Extreme oral submission – sucking, drinking cum and piss, licking arse
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Debs was an absolute oral whore – she was always desperate to use her
mouth, and never, ever refused to blow or rim me, no matter when or where
we were.

She wasn’t always like this; when we first went out together in college,
(I was her first boyfriend – at 16!), she was a little more reserved. Once
we’d been going out for about 3 or 4 weeks, taking things easy, the most
she’d do was give me handjobs. I was happy with this – I wasn’t in any
hurry, and she did give very good handjobs! However, I started noticing
that whenever she wanked me off, rather than use a tissue, she’d make sure
she went to the bathroom with my cum all over her hands, and I was kinda
curious why she did this. So, one time, we were at my parent’s place as
usual, in my room, listening to music, and, as she liked to do every night,
she was on her knees, wanking my cock with that lustful look on her face. I
sat back, and before long shot warm thick spunk all over her hands and
wrists. I normally just flopped back and let her clean up, but this time I
watched – she scooped up the spunk off my cock and thighs, and made sure
she had it all in her hands, then went off to my en-suite bathroom as
normal. She never bothered to lock the door; I guess she always knew I was
spent, so not interested, but this time I snuck over to the door and opened
it up a crack. Inside was my girlfriend, one finger on her clit, while she
smeared spunk over her lips and tongue and clearly enjoyed tasting and
savouring my cum! She orgasmed quietly and quickly, and I suddenly
realised she got off on eating sperm!

When she finished, she looked up, saw me standing there, and blushed.
“Oh!” – she seemed almost ashamed, “I’m sorry Paul – you must think I’m a
real slut”. I was grinning like a moron – “God Debs, that is the horniest
thing I’ve ever seen – if you get so turned on by cum, why the hell haven’t
you been giving me blowjobs!”. Debs looked amazed – “You’d let me do that?
I’m worried you’d think I’m not normal because not really into the whole
vaginal sex thing, but I just get so turned on when there’s something in my
mouth! I’d love to learn with you!?”

Over the next few months, Debs spent all the time we were together on
her knees or her back licking and sucking my cock. If we met at our
parent’s houses we’d go straight upstairs and she’d drop to her knees until
I left. If we met at college, she’d blow me in the toilets, in the bushes
on the way to college, even on the bus. I would feed her cum at least 4 or
5 times a day, and I’m sure she could take much, much more.

She started with straight handjobs into her mouth, and always thanked me
for letting her eat my cum. Then she learnt more about stimulating my cock
with her tongue and gums, and became pretty practised as making me shoot
using no hands at all.

We found specific tables at restaurants (or rather, she’d find them)
where we could eat and there was enough cover that she could get under the
tablecloth and suck my dick while I ate the meal. The waiters at most of
the places knew – in one of them, I used to lean back and he could see the
top of her head, and I’m sure she knew I was showing her off. She didn’t
care, as long as my dick was in her throat she was happy. She liked to try
and see how much she could suck me in a day, so we’d meet for breakfast and
she’d suck me while I ate my eggs, then at college we’d meet at break and
I’d sit on the toilet while she sucked me off. Lunchtime we’d either go
back into the toilets, or she’d suck me quickly behind the sports lockers.
After college, it was usually back to my place, and if she hadn’t sucked me
in the car, then she’d suck me in the hall as soon as we got in. Sometimes
I didn’t even get my pants down and she’d be on her knees – she was clearly
addicted to my cock.

One night she was at her usual place on her knees in my parent’s lounge,
licking and sucking my balls, enjoying getting my scrotum entirely in her
mouth and sucking it. Whilst I was completely in her mouth, she managed to
stick her tongue out and lick under my balls, and I moaned loudly. She
took this as a sign of approval and stopped sucking my ball sack and moved
her face lower, licking and kissing behind my balls – and this clearly
drove me wild; I’d never been licked there! I moved my ass off the seat
further, so she could stick her face in further and she actually shook – I
think she almost orgasmed! She looked up “I don’t want to turn you off
Paul, but can I lick and suck *anywhere*?”. I hoped I knew what she was
after and it turned me on so much – “God Debs, you can put that tongue
anywhere you want! You can shove it up my ass if you want!”.. She beamed,
and dove under my crotch, instantly kissing and licking my puckered hole,
lapping at the rim. I’d never been rimmed before and I fucking loved it!
She was under there for ages, moving her face up and down, darting her
tongue in and out, dribbling and kissing and actually sucking my anus.

“Are you enjoying that Debs?” I asked, in between moans. She lifted her
mouth off my hole for a second, “Oh God, yes – I only wish I could do this
for hours”!

“Really? You mean that?” I was amazed. I stood up, and put 4 cushions
on the floor side by side, with a gap in the middle. “lie down” I pointed
and she lay, face up, in between the sofa cushions, mouth open eagerly. I
put my feet either side of the cushions, about 3 feet apart and looked down
at her upturned face. “You sure about this?”. She nodded eagerly and
motioned her hands, pretending to pull me down. I lowered myself, getting
comfortable on the cushions as my anus pushed firmly down on her mouth.
She was now my cushion for the evening, and it was obvious she loved the
taste of my ass as much as my cock. As she continued to lick and suck my
hole, her tongue practically fucking it, she slowly reached up and wanked
my cock and I dribbled the 5th load of cum that day all over her hands, and
down my cock and balls onto her face – I had never cum with a girl’s tongue
up my arse before! She carried on licking my arse as my spunk dribbled
down into her mouth and I could hear her swallowing as she rimmed. For a
moment she stopped licking inside my hole, to lick up the remaining spunk
off my balls and cock, and to completely lap me clean, before diving back
under my crotch and getting her mouth back on my anus.

We didn’t meet the next day as I was at a family wedding, but that
night, I visited her room in her parent’s house, and she told me she’d been
to the DIY store. I sat on the chair as usual, and dropped my trousers,
ready for my service, but she disappeared into the cupboard and came back
in with a large box. In it was a padded toilet seat, and several large
blocks of wood. She carefully placed the blocks under the seat, in front
of the TV, and I noticed she’d got me a beer and a porn mag, as well as the
TV remote.

“My parent’s aren’t here tonight so I figured, if you were OK with it,
you could watch porn, have a few beers and a wank, while you sit on my face
and let me rim you? Is that OK? I’d really like to have you sit on my
face for the rest of the night? Please?”

I looked down at the makeshift seat, and watched her manoeuvre her face
under it. To answer her question I spread my legs and squatted on the
toilet seat, my cheeks spreading as I lowered, and I felt my hole squash
onto her lips. She angled her head back slightly, using a cushion under
it, and her nose was free enough for her to breathe, but her mouth was
completely covered by my open hole. I almost came myself as I felt her
lips on my anus, and her tongue going in and out of my ass, as she lapped
and licked. I turned the DVD on – she’d been out and bought porn for me
too – I was in heaven. On the TV there was a beautiful girl sucking off 20
or more guys, clearly one of the specialist sperm eating videos Debs and I
enjoyed so much. Sitting on the beautiful face of my cumslut girlfriend,
drinking beer, watching porn, while she licked and sucked my ass, knowing
full well, that I could spend the evening cumming and watching her lick it
up and thank me.

After this night, she pretty much existed as my mouthwhore – whenever we
were alone she’d beg to get her face sat on, and when we were out she’d
continue to sneak under tables and suck and rim me for hours. She started
sucking and licking me all over, so some days she’d spend ages sucking my
feet, or licking my back, or even just trying to deepthroat my fingers.

When we left college we moved in together, and on our first night as a
real couple, she said she wanted my cock in her mouth all night, so we
started the evening, as usual with her kneeling sucking me off. I watched
TV, spunked in her mouth and expected her to clean me up and get under my
arse as usual, but this time, she kept me in her mouth – I remembered she’d
said she wanted my cock in her mouth all night. Every time I got up for a
beer or a snack, she’d crawl backwards, awkwardly – making sure my cock,
hard or soft, stayed in her throat, with her looking up at me. As the
evening went on, I spunked 3 times, going soft and gradually hardening
again in her mouth over several hours, as she fingered herself and
swallowed happily. But the beer started to take its toll, and eventually I
needed to piss pretty badly.

“OK Debs, now I know you’re a complete oral slut..”, (she nodded
happily), “but we can’t stay like this *all*night”.

She made an unhappy face and didn’t move, rather she pulled me tighter
into her face.

“Debs, I’ve drank a gallon of beer and I really need to piss”

I looked down at her, expecting her to pull off and tell me to hurry to
the toilet, but she moved her mouth further onto my soft cock, getting the
head of my cock right to the back of her throat.

“Debs, I’m serious. I haven’t pissed all day. If you don’t let go
you’re going to get pints of piss down your throat!”, expecting her to
finally move.

She moved her tongue a little, as though to get ready – she actually
wanted my piss! I was really stunned (and really, really turned on!). Not
only was my girl a complete cumslut and rimming freak, but it now looked
like she wanted to be my urinal too.

I was turned on. I looked down at her face, her nose stuffed into my
pubes, my wet cock completely invisible down her gullet. “You really want
to be my toilet, you little slut? You want to drink my piss?”

She nodded quickly, eagerly, so whilst still looking down at her, I
relaxed my muscles. I needed to piss so badly, just relaxing meant a huge
stream of piss shot out, and, bless her, she swallowed unbelievably fast,
again and again. I pissed and pissed, a days worth of secondhand beer
pouring out my cock right down her throat, and looked down as I saw her
swallow fast again and again, her throat muscles contracting repeatedly,
her cheeks bulging with my urine. I closed my eyes and carried on pissing,
then looked down and carried on pissing, then closed my eyes again – I was
pissing what seemed like pints down her throat, and she was gladly
accepting it, drinking it like it was wine. After 3 or 4 minutes I slowed
and she actually sucked the remaining piss out of me, clearly desperate to
get it all.

This was my dream now – a beautiful woman who would do anything with her
mouth; I thought it could get no better!

After a few weeks we settled into a routine; she’d finish work well
before me and get home first – when I pulled into the drive, she’d hear my
car approach and run into the hall. As I opened the door she’d be lying on
her back on the hall floor, and I walk in, drop my pants and squat down on
her face, and she’d happily lick the sweat off my ass and cock for a while.
I’d always be desperate to piss, and she’d always be desperate to drink my
piss, so she’d be ready with a funnel, or a glass, or whatever method of
watching her drink took my fancy. Then I’d either move into the lounge or
the dining room where she’d either kneel in front of the sofa, or sometimes
under the kitchen table, and continue to suck and lick and rim. She’d tell
me about her day, how she masturbated in the toilets dreaming of eating
cum, and I’d enjoy the show. At the weekends, when we’d go out she’d suck
me off in bars, in the car and everywhere she could, and we visited the odd
porno theatre so I could watch real hardcore porn while I got serviced.

I thought this was a perfect relationship, but it wasn’t really a
relationship, more a permanent mouth to use!

<Debs – Paul and I eventually broke up; he’d taught me a lot about how
to suck, how to deepthroat, to beg and gag, but he was too selfish; I
wanted more and even talking about sucking other guys made him angry, so we
split >

Boyfriend Number #4 – J’s story. (there were a couple of crap ones in

Debs wasn’t really my girlfriend, she didn’t do anything “girlfriendy”.
Debs was a mouth me and my mates, and many others, used to abuse and fill,
whenever we needed to. We met in a bar in my hometown, she was at a table
alone, dressed pretty damn slutty and (I hoped) looking for a guy.

I bought her a drink, started chatting, acting fairly civil (I’m not a
great conversationalist!), and we talked about life, dating, and such. I
was pretty drunk and I wasn’t looking for a relationship, just somewhere to
get my rocks off, so I took the conversation down and down, wondering if
she’d bite, or just get up and leave.

“So, you here to meet people then?” I started fishing… “Yeah, I
guess. Just out for fun”, she smiled, and I swear she opened her legs a
little. “Not after a boyfriend then”. This time I smiled. She knew where
I was going. “Just after *fun*”. “Definitely not a boyfriend, but maybe a
guy, regularly”. She licked her lips. “Regularly”. I gave it a shot,
“you looking for a fuckbuddy?”. Now she smiled really wide! “Actually,
I’m looking for something very, very specific – you might not be
interested. Not a fuckbuddy”. “Go on” I was intrigued. She inhaled, as
though she was the one nervous “OK, here goes. I’m looking for a guy who I
can lick and suck all day. I’m not into fucking, but I am a slut. I don’t
want a relationship, I just want a guy who wants to be rimmed, sucked and
swallowed all the time, who wants to mouthfuck me and sit on my face for
fucking hours and hours and hours, and who lets me do the same with his
mates, colleagues and the odd stranger.” I thought I’d died and gone to
heaven. “Girl, I would rather unload in a girls throat than her pussy any
day, and if you want me to sit on your face for the whole weekend I’m fine
with that! I’m not looking for a relationship either, so some slut who
just wants to get her face used 24×7 is fucking perfect for me! Wanna go
back to my place?” She beamed, “Great – you sure? I mean guys often think
its cool, but after 3 or 4 hours sitting on my mouth, they get bored. If I
beg them to let me service them on the can they go all quiet on me. How do
I know you’re nasty enough?” I looked straight in her eyes, “Why don’t you
come with me into the toilets now and you show *me* how nasty you are?”

Two minutes later, we were in the mensroom, she was on her knees, not
even bothering to go into a cubicle, but dropping next to the urinal where
some fat old guy was pissing. He looked surprised, but carried on pissing
while this slut knelt next to him. He was even more surprised when she got
behind him on her back, moved her face under his legs, and stuck her
upturned face in the urinal below him. His piss carried on, straight into
her open mouth, and we both watched intently as she gulped down this stream
of hot piss from the guy. She swallowed it all, and even moved her head up
to lick the last drips of piss off. I looked at the guy, who was smiling,
and zipping up to leave, and when I looked down, this slut was actually
sucking out the pools of piss in the urinal, licking it clean. She was
indeed a fucking slut!

By the end of that first night I was back at her place, sitting on her
face, drinking beer for hours. She even slept halfway down the bed and
sucked my anus while I slept.

Since then I’ve seen her suck off 20 guys or more in pub toilets, put
her head into hundreds of urinals, even crawl around porno theatres with me
and lick up any spunk off the floor. Me and my mates use her most
evenings, and some evenings I make her beg to suck my asshole.

I have one mate who’s wife won’t suck him, and she knows about Debs, and
her oral addiction. So, when my mate and his good lady fuck, they keep the
condoms, and once a month or so, he comes over to Debs house, with a dozen
or so spunk bags, and with his wife’s knowledge, fucks Debs in the face for
a few hours and watches her suck out all the condoms. Debs has been
getting all this guys spunk for the last year or so. Sometimes he’s busy
and he just drops the spunk off – she’s that desperate to get a mouthful of

I doubt Debs will stay around me forever, but for the last 4 years or
so, I can honestly say I can’t remember me or any of my mates having our
spunk end up anywhere else than Deb’s stomach.

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