I’m not that
kind of woman who would do such a filthy thing!”

He was fortunate that his wife took pity upon seeing
his need to relieve himself, taking his pulsing member
and wanking it in her soft hand. Fortunate that his
lovely wife was going to let him make love to her, but
only if he put on that damned condom, because this was
her most fertile time of month.

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