A Van Night Out
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I drop you off at the front door and I park the van,
looking for the darkest corner of the parking lot. As
per your instructions, I find a spot in the shadows
under a large tree next to one of those bulky metal
garbage skips. I wait nervously in the van. We’ve done
this before, but it always makes me nervous not knowing
how far you’ll go. Although we drove here from dinner
together, the rules for this evening stipulate that you
enter the club alone. My 30 minutes are finally up – it
seems like days. I get out of the van and lock the

It’s 10 pm when I walk to the door to the club. The
club is in full swing — even with the door closed I
can feel the low base thumping against my chest. Upon
opening the door, a blast of music rushes out to greet
me. The immediate darkness is pierced regularly by
strobes and other assorted lights. The loud music is
disorienting. The large dance floor is awash in
periodic lighting and frenzied dancing. The dance floor
is ringed with a polished metal fence, tall stools with
high tables. Behind these on three walls are
comfortable looking booths. A long bar occupies the far
side of the room with plenty of standing room.

Standing just inside the club, I give my eyes a few
minutes to adjust. Eventually I spot you across the
room perched on one of the tall stools that surround
the dance floor. The dance floor separating us is
crowded and all of the stools near you are occupied. I
spot an empty stool across the dance floor from you and
I move to it.

You appear to be chatting with a large well-dressed
fellow who is standing to your left. It’s hard to tell
what he looks like through the dance floor throng, but
he towers over you – even on your high perch. I see you
laughing at something he’s said. I can tell that it’s
you from the other side of the club even with these
strobes and twirling coloured spotlights that only
periodically illuminate you. The way you move your
head, the curve of your shoulders and the way you cross
your legs. Even if I weren’t wearing my contact lenses
I would know that it is you.

You took extra care in selecting your wardrobe tonight.
You’ve purchased new black stockings, a sensational
camisole and garters! I was already hard before we left
the house, not that I got much of a look at you –
that’s not allowed on ‘your night’. You have also, for
the first time in a long while found a pair of heels
that you really like and that you are actually
comfortable wearing. Black sandals with delicate straps
– very sexy. You wear a favourite black dress – and so
I am told as we left the house – no panties! You smile
at my growing bulge – enjoying my discomfort.

You toyed with me throughout dinner, letting me rest a
hand on your leg under the table, but no more than
that. I almost came when you surreptitiously removed
the ben-wa balls you had tucked up inside you –
unbeknownst to me! One at a time I heard the balls
rattle from under the table as you pulled them out. All
the while looking into my eyes. You smile but said
nothing. You handed them to me under the table, leaning
in close to me you said, “Put them in your pocket
love.” I nodded and did as you requested. I’m in
complete awe of your boldness. If it weren’t ‘your
night’ I’d have taken you home and given you a good

The reality of the club returns as the waiter asks what
I’ll have. “Stella, thanks,” I reply and he notes it
down and moves on. Meanwhile you’ve moved onto the
dance floor with your dark-haired friend, who I can now
tell is a rather large, athletic looking Pacific
Islander, a Samoan, I think. I later learn his name is
Colin. He must be a good foot and a half taller than
you and considerably heavier than me — all muscle. He
seems pretty agile on his feet as you two dance up a
storm with at least a two-dozen other couples.

You are so gorgeous out there on the dance floor, your
breasts sway easily under your lovely silk camisole. I
can imagine your nipples getting hard. Colin pulls you
closer with his hand on your back, his other hand
wanders up to your shoulder and down to the small of
you back – with periodic trips to trace the delicious
curve of your hip.

Making the most of the dark, crowded throng, his hand
travels briefly to your bottom, cupping, squeezing, and
tracing your curves. However, in exploring and sizing
up your body as discretely as possible on the dance
floor he has discovered your lack of panties, and knows
that you are wearing garters and stockings. That you
are wearing a camisole without a bra is no longer a
secret to anyone on the dance floor. You are gorgeous.
He seems almost shocked – he smiles and leans closer to
you – makes a joke about it. You laugh. You lead him
back to your table and he orders two more drinks, but
he doesn’t sit with you.

Colin leans over and whispers in your ear. I see you
nod and pick up your drink and purse. He extends his
big hand and you take it, letting him lead you to a u-
shaped booth with two other Islanders – Colin’s
brothers, James and Joseph. Well turned out like Colin,
they stand to greet you – like true gentlemen of
another era. You shake their hands and exchange a few
words as best you can in the thrum of the nightclub.
You two sit either side of his brothers. They tell you
that they are all in town for a wedding that happened
in the afternoon.

After a couple more dances with Colin you both return
to the table, but you excuse yourself and head to the
ladies. You walk right by me, glancing and smiling a
coy smile, but I don’t follow or approach you – that’s
by invitation only tonight! While you are away, Colin
leans in close to his brothers – the only way to talk
in the club! There is no way to tell what they are
talking about, but it seems they are all having a good
time, laughing, joking and gesticulating with their
hands, as one does when telling a story or perhaps
regaling one’s brother’s with adventures yet to be had!

You return a couple minutes later, more drinks have
been delivered and you resume your seat and
conversations with the brothers. James asks you to
dance to an old Bony-M tune from the 80s. I can tell
you are having a great time as you rush onto the dance
floor with dozens of other couples. Upon arriving in
the throng, you turn to face him and he pulls you close
immediately. He grinds into you and you return the
pressure – mimicking the dance style made popular with
this tune and others of its time. He’s a bit shorter
than his brother but is also massively built – an
obviously athletic family – he has huge shoulders and
arms and a very tight butt.

After a couple of very energetic dances you return to
the table buzzing and tingling with the thrill that
comes from dancing with a stranger. The gentleman that
he is, James allows you to slip in first. You don’t
hesitate, sliding into the back of the booth next to
Joseph. James slides in close behind you – leg to leg –
shoulder to shoulder. I watch James and Joseph each put
an arm around you – all of you laughing and joking. A
few minutes later I see that you are encouraging Joseph
onto the dance floor. Colin slides out and pushes his
brother out onto the dance floor, where he reluctantly
takes the hand you offer him. You lead the surprisingly
shy fellow to the dance floor just as the song ends.
You exchange a few words trying to work out what the
next few beats of music is going to bring. “Stairway to
Heaven” — you laugh and have to pull Joseph into you.

However, Joseph, about the same size as James is a much
better dancer than his brothers and you tell him so as
you dance closely. He holds you a bit tighter, one hand
in the small of your back, the other on the back of
your shoulder. His big hands gently caress your back,
pulling you into him. Holding him around the waist you
feel his growing bulge press into you.

Your knees are a little weak by the end of he dance and
Joseph leads you back to the booth his massive warm
hand holding yours. You slide back into the booth next
to James and Joseph slides in behind you. Each places a
hand on one of your legs. You smile uncertainly across
the table to Colin who leans in to exchange words with
you. Colin reaches for your hand as he leans in closer
to speak with you. You smile again, you laugh, they all
laugh – a joke perhaps?

I can just make out that James’ right arm is resting on
your back, while his left hand is sliding slowly up
over your thigh to your stomach. You look a little
nervous, but you reassure yourself that you are
surrounded by throngs of people. His hand moves up over
your ribs, he cups your breast momentarily. You glance
over, smiling, but he has removed his hand now and you
return to your conversation with Colin – your hand is
still covered by his.

I notice that you are leaning back into the booth more
than you were a minute ago. The shiny toes of your new
shoes are a bit further apart than they should be.
Casually, the hand that moments ago was cupping your
breast in public, albeit a dark crowded public, returns
to your thigh as the other slides down your back. I
can’t see what’s happening under the table now, but you
slide gracefully to the edge of the padded bench on
which you are sitting – propelled in part by the hand
in the small of your back. Your dress has ridden up

You move to adjust your dress, by your hands are in
Colin’s. Your bottom rests on the edge of the bench.
Its then I see you blink once and bite your bottom lip.
Again, you appear to slide a bit further forward in
your seat, I notice that as you sit at the back of the
booth, one of your legs is hooked up over James’ knee.
You look so casual talking, smiling and laughing, as
one of James’ large fingers lubricates itself in your
juices and then unceremoniously penetrates you. He has
large fingers, it is uncomfortable and you fear being
caught, but you are sopping wet from all that dancing.
Surrounded by such large men it is unlikely that you
will be seen.

I can see his arm in the shadows – working his finger
in and out. Your legs are quite obviously spread wide
under the table now as James fingers you. Joseph
continues to caress your thigh. All the while you
continue to look at Colin, laughing and talking. You
are blocked from my view for a moment as Joseph leans
over you, when he leans back I can see that your other
leg is hooked over his knee too! However, what you told
me later filled in the picture, as you explained that
he too began to rub your clit and finger you
alternating with his brother James!

After several minutes, you excuse yourself as
gracefully as possible and stand. You motion for Colin
to follow you. Standing in front of the bar, with his
arms around your waist you explain that you want to
suck him off and that he should follow you out to you
van. You also explain that I’ll be joining you – he
hesitates, but you explain that that is your condition.
You hurry to the women’s toilets, while Colin heads
back to the table.

I notice the brothers talking and motioning with their
hands to each other that they don’t understand why you
have left. Moments later you reappear at their table,
your back to me. You turn smiling towards me, you give
the briefest of nods in my direction and head for the
door. Only then to I notice that the brothers’ smiles
have returned. Colin follows you out the door!

I follow a few seconds behind you. I find you standing
in the dark shadows between the rear of the van and the
ally wall, shrouded from direct view by the tree and
rubbish skip. I walk over to the van, but you don’t
notice me. You stand on tiptoe, leaning into Colin’s
bear-like embrace. You kiss him deeply, his tongue
probes your mouth, and his hands grip your bottom –
holding you tightly. I walk around you without a word
and reach down to unlock the back door. Without
glancing at me you hand me your purse and I put it into
the van.

In the time it takes for the door to swing up into the
full open position, James and Joseph have appeared. You
move to unzip Colin when you notice them. Before you
can object, the boys pull your dress over your head and
toss it into the back of the van. We all silently
admire your wonderful figure, clad in nothing but a
camisole, stockings and garter and heels.

It is no more than few moments before the dull but
still loud thrum from the club reminds us where we all
are! Colin, James and Joseph crowd around you – gently,
almost reverently, stroking your bare bottom, thighs
and stomach – all white against your silky black under
garments. There is no air of urgency – the boys seem as
if in a trance. You glance my way, your eyes
questioning me – you hadn’t planned on this – in fact
you were very uneasy about this!

You turn back to look at Colin, ignoring the others
standing to your side for the moment. Without looking,
you motion me with the wave of one trembling hand to
sit on the floor of the van. It takes me a few seconds
to determine if you are ok, but I can tell from your
quivering silhouette that you’re very nervous. I
hesitate, but you again wave me into the van again,
again without looking at me. You move in a ‘lets get
this over kind of jerkiness’. I figure out where you
want me and I slide in and lean back against the middle
row of seats. I push a blanket over the rough edge of
the van’s back door.

From my vantage point, I have a wonderful view of your
ass – which is covered in delightful goose bumps, your
legs tremble and again I try to determine if you are
ok. You sit on the edge of the van’s back door, your
back to me. You lie back into my lap looking out at
Colin. Three large men gaze down at you.

Colin steps forward and undoes his belt. You are
startled momentarily when James and Joseph lift each of
your beautiful legs off the ground – spreading you wide
for their brother, whose cock now stands bare before
you. His rigid member is huge and pre-come glistens in
the dull light of the van. Colin’s hands caress your
hips and thighs, coming to rest under your bottom. He
lifts you easily to meet his cock.

With your back in a lovely arch, your mound is
displayed for all to see – your gorgeous lips open
slightly and glistening in your own juices from the
fingering you’ve just had in the club. The brothers
take turns reaching out with free hands to stroke you
and tweak your clit. Alternate strokes along your
stocking clad legs – down your lovely thighs to your
sexy calves and ankles – no part of you is left
untouched. Colin’s monster black cock continues to bob
only inches from your already well-fingered sex.

Colin reaches for his cock, tugging it and spreading
the pre-cum along its length. He rubs it over your
labia and clit, teasing you with it. I feel you
tremble. Your hands flat on the floor of the van on
either side of my legs which you now recline between,
your head on my stomach.

Colin leans forward easing his cock to your entrance.
James and Joseph lean in as well, only inches, but your
legs come up and you are spread a bit wider. We don’t
have long to wait. He aims straight for your still
hidden tunnel – and pushes easily past your lips and
slowly, ever so slowly, eases his rigid meat into you.
You are overcome by a wave of heat – your face flushes
– looking over your shoulder I can actually see your
lips part for this massive black intruder.

Slowly, but with firm unrelenting pressure, Colin
forces you apart and slides his entire length into you
in one excruciatingly slow drive. I feel your hands on
my legs, squeezing, you turn your head slightly to give
me the briefest of smiles – a look of intense
concentration on your face.

The quiet reverence of this bizarre gathering is broken
by Colin, “not him bitch, look at the black bastard
whose big black cock is filling your tight white cunt –
because its not going to be tight for long bitch!” He
didn’t exactly shout this, in fact it was spoken
quietly but authoritatively – the brothers wear easy
but serious look on their faces. They had our

Colin continues, “I’m servicing you, you little white
tramp, so look at me! This is going to end with a
bucket load of healthy Samoan spunk deep in your greedy
cunt – is that what you want tramp?” Your eyes are
fixed on Colin, his cock unmoving but still buried to
the hilt. Your momentary hesitation earns you an
unexpected slap on the back of a thigh by James –
“answer him bitch!,” he commands in the same low, but
controlled voice.

“Yes James… Colin,” you manage to stammer. Still in
shock from the unexpected verbal assault and the slap,
you feel your cunt contracting around Colin. He slowly
withdraws his cock so that only an inch remains inside
you. “So tell me, you little cunt, what do you want?”
Visibly shaken, “Your cock,” you say softly. Another
slap on the ass, you repeat slightly louder this time,
“Your big black cock, Colin, I want it in me.” He
tightens his grip on you, James and Joseph tense. So do

Colin plunges into you, rocking you back into me – it
pushes the breath out of you and a small soft sound
escapes your lips. “What was that you fucking whore?
Did you like that? Did you say harder?” Before you can
object or say something that will earn you another
slap, Colin commands both of us to watch your mound

Without hesitation, our eyes are instantly drawn to the
stunning sight of your lips greatly parted by the head
of his hard cock. Colin pauses for one moment at the
top of his stroke, but instead of pistoning back into
you as you feared, he again commands us to, “Watch me
fill this little bitch!” Your lovely legs, held firms
by two hands on each calf, still manage to tremble.
Colin’s hands knead your ass, but what holds our
fascination is the large black pole protruding from
your cunt. Poised, waiting to part your lips again.

With just the bottom ridge of his circumcised monster
showing, Colin pulls forward in a slow and controlled
fashion again. Your lips seem to swell – they part
before him and your mound grows. As the bottom half of
his cock seats itself into your tunnel for the second
time, its head pushes deep into your fertile belly. Oh
my god you think, “Please, condoms!” They just laugh.

Buried to the hilt, he pauses before withdrawing to the
point where only his helmeted head pulses within you.
Again your legs tremble as he begins the long slide
home, his fingers dig into your flesh. When you and he
are fully connected he lifts your bottom and grinds
powerfully against you. You shake violently. He laughs.
Out to the end, slowly in, lift and grind.

Out. Slowly in, lift and grind. Colin, for the first
time, is beginning to tremble himself. His brothers
push your legs slightly, increasing his access to your
depths. The pace picks up. Colin ploughs into you; you
can see the throbbing vein on the side of his cock.

He withdraws and now falls back onto you – we still
both gaze at your sex, unable to draw ourselves away!
Your lips continue to swell with blood. Puffy and red
they appear to grip his steel shaft with a warm wet
suction that won’t fully let him go. Your fingers dig
into my legs, your elbows tight against my ribs –
digging into me as we rock back and forth. You’ve never
felt so full and so exposed.

We snap from our reverie when James smacks your raised
bottom! Whack! “Ahhhh,” you exclaim just as Joseph
delivers his own stinging slap to your other cheek.
Colin plunges into you with a smack on your bottom from
James. Colin heaves back accompanied with another smack
from Joseph – they are not massive blows, but they
sting! For a moment you’ve forgotten the uncomfortable
feeling of being stuffed by Colin!

James and Joseph hold onto your calves again with both
hands – Colin is now visibly struggling to control
himself, his large hands gripping your bottom ever more
tightly. Strangely, our attention is drawn to the lurid
sight of your shiny new shoes, as they catch the light
when each powerful thrust has them bobbing up and down.

You note the contrast between the tops of your black
stockings and your pale thighs – Colin’s black hands
and the paleness of your hips – as if seeing them all
for the first time. I note your fantastic heaving
breasts covered only in the thin silky camisole. Your
hard nipples are clearly visible through the material
as they bounce up and down.

Colin’s head tilts backward, his thrusts more jab-like
than ever – stabbing you. Thrust after thrust. We
continue to rock backwards and forwards upon each
impact. Your breathing is getting heavy, you grunt
against each powerful thrust. My raging hard-on presses
into your back – although there is no chance of you
noticing it!

Colin groans. He looks you in the eye, the time span
since he last spoke seems huge. “All right baby this is
it. Oh yeah, are you ready for some Island spunk? Are
you ready to be bred by an Island God?” James and
Joseph laugh at this, but you are loosing control. You
are closing in on a massive orgasm yourself! I am
surprised to hear you grunt out, “Ohhhh yes, fuck me!
Fill me up, I want your cum.”

“Uhhhhhh, take this you tramp, some lubrication for my
bros! Ah, ah ah fuuuuck!” No sooner had Colin uttered
those words, than he traded places with James the very
muscular one. James wastes no time in plunging his
brother’s cum from your depths – it splurges up the
sides of his shaft drenching your lips and running onto
both your tummy and down your crack. His fat cock fills
your every space. The brothers maintain a steady reign
of slaps on your buttocks as your second fucking
intensifies. I hold you steady under the relentless
pounding as your vision blurs so that you only see the
shiny toes of your new shoes. Hands rub your calves and

The muscled James slams into you again and again –
releasing another torrent of cum deep within your
belly! He withdraws from you after what seems like only
a few minutes compared to Colin’s lengthy pounding of
you – wiping his sticky cock along your stocking clad
thighs, he adds his coating on top of those his brother

Joseph immediately replaces James. Having had to wait
he is ready to blow in less than a minute. He strokes
you hard about a dozen times and then unexpectedly
pulls out of you spraying jism all over your belly and
mound. The angle at which you are being held encourages
the spunk to run up towards your belly button, but he
reaches forward smearing it over your now very sticky
belly. His hot sticky hands send waves of shivers
throughout your body. You exhale — in part from relief
– in part from frustration at not having orgasmed
yourself yet. You are taunt with the tension.

You stagger as they help you gently to your feet. You
prepare a final greeting, before we flee! You mange
only to get a “Thank-you…” out before Colin puts a
finger to your mouth to quite you.

“Oh lovely lady, we aren’t done with you yet, there is
still plenty to go around,” Colin implores mockingly!
Colin points to me, “You husband! Put your head down

I lie where instructed on my back with my head slightly
over the end of the van where you were being pounded
only moments ago.

“Be quick about it,” James commands.

I glance at your lovely face as I lie on my back. “Ok,
my darling, lean into the van and straddle his face,

Your hands on the floor, either side of my hips, your
cunt inches above my face — you assume the instructed
position above me. “Your boy has some licking to do!”
All three laugh aloud. I hesitate and you get a
stinging slap on the rear, and I hear you cry out
softly. Another blow falls. I lick the inside of your
thigh hesitatingly.

Another tentative lick, salty, unmistakable. I feel
someone brush by me, and the van dips slightly as the
weight of one of the brothers is added to it. Someone
repositions you so you are lower – my nose touches your
lips. I lick the outer lips of your labia. I can feel
warm cum drip onto my cheek. Another couple heavy
smacks – gets me licking faster. A hand that reaches
between your legs briefly interrupts me. It scoops cum
from between your lips.

You anus is smeared with the thick warm cream. A finger
pokes some inside. I hear you grunt in discomfort. I
have a front row seat to your impending buggery. A bare
hand slaps your bottom so hard you ought to have let
out a very loud yelp, but I hear only a muffled groan
from a well-occupied mouth. “Oh you have a fine tongue
you little whore,” breaths Colin who savours the oral
attention you are providing him as he fucks your mouth!
“Well bitch you did say you were going to suck me!”
Colin laughs, “You were so right!”

There are hands all over your bottom, back, thighs and
calves as James and Joseph grease your ass up with
their combined ejaculations. You feel firm hands on
your hips. Colin has pulled up your camisole and is
pinching your lovely nipples now, smearing cum from his
hands on your beautiful garment and tits! James
positions his cock at your ass.

You feel the cock push slowly into your ass – you feel
a scream building in you. It is so slow – and so bloody
painful. Thankfully he manages only two or three
strokes before he carefully pulls out. It is a brief
respite as he re-greases his pole with the available
cum. He pokes himself back in – with much less pain
this time, but you are stretched beyond reckoning. You
wiggle your hips to accommodate the inevitable! His
hands tighten on your hips – he stretches you even

Two more strokes, your mind is reeling, your face
flushed. The slaps to your ass become a welcome
distraction. James pulls out. You begin to sigh – but
Joseph jumps in and shoves his cock into your ass! One
stroke, two, three – hips held firm. He withdraws –
James re-enters you, and begins the slow strokes over

Joseph is in again and explodes – jets of cum seem to
burn your insides! You barely feel James slide back
into your burning ass – it can’t be possible, but you
feel like you are on fire! You are now so well
lubricated that James virtually glides into you! His
balls are slapping me! I notice only now that I’ve been
holding your legs for sometime, my nose constantly
brushing your clit. I hear you groan loudly as James
pumps you with cum during the last frenzied strokes!
Your head back, muscles tense you achieve a shattering
orgasm the likes of which you can’t remember. You
twitch and tremble endlessly.

As he withdraws, a raft of cum oozes from your ass and
mingles with cum and juices from your cunt. I lick you
to help you forget your discomfort. You are too tired
and sore to move. Moments later Colin pulls you back
onto his cock, filling your mouth with his remaining
seed, which you manage to slurp down in three gulps and
the last cock is removed from your exhausted mouth with
a soft “plop.” The boys are about to help you up, when
to all our surprise, and to your relief you entertain
your second orgasm of the night, this one courtesy of

The amused brothers then help you up and pull your
dress over your sore and sticky body. They kiss you
gently on the forehead – more gently than the past 20
minutes or so would have indicated was possible!

“Lovely lady you were a wonderful fuck – come visit us
anytime you are in the Islands! We will treat you like
the princess you are!”

They walk off into the dark after rearranging their
clothing. I ease you into the passenger seat and we
leave the dark parking lot, glancing back into the
shadows to see nothing but the closing door of the

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